Another Arsenal season wasted – Beginning of the end for Arteta?

Another PL season gone to waste. by Konstantin Mitov

Welcome back to reality lovely Arsenal people! I must say, I’ve seen us poor, but being beaten 3:0 so dominantly by teams like Aston Villa at home feels like an insult. I’ve seen us poor and heartless before, but this is a new low at the Emirates. Lack of desire, lack of passion, lack of ability and I just hope we’ll be rid of our misery with Mikel soon. We are playing at home and we’re incapable of creating one good chance.

It’s just incredibly difficult not to look at Arteta. Our goal difference is negative, we struggle to score goals, but we really struggle to create chances and that’s the bigger issue. Arteta is a clown if he believes players like Joe Willock need to “earn” their place when there’s more chemistry in a platonic long distance relationship than our front 3.

Willian was ridiculously poor. That 3 year contract on 200k p/w will hurt. It’s like we’ve learned nothing from the Ozil situation. And I will bring it back up again, not because I want to, but because I see the negativity we have going forward and it’s just so hard not to ask how a player like Willian is in the squad and Mesut isn’t. Surely we could give Pepe a run in the side can’t we?

Then there’s Lacazette who did nothing but prove he’s not good enough by missing another great chance. How many seasons does he need? At his age, we should’ve sold him and tried to reinforce the squad. I am wondering why we are wasting Aubameyang on the wing? Shouldn’t he be in the middle on the end of those balls instead of supplying them?

Mikel Arteta needs to go. The sooner the better. We were swindled by the FA cup last year. So much, even Kroenke backed him, but the reality is, we’re extremely poor. Our “best” performances come in games, where nobody expects anything from us, we sit deep and pray on a mistake. Pogba gifted us one last week and we again jumped the hype train, but in my heart I knew, we need to back that performance against Villa and what did we do? Drop the most horrendous home performance I’ve seen in a very long time.

They had the ball in our net after 47 seconds. We were luckily saved by VAR, but it should’ve been a warning. Instead we learned nothing, and when we went down for real I just learned my mistake from the Leicester game and went to play “Among us” with some friends leaving the TV in the background.

I just saw it coming in the first minutes and I knew our manager wouldn’t change anything. Arteta has no plan B. They say managers earn their money at half time but our performance in the second half was even worse. Not once did I feel like we could score a goal. At home to Aston Villa – with all my respect to them!

Even under Wenger, when everyone knew we were poor, we still managed to create chances, even score like 5 goals in 1 game. If we score one now I celebrate. We’re pathetic, honestly the worst football we’ve played under all managers that have been here in recent times. Not that the players should be excused.

This shirt is too heavy for them and they prove that when the pressure is on us to win. We cannot dominate a game, because we don’t know what to do with the ball, we lack confidence and I must say ability as well. Did you see how Bellerin got robbed of the ball? Holding dropping deep, giving time to opposition players on the ball. He swindled us with a decent performance at United, but we should’ve gone with Luiz instead. At least then we’d have some creativity and a player able to pick a forward pass in our CENTER BACK.

These players have too much power with their big contracts and their poor performances which make them impossible to move. Where’s Edu in all this? Why did he approve on Willian’s signing? To help his countryman out? We wanted Overmars to be our technical director or whatever Edu is and he turned us down. Do you ask yourselves why?

I’ve seen these players down tools before, but why doesn’t our manager drop them? It clearly doesn’t work, and I’ve been saying it ever since we beat West Ham. A poor performance can be excused every once in a while, but for all of Artetas talk of our “way” and “style”, what I see is so negative it hurts.

Poch is available, so is Allegri. Surely with a good enough sweet talk we can persuade either of them. Nagelsmann anyone? There are options out there. I fell in love with Arsenal back in the day because we were positive, always on the front foot. Sometimes too much, but never, ever have I associated us with negativity, and that’s the only emotion the club makes me feel now. And that’s after I was completely apathetic in Wengers final 2 season, but then I knew what had to change.

