Another Arsenal exit falls through because of Wenger’s valuation

There has already been reports of Arsenal turning down bids from Juventus and Fenerbahce for our two goalkeepers, Wojciech Szczesny and David Ospina because Arsene Wenger’s valuations were far above the buying clubs.

Now it seems the same thing has happened with Kieran Gibbs as Watford have pulled out of discussions with Arsenal refusing to budge on his £15 million asking price. This is beginning to be a long term problem for Arsenal as not only do the buying clubs have to try and equal the high wages that the players are on at Arsenal. They are also being asked to pay through the nose for the privilege! This does not sit well with the players that actually want to leave for more playing time as they can’t get a new club.

Wenger has built up a reputation of trying to get players for as little as possible i.e. making the selling club wait until the last minute of the window to force them to make a snap decision on the price, or adding just £1 to the release clause. But he also demands top dollar if he wants to sell someone. This is why Man City normally get our top players as they don’t care how much they pay as long as they get their man.

Over the years this hardheadedness has discouraged other managers from even bothering to bid for our players, knowing that they are given no leeway in negotiations. Wenger has made it clear that he needs to trim the squad this summer, but how are we going to get rid of any players if Wenger doesn’t know how to compromise in transfer negotiations?



  1. TBH Gibbs is worth more than 15 imo Liverpools left back the doggy one has 15m as a proce tag and he cannot lace gibbs boots

    1. exactly.. Wenger gets whingers saying he doesnt do this or that.. yet when he is trying to get the best price for Arsenal he is again moaned about… some people just refuse to say anything good about him !

      CRAZY !

  2. Gibbs for 15m is not too much IMO, he is an experienced Englishman, how much do they wanna pay, 10m???

    As for Szczesny, I will be secretly happy cos I don’t want him sold..
    Ospina will definitely leave and rightly so,there is still time to offload players…plenty of time…

    The ones in really can’t wait to offload are Jenks and Debuchy

  3. Dem battyboi dem af fi pay 15. Wenger na play game.

    1. Hahahaha ?? well said dread.

      The Lyon president claims to have spoken with Giroud and states that Lampy secretly wants to be Arsenal’s number one striker, next season.
      He also stated that he wanted time to think about the move back to France. Oh and by the way, Lyon now want £57 million for Lacazette ?

  4. Not sure I agree with much with the comments made by the original poster. Read comments on previous posts about wenger selling players on the cheap, now he is holding out for too much money. I am sure some arsenal fans aren’t sure what they want from wenger (about for him to move on). If clubs want our players and we are open to bids the buying clubs need to come close to the evaluation or they can do one.

  5. it’s very difficult being a arsenal fan i think we have some of the most dumbest and delusional fans on the planet the question is Alexandre lacazette pierre-emerick aubameyang. think about their style of play aubameyang need space to run into behind the defender that how he score is goals most of the teams we play in the Premier League sit back with all there players inside the box can pierre-emerick aubameyang operate in that environment no that is why we going for Alexandre lacazette much stronger and can operate in a crowded environment the truth is none of them is suited for the Premier League but they are the best that is available so we just have to take the one that fit our style

  6. Wenger is not asking too much for Gibbs IMO. We shouldn’t be in a hurry to sell him anyway there are other players that need to be offloaded more.

  7. You all done understand Wengers trick.
    He increased the price of dead woods player , so that no one buy them . In this way he can keep them as he told us that he has a good. Inch of players. On the hand he can’t buy any players because
    his annual fees of spending on players
    must be to the level fixed by FA or FIFA
    If he want to buy , he must get rid of few players. He is also putting rediculous price for quality players. Same old trick

    1. But £15 million is not too high for Gibbs
      £25 million is not too high for Ox
      I think Wenger was right not to sell Ospina for £3 million. He is a quality keeper. He is worth more.

      So I don’t think Wenger has put prices too high.

      1. The Ox is only 23 or 24 at the most and going by some of the ridiculous valuations of English players, then surely he has to valued at a minimum of £50 million? ? ? £25 million is a bargain bonanza quick sale, due to leaving the country type of scenario ??

  8. Wait wait wait…are you proposing a new investment whereby one should sell low and buy high? Sure sounds like it. Yeah, let me know how that works out for you.

  9. Am with you Fat and Ars… girl. It’s really stupid to sell them cheaply. Many fans here underestimate our own players very much while recommend some average players from other clubs. Why anything comes from or to Arsenal turns out to be low-rated? It’s because we are upfront always speaking bad about our players an our abilities; how can som1 come and buy up to estimated that value of a player when we devalue him ourself?
    We influence this as we can’t help to instill winning mentality but always mock, push them on the conner anytime they fall into blunder. We frequently joined the enemies when they downgrade our own players on Facebook instagram while their own are being protected. We are supporters who can’t defend our team than exposing it’s inferiority. Lacazett to our team was our dream and song; later now seem materialising folks now gut much nerve calling him average, saying he is no better than Groud yet previously Donkey Groud was a thorn in our fresh. Can’t figure what type of supporting do we show-case?

  10. I am with Wenger on this one. Ox is worth more than the 25 quoted and Gibbs is worth more than 15 million and Ospina at 3 million is an insult. Ospina could be our starting keeper I don’t think Cech has much on him.

    I do agree that we pay our many average players too much and that this might be an obstacle for sale but if the player wants regular playing time he can and should take a pay-cut and just accept that the free ride is over.

  11. If Liverpool and Everton can sell Sterling and Stones for 50 mil my bro Gibbs is going for nothing less than 15 and Ox N Walcott at this present time is worth £50M and £35 million take it or leave. These players still have something to offer they just don’t have enough game time. Don’t blame the Manager blame the game.

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