Another Arsenal legend lined up to replace Freddie Ljungberg

Freddie Ljungberg’s exit is set to hand another Arsenal legend a chance to return to the club, The Sun claims.

Ljungberg who served as caretaker manager of the Gunners after they fired Unai Emery last year has just left the club to pursue other managerial opportunities.

He had been a part of Mikel Arteta’s coaching staff since the Spaniard was named the club’s new permanent manager.

The Gunners will now look to replace the Swede and The Sun claims that they have lined up Dennis Bergkamp.

Bergkamp is an Arsenal legend and the Dutchman even has a statue of himself outside the Emirates.

He has made no secret of his desires to return to Arsenal one day and it seems that he will achieve that soon.

The report claims that Arteta wants to name someone who will command respect from the current group of players because of his history at the club and Bergkamp fits that profile.

Bergkamp has been out of work since he was ousted as the Assistant Manager of Ajax three years ago.

He has spent those years volunteering as a coach at Amere City, but he might be back working again sooner.

The Dutchman spent 11 years at the Emirate as a player and he won numerous trophies for the club.

Fans will hope that he can help them get back to winning trophies again under Arteta.

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    1. Yeah! He has always been my favourite player alongside Ronaldinho and ‘the real’ Ronaldo. Bergkamp was a smart player and of course we need he’s understanding of soccer in our club.
      You cannot get this understanding of soccer from a rich guy with high education. The best teachers needs to know the game from inside and preferably also playing it to be able to teach the right way. It’s not only about money imo

  1. Hope it happens and also to see him again at his favourite Italiano restaurant in Potters Bar, that’s if it’s still open🤔.
    Btw, if Wolves sign AMN for £20 million, as rumoured, they will get a bargain and we will have lost another good one.

    1. Declan, what a ridiculous price for someone like AMN!!!

      AW used to be blamed for out transfer dealings, but with this example, it proves we have either :
      Been blaming the wrong person – or – not learnt a single thing about transfer dealings.

      Just what is it that Huss Fahhy does at our club?

      1. Sorry, should have concentrated on the article!!!

        Welcome back Dennis, you have been sorely missed and I just hope this rumour is true.

      2. Ken, aren’t you forgetting the pandemic with this comment? In normal times I am with you but things have much changed , financially as in every other way too. It works both ways and can work in our favour too. I have far more faith now that the disastrous Gazidis and Raul(Gazidis lite) have both left. I now feel that proper football folk rather than mere money men are nor much more in charge of decisons . I do NOT say completely of course, while Kroenke still owns us!

        1. Jon, if Atletico can insist on a pre coronavirus buy out clause then we should also be playing hard ball.

          To be perfectly honest Jon, I cannot see to much has changed in footballing transfer dealings and salaries.

          It’s still a supply and demand scenario and the club needs to come to terms with that.

          1. TP is a player Atletico wants to keep while AMN is player wants to sell. TP is a regular for Atletico while AMN is a non-starter for Arsenal. We don’t have ad much leverage as Atletico in the negotiation.

          2. I can’t go along with this KEN. Yes, indeed any club can ASK for a pre Covid transfer fee and can hope. So far, Chelsea apart, I see little evidence that fees are anywhere near those of a year ago and they won’t be, generally speaking, for the reasons of Covid changing everything.

            Up to you of course if you disagree, as it seems you do. We should BOTH be well used to THAT by now, eh KEN!
            Perhaps we can revisit this debate a month from now when it will have become much clearer to all. But to my mind it is as simple as less in, then less out(money wise).

            Just the simple and well tried law of financial wisdom, except perhaps and as it seems, to confirmed socialists!

  2. Finally!!! Arsenal could do with a personality like Dennis, wished he was on board much earlier to help out someone like ozil though… Ehm hope he’s now a flying Dutchman now?

  3. Why couldn’t Wenger do things like this bring in old greats to hopefully elevate the club instead of wanting to be a dictator, bring In people with fresh ideas

    1. It’s why he had to be moved on. And it’s why I hate when ppl try to make his latter years look better than they are and that letting him go was a mistake. The club was run like it was still 2004. There’s a reason we are tearing down our whole scouting department. It’s not just COVID. You can even read up on the changes Arsenal are making. A lot of stuff going on behind-the-scenes right now.

  4. Dennis will be a great acquisition. The only difference will be that Arteta style of play is different from the style of the Dutch and Arsenal youth. Maybe they’ll find a common ground.. quick passing and counter attack is what made me fall inlove with Arsenal since 1999

    1. Dennis was a fantastic player for us and Holland. But I wouldn’t get too excited about him joining our coaching staff. Three years out in the cold since being ousted by Ajax. I know from having met him and a close friend of his that he is a very shy and private person. If he comes I hope it works for him and us🤞

  5. Good one, new era at arsenal, i m optimistic the club will move forward in a short feasible time, what kills my morals in the pass was lack of quality and sprit in our team, we seems to have found that with arteta. Welcome mr Denis

  6. On the faceof it Dennis coming must be great But with him being three years out of work I wonder and WORRY WHY! If he just chose to take a break then three years off would point to a lack of hunger for work,. If not ,then perhaps he is not quite the coach that he was a player. I only say PERHAPS, as I do not know,. But it is a reason to worry, I’d suggest.

  7. As EJS above pointed out, being out of the game for such a long time throws up more questions than answers for my liking
    Over the years enough out of this world players have come up short

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