Now we are staring at another season that’ll be thrown in the bin. Four defeats in 8 games is shambolic. I feel extremely sorry for you fair readers of this forum, because I really hope we could talk about something different, but the reality is until we appoint a proper manager and get rid of most of these players, nothing will change. Just don’t fall into the hype when we win 1 game, because a week later, we’ll be back chatting the same thing.

It’s just unacceptable to be so negative, heartless and lacklustre. Apart from a 4-0 win against Norwich Arteta has been extremely poor in the league and he should be sacked. End of story.


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  1. Beginning of the end for Arteta?
    Cmon it’s a bit soon don’t you think 🤔
    This break Might help us out now ,let’s wait till season ends before coming up with Articles like this it does not help anyone involved with the club ,we all know we played sh1t ,and I’m pretty sure the players do to .

    1. Dan Kit ,I’m sure the writer of that article is just looking for comments, arteta tactics was bad yesterday but we still have to support him and anyone that cant support him should not be an arsenal fan

        1. Can’t rate Pepe because he is not being given enough minutes .
          Willian was shit ,but for me Laca wins the trophy for shittest player of the week .
          Think we need to move on now and see what the next match brings .

          1. Yes you are right on Pepe not getting enough minutes but if I’m correct, I believe we have our first shot on goal when Pepe was brought in and it was Pepe himself who played the shot. Pepe might not be the best but I keep saying it I will choose him anyday ahead of Willian. And on Lacazette I’m sure everyone knows what I feel about him

  2. I couldn’t finish the article as I was so pissed, what is this?
    I thought you said you can’t cope with Arsenal again, please take a break, it’s not by force to support Arsenal NOW, you can come back when they are good. Now am gonna read the article

  3. What knee jerk reactions. This same Villa battered Liverpool, did their fans call it the end for Klopp? Our season was over before the first game kick off. When you have utter useless players – ozil, Xhaka, Laca, Kolasinac, what can the coach do? These four players have prevented us from signing four world class players. Mikel may be at fault for Cedric, Luiz and Willian, these are squad players, but he still has Wenger’s dross to work with, and he did deliver two cups in six months! Admit we are a cup team, and enjoy the cup successes with Mikel rather than dream of winning something once he is gone. And regarding some sections calling for Ozil’s introduction, remember Rodgers also agreed with Mikel, so a top four manager thinks the same too, so do not pick Mikel for the sake of doing so.

    1. I agree with your statement of being a knee jerk reaction also true that Laca, kola, Ozil, xhaka stopped us from getting 4 new players but you also need to recognise that it is also the case with Cedric, Luiz, Wilian( I will wait and give Mari the benefit of the doubt) and that MA had as a manager had a very big part to play either, he gave them contracts because he wanted them or more worryingly he didn’t want some of them and didn’t do or couldn’t do anything about it!!

    2. Sorry my rose tinted bespectacled friends but I agree with everything articulated by the writer.

      This is soul destroying football to watch. The only upside of having to sit through this pile of steaming horse sh*t that Artetta calls his style of play is when we manage to squeeze out a shi**y from the horses arse.
      It is very very very poor. We can only just’ manage to beat the sides who are worse than we are, and then not even convincingly. There is just nothing to enjoy about being an Arsenal fan right now and I don’t think that this manager and apart from maybe four of the first team players, who do have the quality but are being stiffled by the style of play, can do anything about what feels like an inevitable decline right before our eyes.
      I don’t think that the team is selected on ability alone but more on favouritism. Joe Willock and Maitland Niles should be playing in the first team every week unless or until there are better options in their respective positions and I don’t see that right now. When you think that Elneny, Xhaka and Ceballos are better options, then you are in trouble and don’t know it.
      One more thing,, you have simply got to give Folarin Balogun a few games in the team, see what he can do

    3. I can maybe think of one reason why Liverpool fans didn’t call for Klopps head lol
      Ozil , Xakha and Kolasniac didn’t start last night so can’t blame them for this
      Wenger’s dross didn’t lose 3-0 at home to the likes of Villa or finish 8th
      And Rodgers is not a top 4 manager

      1. but ozil xhaka Kolasinac prevented us from getting top top talent. Like Lucas made way for Partey, these players blocked better players joining us

    4. None of the four players you cite was in the game against Villa so stop your uncalled for hatred. Instead Xhaka and Kolasinac played in Europa where they had a convincing win. Why should you have such hatred for individual players who were not part of Sunday’s mess? You exonerate the coach and attack individuals who were not even in the game! That is beyond description.

