Another painful night for Arsenal fans but it may turn out to be to our advantage

After another disappointing night we can surely use this to our advantage this time! With our current schedule we don’t have much time to rest and reflect and in my opinion that is the best thing for us.

But what I do want to know my fellow Gooners is would you rather have gone out now and focus more on the League or would you have rather gone through to the semi-final and potentially final and lost there while being so near and yet so far to the trophy?

I know us fans want to win it all, but given the choice what would you prefer?

I know a lot of us fans want to go all the way and lift the trophies however, with this current Arsenal team and with the current teams that are left in the Champions League and as nice as it would have been to go all the way – call it lack of faith or call it negativity or call it reality – I don’t think we would have won it.

It may hurt now but I’d rather be out now then trudging all the way through and wasting that energy, to then get hold of some Champions League Final tickets at Wembley only to watch us lose at the most important moment in the finale, which would cause an even bigger heartbreak!

And based on the performance, well the second half performance, we did not deserve the win against Bayern!

Now heartbreak is part of football and we all know how we felt after that 2006 final, it’s nearly 20 years ago and that still hurts me, and it’s one year on from us bottling the league last year. That is still fresh and still hurts so we never get over heartbreak as such, but I don’t want to be adding to it. Put it this way I’m not ready for anymore.

But there is no denying this team is improving and we can be proud of our Champions League run and that night at the Emirates under the lights against Porto will go down as one of my many favourite Champions League nights, just because of the way we deservedly won the game. We can also be proud of the draw at the Emirates against Bayern Munich and yes we have gone on to rue the chances we had in the first leg but this is football and this time around it just wasn’t meant to be.

Now we have the perfect opportunity to bounce back, shut the critics up and go about our game to get that little bit closer to the thing we all really want this season, the Premier League title!

Onwards and upwards we go!

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  1. Well I really don’t want to be a persimist but this Arsenal team has lost it’s mojo. And I don’t see us winning all the remaining games, City won’t drop any points either. I really just hope am wrong. I couldn’t sleep last night.

  2. Some people said they wished City would’ve progressed in the CL so they’d be more fatigued for the league.

    This is just wishful thinking as they did just fine last season winning both so matters not if they’re out of some competition or not, they have enough quality to rotate and keep winning.

    I believe same goes for us to some extent as when we crashed out of EL last year, some articles said now we can focus on the PL and still bottled it. So again, quite meaningless in that regard.

    I really, really hope for a strong response for Saturday. I hope the shackles are off and players can perform freely like they did in February/March.

    1. You are not thinking straight by considering both our and Citys exit (or getting through) as meaningless.

      I posted several my view that we were NEVER going to actually win the CL ANYWAY, so exiting it sooner, even than last night, would have been more preferable , avoiding extra fatique from extra games close together and risk of key players injuries.

      Well, fortunately, we largely avoided key players being injured in the CL but we are better off without the added pressure that we , unlike CITY, have not the depth of quality squad to withstand.

      That is patently true and to say it matters not, is unwise and shows insufficient PROPER thought.

      I am keenly disappointed that City also went out, as that released them, even with their top class squad, from needing to play lots of game very close together.

      We are NOT OUT of the Prem race yet , but it would have been VERY helpful if City HAD beaten RM.

      Those are the deeply considered thoughts of this TRUE REALIST. You would be wise to adopt them as you own, instead of what you did say!

      1. You are funny
        It’s obvious you are the one that is not thinking well to think city could not handle extra fixture of 3 games, United exited the ucl in group stage, how did that help them, last season earlier exit from Europa did us no good either, we can have 2 weeks of rest and still bottle it, it’s just what we do…. our greatest undoing is having a manager that can’t manage the squad he build or gave contracts to not the fixtures, Nelson can’t give saka a rest, what is viera doing? He gave esr contract yet can’t use him, why can’t Partey give rice and jorginho a rest to keep them fresh, who gave Nkettiah a new improved contract, what is wrong with our academy that we can’t see any player making it into the squad in 5 years?
        I can go on and on

        1. Thta is NOT what I wrote. Read it again and PROPERLY this time. What I actually DID SAY was that is was to prove as big an obsacle to them with their large in depth quality squad, than it would be to us.

          But I STILL said it was not a desirable thing for them to chase two comps, EVEN WITH their bigger in depth squad.

          When you try to sum up my deliberately detailed post in one measly sentence (your second one), then no wonder you misquote me so miserably and so lazily!!

    2. Agree Da juhi, It makes no difference to City, in or out of CL. They coped previously, juggling both. Top teams relish more games.

  3. Pat you and I have had many run ins about being able to write freely ,or not being able.

    But in this piece you have excelled youself and shown your life and fan maturity.

