Another great weekend for Arsenal but now we must focus on Watford

I know the weekend isn’t over yet, but this weekend’s games kicked off with Arsenal beating Wolves with a thrilling last minute winner. Tottenham may have managed to find their scoring boots against lowly Leeds but are 3 points below us having played an extra game.

The shock of today was second bottom-placed Watford holding the Man United superstars to a 0-0 draw at Old Trafford which leaves us 2 points behind the Fourth-placed United but with three games in hand.

Add to that the fact that our other two rivals West Ham and Wolves are playing each other tomorrow and one or both will also be dropping points means that we cannot complain but simply concentrate on winning yet again next week when we visit the Hornets.

Of course no game in the Premier League is easy, and with Watford getting a result at United, they may be a hard nut to crack next week, but if we turn up with the determination and resolve with which we faced Wolves we are definitely in with a shout of getting our fourth League win in a row and really make us favourites for the Top Four.

As Arteta said after the Wolves win: “Well against the opponents that are up there in the table, it’s really, really important to win those matches, because at the end of the day it’s a six-point match. We’ve done it against them twice in the last 13 or 14 days and it is really important. This race is going to be a long one, and we should know that we have to be conscious of that. Now we have to prepare again, forget what we’ve done and start training and focus on Watford now.”

By the time we play Watford on the Sunday, West Ham will have already had a daunting trip to Anfield, while immediately after our game Man United face an even tougher game at the Etihad.

Maybe next weekend could be just as good as this one!

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  1. It’s literally in our own hands now. As the fixtures above state all the teams around us play tough fixtures against each other while we play Watford next weekend.

    What a chance to put a stamp on this top 4 race with still 3 games in hand over Utd if they lose to City & we manage to beat Watford. West Ham v Wolves, draw would be best.

    This just might be our year gunners to get back into the Champions League with a squad that’s been cleared out to spend big to add to the great young talent we have already. I’m getting very optimistic about our chances now!

  2. TBF
    Results have gone out way this last month so Not getting 4th would be criminal IMO .
    That said We can still afford a few losses but at the moment we just seem to be scrapping by .
    After this coming month we should have a much clearer picture of where this team is .

    1. In agreement with that Dan. There’s no better time than now to make the top 4. I fear if we don’t do it now and prepare towards staying there, we will never get the chance to do so again in a long while. Reminds me of the season Leicester won the league and we could have seized the opportunity. Top 4 right now with all the luck we’ve had should be the bearest minimum.

      1. My problem mate is the all important eye test ,and what I’ve seen this season is a carbon copy of the last 2 and this is after big funds have been awarded to Arteta before the season started ,but once again just seem to be scrapping by and hoping for other teams to slip up ,which fortunately for us they have .
        Going forward if we were to grab forth place I worry that next season will be once again a struggle .
        As much as I supported Arteta in his first 6months and rightly so after grabbing us the fA cup ,I see no clear picture that excites me ,I can count on 2 hands over his tenure where I’ve actually enjoyed the football on show , maybe it’s just me and having grown older and football as now been placed lower on my priorities .
        Either way we are along way from the football that got me loving this club in the first place .

        1. Dan K., You are not alone, however most of our fans are short sighted and only thinking of the next game and the victory parade should we accomplish fourth place. Yes, it is where Arsenal belong, but like Dan, I believe that it would be temporary unless the club can resolve the deeper underlying issues holding back serious long term progress.

          1. I don’t want to sound like a pessimist but I do share both you and dan concern, where am getting a little optimistic is am seeing a genuine attempt to sign only marquee signings so I strongly suspect if we should end up in the top five of the end of the season I seriously believe both a marquee striker and midfielders are definitely going to be added to compliment the team.
            Saliba is definitely turning out to be a marquee defender rejoining us back in the summer, now that’s just a minimum am almost certain there will be more additions base on pass and expected outgoing, now if that isn’t enough to get the most pessimistic fan note,

          2. Joe what are those problem, I see alot of improvement, and we play very good football, maybe you guys want a kick and run type of football, presently our playing out from behind is one of the best in the premier league if not europe, we have arteta and not Wenger, he has his own view of what he wants to recreate and he is doing just That, you old lads should give us a break with the wyning, it is so exhausting. What this team needs is very clear, two top striker, two mid filders, one that can play in a 433 and the other should operate very effectively from a double pivot in a 4231 to partner party, a right back. Please be positive will you??

            1. Please be positive? That will never happen, your hopes us much bigger then for us finishing in top 4. Even if we win all matches till the end of season and win the league they won’t be positive. Maybe their 👀 are working fine but their 🧠 is the one that proces what they see and something is not right there, I suggest geting it checked. They were all saying season is over one month ago and now bare minimum is top 4. Please don’t reply to any of them, don’t even read what they have to say unless you want a good laugh.

  3. We are looking like solid favourites now and looking at Man utd next 3 fixtures Man City(a) Spurs(h) Liverpool (a) compared with our upcoming matches, we have a massive chance to build a sizable gap on them which takes a bit of pressure off us having to win all our difficult games in hand. Out of the remaining fixtures United has the toughest run in. Spurs I’m less worried about despite them having the easiest on paper. We can do this!

  4. Our success is going to depend on this trips to Aston villa, crystal palace, Newcastle, Southampton and Westham there aren’t much spoken of…but I think this are the matches to look forward to…

    If we can somehow avoid defeats or get 8-10 points from this 5 matches then am very sure we will make top four, Irrespective or what we play against Man.u or Spurs

  5. Two of our games in hand are away to Chelsea and Spuds. We need to get something from these games and then we have a good chance of top 4.

  6. Utd play city when we play Watford, city could easily beat city and us Watford basically putting utd out of top 4 race. Putting us in a position of real strength.

  7. Utd play city when we play Watford, city could easily beat utd and us Watford basically putting utd out of top 4 race. Putting us in a position of real strength.

  8. All of the teams involved in the race for 4th (and there’s a few of us!) can win a couple lose a couple, draw a few and so on, there is no clear favourite at all based on form and the remaining opposition of all teams

    Along with West Ham & Wolves we seem to be the better defensively and as an all round unit, whereas United & Spurs have better proven goalscorers, anything can happen, Chelsea could even be dragged down into it but it’s great fun to track it and more fun to watch it when we play

    Come on you Gunners

      1. Dont hold your breath Ozzie, he will find a way to keep them, he has made them virtually a charity owned club.

  9. Am writing an open letter to the gaffer at some stage we will need to give Laca a break he gives so much to the team.
    Start Pepe in Laca position in an away match and see how he responds

  10. If we get some pts in the big 6 matches remaining while remaining consistent vs the small teams, we should get 4th. Chelsea looks close on paper but they have the easiest fixtures remaining so unless they start dropping more pts catching them will be very hard. Fatigue from all the competitions they play could help us though.

    Man u are out of the race in my opinion simply because they have dropped a ridiculous amount of pts vs small teams. They need to be damn perfect in their very difficult remaining fixtures… NOT happening.

    That leaves Spurs as our biggest rival for top 4 and they seems to be doing a spurs with their recent terrible form.

  11. Up gunners .If laca tired because of playing and giving so much in each game please give him a rest and a chance to Pepe can be vital.Go get 3 points again at Hornets.I love Arsenal. I’m from Zambia!

  12. My problem these season so far is that most of the refs in England are mostlly taken decisions against I think it might affect us in the long run,and xhaka should just put is head cool and avoid unnecessary cards.

  13. Arteta’s made some good moves, have you guys noticed he’s moved Xhaka upwards, I suspect it’s to reduce errors resulting to RED cards ♦️,

    Hopefully we beat Watford with a good margin.

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