  4. Wow, time really goldens the memories of some people.

    We scored 5 with Wenger? No, we rarely did. We stopped after 3 and started defending the lead. We never, ever kept attacking as much as we could as long as we could.

    Someone said with Wenger Emirates was a fortress, oh my God… the delusion.

    We are going through a real rough patch. Its hardly MAs fault that Lacazette keeps missing sitters although he should bench him already.

    He should use the international break to teach our blankers how to score.

    1. @Mc lovin,Wenger wins ratio during his tenure.
      Highbury :70% win ratio
      Emirates :68%win ratio
      Now you can make your mind up but be fair! 👍

    2. “Wenger’s worst EPL season” (his last season). This was Arsenal’s home form:

      Played 19 Won 15 Drew 2 Lost 2 (City & a battered Man U)

      Second best home record behind only City who won the league.

  5. Yes!!!!! Back at it with a bang!
    This is the Konstantin Mitov I knew and we all knew.
    The master of dark arts when it comes to criticizing and calling for the head of a manager.
    Oh boy you finally found your mojo back!! You did it! you did it!😆
    Another season wasted?
    Oh wait Eddie, don’t you know we’re 25 points away from even the 4th position on the table?
    Zero shame this article has.
    While our season is over, do you mind go sacking the coach?
    I haven’t seen a negative rubbish article like this since your masterclass days when it was always Wenger out.
    Great job lifting our spirits bro

  6. I fully back you Konstantin..Arteta cannot carry us forward. He is too inexperienced for Arsenal. He is too sentimental. He is too rigid we are now playing negative football. During Wenger’s time, we lose a game and you can still carry your head high but, not these days.Infact we were lucky Villa did not score us up to six to seven goals yesterday. This season is already over cos Arteta will NOT be sacked. The board and the ownership are happy with him.Afterall he had won the FA Cup and community shield. They forgot that Wigan won the FA Cup and were relegated that same year. Birmingham City won the Carling Cup and were relegated too…

    1. Please which Wenger days are you talking about I’m sure it’s not the last 8
      years of Wenger tenure.

        1. Dan Arsene is a legend but I’m sure if Wenger was in a club like Chelsea Bayern united even madrid Barca he won’t last that long, I mean a coach of a top team who didn’t compete for the league for 13 years, 13 good years, in his 22 years as our manager we only played a European final once. To me we stopped playing attractive football when cecs left us.

          1. If the great Arsene was in a club like Chelsea, Bayern, United or even Barca and Madrid he would’ve won champions League and domestic every season because of the resources they have.

        2. I agree with the article arteta is not a coach.he was an assistant. He never had any practice of taking full control of team. William was playing good football at Chelsea it arteta way of playing that is making most players look bad. There is no style to our soccer, no idea. Even against a weak united we defender a 1goal lead.its pathetic.

  7. This headline and esp first paragraph is the most laughably, ludicrous, reactionary, unthought through and pathetic thing I have read on this site in all the years I HAVE BEEN ON IT.

    Frankly, so called ” fans” like Konstantin are doing immense harm to our great club and I urge all proper, REAL thinking, Gooners to slaughter this silly writer and his pathetic tripe of a so called article! SHAME ON YOU KONSTANTIN!

    1. Lord Jon

      Exactly! This is pathetic! I don’t like to moan about articles but this is so terrible.
      It’s like listening to a child crying over milk.

