Another Arsenal v Spurs battle set for DM transfer target

Although Arsenal fans were able to celebrate St. Totteringham’s day nice and early this year, with our north London rivals never even looking like they would give us a run for our money in the second half of last season, the spuds did come out on top in the head to head battle.

After beating them in both Premier League games and on the way to lifting the FA cup the previous season, it was disappointing to be held to a draw at home and lose away this time. We could be set for even more pain at the the hands of Tottenham as well, this time in the transfer market.

The Daily Mail is reporting that the two north London clubs could be set for a transfer tussle over the excellent defensive midfielder Geoffrey Kondogbia. The Gunners and AC Milan were believed to be the two clubs most likely to sign the talented young Frenchman, valued at around £25 million, but maybe because neither has done so yet, the Spurs manager Mauricio Pochettino has apparently told his transfer team to make a move.

I personally think that Kondogbia is a fantastic player who will only get better with age but I also think that Wenger could get him ahead of our local rivals if he wanted to. The question is, does he want him and is he worth the money that Monaco want?

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  1. Sorry but think he’s headed to Italy. Shame as he would have been a good fit with us

    1. Nothing confirmed yet but it sounds like Milan is his preferred choice. If Wenger really wants him he can pull it out. It all depends on Wenger. We have champions league football guaranteed plus we have a French coach. We have the upper hand its the matter of wanting him or not. I strongly think kondogbia will be an excellent addition to the team. We can have him and cech on board asap.but as usual we are leaving our business for last minute:-)

    2. Whenever we seem to have money some club alwasy becomes rich overnight. Before it was Monaco and now is INter and Milan. Both Italian clubs have a 150million transfer kitty to spend and they are seriously disturbing our transfer. Miranda is oFF to Inter. Kondobia is off to either Inter or Ac Milan. jackson martinez is off to Ac Milan. Its just crazy

      . Whenever we seem to have money some club get rich owners and ruin the transfer for us. Inter has Theor whil Milan is Mr Beeee. lol PSG has Oil Money. Its crazy as something always fxxxxxs our transfer.

  2. Seems odd how many players the spuds are going ‘head to head’ with us on. It’s either a ploy by agents to try and get Arsenal to raise their bid, or by media outlets to attract attention…

  3. lets just put it this way. If there are proof that we placed a bid on him, and THEN he stil picked spurs, it just shows this guy is not the kind of player and character we want at Arsenal. this goes to any players we have put a succesfull bid on.

  4. Konogdobia is top top, if he clever he will not go to bag of spuds, who choose potatoes to Arsenal?! You crazy

  5. Why would he go to spurs? What have they won lately? Oh yeah they did win something, the most pathetic team of the 2014/ 2015 season! Followed closely by man u in 2nd place!

  6. I rate kondogbia but 25 mill? hmm…its risky, cud be another fellaini type flop waiting to happen. I’f we can’t get him for less rather assess our other targets/options

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