Another Arsenal star speaks out on Qatar – “I won’t be watching”

Arsenal’s Wubben-Moy won’t be watching Qatar’s World Cup By Michelle

Lotte Wubben-Moy’s Arsenal team-mate and fellow England star Beth Mead told BBC Radio 4 on Thursday that homosexuality being illegal in Qatar was the complete opposite to what I believe and respect and that she would not be backing or promoting the event. Beth continued Although I’m cheering for the boys who are going to play football there, from the minute it was announced I thought it wasn’t the best idea.

Now the Arsenal and England defender Lotte Wubben-Moy has responded to that and says she will be supporting the England squad during the Qatar World Cup, but that she has taken the decision not to watch any of the matches in the whole tournament, because of Qatar’s record on human rights, women’s rights and LGBTQ+ rights.

Lotte is a constant champion of equal rights in interviews.  She is the player behind the idea for the Lionesses to send a letter to both Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak in August calling for them to provide equal access to football to girls in schools, Wubben-Moy said, when asked how she felt about the men’s tournament being staged in Qatar: It’s tough. As an England team, we all have strong values, and a lot of those values aren’t reflected in the way that we see it, in Qatar.

I think it’s a tough conversation to have and there’s a lot of dialogue around it. I personally will be supporting the men’s team, but I won’t be watching.

Asked about the power of campaigns such as the Rainbow Laces, Wubben-Moy continued: Sport is a very strong vehicle for change. I’ve seen a lot of the players have strong viewpoints and I salute them and I wish them the best in looking to express that throughout this World Cup.

There is certainly a lot of negative media attention focussed on this issue though, of course, it will go ahead as planned, commencing on 20th November 2022.

Though, here at Just Arsenal HQ, we agree 100% the human rights, women’s rights and LGBTQ+ rights issues that staging the World Cup in Qatar raises, we really couldn’t tune out completely!  It is a World Cup after all…

How do you feel about supporting the World Cup in Qatar?  Do any of you feel as strongly as Lotte, in that you won’t even tune in to watch it?

Michelle Maxwell

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  1. We talk about government of Nations not interfering with football, but we in football the other way round wants to interfere with a sovereign nation about what values to accept or not accept.
    How many times have nations who dont support LGBTQ rights ever said they won’t attend sporting events of nations that do?
    The world is evolving yes, but at least they deserve the exclusive rights of what values are acceptable in their nations.
    Dialogue will work better than all these forceful measures.
    From Nigeria, I will be rooting for England, Senegal, Portugal and Ghana.

    1. Should everyone just have minded their business when Hitler was on his genocide rampage?

      What about the Rwandan (Hutu / Tutsi) genocide? Should we have just minded our own political business?

      Should everyone have minded their own business when African Americans were being hanged, burnt, discriminated against in the USA during segregated, Jim Crow era?

      What about the Bores in south africa (apartheid) against the blacks? We should have just minded our business.

      What about the Chinese muslims being cleansed? We should just keep quiet about it and mind our political business?

      People calling out these very conservative/ religious Middle Eastern countries for their blatant discrimination shouldn’t be causing anyone to get all defensive.


      1. If u like kil yourself over Qatar, they still won’t change their laws bcos of u. all this western blackmail on Qatar bcos of world Cup won’t work or change anything. they have cultures and values they are preserving, and they won’t change that just for the world Cup. After the world Cup everyone will move on and forget about Qatar. Democracy is nt d best system of government let everyone use whatever works them.

        1. You are so right!after the WC,they will all move on without a thought for migrants workers left behind!!

    2. Kuhepson, You say” the world is evolving”!

      That seems not to include you however, as you think, in disgraceful mode , that evolved folk should not stand up for evolved values when in non evolved countries. I think that is a dreadfully wrong view about how we all ought to TREAT ALL humans and have proper values. It is actually COWARDICE, which is, in part, one of several reasons why it disgusts me.
      NO decent human being can ever ignore and thus make excuses for cruel countries who torment and abuse our fellow humans. And no person should ever try to say that we should ignore them . But you have!