      1. Goonrboy, Th good thing that silly article lik e Konstantins do is that REAL, PROPER FANS , will now com etogether against the traitorous socalled “throw his toys out of the pram”, “fans”like this spoil child, with his ridiculous ense ot entitlement I see distinct parallels of how Trump is now behaving , in this nonsense article

    2. I didn’t see the game as i was picking my daughter and my grandkids up from Gatwick, but I listened to it on the radio until the 2nd villa goal went in, then i turned it off because of my language in front of the young ones.

      I will back MA, he has talent and I am sure he will do great things for us he just really needs to learn from his mistakes.

      These knee jerk reaction articles are stupid as that was probably the worse that Arsenal have played in the time MA has been our coach and although I am not happy that we got slaughtered at home, I can take the defeat
      as Villa are playing extremely well and deserve to be where they are.

      Sometimes in life and football you need to get knocked back a few times to learn from and then move forward as you know Jon

  8. You said this is a new low at the Emirates? Where were you when the same Villa beat us in our first game of the season at the same Emirates?

    I agree with lack of creativity that’s been very evident for all to see, I also agree with Willian not being good enough, but Pepe is much more worse, we forget things too easily.

    We were the better side against United and Pogba didn’t gift us any goal, it was well deserved for us as it was for Villa, they were the better team hands down!

    In Wenger’s last two years, we were so terrible and we don’t create enough chances as well, we struggle every time especially away, and we had Ozil playing too.
    We fans are so unfair, everyone suggested that we MUST go with SAME line up that won at OT now you are mentioning Luiz.
    When I saw the outcome of the game, I said that to myself too, but there is no way I would blame Arteta for that, if he had benched Holding we would have still moaned.

    You fell in love with Arsenal because we have always been on the front foot, that means you don’t know the Arsenal before Wenger, we were always boring, winning ugly.

    I agree Arteta has made mistakes and all but Arteta out already? This is so immature and juvenile.
    Wolves beat City at home last season, Sheffield beat Chelsea 3-0 last season, Villa humiliated Pool, Leicester humiliated City at home this season, that’s is football, is that not why we love the Premier League? But when it happens to us, we complain as if we have the birth right to beat anybody.

    Arteta had made a lot of mistakes and will still make many, you better be prepared or else take a break from football

    1. Goonerboy you are just wasting your time with the writer, anyone that think we should sack arteta at this stage after 8 weeks should not be an Arsenal fan.

    2. Didn’t Villa get two pens and we get a red card and were 1-0 up ?
      Can’t compare that to the performance yesterday
      Also that season we finished top 4

  9. Dear Mr Konstantin

    Thank you for having the balls to write a true and reflective article. The truth is myself and all the other gooners want to believe it is just a blip. However, since wenger left we have been crap. And I think it has got worse.

    The funny thing is I had this exact same conversation with my friends on WhatsApp last night.

    Arteta has brought us back somewhat and fair play done very well in some games. But that honest truth is e are a long way from a title and just as far from top 4.

    Our negative football is a problem simple as. How can we win if we don’t create goals. We can’t. Many of my friends refereed to klopps 1st 4 seasons. In which he built and didn’t win anything. However, I also pointed out that liverpool were a force and could outscor most teams and finished in the top. They were feared and needed to make 1 or 2 tweaks in the form of vigil van dyk.

    This arsenal team is not respected. And put pressure on our selves. We cannot get the most basic thing in football correct which is to score goals.

    Konstantin you are completely correct and we can all see that lacca must go. Auba must play upfront and we must play 3 in the middle allowing a creative player to link from the defence to the strike force.

    I truly believe our defence has improved and not too long ago that would have been 5 -0. The problem is now the manager and his negative tactics and crazy team selection. So konstantin is right to point out that ARTETA who took the blame him self needs to sort it out and if he does not then I would be thinking about allegri most definitely. Poch as a 2nd option as he is a spud.

    We have all seen what happens when u let a manager stay just because we love him. Look at ole at utd. We can all see it is a joke and the job is too much and arteta has a limited time to prove to us. Its nearly been a year so Konstantin is not wrong at all

  10. What doesn’t kill you make you stronger. For any Arsenal fan who is not stronger after all these years they have a lot to improve, in my opinion.

