Another billionaire eyeing Arsenal as fans demand Kroenke leaves

Billionaire Daniel Ek is preparing to make an offer to take over Arsenal from Stan Kroenke as fans continue to ask for the American to leave.

Arsenal fans are still fuming after the club owner agreed to be one of the founding members of the suspended European Super League.

The Gunners, like all English teams, eventually pulled out of the agreement last week, but the fans are still angry that Kroenke even thought about joining without consulting them.

They have been demanding that he sells the club and won’t stop protesting.

Ek revealed on Friday on Twitter that he is an Arsenal fan and he would be more than happy to buy the club from its owners if they are ready to sell.

The Telegraph is now reporting that he is serious and that tweet wasn’t a PR stunt.

They reveal that the Swedish founder of music streaming service, Spotify is already working on an initial offer which he hopes will tempt Kroenke into selling and leaving London.

The American has never shown a willingness to sell the club and he looks ready to stick around despite the ongoing protests.

However, we will have to wait and see how he responds if Ek submits an enticing offer.

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  1. It is anticipated that Spotify is losing millions for the next several years.
    Clearly Ek wants a more reliable investment like a big Premier League club. So like Dangote who’s business empire is subject to volatility in African politics it is in their own personal financial interest to purchase a London based football club. Nothing to do with their love for Arsenal FC. No different to Stan really except Stan is honest about his reason for owning the club.

    1. Fantastic argument Wy. Tesla lost money every year between 2003 and 2019 (just had its first profitable year). Guess that means we dont want Elron Musk investing either. Best not to – that electric car idea will never work. Of course nobody from outside the UK is best – theyre obviously all here to get a UK passport. And Ek isnt a life long fan – only about 30 years – gotta be 70 for lifelong, so hes only a part time supporter, a fake.
      You’re paranoid Wyoming.

    1. Coz Arsenal is a “ politically correct” club…..women rights,human rights,homosexual rights…stuff like that…

  2. Wyoming
    Don’t know what you’re talking about
    Pessimism is the rule of the game

    Dangote has been making money for years and Nigeria has changed government all these times and Dangote still stick around

    You don’t know it, well stick with Kroenke

  3. Arsenal is in steady decline under Kroenke. He is not interested in seeing club achieving great things on the pitch & as it is it’s unlikely to finish above 10 this season under a clueless rookie Manager.

  4. Anyone or any organization that buys the club will treat us as an investment. It will be for the sake of Arsenal making them money, rather them spending their fortune on Arsenal.

    Best we can hope for is competent ownership like Leicester City.

    1. Owner that actually has ambition.
    2. Hires competent top manager, not a rube rookie selling smoke & mirrors
    3. Proper management, not like Vinai and Edu
    4. Proper scouts and recruitment team

    Leicester have all the above, and their transfers and player sales second to none. Have they brought in a bad transfer yet?

    £80 million for Mcquire was epic, and other sales, then reinvested the money, improved the team, AND made a nice profit.

    Compare that to Arsenal, shameful how far we have fallen. Wenger & Dein to the three stooges.

    Once upon a time we had Sven; who’s still finding talent. Could use his skill set now.

    1. 👍 The financial and player asset management at Arsenal appears to deteriorate annually.

    2. as you are well-aware Durand, we agree on many things, which once again in the case

      I think the chances of us attracting an owner with bottomless pockets is exceedingly low…of course, our massive fanbase, which extends across much of the globe, and the fact that we’re based out of London, means that anything is possible, but I certainly wouldn’t hold my breath…as such, I do agree that if we want to win things at the highest levels it will require us to not only rebuild our squad but also our organizational model…that said, without the right owner in place, the chances of bringing in those with the necessary acumen to facilitate such a reconfiguring is highly unlikely…btw I, like yourself, so wish that Sven had won the day over the scheming Raul

      1. I kind of think a consortium of sorts, which would include 2 or 3 extremely wealthy individuals, who are looking for an incredibly viable long-term investment, with a former Arsenal player as their “front-man”, might be our best option…this has become a bit more commonplace in the US, as it allows investors to share the obvious financial burdens of ownership, considering how incredibly expensive it is now to buy a franchise, unlike a decade or so ago, while likewise easing concerns within the fanbase by combining forces with a former player with deep historical roots

  5. Decline has happened for several reasons..
    Thierry Henry
    All sold to Barca..when Arsenal started playing more of a passing ‘dutch style’ so no wonder Cruyff said hmm, I’ll have some of that. Players then wanted to come to Arsenal as a stepping stone, and we became a sellin club, which got worse when we changed stadium.
    The Emirates has no red and white painted walls outside, and does not speak of tradition.. It look like any other club ground and you would be hard pressed to differentiate it from a multitude of other stadiums, apart from the murals.
    The sound disappears from the stadium.
    The seats are too far from the pitch and it’s not intimidating.
    Too much merchandising. Why do you persist in buying it.
    Stop! Don’t buy anything as Kroenke doesn’t spend it anyway.
    The new ground is cursed anyway. Highbury was hallowed ground and leases from a theological college and blessed by a clergyman. We now play at ‘the Emirates’.
    Arsenal’ s soul has been sold, and it is over now…. Unless we change all of the above.

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