      I do not think you a bad person, not remotely, but you are certainly a muddled one, whose principles seem available for sale to the highest bidder. Perhaps you run FIFA!

      1. No one is making excuses for the treatment of migrants workers in Qatar or any other human rights violations.we are only pointing out the hypocrisy,the spreading of lies and Qatar homosexuality is punished by prison and fines, but also death penalty.according to Amnesty international,an organisation which brought light on the migrants workers plage , shadow graves,murders of political opponents there hasn’t been one death penalty for homosexuality…this talk of being stoned,flogged,killed exactly what dumb ,right – wingers like to spread without proofs to backup their claims.Jon,how long have you been losing sleeps,concerned by what’s happening in Qatar? I’m only asking because the WC was awarded in 2010,and like many others,I didn’t read/hear anything from you until maybe this year?can you show me what you’ve been doing/saying since 2010 or before that?the truth is like many,you are just a hypocrite!what makes it worse is that all it took was a WC for you to to care,being outraged!!

  2. Yet you watch a team that has Visit Rwanda on its sleeves .
    A country that as in the past has had awful human rights issues .
    Genocide ,supplying child soldiers to the army ,jailing women that have had abortions .

    1. But that is the past. They are not doing that anymore. Are they? Can’t be still blaming Germans of today for what Hitler did nearly 80 years ago. Germany has tried the best it can to make up for its bad history. They gave up their nuclear weapons, gave up having a serious military. Took in more than 1 million muslim / middles eastern refugees in one year (2015). They are as woke / PC as it comes all to try and make up for their history.

      Rwanda is not the most hollier than thou country in the world. No country is. They have President Kagame that is a dictator but nearly 90% of Rwandees are happy with the way he has stabilised the country since the 1994 ethnic genocide between 2 tribes. He has built Rwanda and made it the most safe, country, the cleanest Capital city in Africa and had raised the countries profile ecomically and socially.

      We are talking about today and now. All countries have their history but this is present day sanctioned discrimination from a nation in the 21st century (it’s nearly 2023).

      As someone that worked for “World Vision charity” and have been around the world volunteering I have experienced peoples suffering. People being persecuted due to their ethnic, religious / non religious, sexuality backgrounds etc. In these very conservative / religious countries there is so much oppression/ discrimination of particular groups. People are in fear of their livelihood if they try to be who they are..

      Pointing out real / serious discrimination shouldn’t cause people to get all worked up..

      1. Do you really believe Rwanda is taking refugees out of their good hearts,concerns..?
        Let me tell you,this is a business/financial deal.also the refugees no matter their qualifications are employed as farmhands,servants.i don’t need to tell about the work conditions,most probably as bad as the migrants workers in Qatar.

      2. You are right it is in the past.consider this @Goonster. countries several centuries old only made homosexuality legal say 50 years took a WW for British women to get the right to vote,what about abortions…now these same countries are lecturing, criticising…Qatar,a country which got its independence in 1971.not only that but we’re talking about an Islamic state.not so long ago,Qatari women weren’t not allowed to drive cars,work(2000),they used to work as teachers, they work in finances,are doctors….more than 50% of the female population now works,more and more are attending universities,getting degrees…things are really changing for the better,sadly not everything is perfect far from it.if you think that it is too slow, that’s your for homosexuality,Qatar is an Islamic state,many of their laws are based on,made in accordance with Islam,the same way Western countries with Christianity….!

