Another primary target Arsenal risk losing due to hesitation

There seems to be a pattern developing with Arsenal targets. It goes like this, they identify a player, they make a bid, it gets rejected, they prevaricate and risk losing the player.

And that is what is starting to happen with William Saliba, according to reports coming out of Italy.

The Italian media is claiming that Roma is keen on the 18-year-old and that the player would happily move to Serie A and that talks first started three months ago.

Arsenal has long targeted the strapping defender but have failed to come to an agreement with his club St Etienne mainly because the Ligue 1 side wants to loan the player for one more season, something Arsenal is not keen on.

That said, the same report does say that Unai Emery is getting close to an agreement for the young Frenchman and that is may be a case of too little too late for the Italian giants.

But the longer that Arsenal takes to conclude this deal the bigger a chance that another club will move in for the teenager.

St Etienne are in no hurry but you have to think that even they have a limit to their patience and they are under no obligation to sell to Arsenal and if a club like Roma does come in and meets their valuation and agrees the one year loan back then there is every likelihood that we will miss out.


  1. Arsenal had better get Upamecano or Konate after selling our usual suspects and they should move faster because the pre-season is about to start

    If no money, promote Medley

  2. In truth, Raul and the rest are really messing around, in his interview towards end of last season, he said they have analyze the market and decided on whom to buy, so we are less than a month to end of transfer window and no seriousness in any deal. Am a little disapointed. If our primary target are not achievable ,why not gp for alternative so we have all those players together before preseason. There are thousands of LB better stronger and cheaper ghan Tierny, must we stay glued to him if celtic wouldnt sell. Same with saliba. Those player linked to us are just so so, who we can get alternatives for, not like they are 1 in a million

  3. Just put this on another thread too.
    Arsenal have a history of faffing around with tranfer fees. Suarez, £40,000,001, probably sealed our fate as a going nowhere team. This window it seems we are truely winning the world faffing award. What hurts is the Spuds have just spent £60 million on a quality player, no quibble. Even West Ham have woken from their slumber and are alive and kicking. Chelsea are doing better than us and they are ‘banned’ Let’s not kid ourselves something is severly ‘wrong’ at the Emirates.

    Satan Kroenke out.

    1. Even the media now makes mockery of our dealing even thou it pains but they are right…

      Signing Gabriel Martinelli with so much ease shows that money is there problem..

  4. Yeah they definitely have to pull their finger out,pre season has started and only a month of the window left,there seems to be a lot of huff and no puff,I dont think it is getting embarrassing as far as other premier league clubs are concerned they are probably more concerned with their own transfer situations than worry about us, however the clubs of the players we are reportedly negotiating with are probably thinking what a shambles of it all we are making and what sort of message does it send to the targeted player, the mind boggles.

  5. Tieney not worth 25€ ok
    Even if tieney was placed at
    35€ arsenal fans would say his not
    Worth 35€ that his worth 30€ at most
    Now his at 25€ and he is still not
    Worth 25€ to people at arsenal truth
    BE told all most all our targets prices
    We never think they worth it..even if zaha
    Was placed at 40€ by palace arsenal would
    Have bid 18€ for him. We will be here saying
    How his not worth anything more my problem is
    As fans we have adapted this method of time wasting
    Which was initiated by the club and follows them blinding
    Are we the only club negotiating contracts No others do
    BUT does it reasonably with ambition….

    Wenger pretended and protected the club for years SAYING how he couldn’t see quality players better than ones we had which helped he retain his job longer while in reality the club will always prefer to have profits over success

    1. You make a good point. We send the wrong signals. Where is our ambition? Actually there is none.

      1. No ambition?
        Arsenal finished 1 point off 4th and 2 points of third
        Arsenal made the Europa league final.
        Man City and Liverpool are the top 2 teams in the world.
        Spurs were fantastic yet won nothing.
        Do they lack ambition too?
        PNG spent 200 mill on both Mbappe and Neymar
        and yet got knocked out of the CL by useless Man U.
        PL is just so tough right now.

