Another crucial week ahead for Arsenal in Top Six race

Right now, looking at Arsenal’s position in the bottom half of the table, there are very few people that would have forecast the Gunners would be able to try and get up into the European places.

But, the fact is that we are still only 6 points behind 4th place! And in the grand scheme of things, when you think we are less than halfway through the season, 6 points is nothing!

So, after our awful run before Xmas, we have bounced back with 3 wins in a row, and with home games coming up against Crystal Palace and Newcastle we could find ourselves much higher up the table and looking pretty, but Mikel Arteta is not taking anything for granted. “I think the next two games are crucial to see the direction that we are taking and to reinforce all the things that we have improved on and the results that we are having recently,” he said on “We will know much more I think after the next two games.

Arteta nobody Better

“We want to keep that consistency and having the belief that we can go into every game with the feeling that we are going to win it. The more games we are able to win the better that feeling is going to be.

“Obviously, to start thinking more about the table in a different direction, if you are able to win these matches your mind starts to look in a much more positive way.”

Just a few weeks ago, the thought of Arsenal ending in the European places was unthinkable, but there is now a bit of light at the end of the tunnel, but as Arteta says, we will know more after the next two games…

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  1. As we were before certain situations saw MA bring ESR into the team, Giwa.

    That’s why I believe the club will sign another “No. 10” in this current window, once some of the outgoings are confirmed.
    If MA has a bit of luck regarding injuries (Martinelli in particular) I don’t see any reason why we shouldn’t continue our winning run.

  2. So by that logic West Ham ,Palace and Leeds are in the race for Europe
    In fact Newcastle and Burnley win their games in hands they would be 7 points off 4th
    So let’s not go off the points difference , let’s go off what we have seen in the past year which suggests we are not in race for top 6

  3. I would not begin to feel good just yet because we won a few games. A fresh set of failures will destroy us. Arsenal still needs to address the following with urgency:
    1. Get a #10 in this window. Zaha can play wing and #10. SR alone cannot do.
    2. Sort out Pepe. He is a not a winger as MA plays him – forcing him deep almost like a wing back. Then have you think he is useless. He is most dangerous as a striker or #10. He needs to do his ‘part-time’ magic in the box.
    3. Sort out Willian. Arsenal is twice more likely to score with him off than on the pitch. This bit of stat is brutally telling. Use Willian as back up until he is back on form or realize that he is not at Arsenal for pension. We are not to serve as a graveyard. It affects the players’ morale.
    4. MA needs a senior advisor in his ears. He struggled when Freddie left. He is not mature. He needs help. He does not always pick his best 11 or place them advantageously. These are signs of immaturity. I like him but still think that he needed more practice before jumping into Arsenal with their spoilt fans, headache Board and fragile players.

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