    Life itself, let alone mere football is hard and bumpy – and it is “mere”, when set against REAL AND ACTUAL TRAGEDIES, involving war, death, disablement and other life problems that more worldly wise people know much about , without a bunch of glory hunters demanding silverware as their price for Arsenal fanhood.

    You and others are well aware that I take a polar opposite view to what being a PROPER supporter really entails.

    It is th ability to take bitter disappointment, which ALL clubs have at many times in their history, on the chin without needing to spit out their dummy and throw their toys out of the pram.

    I have litlle but contempt as many are well aware,for many of the self entitled , silverware DEMANDING, fairweather only, types on here.
    My article,which I am now composing in my head will arrive very soon and I know it and I wil receive bitter vitriol from the glory hunters on JA. Well so be it.

    But I WILL tellit as it is and not from the point of view of a glory hunter either. When I began attending REGULARLY, back in 1958, we waited twelve years before winning a trophy.
    And in the time of all we oldies, there have been other long fallow periods.

    But so what?!!
    As supporting means supporting PROPERLY, and NOT only because you DEMAND trophies.

    That is fake fanhood, not proper fanhood,as my piece will say loud and clear!!

  4. Look on the bright side. Wouldn’t it be wonderfully ironic if Kane and his team have just knocked Sp*rs out of a Champions League spot next season!

    1. Grabling over strew
      What has spurs got to do with us loosing to one of the poorest bayern I have seen….

  5. I’ve supported Arsenal for nearly 70 years and my father before me since 1934. I therefore remember the barren years of George Swindin & Billy Wright up until Bertie Mee, the generally barren years of Terry Neil & Don Howe up until George Graham, the dreadful reign of Bruce Rioch up until Arsene Wenger & Mikel Arteta. Accordingly, I consider that I have given the club unwavering support through thick & thin. That said, I feel truly saddened by the number of younger supporters who criticise the team (now known as “squad” I presume) at every available opportunity including any defeats. My view is that this is a young team who are still a “work in progress” and who, in my opinion, have already exceeded all genuine expectations. They need to be given more time to develop under Arteta and the experience they have gained in both the PL and the CL should not be undermined. Due to my age and ill-health, I may well not be around to see the PL & CL that this squad, with a few additions, will achieve but I am completely confident that given time, this will undoubtedly happen. I ask all genuine Arsenal supporters to be patient and not follow the current malignant trend of “success today”.

    1. That’s why arsenal is not an attractive proposition for young fans, give them more years, more years when many young fans are yet to see the club lift a major honor (the league or ucl) a boy who was born the last time arsenal won the league, do you know how old the child has become?

    2. Well said oldboygunner

      Like you, I have a long family history with Arsenal running through our veins. My grandparents on both sides were Londoners and Arsenal supporters. My mum used to go to Highbury with her brothers and she met my dad and continued going with him.

      Both my brother and I are avid supporters and used to go regularly back when walking through the turnstiles on matchday was the norm. Nowadays I go to the Emirates on high days and holidays with my two grown up sons, or meet old friends there.

      There is no recognition of the history of the club or the years of success and failure that we have been through as part of the supporting process. All that a large section who have been spilling out their venom against Arteta and the team is to expect it all now. No patience, and certainly no understanding of the bigger picture.

      We are oldies and as such were brought up in a different way. To a large extent the younger generation have a huge sense of entitlement which just did not exist in our youth.

      1. Thanks SueP. Us oldies appear to have far more patience than the younger supporters due to our having lived through the barren years. Even though we may not be on this mortal coil when PL & CL success is achieved, I am convinced that this will happen. Constructive criticism can be helpful but I agree with you entirely that some of the vitriol on these pages is beyond the pale.

      2. By the way, when my father used to take me to Highbury as a small boy for all home matches, as well as all away matches against London teams, he had to lift me over the turnstiles as I was not strong enough to push them following my previously ducking under them resulting in injury. He would also take an orange box with us so that it could be turned on end for me to stand on in order to see over the heads of the supporters on the terraces in front. I even remember him making me a pair of stirrups when I insisted on being next to the touchline (never a favourite spot for my father) in order that these could be tied to the small around the pitch so that I could see over it. I vividly remember the Metropolitan Police Marching Band who would play at half-time with their baton-twirling leader. Wonderful recollections of what spectating was like in the old days.

        1. Us oldies have some fantastic stories to tell and I feel privileged to have seen the bad times as well as the good ones.
          The former tests your commitment as a supporter, while the latter is icing on the cake.
          My family were all spud supporters and went through some of the worst rib pulling, especially when they had that incredible double winning team that were breathtaking to watch.
          I remember going the lane and standing in the children’s enclosure side by side with both sets of fans enjoying the banter.
          That’s another thing that’s changed over the years and we are worse off for it.

