Another German club joins the race for Granit Xhaka

Granit Xhaka’s departure from Arsenal this summer is becoming increasingly likely, with Bayern Munich now entering the race for his signature.

Xhaka has been a key player for Arsenal since Mikel Arteta took over as manager, and the club is eager to retain him beyond the 2022/2023 season. During that campaign, Xhaka had one of his best seasons in an Arsenal shirt, and the club wants to continue building memorable moments with him.

Despite Xhaka denying rumours that his wife desires a move to Germany, speculation regarding his future persists. 4-4-2, the latest outlet to report on the matter, suggests that the Swiss captain is now being linked with a move to Bayern Munich.

Bayern Munich is looking to hijack the transfer from Bayer Leverkusen and could potentially offer Xhaka a three-year contract to join their ranks.

Just Arsenal Opinion

Xhaka has been one of the finest players in our team in recent seasons and has improved since Arteta has been at the helm.

It is tough to allow him to go, but we can sign much younger replacements in the summer.

This is also our only chance to make a good fee from his departure, unless we plan to extend his contract again.

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  1. Unless he wants to leave Arsenal should not prod the lad.

    I remember Van Persie was with us for many moons blighted by injuries, one season his legs hold and the lad was unplayable, we sold him immediately to our rival only to lift the big jug.

    We must not repeat the same mistake.

    1. Gunsmoke, your version of the RVP debacle was correct in all but one very important detail – it was the player who held the club to ransom for over a season with regards to his contract.
      He then informed the club that he was not going to sign any contract and, as usual at that time, in came united with an offer that The Arsenal had to accept.

      As for Xhaka, the fact that there are at least three clubs wanting him, shows just how wrong SOME fans were… and how correct Wenger, Emery and Arteta were.

      We should keep him, especially with the fixture congestion we will, hopefully, face next season.

      After all, what will it cost to replace him?

      1. In hindsight maybe we should had let his contract run down and we lift the big jug.

        Don’t think he had two better seasons in the premier league than the last one with us and the first one with United.

        But yes his actions was disgusting, having stuck with him through thick and thin.

        As for Xhaka it doesn’t seem smart to sell him for £13 Mill, his contribution on and off the pitch is paramount, he was only unpopular among armchair managers, some thought he only had one good lseason with us unable to recognize what successive managers knew all along ,
        Odegaard and Smith Rowe should be allow to grow more with a top talent like Caicedo before Xhaka moves on.

        Even though it’s a buyers market just can’t see a good replacement for under £70 mill

      2. Good morning Ken! How many brilliant displays did Wenger get from Xhaka? Please enlighten me. The player had/has the potential but was unleashed by Mikel the magician and Murat Yakin.
        As for RVP, I do not blame him for his decision, every sane player wants to win something other than the Emirates Cup and the “Top Four Trophee Hehehe”. He knew that Sir AF even in a wheel chair could outsmart what some of our fans term: ‘Greatest Manager ever” and he did it and RVP decision paid off. That’s football for the winners and whining for the sore losers (0/22 Europe; 3/22 EPL, 0/22 LC, 7/22 FA)

        1. Mikel the Magician? 😂😂

          Finished 2nd in a two horse race this season and bottled it two years running – first Arsenal manager in over two decades not to have european football at the end of the season….. I could go on of course, but just one more point – if it wasn’t for Arsene Wenger, Mikel Arteta wouldn’t have had Granit Xhaka and, of course, the only trophy he won was with Arsene’s players, including???????

          Never mind though, when Xhaka leaves, we can play Viera in his place – one of MA’s superman signings 🤡🤡

          By the way, do you know what Ferguson says was the greatest achievement during his time as United manager?
          The Invincibles.
          He couldn’t outsmart Arsene over that one, along with Pep, Klopp and Mikel Arteta it seems.

