Another reason Bayern´s draw is great for Arsenal

Arsenal were the first team this season to stop the German juggernaut that is Bayern Munich from winning. The fact that we won our Champions League clash with them was fantastic for many reasons, because it kept our hopes of qualifying alive, gave the team morale a huge boost and it might also have sowed a seed in the Bayern players’ confidence.

It might not, but they were held to a draw by Frankfurt in the Bundesliga this weekend and that could help the Gunners in the away tie this week. However, our north London rivals Tottenham were also pleased with Bayern´s draw, because it means that their record of winning the first 11 league games of a season, back in the mists of football history, still stands with Bayern only able to win the first 10.

So the Spuds’ official Twitter account thought they would be clever and troll the Bundesliga champions, as reported by

They tweeted, “Unlucky at @eintracht_eng this evening! Looks like our record still stands, better luck next year! #COYS.”

There is a saying, though, that people who live in glass houses should not throw stones and the German club came up with a brilliant reply, reminding the spuds that their loss to Chelsea in the 2012 UCL final meant that despite finishing fourth in the EPL that season, they still had to make do with the Europa League the following year.

Bayern tweeted back, “@SpursOfficial Guess that’s karma for costing you a place in the Champions League ?”

Nice one Bayern.

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  1. Okayblack says:

    Hahahaha… Whatever is not ARSENAL in London is not real. There’s only one CLASS in London, yes Arsenal is the Classy CLASS!

  2. Aussie Jack says:

    Wenger is arguably one of the best coaches of the modern era and, in my opinion,
    so is Jose Mourinho. Like him or not he is `special` and he brings that charisma and quality
    to the game. Chelsea would be set back five or more seasons if they sacked him and Arsene would have no one of his own level to spar with. Abranovic can`t do better than support his man.
    In a quiet serious moment even Wenger would agree.

    1. atid says:

      Watch out for the normal one!!

      If man City take guardiola in the summer and mourinho rediscovers his mojo, what a line up of managers the premier league will have guardiola mourinho, Klopp, van gaal and wenger managing the “big 5” with pochettino, ranieri, bilic, koeman, martinez amongst the next batch. Benitez and Guardiola aside, I can’t even recall the names of the “big” managers in the other top leagues

      1. Koss the Boss says:

        Good point with the managers! Some line up in the dugouts possibly for 16/17 season!

  3. Koss the Boss says:

    Have loads of respect for Bayern Munich as a club and even more so after that put down on the spuds ??

    Chelsea are not looking good at all but players are to blame not just Jose, though this is priceless to watch and see especially if you are Arsene Wenger! Again Arsene was classy in having a chance to have a sly dig but didnt, though i cant remember that happening as Arsenal so what has happened has he lost the dressing room or is the old guard like Terry/Ivanovic/Mikel/Falcoa by their sell by date plus no Cech to help the squad as he does??

    Now time for Munich and am feeling quite optimistic about getting a result in munich as the last 2visits have been pretty decent (1-1,2-0) Campbell/Bellerin for the Right side, Alexis/Monreal on the Left side is good enough to contain Bayerns wide players. Cech/Coq/Caz/Ozil/Giroud the spine will be enough to get by that back 5 of Munichs and keep them at bay… Neuer will be tested by our front 3 of Alexis/G12/Campbell and can see Campbell grabbing one as he likes to take a shot when given an inch so good on him.

    Spuds lose tonight to Villa to top off another great weekend of Prem Football ?

    1. Koss the Boss says:

      Left Boss out there…. how dare I mans a machine!!

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