          I’ve always been thankful that The Arsenal chose me and will support them till I get the call – it’s a privilege that us oldies value and respect…. but I love the passion our younger supporters have for the club as well and remember how, when we lost a game, the whole weekend was a washout and my wife of 56 years never fails to remind me what a miserable git I was!!
          At least I see it from a different perspective today, but it still feels like a kick in the gut every time we lose.
          Respect to all Arsenal followers is my motto.

        2. oldboygunner, I first started going to The Arsenal in the 75/76 season and remember the Metropolitan Police Band playing at halftime. If my memory is correct he only dropped it once.

          That season we finished 17th, just avoiding relegation. Supporters were disappointed if we lost, but there was no ranting and raving like there is these days. No booing of our own players. Proper supporters in them days.

      3. Sue Blissful truth though obviously and especially SADLY true.
        I do not identify in any way at all with todays thoroughly spoilt, self entitled, foolishly demanding silvereware “kids”.

    3. Very well said, oldboygunner. We ought to be patient and support the team through thick and thin. This team certainly has the potential and the talent and only lacks in big match experience which will surely come with time. You will surely be around when we lift either the Pl or the CL.

    4. What a wonderful post, oldboygunner. It shows how REAL lifelong Arsenal fans REALLY mean it when they say they areTRUE Gooners. Contrasted with a great many of the self entitled, silverware demanding, so called “supporters” who vent their spleen onJA so regularly, it was a cathartic post to this fellow oldie.

      When I began attending regularly, I was only seven and used to come with my father til I was old enough to go with a mate.
      For twelve years we won NOTHING AT ALL. But there was no social media and therefore no spoiled fans back then we simply supported and thanked our lucky stars we were able and fortunate enough to support such a great club. Fans back then AND for decades later, did not DEMAND silverware as the price of their continued support.

      Life was very different , we were never pampered or spoilt and never demanded ANYTHING, as we we in no position to do so.

      And thank goodness that we we not in the position that over pampered kids and older “kids” are in now. I would not change my lack of demand for silverware for the world.
      I feel sorry for these spoilt “kids” today but feel no kinship with them at all , despite us all being Gooners.

      They are to me like an alien species. Thats just how I TRULY FEEL, DEAR TRUE GUNNER.

  6. I like Arteta,but watching the team deeply yesterday,am scared of his arrogance!!Why?
    1.Saka was poor and yet he played him to the end
    2.Havertz was poor,instead of subbing him off,he positioned him to midfield!!Is he a better mid than Partey or Zin?
    3.Can’t he see that Saka is poor on Corner talking?
    4.Our progressive football is poor as we pass pass pass without attacking with purpose.
    5.And alot more….

  7. Already knew many will find it “painful” “dissapointing” etc, but i do take it as blessing to our league title chase. Forget about last season, that was the PAST, nothing to do with the PRESENT. Be warned!

  8. I keep saying don’t take too much serious supporting arsenal because you can loose your life early just like a certain friend of mine died in the early hours on Monday. He suffered a severe stroke due to high blood pressure. It all started when arsenal conceded a first goal against villa and things got bad after the second goal. Was rushed to the hospital but didn’t make up. RIP.

  9. Our issue is not the fixtures but the manager. We went to Munich and played an offense of injured players. Saka, Martinelli, and Odegaard were all nursing injuries for the simple reason of having being overplayed throughout the season. Despite having spent 700M to build a “competitive squad”, we seem to not have a competent bench!!! Wenger used to reach advanced FA cup stages with academy players FFS!!! So we will have to flog these injured players and the rest who are visible tired till the end of the season and hope they deliver, while the bench players with new contracts worth 100k+ do nothing. PATHETIC!!!

    1. There is a lot of truth in what you say SS, especially the crazy salaries for bit part players, but I wouldn’t use the word “pathetic” as we weren’t humiliated like previous meetings with Bayern.
      I’m hoping that the Kronkies will continue to back Arteta this summer, in order that we can bring in better players during the final phase of his project.

      He’s not yet Arsene Wenger, but he has taken the club forward over his five years, at least over the last two seasons.

  10. I dont agree with the article. Arsenal plays every game to win and a loss is a bitter pill to swallow. Had we progressed to the semifinals , it would have increased our confidence and it is a question of adding just 3 more games if we had made it to the finals. Our progress in the Cl semifinals would have made Arsenal stronger and better. Anyway let us now focus on the League, win all our remaining games and hope City slip up.

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