Another former Arsenal player jumps on the Mesut Ozil bandwagon

Ray Parlour leads calls for Mesut Ozil return against Liverpool.

Mesut Ozil has enjoyed significant support since being sidelined by Unai Emery with calls growing for his return to action.

The German has struggled to impress Emery who has decided it was better for him to be out of the squad. However, it is a decision that has created a division among the fans and pundits alike.

A large section of the fans have been calling on him to return as the team struggles for creativity.

The latest former player to call on Emery to bring back Ozil is Ray Parlour. The former Gunner believes the team is lacking creativity and the playmaker could be the creative force that they need.

Parlour is urging Emery to bring him back for this evenings game against Liverpool in the Carabao Cup at Anfield.

Ozil still has a lot to offer

Speaking on Sky Sports’ The Debate, Parlour said: ‘I think the fans are little mystified on why he has been left out.

‘I don’t know the real reasons because we don’t see him in training, we don’t see his attitude.

‘For me, when I was left out, I made sure I worked really hard in the next week to try and get back into the side.

‘Whether he has gone there and he’s taken it easy but the fans were singing his name against Crystal Palace.

‘He’s still got lots to offer, he’s a quality player and I think creativity in the midfield area is lacking a bit from Arsenal’s point of view.’

Emery claimed earlier in the week that he had a good conversation with the German. This is good news for the midfielder’s fans who will be hoping that results in him starting the Liverpool game.

If he does start it would go a long way to show how ready he is to return to the team for Premier League games.

That said, Ozil never produced the goods on a consistent basis before he was dropped. Yet, for some weird reason, there has been a massive outbreak of amnesia. Ozil wasn’t good enough before and I am not sure why he would be a different player now.


  1. JON the missing FOX says:

    Ozil is a good player. There is no one in Arsenal with that quality.
    It is very simple. Emery is trying to prove he can get results without OZIL and has been failing us and himself. Ozil can’t do any worse. ……. PRIDE goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall.

  2. gotanidea says:

    Ozil would most likely not able to improve his performances, because of his age

    Many fans and most of Ozil’s teammates like him, so the his inclusion in tonight’s game will be a good start to rebuild the team’s harmony

    If Ozil is willing to play in small cup games, he could still play regularly and could possibly start again in EPL if he performs well in those small matches

    Tonight’s game will be a good opportunity to see Ozil’s commitment and to see whether he can put his ego aside or not

  3. JON the missing FOX says:

    Wow where is Arsenal heading….
    Very scary indeed. To everyone who keeps calling players out for all the wrong reasons. Please understand Arsenal have a very competitive team. Much much better than what Wenger had but we are not playing proper Football, just forget the results but whatever happened to the identity and the character we always had. Looks like this is beyond repair. I always wonder why someone like Josh Kroenke didn’t sit down with Wenger and chalk out a roadmap to move up the ladder but Emery gets his time and the money and the players he wants but we are going downhill and the rivalry among is like never before. Are we going to see off Arsenal or we gonna move up. CONFUSED totally !!

    1. jon fox says:

      Still hiding behind my name I see then coward? Haven’t you got one of your own or are you just a sad troll and groupie, keen to attach yourself to someone more brave, more fearless, even though that doesn’t take much effort from me! Cluck, cluck, little chicken boy! It is you who are missing, at least your OWN name , not me!

  4. AY75 says:

    Whatever line-up we field today (with or without Özil), we probably won’t win today’s game anyways. I wouldn’t want Chamberlain scoring against us though.
    Anyways, OT: with regards to the last article……. Mourinho is likely to lose the dressing in two or three seasons, before he he does, we might win a trophy or two. But forget anything about all that attacking you’ve been on Emery’s neck for. Although, he does have a few tricks up his sleeve when it comes to tactics, so we’ll probably be playing boring football with a purpose (to win), unlike the aimless boring football we’re having to endure under Emery.

  5. Goonster says:

    Just been to the earlier article and it’s Alex Jones kind of conspiracies.
    People are already laying the ground with excuses about how this is a ploy by Emery to make Thr Shirt Selling Genius look bad.
    People are basically saying that why has Emery chosen Liverpool away as his first match?

    Why a tough game away from home etc.


  6. Break-on-through says:

    Where I stand on Emery is, this is his second season and we’ll know more about where we stand table wise a bit later. Two seasons should give us a better idea. It is difficult coming in after a manager like Wenger, he built up almost every little aspect in the club and was relied on heavily, too heavily. Where I expect to see us, the direction, is take that PSG style, whenever PSG played in the CL they looked to play the best football in Europe, they were great to watch. Pundits over here marvelled at them and were blown away at the time. I don’t know what they were like in the league, but whenever I seen them in Europe it was blistering stuff esp when they faced English sides. They hammered Barca before Barca hammering them, but most often they looked terrific. PSG have more pull than us, but we’re a huge club that spends good money so am wondering if he will have us playing that football. PSG played that deep stuff from the back, but it came off for them because it was like watching fifa football the way it pinged all over the place going short and long. I hope of course we manage to make the CL, but the football will need to improve also, I don’t know if he’ll be here for the long haul but it is crucial that we make the places this season, so we can attract the bigger talents and begin making forward steps.

  7. Pablo Piccasso says:

    Ozil will always divide opinions.

    When his in the team and we are under performing most fans and especially the pundits call for him to be dropped and even sold. When his not in the team and we are playing badly people are up in arms calling for him to be included.

    My personal opinion is use him wisely more like what Pep is doing to Augero, play him in certain games that his skill is most suited / either start him and sub him off when he tires around the 70 as he usually does / sub him on. All in all atleast keep him in squad as he does have something to offer, even just hope to the fans and one more song to sing can lift the stadium.

  8. Andrew Elder says:

    If he does play today I doubt he will make an impression because of his total lack of game time this season. He has started 2 matches and been substituted in both. Anyway an away game against Liverpool isn’t exactly the easiest of returns, if that is the case.

    Maybe there is a method in Emery’s madness? Either way it is down to Ozil to give of his best for his club and himself. Whatever happens I don’t think it changes anything, Ozil doesn’t figure in Emery’s plans there’s no love lost between the two of them. A parting of the ways is inevitable but it shouldn’t be allowed to drag on because of the adverse effect it has on fans and the other players.

  9. Kenyanfan says:

    Most genius post it seen this week. Absolutely true and it’s a what exactly the coach should do

  10. Andrew Elder says:

    It’s a valid question though, Goonster. He’s been blanked for nearly 5 weeks with not a single minute of game time. Not even making the bench for 5 weeks (no injuries) and then suddenly being picked to start at Anfield of all places is wierd management at the very least?

    But then this may all be academic, Emery could blank him again. I’ve quit trying to understand how our manager comes to some of his decisions.

  11. jon fox says:

    I see you are too much of a coward to use your real name and prefer to use a name which trolls me, as a coward would do. THAT IS WAHT TROLLS DO; THEY HIDE BEHIND FAKE NAMES AND NON DE PLUMES.OTHERS WILL NOTE THAT I, WHO AM TOTALLY UNCONCERNED WHAT OTHERS THINK OF ME, AM ALWAYS BRAVE ENOUGH TO USE MY REAL NAME. Perhaps your real name is chicken!

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