    This article is 4 months early. It’s better defeats like these have come early so there is still time for improvement.

    Is it possible to close the gap with the current leader? The answer is yes so the title bid is not over. Far from it.

    1. “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference.”

      Oh and can we sign Martinez, Grealish and Watkins from Villa?

      1. Ed Martinez is not better than Leno, but Martinez is an all round goalkeeper, Martinez is what a goalkeeper should be like, he’s a quick thinker, he can pass the ball he can save shots and most importantly he can deal with crosses but that boat has sail.

        1. Lenohappy you are right. But when we get so badly beaten and you see a dominant Martinez set up one of their goals it’s tough… Of course, had Partey nicked that back pass off him and scored we’d all be celebrating…
          Gotta keep believing.

  11. Arteta is worse than Emery stats says so and that’s not good enough.Allegri is available stop experiments with a rookie were are arsenal we’re better than that.Arteta out all the way! End of story

    1. Allegri was available when they appointed Mikel. Arteta out really? Why don’t the board line up 20 managers so they can easily replace one every bad gameweek.

  12. You speak the truth about MA? Out come the knives. While I don’t agree that MA should be fired, I maintain that things need to change and change soon. From the exclusion of Ozil to the expulsion of Guenduzi to the benching of AMN to the insistence of playing negative football , you could see that the man lacks flexibility. he was put on a pedestal too soon and given too much power long before earning it. He is a rookie coach because he lacks experience. He needs 2 or 3 years on the job to succeed providing he learns from his mistakes and embraces humility. That said he also needs to be lucky while acquiring his own players because the owners are not known for spending money. Give the man time and don’t expect miracles. He deserves a fighting chance.

    1. I agree with your points except for being ruthless. I am 100% with Mikel on that one. He is not blind he saw what happened to Unay. Players fired Unay, players let down the great Arsene.

      1. HH. There is a fine line between being ruthless and stubborn. Players are human too and when they are handcuffed and prevented from playing their game they revolt. It is difficult to respect a coach that keeps loosing.

          1. We are discussing football and my words are strictly tight to that contest. I will never attack him personally unlike others who attack certain players.
            Yes a coach who does not change his ways after poor performances is a stubborn coach.

            1. IcW after poor performance? Did you watch us against Man utd, or against Molde so please tell me where was the “poor performance”. And we haven’t played any other match after the Aston villa games so how did you know he’s not going to change his ways.

              1. Lenohappy: Our record speaks for itself. This is what MA said last night “‘I didn’t like it from the very first whistle'” yet there was never an attempted to change during the game.

    2. You said he should “embrace humility” I’m not an English man but I’m sure HUMILITY means “the state or quality of being humble’. So it means you know arteta very well to say hes not an humble person.

  13. Arteta was Elneny type of a player,he was below average not arsenal standard as player and now even worse as a manager.He could clean Ozil boots as player but now he speaks like a king even without a style of play to show as a manager.His foolishness is ruining this club he must leave, the players look unhappy and he has silently lost the dressing room with the Ozil saga and dumb tactics

  14. Yes, I’m gutted by our loss and by the way in which we lost. But as an Arsenal fan on an Arsenal supporting website you gotta say that an article focussing on how, with the assets we currently have, we might realistically improve our performance would be more positive.

    1. Exactly, Ed. We have to make do with what we have until January, at least….
      MA put out that team yesterday expecting them to get a result. Now that for me, was our strongest 11 and should’ve been enough. But it wasn’t, and I’m still trying to get my head around that!!
      We’ve now got to hope Partey’s injury is only minor… and on top of that, all our players come back from the break unscathed!! Oh, and did I mention a team up north full of duracell bunnies awaiting our visit after the break??!! 😳
      Let’s hope we turn up for that!!

  15. MA is not immune to criticism but calling for his head especially now is ludicrous, as frustrated as some of us are we now more than ever need to be united and this article is not helping, I have to say I’m surprised that it was even posted!

