Another strike-target has Arsenal move ruled out!

Arsenal are desperately seeking a top striker to add to their options this summer, but have missed out on so many targets already, it is becoming quite a joke…

We have appeared to be closing on deals to sign Alvaro Morata, Jamie Vardy and Alexandre Lacazette already since the end of the previous season, and all look less and less likely to happen at present.

Now Gabriel ‘Gabigol’ Barbosa has now set himself on staying put in Brazil, in order to gain more experience before moving abroad.

The 19 year-old is highly rated at his current club, and was given his nickname ‘Gabigol’ having scored 600 goals for Santos at youth levels.

Chelsea had been strongly linked with a deal to sign him recently also, but regardless of his options, has decided it is not the time to be moving to Europe.

The striker has a £42 Million release clause in his deal which he signed in 2014 and runs out in 2019, and there is no talk of a new deal at present.

Our options to sign this summer for an attacking role are slimming by the day, and it looks likely that two strikers we may have distanced ourselves from, Carlos Bacca and Vincent Jansson, could also be closing on moves to rival London clubs West Ham and Tottenham.

I am quite unhappy that Spurs appear to have been given a clear road to sign the Eridivisie top goalscorer, while we have simply chased targets that Arsene Wenger is not able to agree deals for.

Gonzalo Higuain, Romelu Lukaku and Alvaro Morata could still be landed, but the fees needed to land these players is huge, but if things continue, the French manager may be forced to finally splash the cash needed to bring in one of these stars.

It still remains to be seen whether Wenger would rather go without a striker, which he is clearly working on signing, or whether he will finally dig deep and splash out on one of the above…

Does anyone think this could be the summer when he finally spends £50M+ on a forward?

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  1. If, at the end of the window, Monsieur Wenger has refused yet again to bring in a very decent striker, even as it’s now very clear to anybody with any little football consciousness that we desperately need a top striker, then we will stop seeing Arsene Wenger as a manager who is simply stubborn. We will begin to consider him a deliberate saboteur contracted heavily by our enemies, the spuds!
    More seriously though, I think the old guy is working on getting us a top striker.

    1. What is it with Arsene? Other managers seem to be able to go out and get the player they’re after without too much difficulty whereas Arsenal huff and puff, ‘track’ and ‘monitor’ situations without managing to actually sign the man. Once again we’re watching the teams around us stock up with fantastic new signings that will really boost their chances of bringing home the title and we at Arsenal, are left speculating on who we might get! It’s not as if we haven’t the money, it’s got all the hallmarks of being another frustrating summer. I could well be proved wrong here as it’s only the start of July but I’m sure I’m not alone in thinking he’s lost his cheque book down the back of the settee again.

  2. Now the rumours are in there craziest mode,linking us with Draxler,Laca and even saying we have agreed personal terms with Lukaku and also that Morata favours Arsenal move…

    The funniest thing is Wenger may not sign any of these players…
    Concerning Gabigol,people should know by now we don’t buy the truly special talent,Gabigol will probably end up like Neymar in a top top club.

    Right now, my biggest asset is HOPE…I only have the hope that Wenger will sign a top striker,nothing is sure!

  3. Why did I become a Gooooner….. If it was a marriage, I wud have divorced year ago. Its so painful., frustrating etc. Mr Wenger please just buy 1 good striker or left winger at least and u wil save MU dieing soul.

    1. TongaBull

      You have to understand AW is a passive man apart from striking Morinhio tie he has never attacked anything, the words strike,striker, attack, attacker these are violent words and acts we don’t do that at Arsenal our worst is ” Hold Up” which I think OG does very well

    2. I think she’d be divorcing you! She’s well out of your league mate, if she’s a woman of course.

  4. You can also divorce Arsenal, infact it is easier than divorcing your wife…

    Arsenal won’t even know you are gone and you will live happilly ever after!

  5. Stop moaning all you
    plastic Arsenal fans.
    All ready we have the best
    strike force in the world.
    Sanogo Wellbeck Akpom Giroud Asano.
    will completely overwhelm every team we play.
    The EPL FA Cup and ECL are already
    being engraved with our Arsenals glorious name.

    1. I’m a little confused, I’m honestly unsure whether you do mean it or not. Sometimes I believe I read a hint of sarcasm, sometimes allot. Then other times I think does he mean it?. Judging by the thumbs it looks like most people believe it’s sarcasm. But why use ‘plastic fans, unless you mean the opposite from plastic, whatever that is. This one sounds like you’re talking straight.

  6. L()L you should use more proper terms tho… Arsenal have become a Vardy Reject, Sidibe Reject, Gabigol Reject etcetera

  7. Seriously I have no f’ing clue why Wenger & Board make it so hard on themselves. It’s quite clear now that he majority of the fans would be FOR signing Lacazette, Wenger knows he’s good enough so just sign the player so you don’t have yourself to blame when we don’t win the league!

  8. I have been looking at players who have been link with arsenal at one point and some forwards in the dutch league, now reading couple articles, SEBASTIEN HALLER jumps out at me, recently wanted by sunderland, now wanted by everton.

    Pace, power, good technical ability, not expensive, not the finish product , but very close to being and most importantly french. I think he is a diamond already showing some shine.

    Some of these players we are said to be targeting seem to be used by the agents to get better deals or to close deals quickly, we as fans seem to just grasp at anything the media puts out and believe.

    I believe the Lacazette story because it fits the Vardy profile and Lukaku because he had stated he needs champion league football, but the other stories seem ridiculous

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