        1. @Siamois
          You are agreeing with me without even noticing.
          So Qatar now allows women to drive, allows them to work, allows them to go to University etc.. How come? May be it because of the Wests constant push for equality hence why these muslim countries are now compromising on their religious beliefs by adapting Western liberal values little by litte. They are not changing because they it’s been organic. The West / the UN etc have been pressuring these backward countries for decades. They have been sanctioned countless times for their human rights violations hence why they have had to give in on some of these things. But if we just turned a blind eye every year to these human rights violations in these countries then these Qatari woman would be allowed to drive, go to school, work, Drive etc. But the continued pressure and highlighting of their human rights violations is why the likes of Qatar, Dubai, UAE etc have compromised on quiet a few things. That is why now Saudi Arabia has allowed its female population to drive. Why? Because of the West forcing these compromises. Little by little we will keep pressuring our governments in the West to continue pushing for human rights in the Middle East, China etc..

          What you will never see from people like myself is sitting back and shrugging 🤷‍♂️ My shoulders while my fellow human beings are being treated like criminals for being who they are. As long as these oppressed minorities not killing anyone, not hurting anyone and are consenting adults then I will keep speaking out for them. That’s the best I can do. You will not see me burying my head in the sand, play mental gymnastics and whataboutisms. In there any injustice I will cal it out. The only weapon I have is my brain, body and a mouth. So will continue using that to look out for my fellow humans.

          1. I said that I was agreeing with you in some I said as a country/nation Qatar is a baby, somehow you expect them to do in decades what it took most of the Western world centuries.what pisses me off is the arrogance,double standards, hypocrisy.if you think progress made in Qatar is because of sanctions, are mistaken,actually it may have the opposite effect.they have so much money, influence that the EU,UK…want them as trading partners and are turning a blind eye on many topics,to make it for sanctions,how is that working in Iran,Russia,China,Syria…??

  3. I am going to watch, and I look forward to it.
    Sure, there are several problems with Qatar from a political and human rights perspective.
    But if we limit ourselves to only “accepting” sports involving democratic nations, which 100% live up to all human rights issues, it will become a very limited and exclusive “club”.

    This comment is written on a laptop, where something like 95% of the components are manufactured in China, one of the World’s worst suppressors of human rights.

    1. But do we just have to turn a blind eye and do whataboutism?
      These are real human beings being discriminated against. If you have never put yourself into another persons shoes then you can be as nonchalant about things like this.

      We just have one life, why do we have other individuals dictating who deserves freedom, Human Rights and who doesn’t?
      As long as one individual is not hurting another and they are consenting adults then why should a state dictate which religion is allowed and which is not. What race is superior compared to the other? What consenting sexuality is acceptable and which is not?

      We should continue calling out discrimination and not try to play bury our heads in the sand.

      1. Gooster you havge certainly gone up considerably in my estimation, after reading your humane and wise posts on this thread.

      2. So, what do you suggest?
        Should we all boycott watching?
        Why stop there?
        Should all western free democracies pull out their teams?
        Are you supporting Arsenal? How can you, when our biggest sponsor is Emirates, which is owned by a regime, which is quite far from living up to freedom and human rights?
        Do you use gasoline? Are you sure, where it comes from? I can go on and on, but please tell me exactly what you propose apart from “calling out” comments on JA.? After all, that is a very easy thing to do.

        1. They are hypocrites, talk about freedom while forcing ur values on others. Has anyone seen Qataris protesting that they want LGBTQ. Or will they change their laws bcos of visitors.

        2. Anders easy answer to a question that needs no deeper thought, other than to rely on proper human principles. I would like us ALL(globally) to ignore and totally shun this fake WC.

          I DO NOT “SUGGEST” IT THOUGH, as I know it will not be taken up by those who have no unsaleable principles, which sadly is most fans, you included Anders.

          1. @JONFOX
            Well, it is so easy to declare yourself morally superior.
            But does it hold up?
            You follow Arsenal despite Arsenal being sponsored by Emirates and Rwanda – how is that for principles?
            Do you use products made in China? Of course you do, so how is that for principles?
            Do you use gasoline or oil in any way, which originates from regimes like Qatar or may even be from Qatar? My guess is yes.
            So, basically you are really like all others. I have yet to meet one single person, who doesn’t compromise to suit their needs.
            But I meet plenty, who like to flash their moral superiority on individual subjects, where they probably don’t make much sacrifice. And that, to be honest, is very much a dubious human principle.