  16. Hey peeps
    While I disagree Arteta should be under any pressure ( it would solve nothing if he were sacked ) some fans can’t have it both ways
    Your saying the writer is being reactionary but some of you claimed …….
    We would challenge for title
    Win Cl in three years
    Arteta is better then Wenger

    That’s equally reactionary
    The biggest problem is we have players who fans make ou t are better then they are
    People ask why I bring up we finish 8th
    It’s because it shows where we are at
    You finish 8th , it means your inconsistent
    You don’t change based on two signings

    1. Isn’t the point that this article does put our manager under pressure and therefore, as you say, solve nothing?

  17. Honestly Konstantin, get a grip. It’s far too early to panic and write the season off (including sacking Arteta). OK, we played very poorly yesterday but this same Villa side scored seven against the Premier League champions & recent Champions League winners and are they recommending sacking Klopp?
    It may turn out as bad as you’re suggesting but we’ve only played eight games and have just lost to possibly the new Leicester City.

  18. Here we go again.Fans division has started.It is time to come together stronger than ever.

    Avoid the negativity.There is always a bad day in the office.

  19. Firstly, it’s still a bit early in the season to start thinking about writing it off. Top 11 teams are still 6 points apart with just 8 games played so let’s keep the drums in the closet for a bit longer.
    Saying that, there are areas that are of concern which if not addressed soon, we probably will be back in familiar territory as in previous seasons. The biggest worry, which some have mentioned, is the lack of chances we are creating, let alone scoring. All the talk about positive play in that ManU game, we have to remember that it was a penalty that won us the game. Without that, do you really think we could have won it in open play? Teams that are overly tactical, I think we play well against, but against teams like Villa who are athletic/physical and play with gungho style, we are really struggling against. Teams have figured Arsenal out ages ago. There’s no fear playing Arsenal, just have a go and you’ll always have chances. The whole villa game i was screaming where’s Willock!!!! Where are the players who drove at players, taking them on? Where’s Zaka from last season driving at players?
    Arteta is still learning the trade. I can see alot of Guardiola in him. There’s alot of positives in that but also negatives in that tactics can become overcomplicated which is where I think we are right now. Hopefully, we can turn it around with introduction of some of the young guns in the first team playing with a bit of hunger. Let’s wait till Xmas to see.

  20. Wow, I guess you haven’t researched The Arsenal that you fell in love with, have you? You can see older fans like Jon Fox, Ken1945, Grandad, Ozziegunner and others who have supported the club through thick and thin during even more bleaker times. One bad game and you call for the manager’s head? I guess that is the reason why people make fun of Arsenal fans, because of their constant mood swings. We all can see that the gameplay hasn’t been consistent and changes need to be made, but for heavens sake give the man time, will you? He has improved the state of Arsenal, and implemented more discipline in a side which let down 2 great managers in Arsene and Unai. You write in your article that the players are underperforming, then why are you only calling for the manager? Why not suggest something like release the players? At the end of the day the blame lies with both the manager and the players and we should remain patient to see what they comeup with rather than write negative articles to further shoot down the team’s confidence.

    1. Wholeheartedly agree Sid
      It’s fine to blow your top after a dreadful performance or two but to then undermine Arteta as this article is doing is not going to help anyone. Let’s just sack Arteta and get someone else in 🙄.
      People have incredibly short memories. I seem to remember that we were more than prepared to give Arteta time and yet even after the FA cup win and a guarantee of European football for the next year it’s not enough and the calls for his sacking have gained momentum.

      1. Its because he made us so good that people raised their expectations though. Just like how Mr. Arsene Wenger eon so much in his first 10 years that for people his last 10 years were not competitive as per Arsenal standards when I remeber for atleast a couple of seasons before his win we were hovering around that top 5-8 spot. Same with Unai. What we need now is longetivity, not frivolity.

    2. It’s actually more than ‘one bad game’. It is the fact that we have lost 4 of our first 8 games that is the issue. If this was the first or second defeat this season, then we can put it to a bad day at the office, but 4 in 8?