          1. Spurs have not won anything recently but backforward years back and see where spurs were before and compare it to now.. If u don’t envy them for some steady progress then you are not telling yourself the truth they are now a champions league team, champions league finalist now have a great stadium and surprisingly getting in top players with a better TEAM than ours

            We can all hate the spurs but that’s the truth we can’t ignore

    2. Transfer is all about buying and selling. And in that there is negotiation. Do you know Celtic is the process of submitting their third bid for a player that worths less than 4m. I know you know how many 4m in 25m they want for Teirney. Their first bid is around 2m. They also submitted about bids for Turnbull before he failed medical. Chelsea wanted 125m for Hazard but Real said no because they have their valuation of the player and eventually both teams meet halfway. We should have own valuation of players we want. We can’t just paid the asking price because some fans want transfer. That is we did with Mustafi and Xhaka and you know we turns out. My question for you is the, do you think Zaha worth (80m) almost what Real paid for Hazard(90m)

      1. No body is saying transfer is not negotiable..why don’t we bid 4m since celtic is bidding same for a player some where
        palace will never negotiate selling their best players who have years left in his contract for 40m after selling Aaron Wan-Bissaka for 10m more… bro. you are living in a dream world as there is nothing to negotiate about as long as palace is concerned..

        No body is saying Zaha is worth 80m
        BUT if arsenal wanted to get him we
        All know he will never leave for that
        Amount regardless of what you make of
        It palace will not negotiate that amount
        When real wanted hazard it was obvious real
        Was in for hazard they where not making stupid
        Bids like 40000001€ arsenal will not comeback
        For Zaha if they eventually do it will be another
        Stupid bid like 41.5€ is that what you call negotiation
        And if arsenal are negotiating tieney how many months will
        That take also maybe they are still negotiating 0.5€
        While serious clubs are signing players we are negotiating

      2. Selling hazard 90m with 1 year left in his contract is way too expensive but real still have to pay that amount because of how bad they wanted to get him.. do you believe we would have paid anything near that for a player with a year left in his contract that will be mind blowing…
        If Zaha had 1 year left in his contract arsenal would had bid Wey below 40m

        1. That 4m+1pound bid was made a million years age. I don’t see how that is relevant with what arsenal is doing right now and what we are discussing. I know that cp value their player that much because it what the media is telling me. No one from cp has come and say 80m is our valuation no more no less. The other I was Lennon saying we valuation of our player and we won’t sell for less. He didn’t say 25m. My point arsenal may have submitted more or less than we are being told. You know media has away of twisting everything Arsenal related. I understand opinion and agree with it. My worry is we are wasting time Zaha for that money cp want. As he never worth that in my own opinion and is way behind what our top 6 rivals have in his position. I would rather want us to gamble on your younger and better players.

          1. Valid points about wasting time on the unattainable at a fair price.
            Competent negotiators know their maximum offer and have other options available, if they have to move on.

          2. Zaha in my opinion is not way behind what other top six have people keep saying he flopped at big club before so did pogba,sala de bryne but looks at them now mane of Liverpool is not way better than Zaha
            He is strong,tricky can shot and all that in the Epl

  6. Same old story, although many rumours surrounding Arsenal’s transfer activity are just that, rumours made up by individuals or the media, there are certain players Arsenal do seem definitely interested in.

    Having said that, when Emery became manager last season with those seemingly five quick transfers in, apart from Torreira? due to international duties, they have reverted back to type. So I now believe the dithering and haggling had nothing to do with the Mr. Wenger.

    I can only point the finger at the owner, who as some might say in these regards: has short arms and deep pockets. I also thought Arsenal had well over £100m in the bank, unless that was eaten up by the said £50m loss.

      1. 80 million for says is too expensive and as for saliba why buy a defender of his quality and loan him back when we are short in that department that’s silly if arsenal agree to that and all those who are in such a state when a transfer doesn’t happen bear in mind there are three to 4 sides in a transfer the player his family,the buying club and the selling club so everybody’s chill out things will happen before the first game of the season

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