Another pundit slams Arteta for his attitude in Arsenal’s win over Fulham

Garth Crooks has become the latest pundit to slam Mikel Arteta over his conduct in Arsenal’s 2-1 win against Fulham at the weekend.

The Gunners secured a hard-fought come-from-behind win against the Cottagers, a result that means they are the only team that still has a 100% record in the Premier League this season.

They are proudly at the top of the league table at this stage of the campaign and their performance against their fellow Londoners shows that the times have really changed at the club.

Arteta’s men could easily have allowed falling behind to get to them and in previous seasons they may well have lost the game.

They now have a winning mindset and the Spaniard is always on the touchline, ensuring they stay focused on the job at hand.

However, Crooks didn’t like one thing he did in that game, and he explains on the BBC:

“With the final seconds ticking away, and the visitors chasing an equaliser, I was hopping with fury to see Mikel Arteta watch the ball roll off the pitch into the technical area, pick it up and then throw it away as the Fulham player was racing to get it back into play.

“Managers should never touch the ball unless they intend to hand it back to the player. Bertie Mee or Arsene Wenger would never have behaved in such a manner – and they have won titles.”

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Even on the touchline, all Arteta cares about is ensuring his team has the advantage.

He would employ every tactic to make sure they stay focused and stay in the game even if it means kicking the ball away from the opponent.

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    1. I still don’t get all these criticisms about Arteta and Arsenal. Two coaches got to the point of physically hitting themselves about two weeks ago and we heard less about them than somebody celebrating that his team won a hard fought match. Did they see how Man U. Celebrated their win over Liverpool? Oh OK, it was Liverpool what about how they celebrated after Southampton?
      These people should just shut their mouth up and be fair to Arsenal FC for once!!! If they win… Oh it’s a small team and if they lost then it’s oh Arsenal lack competing spirits… Can they just see us happy in peace for once!!! I’m really furious about these no-brainer critics!!!

      1. Nice talk bro, they always show that they care but they wishes bad deeds against Arsenal.let them watch as we win.small teams???is Brentford a big team

      2. The only way for stupid pundits to be heard and become a celebrity is to criticised Arteta and arsenal .
        Jealous stupid opinions and articles

  1. What a picture this brings, Garth Crooke hopping up and down – he’d knock himself out at the very first attempt.

    Having seen those two idiots at the Chelsea /spud game, to have a go at ANY other manager is pure nonsense.

    Mind you, what he says about Bertie and Arsene is perfectly true – Bertie would be adjusting his braces and Arsene would be trying to zip up his coat!!

  2. Once again….

    Who gives a toss what Garth Crooks says.

    If I were him I would be more worried about my weight than what Arteta did.

    Garth, it looks like there wasn’t spud you didn’t like…….

  3. This Arsenal success is now becoming jealousy and obsession to those that never wanted us to succeed.
    They blame players for over celebrating a win from a difficult game
    They blame Arteta for good tactics and antics which others do without questioning them
    They blame Arsenal for topping the table after 4 games because they never expected it

    So the blame game continues 🤔

    1. They are anxious to see us lose and mock bcos they can’t stand to see us smile. Watch them d day we will lose, u will see d joy in their face like they just won a lottery

      1. Yup. Doesn’t matter how much we insist we are not in the title race and are just taking it game by game. The second we lose our first match they will call us out and cheer that we are “back down to earth”. They’re itching to say it.

  4. Totally disrespectful to Fulham. What he is saying is “it’s only Fulham Arsenal should win anyway”. Appalling.

  5. it’s HILARIOUS to watch the entirety of English football punditry totally freak out and display their hatred for us just because we’ve won FOUR matches in a row. Incredible. Pep hinted at this best. They all root for either United or Liverpool. And especially don’t like that one of their older competitors, unlike City/Chelsea, are doing well.

  6. How does our coach and players celebrations concern you mr man ??Do u want them to mourn after scoring???

  7. You not an Arsenal fan so you will look at the win……we celebrated for our teams change in style..confidence..directness of play..chances created..better defense etc
    Last year we could have lost this game
    We have reasons to be Happier
    We playing better and can see good times ahead
    Let’s enjoy

  8. There are many ways of killing a rat, you can even burn the whole house as long as the rat can die, we’re gooners and that’s our only business. #IStandWithArteta

  9. Crooks should leave Arteta alone. Now Arteta should know that he has enemies in England and know that his players should be his best friends and concentrate to his winning ways. Some people are actually feeling pained because Arsenal is winning games.

  10. The resentments eating Crooks is beyond his humanity…let Mikel alone….he is dreaming driven and will make everything to sustain his 100% game management…….

  11. When Arsenal was losing games they mocked them and now they are winning they critisize their celebration. Arteta can do anything to make sure his team beats any opponent that comes his way , and thats a winning mentality of any succesful manager. I don,t see anything wrong Arteta did.

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