ANOTHER striker missed as Arsenal fans’ frustration grows

The problem for Arsenal in signing players is not money, according to Arsene Wenger, but finding the right player. We have heard the Frenchman say plenty of times before that he is working hard to find a striker but there are just none available and just recently he outlined the boxes that need to be ticked in order to make a transfer worthwhile.

It is hard to accept, though, when every other club in the world seems to be able to find players. We have already been linked with a munber of strikers, only to see them sign for someone else and it is getting very frustrating for Arsenal fans with now less than a week before the EPL season starts and no strikers in sight.

Today another decent looking option has passed us by, with the Daily Mail reporting that PSG have just signed the young Spanish forward Jese Rodriguez from Real Madrid for a little over £20 million.

Is he not good enough for the Gunners? Is £20 million too much in today’s hugely inflated transfer market. Jese is young so the resale value is there and I am struggling to understand just why Wenger is unable to find us a striker, aren’t you?


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  1. All the rumour, so many, the newspaper love to make so many story. We always hope ARSENE change. He never change. No Lacassetre no Marhez, no defender.

    I wait to ARSENE retire to hope again!

    1. If he was actually looking, yes I would be worried,but he isn’t. So don’t worry because he isn’t.

    2. Jese is more of a winger than a striker. Look like he also get buy-back clause inserted.
      Following Arsenal for many seasons, it has been obvious that Arsene is very rigid in buying only player with the profile he wants and never spend big on player he does not rate just because we are short in that area. There’s no plan B, either he got the player he wants or he turn into internal solution. He obviously does not rate Lacazette and Icardi. I already gave up hope on new striker but still hope we can get in a top central defender
      I don’t think he is money pinching or indecisive though as Xhaka is the most expensive DM in this transfer window, more expensive than Kante and way more expensive than Krychowiak.

      1. Buying a player with a buyback clause is a waste of time. If the player is no good you get to keep him, if he is really good you lose him.

        A losn with option to buy is much better, if it works out you keep the player, if it fails you send the player back

    1. It’s quite convenient to forget our clamoring for Benteke as the best thing since sliced bread and Balotelli as the holy grail just a couple of seasons back. I will say it again, if Wenger were to splash on Isco or James Rodriguez right now rather than an average overpriced striker or defender, I’ll think its money well spent. Mahrez is fine at 450k, 4.5 million pounds even but can he shoulder the responsibility of a 45 million pound move? Torres anyone? Lacazette is injured, I’m trying to imagine what stick Wenger would have gotten from fans and media alike if he had signed Lacazette this 2 weeks ago for 45 million pounds and bam he gets injured! Give me world class players please and stop moaning about second rate players.

    1. Ahh, he’s like a new signing. No need for a striker now! And anyone looked at this guy Debuchy? Apparently he’s like a new signing too, so no need for that defender! Oh to be a gooner, making signings every day without actually signing anyone. #Blessed

    1. Couple of seasons back, the trend was we were out of the title race by November.

      Now it seems like we will be out of it in August.

          1. Last season was one of many missed opportunities and finishing 10 points off the leaders is nothing to shout about. We also scored four less points than 2014/15 and eight points less than 2013/14.

            However we did beat manu, chelsea and manc who have recently spent a fortune on players. Will not make too much about beating tottenham, they were in the title race for longer than us and only collapsed when out of title race.

  2. OH my GOD can you not get it there will be NO NEW STRIKER Wenger is Messing with your HEADS.

  3. Jese Rodriguez will no doubt have a buy back clause installed with that sale and I don’t blame the non- interest with that player, from Arsenal.

      1. sorry to criticise a no risk- buy of a youth player is just… idioticly stupid, you would be awful in any kind of a management position…

        nope… that was the reaction of the fans who expected that… he isnt much different from bellerin, iwobi etc. just that he was bought a bit later.. but he was never intended for the first team from the start

    1. sorry to criticise a no risk- buy of a youth player is just… idioticly stupid, you would be awful in any kind of a management position…

  4. before banging our heads against the wall……
    Guess we should ask ourselves if Jese really was a Target!

    Fact is….. HE NEVER WAS

    now u can go ahead and bang it or not….. Make a choice!

  5. I think Wenger may have just signed his striker…..Asano it is. I keep hoping he has plans to get a top striker but that hope is beginning to fade away.. …

  6. It just goes to show that Wenger was bluffing about signing another CB and it’s only because of the injury to Gabriel that will force him to dip into those deep pockets of his.

