Another blow for Arsenal as pre-season plans scuppered

Arsenal usually spend pre-season jetting off to Asia before moving onto America to cash-in on their international fame, but may now have to settle for staying in the United Kingdom.

It remains to be seen whether the Premier League campaign will even be finished, despite the FA insisting that the division has simply been ‘suspended indefinitely’, and lengthy delays to the continuation have led to certain calls to be made.

The recently acclaimed International Champions Cup, in which the biggest sides in Europe compete against each other in neutral grounds across the globe, has just announced that the 2020 edition will not be going ahead.

This of course makes complete sense, with no calendar able to be planned amidst the growing uncertainty in a number of nations as to the Coronavirus.

The current pandemic looks more than likely to see some countries opt to play out the remaining of the campaign behind closed doors, and may also force UEFA to cancel their current European competitions.

Arsenal usually pick up some decent revenues for their part in selling out large stadiums around the world, which comes as another blow with the Premier League TV income also up in the air at present.

Clubs may now have to consider playing their entire pre-season in the United Kingdom and behind closed doors, and I could see an increase in teams trying to lobby their own friendly matches to television companies in a bid to retrieve some of that deficit.

Does it look more likely that the new campaign could start almost immediately after this season ends? Will clubs have to consider little-to-no pre-season at all?


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  1. stevo says:

    The overseas games serve only to generate more money for players already on ridiculous salaries.
    Why is it that 25 players receive 95% of the clubs income while millions of fans receive nothing?
    Maximum player salary should be 25k p/w.
    We should play Spurs as one of our warm up games. A lot more interesting than a nobody team in Asia or a nobody MLS team.

  2. Jah son says:

    The more you look at the current situation the more complicated it becomes. Good write up @Patrick.
    I still think the best option is to void the current season a start a new.

  3. Abdul Razak Sesay says:

    a very good article by the writer. I pity liverpool as no doubt to clinch the premier league trophy for the first time . If the league is considered void because of the coronavirus it means liverpool has to wait for some years again to win this trophy because it is not certain for them to continue with this form while other clubs will surely strengthen their teams. Will the England FA consider the table as it is, and awards liverpool the trophy, while teams that have already relegated be given preference to stay in the premier league to continue their campaign next season?

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