Another great performance for Arsenal, despite giving Leicester the head in the second half

Arsenal at the double to sink the Foxes!

So the momentum keeps going and I just love a fast start, especially when Arsenal silence the fans of the opposing team, in this case it was the King Power fans, and all within 18 minutes.

 Having started brightly the result looked like it was going only one way and going in at half time 2-0 up you could sense the whole team were ready for the game.

 But out we came in the second half and had a less than impressive 45 minutes, where we did have a few scares but we battled and defended and held on for all three points.

 Despite the win the main worry for me is the way we dropped in tempo in the second half and had we been up against a more clinical side we may have lost the game or even drawn.

But we can be thankful for Aaron Ramsdale for the key saves he made in both halves because had Leicester pulled one back you just never know what would have happened.

 As nice as the win and clean sheet was and the fact we kept Jamie Vardy quiet ,you can’t help but feel that when we take the lead in games rather than sit back and defend as nice as that is, we need to move forward and continue in the same form and pace as we did before we scored.

All in all – A win is a win!

 The King Power is a tough place to go and Leicester is a very good team, we saw what they did to Manchester United, so yet another early weekend match for us was settled with a win for the Arsenal.

 A positive performance from the whole team, three points and a clean sheet, let’s keep it up and continue in this way!

 Have a good rest of weekend Gooners!


Shenel Osman



  1. I think we always release the pressure after scoring to make our players calmer and to maintain our structure, since we got five red cards last season due to our players’ bad tempers, unorganized positions and high intensities

    If we don’t have the stamina, positional discipline and composure to do continuous high pressing, we should’ve used an intermittent one. Doing it from time to time will make the opponents confused and I bet Arteta has been thinking about it

  2. I believe we will finish top four this season,three points behind man city that’s an incredible improvement.If Arteta keeps the team winning I can’t complain,this is a job whose security is guaranteed by results.

  3. As long we beat the other teams outside the obvious 3 (i.e Chelsea, Liverpool and Man City) and Ole remains at the wheel, we can make top 4.

    Our threats who we can beat on our good day and with the form we’re in are Tottenham, Westham and Leicester to be fair.

    Tottenham and Leicester aren’t exactly pulling up trees, and we’ve already beaten them once, which leaves Westham as the only consistent team but hopefully they’ll tire from European football.

    One thing I know is we can definitely make Europa at least but top 4 is there for the grabbing.

    OT: Oh Vieira you genius 👏.

  4. Credits to Arteta and his team. While I’ve always been a vocal supporter be of hi since last season. I’ve always said I’d start judging him this season when he won’t be a novice anymore. After his first three games this season, I questioned his ability to learn from his mistakes. Right now it seems, he’s learnt a lot and is still learning.
    The only way left for him is upwards.
    I don’t see how anyone can say he has no gameplan and style of play when it’s clearly obvious he’s tactically smart and up there. The issue has always been sustaining the high level of energy required to see out his game plan.
    Eventually our fitness level will get there, when he came, he made a statement that our players ain’t fit enough.
    Now it seems their fitness level is growing, and I look forward to it when the boys can play the way he wants for 90 minutes or even 80 minutes.
    Credits to him for insisting on Ramsdale and refusing to back down when Edu wanted Neto, Insisting he wants Tomiyasu and pushing for the Ben White move at all costs. Those three players already have our backline transformed.
    Credits to Edu for identifying Tavares too.
    Next week, let’s get another win against Watford, then we can worry about going to Anfield.
    It’s also funny how you don’t see the post of the so called fans who always spelt doom and gloom for the club and calling others Arteta’s apologists.
    COYG! Let’s keep this vibe and energy going.

    1. JustArsenal translations to help new Commenters…

      Fickle Fan = Arsenal fan that changes his mind occasionally
      Wenger lover = Arsenal fan who remembers the good times
      Arteta fanboy = Positive Arsenal Fan you disagree with
      Moaning Ninnie – Arsenal fan you disagree with
      Arteta apologist = Arsenal fan that disagrees with you
      Opinionated git = Older Arsenal fan you disagree with
      Entitled snowflake – Young Arsenal fan you disagree with
      Negative pessimist = Unhappy Arsenal fan


      1. ADMIN PAT. this is PROBABLY your very best comment on here since i began visiting here.and, knowing that you are totally impartial, i am certain that you had nobody in mind when you translated those terms for us all.great to see such humour on here , for a change, these days.more of the same,please, sir.that kind of reply has got ME still laughing on my chair.can you possibly award your self , say, a token prize, for such a fun retort ?. YOU deserve it ,i am being dead honest here, and not my usual cynical self.

  5. You didn’t keep Vardy quiet – he missed an open goal! How many times does that happen? Plus Barnes twice missed open goals. Plus Thomas and Maddison chances. And multiple other saves. Your goalie was man of the match. I think 4-1 to Leicester wouldn’t have flattered us. Just an off day and you got massively lucky today with a corner and a defensive mistake in the box. Arteta put banners will be back in a few weeks as usual.

    1. It’s called game management. We dominated the first 30 minutes and got 2-0 up. Why continue to attack as much away to Leicester knowing your trademark counterattacking style? Most of the goals that Vardy has scored against us came from counterattack play. We learnt.

      Plus we’re not a Man City or Liverpool who can go all out attack for 90 minutes. We’re a work in progress believe it or not.

      That work in progress beat you 2-0 now drink your milk, eat your cookie and go to bed.

      1. I agree with you GS2004. Game management is a vital part of winning mentality. The boys don’t have the stamina to maintain high intensity for 90mins and the consequences of the resulting lack of concentration will very rapidly destroy any momentum we’re beating. As long as we can score when we need to and keep the opponents from scoring, I am fine with the three points.