            1. wow wow wow, talk about hitting the nail on the head Anders.

              I highly doubt hypocrites have a come back for this solid logic.

              If they do maybe they should give uo everything you mentioned above. Of course they wont.

        3. @AndreS
          I don’t know how old you are but you sound so immature in what you have said..
          Just because you have convinced your weak self that life is too hard to change so the best thing to do is give up on humanity does not mean we all have to just throw our hands up like real bottlers and just give up.

          You guys have not answered my questions.

          If the anti slavery movements and later civil rights movements in America (Martin Luther King, Malcom X etc) all had such cowardice mentality like you are trying to promote here back then, wouldn’t black people still be slaves, segregated against, hanged, burnt till today?..
          Just because the civil rights movement started with a few negligible voices back then it did not stop them even if they were being shot, imprisoned, dogs set on them, they were constantly beaten and killed. But they continued to fight for their and other peoples rights.

          The womens suffrage movement. It looked impossible back in the 18th century. It wouldn’t have taken place with head in the sand defeatist thinkers like yourself. Isn’t it?

          Hitlers genocide would have continued if people had such weak defeatist/ nonchalant attitude.

          The South African blacks would not have gotten the rights they have right now from the Bores if they employed your shrug your shoulders weak mentality and attitude.

          The Middle East would have been even worse today if not for the constant calling them out on their human rights violation. But because we keep pointing it out Saudi Arabia has now permitted women to drive for the first time in history of Saudi Arabia. Little by little we have to keep pointing out these human rights violations and little by little they will change. But if we employed your dangerous shrug 🤷‍♂️ my shoulders childish mentality, “Oh, this seems too hard to change, so we should just pretend as if it does not exist, bury our heads in the sand” mentality what kind of change would this world have ever achieved?.

          I know that we all have different personalities, some are just followers and not leaders. Some are just nonchalant while others are revolutionaries / or go getters that always are the ones that bring change to society.

          I am sorry I have been very abrasive with you in this comment but your comment about “But what can we do?” rubbed me the wrong way. Is this how defeatist we have become in the 21st century where we we hwve become to dismissive and nonchalant in our thinking. We have become too comfortable in our much more cushy lives that we don’t want to burden ourselves with real life problems and finding real solutions to them. Just avoiding / ignoring the problem seems to be the nee normal. That is a very poor attitude. If you have read any history then you can’t be using such weak statements. Listen to M.Gandi, Martin Luther King, Malcom X, listen to the speeches of the Holocaust survivors, Listen to the Rwandees genocide survivors speeches etc. What is the common theme in their speeches? I will help you, I paraphrase: “Everyone looked on while we were being discriminated against. You were so nonchalant and buried your heads in the sand like nothing serious was going on. You wait until our blood was being shed then you intervened.”
          After the Hitler genocide, After the Hutu / Tutsi genocide, after the Jim crow / segregation era in the USA, after the South African Apartheid, after the Armenian genocide etc.

          Malcolm X, Gandi and Luther King said something like this “What is the use of labelling yourself a liberal that is for human rights but then watch on with folded arms while your fellow human beings are being discriminated against, being oppressed, massacred etc. One human being who takes action is better than 1 billion humans that just pay lip service/ watch on.”.

          You have got to get out of your cushy / nonchalant mentality that has been indoctrinated into you and start reading some history. Join a Charity and travel to these desperate places where fellow human beings being beaten, shunned by their families, friends abd communities suffering being who they are. Suffering for their religious or non religious beliefs, suffering because of their sexuality that they did not choose. Until we can stop being nonchalant and being defeatist in our attitude we might wake up one day and it’s us who are being discriminated against and we are looking out for others out there to help us out..