      This, along with some very controversial decisions by the manger (or which were forced upon him by the owners) regarding players do give us fans the right to ask legitimate questions about the suitability of a novice manager being in charge of a club like Arsenal.

      If there were clear signs of progress, then yes, we should give him more time. Sadly, all we are seeing is a lack of ideas in the attacking third. If it’s all down to the players as some here have suggested, then why is there a need for a coach/manager at all? For all the talk of our defence ‘getting better, it merely means that we are now parking the bus and hope to nick the odd goal or two on the break. Is this what we really want for the club?

      I have supported Arsenal since 1972, and have lived through some horrid times under Neil/Howe and the latter days of Graham without much complain, as we Arsenal fans did not expect much then, an odd cup here and there was the height of our expectations. The two titles under Graham were huge bonuses, but we did not expect more. Wenger, however, changed our expectations. How many of us would want to revert to the bad pre-Wenger days ?

      1. I completely get your point sir, and I agree with all of them. MA should be questioned and urged to look deeply into what happened at the games we lost this season. But I think as glaring is our chances creation in those games, so is our finishing. If we see the Liverpool and the Leicester games, Lacazette missed clear cut chances. Same with Saka in the Man city game and also in the Leicester game. In the ManU game our whole forward line missed chances, but the team played arguably the best football this season. Then we were completely destroyed in the Villa game. The manager should ofcourse be questioned on his choice of tactics, but how can players who just a week ago dominated ManU could capitalize like that? We all see training videos where Lacazette scores screamers, Aubameyang and Pepe are looking great, somehow we seem to play pacey football, but it is a completely different show on matchdays.In my opinion the players are equally responsible for this defeat as is Arteta. Regarding the change of managers, in my humble opinion I don’t think anyone else is willing to manage us now or can make us competitive overnight. Not everyone is a genius like Pep, even Sir Alex was unsuccessful at first with ManU. I think this is the darkness before the end of the tunnel and in MA we have someone we can get behind. But also he is someone who has to back his words with action now, and improve training methods, tactics, formations etc.

  21. Probably too early to talk about replacements.Anyway we took him and that other Spaniard on because they were cheaper than Allegri and Pochettino,so should at least give Arteta the remainder of the season to see what he can do with this group of players. It will be painful to watch because Arteta doesn’t seem to have the courage or confidence to allow his players to express themselves but we can only wait and see. However as things stand I would never pay good money to watch this team play the drivel that they do. What I do agree with the writer about is his frustration with Edu and Raul concerning the wheeler dealing that has led to the likes of Cedric, William, or a crock like Mari being given long term contracts. Logically they don’t make sense and morally they raise suspicions of fishy deals being done between themselves and the players’ agents. This poor decision making at the top has set Arsenal back at least four or five years.

    1. It’s more than likely about those fishy deals and I agree with you they don’t make sense. They didn’t go with with Mikel because he is cheaper rather because he wouldn’t challenge them. Allegri or Simeone would rather walk away than agree to such deals like the Willian one.

  22. Arteta must go. I said it before and im still gonna say it now. There’s no plan B for Arteta as said in your article. What bothers me a lot, is that Arsenal have quality players. But Arteta cannot full utilize their potential

  23. Seems like Arteta plays safety ball, taking very little risk in each game, might call it job security. Some players looks lost in too many details and not much individual freedom. Kinda looks like cyborg footy. Boring poor mans tiki-taka.
    just my 2 cents

  24. I agree with Konstantin. The new season has been a disaster. Arteta recruited all the players he wanted but so far with disappointing results only managing a mid table position.
    Martinez of Aston Villa should have been selected as #1 goal keeper and a player with tremendous skill, Mesit Ozil has been left out. Poor player selections like Willan and Lacazette and not selecting Pepe and Nkatia are notable. I see no strategy or tactics in his playing method. Arsenal should not waste any mote time and look for a world class manager.

  25. Arteta determines the style of football we play. We play like remote controlled robots. Arteta has no experience and it is showing. He controls the players too tightly and they have forgotten how to express themselves. Our team play like headless chickens. No creativity whatsoever.

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