    Wenger must be feeling very dissapointed right now, as he has given the official go ahead to bid for Mustafi.

  7. look at these b teams.

    rafinha badstuber javi martinez bernat
    kimmich sanches
    coman alcantara ribery

    real madrid
    danilo nacho varane coentrao
    casemiro kovacic
    rodriguez isco morata

    ter stegen
    douglas mathieu umtiti digne
    samper gomes
    roberto turan dennis suarez
    el hadadi.

    Find out how many of these would be starters for our team

  8. Many forwards moved to teams this summer

    Ibrahimovic-United (free transfer)
    Mkitharyan- United (£26 mil)
    Janssen (Spurs already have Kane- Janssen is a very good addition)
    Hulk- Shanghai
    Nolito- City
    Sane- City
    Higuain- Juventus
    Morata- back to Madrid

    Mahrez-staying put (according to owner)
    Lacazette staying put (according to owner)
    Draxler-E75 mil release clause- and Wolfsburg say he is staying
    Vardy- we bid BUT Vardy said he didn’t speak to Wenger

    We are nearly scraping the bottom of the barrel

    Javier Hernandez?
    Abel Hernandez?
    James Rodriguez?

      1. I keep saying this, inter have new cash rich chinese owners who say they are going to put money in to the team. Why would they sell their leading goalscorer, Icardi.

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  10. whatever the facts, we look incompetent and give everyone including the press plenty of ammo to make fun of us and ridicule us. It would have been better if we had denied the need for a striker and if we had denied we were looking. But claiming that we are looking, and failing to sign anyone at this stage if pathetic.

  11. With the right support, I feel Akpom could score a lot of goals for us this season. He needs to link up with his teammates more though…

    1. Three goals in 1800 minutes in championship for hull indicates he is not ready yet and needs another loan spell.

      If arsenal think he is ready for the first team then great and I hope he does really well.

  12. Feels like a punishment for my sins….I wonder sometimes to see my beloved club in such a mess.

  13. Jammie Vardy is not the right striker for Arsenal and did not tick non of the boxes but Mr Wenger made a 20 million bid for him. Lacazette is just a finisher in the same mold as Saldado with no other attributes Mr Wenger made a bid of 30 million. Thankfully, that bid was turn down I just hope no further improve bid is make for him.

    Arsenal need I striker who is a cross between Giroud and Aguero. A striker who can hold play, be able to withstand the defender resting their weight on him and still maintain good control of the ball and make effective passes and allow his wide men like Sanchez and Walcott to make runs into the box. He also need good dribbling skills and close control to take on the defenders.

    Looking at all the strikers available and base on transfer fee, wages, premier league experience and age, at 7 million Balotelli have all the credentials Arsenal is looking for. Buying a striker to try and score 40 goals on his own is not the answer, Buying a striker who could get the best out of his wide men and contribute goals is the answer.

    But suprisingly, Mr Wenger seems to see it differently, he wanted Higuain a limited striker at the age of 29 who gives you goals and nothing else for a record transfer fee of 75 million.

    1. I would take a striker who gave us goals and nothing else, its goals which win matches after all. But not higuain for £75m, far too expensive and little resale value due to age.

  14. The reason why this is such a farce is because if we really wanted lacazette we could have got him weeks ago, way before he got injured Mustafi and mahrez to for that matter.

    Watching the media rumours will leave your balls blue. There is no front runner for any real targets. No
    one looks like a deal target.

  15. I believe in this window we will sign xhaka a cb and a striker. No disrespect to him but I hope holding wasn’t the cb Wenger had in mind. The striker will be the one no one’s talking about griezman, chicarito, benzema, Lewandoski. I still believe well be surprised and shocked come the end of the window with a big name signing , (probably deadline day knowing aw) but will it be the right one

  16. They had the Premier League preview in Australia a few nights ago, evaluating each teams changes for the new season and their improvements. The hosts/professional analysist are absolutely dumbfounded by Wenger’s lack of spending and attempts at improving the squad. As they said, Arsenal have the money and everyone in the footballing world can see what Arsenal need to improve, except Wenger.

    1. Did the analysts, in saying that Arsenal have the money, make reference to arsenals policy regarding the use of cash funds as stated by gazidis.

      If they did then they would not be surprised by arsenals soending.

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