          Sounds as if you have a soft spot for Fergie, RVP and all things united, why not go the whole hog and transfer your allegiances up there? You know the little boy in you is telling you to do it 🙏🙏🙏🙏
          8th 8th 5th 2nd 🍾🍾🍾🍾 it every season.

          1. Hey Ken, you took time off to reply in length to everything except my question and the topic is Granit Xhaka, not your suggestion on whom to support as you could do yourself a favor and complete your thesis on “The greatest manager” (in terms of humiliations 8-2,6-0,15-3,10-2, 0/22,0/22,3/22,7/22) and earn yourself a doctorate

            1. But I did give you one example (there are so many of course) as Xhaka was in the team that beat chelsea 2-1.. Mikel’s only trophy… perhaps you didn’t know that?

              I guess that’s one of the reasons why he persuaded Granit to stay despite “fans” like you persecuting him – thank goodness MA, AW and UE saw what you obviously couldn’t.
              Why, even the mighty Bayern Munich, who humiliated us 10-2 want to sign him!!

              As for humiliations aka bottling, your magician holds the record for being top of the PL the longest and STILL losing out – in a two horse race, while the other major clubs were rebuilding… sound familiar to you?

            1. EvGunner, I support MA and I think he has done a wonderful job in bringing our club back to where it should be.

              I also believe he will become one of the greatest managers at our club.

              What I detest is so called fans who try to denegrate our current players or a previous manager who brought so much success to our club.

              I hope Mikel Arteta becomes our most successful manager ever and I will continue to sing his name as I always have…. does that answer your question?

              1. I wonder though Ken, IF it answers EG’s question ENTIRELY truthfully?

                I see from your many posts, little evidence, other than your own self assertion – which does carry SOME weight, though not ENOUGH, to my discerning mind – that you HONESTLY BELIEVE MA will become one of our greatest managers.

                Your posts show a great deal of regular scepticism and doubt , IMO, to claim you TRULY believe that.
                Just a thought for your possible consideration!

                1. Jon – I’ve just seen your post and now it’s doubtful that I’ll get another reply from Ken because you two will be at it and I’ll be sadly forgotten.
                  Boo hoo hoo. Who boo who ?
                  PS – are you aware that i emailed you last night ?

                2. Jon, as you know, I’m lucky enough to have a s/t and have watched MA from the beginning.
                  Like you (of course) I had some reservations, especially with the inconsistency that went from elation to dejection.
                  But I’m not blind or deaf and over the seasons have watched and listened to Mikel bringing about the positive changes.
                  The Emirates is now a great place to go, not only for the atmosphere, but the football played.
                  In many ways, Mikel reminds me so much of Arsene – his demeanour, his clarity, his truthfulness and his passion for our club.
                  Why you would think I see it any other way, is something that I cannot control, but I ask you this :
                  Why would ANY Arsenal supporter not want our manager, whoever it may be (hope this doesn’t bring back your thoughts on AW) to be the greatest we have ever had?

                  As for your comment that I never believed Arsene made mistakes, I actually produced an article for JA, giving (I think ) ten points where I believed he had!!

                  BUT that is all in the past and why so called fans keep bringing up humiliations that have no relevance to MA or today, is just ridiculous.

              2. Ken – it was actually a rhetorical question as I must have mistakenly thought you weren’t too keen on MA. Like yourself I find it unbelievable how some of our so-called fans criticize Arsene the way they do and if MA can achieve in the Premier League even a third (i.e. one PL title) of what AW did I’d be extremely happy.
                Unfortunately Ken, some people would not even be happy with that, as you probably can imagine.
                It’s like the other day, there was unnecessary rib-taking of one of the people I revere most – the great Tony Adams, who in my opinion has earnt the right to critique the team whether people agree with his views or not. As you know, he’s always been eccentric so we should just hear what he says, agree or disagree and leave it at that. Instead some people start mocking him which reminds me of the stick he used to get sometimes as a player. But what a player he was, and we should all be eternally grateful to the man for his monumental achievements that helped put our club back on the map.
                Between you and I, I’m not convinced that MA will be anywhere near as successful as AW but while he’s with us, like yourself, all our fans should get behind him.
                Thanks for clarifying your views.