          Sorry I am very passionate about my fellow human beings. I am a secular humanist. I want strive for the WELL-BEING of all my fellow humans, don’t care if your are white, black, Aisian, woman, man, religious or non religious, Conservatives or Liberal, etc.. Just look out for your fellow neighbour because they are your brother / sister in humanity. We are humans and we are the only ones that can solve our own problems. Lets lookout fir each other..

          1. @goonster
            Maybe you should read a bit slower and take a time to reflect on what is written.
            We are not disagreeing on the principles as I see it.
            What I am arguing is that, it is pure hypocrisy to criticise others for watching the WC in Qatar over the next few weeks, and at the same time support Arsenal day in and day out and indeed indirectly support other regimes with what you use in everyday life.
            Your long tirade has not changed my opinion one bit.
            And for the future, maybe you should take on the principle of truly respecting other people. Your comment is so full of disrespect, you should really be ashamed.

            1. To be honest when it comes to human rights and people being very nonchalant and dismissive about it then I can’t respect you on such. Whataboutism does not work for me..

              And I can’t be ashamed of myself because I called out your very shallow thinking about such a deep issues. When it come to humanity I can’t be ashamed of myself for calling out people like yourself that are so far to comfortable in their little warm cacoons that burying their heads in the sand has become such an easy way out.

              I will say it again. The likes of yourself with such a defeatist / nonchalant mentality when it comes to humanities I can’t bring myself to respect. Just on this issue.
              But on other issues definitely I might respect you..

              Sorry 👍

              1. Well, basically you are underlining how much hypocrisy you posses, when you have to construe what other people think, to make yourself look good.

  4. As individuals we have choices to make, uphold values or discard when they become inconvenient.

    One can choose to watch or not, remain silent or not, judge another or not. IMHO one should live their values to the best of their ability, and treat others accordingly.

    I for one disagree with much about Qatar so therefore will not view or participate in any way. Others must do as their conscience dictates.

    1. Bravely spoken! Another proper human to add to the growing list who refuse to compromise their principles.

      No decent person ought to allow themselves any interest in such a sick joke awarded competition. The previous WC was awarded to Putin led corrupt Russia.

      Where will the next one be held, then! Probably in North Korea?!!
      FIFA STINKS TO HIGH HEAVEN!! What a nest of snakes!!

  5. My last comment on the subject,yeah!! actually it is a quote.

    1. Why not just hide away from the problem? Just ignore a problem and it will go away. One should bury their head in the sand and try to poo poo the Qatari human rights violation / and discrimination.

      Life is too hard to change. So we should stay turn a blind eye and focus on entertainment and money while fellow human beings are being treated like second class citizens in places like Qatar.

  6. Love the roasting Ian Hislop and the panel on ” Have I Got News For You” gave Gary Neville on his participation at the Qatar World Cup. It covers all the points made here and besides being very funny makes Gary Neville’s pitiful excuses for going seem sheepish and pathetically out of his depth. In some ways it reinforces the stereotype of footballers as blockheads lucky to be born with one outstanding gift. Think Beckham as well who is going to be seriously raking in the cash thanks to the Qatari. princes. I guess it comes down to personal choice whether or not to watch. For me, my World Cup romance ended in South Africa with those horrible horns ringing in the stadium’s. Then my Brazilian students impressed me with their indifference to their countries’ hosting the event, bringing up the fact that Brazil had so many social problems and didn’t need the distraction or the stadiums. Russia was a big yawn thanks to FIFA’s shady shenanigans and the same is true this time around. I guess if anyone is responsible it is FIFA and the organisation should feel the backlash, but we know it won’t happen because money talks.

  7. Interesting that my previous comments were not accepted. I thought it was pretty lame stuff and not exactly cutting edge but you guys must have an agenda.

  8. I honestly do not see how Lotte not watching a football tournament is going to make the slightest difference to anybody’s human rights, but if the big TV companies were to pull the plug on transmissions that would be very, very different.
    Best of luck with that Lotte.

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