Another problem for Project Restart with players worried about not being treated properly

Premier League football is set to return to our TVs in the middle of next month as the Premier League ramps up preparations to get the competition back underway.

The footballing authorities have suspended the English top-flight since the start of March because of the coronavirus pandemic, but the clubs know that they must finish the games to avoid losing a lot of money from TV deals.

With the competition set to get back underway, the Premier League has had to put in place some stringent measures to avoid players contracting the coronavirus.

One of the measures that have been put in place is that players are only allowed 15 minutes of therapy before they head home after games, and this has got the players worried that they won’t be treated properly, reports the Daily Mail.

The players sometimes need hours to be looked at after games especially when they have been undergoing treatments for injuries, but the recent 15 minutes directive is enforced because the Premier League wants to keep the social distancing rules that the government has asked to be kept.

The remaining games are set to be played within 50 days of the return and that should call for more treatments for the players, that is one reason the players think the 15 minutes window is just too small for them to get proper treatment.

No doubt the biggest moaners will be players with nothing to play for and these snowflakes would rather sit at home bleeding their clubs dry playing computer games or something.

There used to be a time when players were referred to as heroes, that will never happen again, well, maybe the odd player with an obsessive following will still be looked upon as a hero but the way they are behaving there is more chance that they will be forever branded snowflakes and rightfully so.

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  1. “Snowflakes ” for worrying seriously about their own and their familes safety. Put THAT way every moral and decent person on earth is a snowflake too!

  2. If one player catches this by playing football and takes it back to his family, it is one too many. I hope none end up dying because that would be a disaster.

  3. I amnot allowed to speak strogly andhavehad three p[osts on this thred removed ,prompting my official request to Admin Pat for a proper explanation. I am unhappy with his reply so I must limit myself to saying I consider there will beno footballresumption in June no should there be. I havebeen stronglyb opposed to ny early resumtioninfootballwhl e many aredying daily and opinion is split, clearly so on this , thoug h commets indicate most agre with my argument. However it is clear to me that certain peole do not alow strong minded oposition to their personal view.
    Consequently, I must now consider whether or not I wish to remain on such a site as this. I am actively considering it but will be sad to leave a site with so many fine people on it, if I so decide. But without true democracy, I SEE NO VALUE IN ANY SITE TBH.

    1. I saw that you had posts removed Jon, if you had it done because of your opinion then that is sad and wrong, i do get you Jon and i get you have strong opinions. We all get on our high horse because of the situation but your post that i read and got took off was fine. That is
      manipulation of opinion and that should not happen. I dont agree with many posts but they have their right just like anyone.

      1. Thanks a lot Reggie! Much appreciated! I have had what I consider an unsatisfactory reply to my first email, though not to my second from PAT, basically backing Martin, as I expected.

        I have to now consider whether or not I wish to stay on this site and will take my time to think it through properly. I am heartened by the many fine humans like you on this site and that MAY,influence me to stay and fight my corner. But I am close to having had enough as well.

        My real gripe is that, being something of an intellectual, I get so frustrated with so much narrowness in real thinking. I fully accept and am keen that diverse opinions on club and team matters should be aired and will always be glad this is the case.
        But when what I perceive as clearly immoral life views are argued for, even by Admins in this case, I have to combat those. And it is that combating that causes problems between me and admins. Opinions are one thing; what I see as immoral life views, masquerading as legitimate differences and wrongly being equated with mere team matter opinions, quite another. HENCE MY DILEMMA.

      2. I can confirm it had nothing to do with an opinion Reggie but the manner in which it was expressed. There is no manipulation of opinion and it is sad that you would say that. Abuse is simply not acceptable.

        1. Yes admin i accept that, my opinion was the post i read seemed ok to me but i didn’t read all of the ones took off. If Jon abused you as you say that is wrong and for you and Jon to sort between you. We all, in these times have really strong opinions, we all have to remember we all have a voice and we sometimes express that possibly too strongly because of the situation.

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