          2. Ken That “little boy” remark was a low punch, even though a devastating retort. A a realist I see the debate bewteen you and LC a sbeing somewehr in thmiddle We all knoew ypou wont hear a single bad word againstvWenger and LA wont hear one against MA.
            IMO, those are two polar views that avoid the actual truth, which is somewhere between those views.
            I DO however firmly agree with you and almost ALL Gooneres on the betrayal of our club by RvP.
            In the real world of business ,outside football, he would be entited to chase a more lucrative career and a better chance of sucess, which at that time DID HAPPEN for him. THAT is fact , not opinion.
            BUT, the football world is unique in that fan loyalty is also a unique concept and players are paid many times more than even top non football managers. That, to my mind, makes a KEY difference between football and other commercial enterprises. RvP WAS ALO ON FULL PAY, EVEN THOUGH INJURED FOR HUGE CHUNKS OF HIS TIME HERE. He showed no honour at all,IMO. Likewise with CASHLEY HOLE.
            BTW Ken, can ypou explain to me what those emojis that look like traffic cones are meant to represent?. I do like some cartoons, Flintstones and TopCat etc But emojis are weird and seem to mean different things to different people.

            To me, I think they are for little kids, so perhaps the “little boy in you” is telling you to use them. TAKE THAT, SIR JASPAR!

            1. Jon – I started laughing when I saw your comment about imojis because you beat me to it.
              Not just Ken’s imojis but all the seemingly endless imojis that are being used with more and more regularity. To be honest with you (possibly because I’m easily flummoxed) when I see them in excessive use, it actually confuses and stuns me momentarily. There should be a health warning that comes with the use of them. All very strange to me, but I’m sure kidiwinks love them. Someone posted a huge amount of them in one message the other night, and it made me conk out.

              1. Those are bottles and I remember you saying, Jon, that you were a modern supporter, not stuck in the past – well, start using them 😂😂

                EvGooner, there is a brilliant newsreel in Google, of Tony celebrating one of our many cup wins and in it, he mimics being a donkey!!
                What a player and captain.

                With regards to my reply to Loose Cannon, I don’t believe you have seen to many of his posts, but I’ll leave you to decide what you think of his “support” of our club, both past and present.

      3. Ken, while agreeing overall on your take on RVP, one omission is the reported intersction with Arsene Wenger, where RVP supposedly asked Wenger what players he intended bringing in to strengthen the team. One verdion doing the rounds was that he even told Wenger the players he wished to have as teammates.
        It could be argued that Arsenal’s ambition did not match RVP’s, given that the only title he won was with Manchester United. To its credit Arsenal did carry RVP through many injury affected seasons and accordingly one could argue that this loyalty wasn’t reciprocated by RVP.
        What we would give for a fit and firing RVP at centre forward in this current squad?

        1. OG, I wonder what your take would be if, for instance, Saliba told MA what players he wanted to be signed before he would commit his future to the club, after four years of being nigh on his whole career sidelined by injuries?

          If ever there was the equivalent to a “JUDAS” in footballing terms, it was RVP and, instead of pieces of silver, insert one title medal – I hope it gave him the same level of comfort it gave the original judas.

          1. ken, I was only stating what I had read; I don’t disagree with your premise that RVP undervalued what Arsenal had done for him.

  2. Bayern Munich joining and winning the race for Xhaka could mean.they take their hands off Declan Rice who is rumored to be Arsenal’s prime midfielder target

  3. The more clubs competing for.Granit Xhaka’s signature, the greater the potential transfer fee for Arsenal.

  4. Granit xhaka should be used as a bait for fishing out sadio mane from buyern munich and as well as softening their pursuit of Declan Rice.

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