Another big hint that this season will be declared null and void

The prospect of this season being completed is hanging in the balance with a full cancellation looking more and more likely by the day.

If the season is cancelled then the finishing positions from last season would again be in effect, this would deny Liverpool the title, stop Leicester City’s qualification into the Champions League, put Spurs back into the competition and if the ban on Man City is upheld, then Arsenal would grab their spot as they finished last season in fifth spot.

No team would be relegated, so Norwich City would be safe and no team promoted, and Leeds United will have to continue waiting for their return to the top flight.

The footballing authorities, especially in England, are very keen on completing the season, however, there is a time that continuing with the suspension becomes untenable.

Uefa president Aleksander Ceferin has been speaking to Italian newspaper La Republica as quoted by the BBC about the prospect of the season being cancelled “If we don’t succeed in restarting, the season will probably be lost,”

“There is a plan A, B and C.

“The three options are to start again in mid-May, in June or at the end of June.

“There is also the possibility of starting again at the beginning of the next [season], starting the following one later. We will see the best solution for leagues and clubs.”

“It’s hard for me to imagine all the matches behind closed doors, but we still don’t know whether we’ll resume, with or without spectators,” he said.

“If there was no alternative, it would be better to finish the championships.”

Well, the way I read that is that Ceferin is struggling to see how the season will restart after June, he does, of course, make the suggestion that the season could be completed before the next one but that would have a knock-on effect on European competitions and the qualification matches, there would simply be no time for them.

All signs are pointing to the season starting by July at the latest or being cancelled.


  1. Well if this is the position then that is what it will be. I for one won’t shed a tear for a Liverpool even though they have had a season to remember. But if we do get the fourth CL position then we simply be grateful for it and move on. I suspect there will be quite a few objections whichever way is decided as the outcome.

  2. There is no chance of us playing champions league next season if the season is deemed null and void. A matter of fact City would just have to be placed back in the competition and serve their ban the following year. Whichever way i would just be happy to see liverpool not collecting that trophy.

    1. Thats not Sportsmanship.Liverpool do deserve their trophy.They did enough,we didnt do enough,we should be sportsmen and not sour losers.Thats what sports is about,you tackle someone to loose the ball,he lifts his hand up for you to help him up.You fight on the pitch for 90 minutes,you hug and congraculate the winner at the end

      1. @knight-if you have ever experienced a game at Anfield, especially in the late sixties, seventies and eighties, you would not use the word Sportsmanship in describing Liverpool Supporters and there are quite a few on this site who will know what I’m talking about. Great Team this season without a doubt, but I have very little respect for their fans

        1. Said it many times Phil, the most dangerous City in England to go to in the ’70’s, Thousands of Liverpool and Everton fans would give you a welcome like no other. Obviously Knight and many other’s on these pages never went there in the height of hooliganism like we did, you literally couldn’t open your mouth.
          The Premier League title? Pay back for getting us banned from Europe in the ’80’s

          1. Kenny, coming out of Anfield on THAT NIGHT in 89 was as bad as I’ve ever known up there. I remember seeing a recording of the game when I got home on the Saturday and Brian Moore the ITV Commentator was heaping praise in how the Liverpool fans were applauding Arsenal at the end of the game. It’s a pity he didn’t look outside at what was happening.
            As you say, it was always the same up there, and only the last decade has it not been so obvious. Payback for the Euro Ban? Totally agree mate.Couldnt happen to a more deserving Club as far as I’m concerned

  3. Talk about deserving the title. How many did we deserve and were robbed? A couple or so. How many did Man U not deserve and were given?

    If Liverpool gets their celebration of a title postponed by a bit, so be it. The world won’t come to an end…

    Call me what you will, that is the reality.

  4. The morality which this article brings to mind is, to some of us, of far more important than our personal club benefitting from a clear injustice.
    I was saddened to read Phil’s stance, supported by Kenny, on “not shedding a tear(metaphorically, we must presume!) for Liverpool. He stated that he disliked their fans from the ’60s onwards.
    To my mind that is no proper or moral reason to want that club denied their rightful title. I won’t get in too deep into various Gooners personal moral positions, as each have their own stance but there is NO WAY that I could ever think in that way.

    I have learned in my long life that we need to forgive, whether or not the forgiveness is for actual or perceived insults or even bad deeds against us.

    It seems inconceivable, to me -or at best, very unlikely – that ANY more football will be played for some considerable time . I do not mean weeks, nor a few months but perhaps a year or even more away. That is bound to have profound and long lasting changes on almost everything in this and on several future seasons.

    I have always tried in life to face unpleasant news full on. Like all older folk, I have had my own personal and family tragedies and believe me, nothing, certainly not the absence of football, hurts as much as personal family tragedy. This is not unusual though, as we ALL eventually have to suffer from deaths of others and of trials in life. We need to forgive and that includes the need to forgive our own self for our own bad deeds, done or spoken , Also for omissions and not having been kinder when we should have been. At times like now we get chance to really think deeply about what , ULTIMATELY , matters most and what is less important.

    I miss football immensely, as does everyone on here but I counsel that unless fans, players, managers, football authorities and certain rogue owners TRY to regain a large degree of the morality that was common long ago but has largely disappeared now, then football is slipping further and futher into a pit of snakes and it will become something putrid, instead of the noble game it still is in SOME ways. The amount of morality that still exists is under direct threat my friends, unless WE act to change our collective stance on tolerating or even becoming, morally speaking, SNAKES.
    Please don’t get the impression that I regard myself as more moral than others. I do not! But I have and am still learning that is is never too late to try harder.


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