        Even Liverpool, the gold standard of high press, lost a two-goal lead🤷‍♂️… Let’s enjoy this win

    2. Nobody remembers missed chances, Bob. You have to take your chances and we did superbly! Better luck next time 🙂

    3. Oh Bob Jones you really are are an unhappy little fox aren’t you!
      Not only unhappy but full of excuses for being thoroughly arse slapped. You have a good night 😊

  6. Exceptionally good result, as Leicester are on a little Roll and hard to play against. This was our best defensive performance of the season and if it carries on Europe is possible…..but you know what I mean…nothing is certain with Arsenal……cannot deny it’s been a good all round performance though.

    1. Sean, why do you want to deny it?
      As you say, this was a very good win and, from the abysmal start to the season, there can be no denying we are improving.
      Isn’t that what every Gooner wants, irrelevant of who manages and plays?
      I’m actually looking forward to the Liverpool game 😁😁😁

  7. Let us await the Spurs vs Man Utd match result later today and that of Everton I think that will be plated tomorrow before us will know for sure if Arsenal will continue to sit 5th on the log or not up to the time they play their next match at home against Warlord.

    For, if Spurs and Everton win their own match today and tomorrow, the duo club sides will overtake us to drag us down from 5th to ? So, I am waiting to see how things will pan out finally at week 10 into the EPL campaign. But I think Man Utd will either beat Spurs this evening at the New White Hart Lane or play to a draw in the match.

    At any rate, I congratulate Mikel Arteta and the Gunners and us the Gooners too for the Arsenal EPL match win away to Leicester today’s afternoon. My kudos go to Arteta and the Gunners for the hard fought match win that Arsenal got today.

  8. Shout out to Nicolas Jover also! We’ve scored 6 goals from set-pieces (PL) this season, more than any other team

  9. I kept saying stop talking about the manager because the club is about so many more people who can determine the destination of our club.

    Now I think this is obvious to some fans who have cooled on the constant manager chit chat and forgot about the club…

    Well enjoy the club today, we are doing alright But still so much to do and encourage and support

  10. ADMIN PAT. this is PROBABLY your very best comment on here since i began visiting here.and, knowing that you are totally impartial, i am certain that you had nobody in mind when you translated those terms for us all.great to see such humour on here , for a change, these days.more of the same,please, sir.that kind of reply has got ME still laughing on my chair.can you possibly award your self , say, a token prize, for such a fun retort ?. YOU deserve it ,i am being dead honest here, and not my usual cynical self.

      1. well done ad pat, you do deserve that t-shirt. pity they dont come in my elephant frame size, hahahaha.

  11. Well done Arsenal, Ramsdale was fantastic but the sports media are missing the point that it was up to Leicester to get back into the game after the second goal. White, Gabriel & Partey were relatively solid through the middle but maybe more can be done defensively in the wide areas when Arsenal don’t have the ball. Hopefully all Gooners will continue to get behind the club positively & ignore the bile & hatred that is allowed to circulate about our club regularly by Sky sports, bt sport & a pathetic excuse of a radio station called talkShit. Avoid them like the plague & Keep Loving Arsenal 💪

    1. Couldn’t agree more with the last name you mentioned Pete.
      Does a certain Dozy Durham still continue to have his pathetic section devoted to our club, where he thinks he’s being a clever pundit?

      1. KEN those who diss ALL of Talk Sport clearly do not listen to Jim White and Simon Jordan at 10-1 weekday mornings. Real and in depth serious discussion, almost entirely on football, with no downmarket pop music quizzes on a sport prog too and silly jibes with hyena style laughter!

        Keown joins White and Jordan on Fridays and unlike Durham and the relentlesly downmarket and puerile breakfast show at 6-10 am, which is childish, its worth giving White and Jordan a real chance.

        As for Durham, well he is just a career shock jock and not worth wasting your time on.

        White and Jordan are regular listening for me but nothing much else on Talk Sport, as I am serious minded about my football and don’t like downmarket nonsense.

    2. Nice one, Pete. Great seeing things come together; the spine of the team – Ramsdale, Gabriel, Partey, Aubameyang – not bad at all 😉
      Roll on next week and let’s keep this unbeaten run going!

      1. Agree Pete
        Talk sport is the gutter radio station that any real Arsenal fan would not listen to.
        Durham made it his mission over the years to make our club and Wenger look pathetic
        Sh1tty radio station and would rather listen to radio 4 (which I would never listen too )

  12. I don’t care if we gave them the match after we scored as long as we are winning the 3 points. Great work everyone, we are ready for the top 4 if we keep playing in this way against every team in this league. No matter who we are facing, they should know that we are the ARSENAL!

    MA, great job! just remember, that MAN-U or City have more players as options and they will be harder than Leicester, be ready for that and we will be ok =)

  13. Hi Ken1945
    I’m wary of false dawns. If this style of quality defending and slick attacking moves becomes our new norm I will be overjoyed. But previously our bubble has been burst on a few occasions. Let’s hope this is one of many games we have the ‘Je ne sais quoi’ Love the spirit of Ramsdale who has a lot of ‘front’. I thought this was the best defensive second half I have seen in ages. When we get a ‘star’ forward in the future we will be full time challenging at the top. Can’t believe that we may challenge for Europe once again.

  14. A great performance and a great win. Ramsdale was simply awesome and kept us in the game throughout. Our defending must improve, however, considering the number of chances Leicester got, we have to limit the number of chances given to the opposition. All in all a great win and this sets the tone for a top 4 finish.

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