Another super computer predicts where Arsenal will finish this season

Arsenal has opened a four points gap at the top of the Premier League table and this makes them among the favourites to win the Premier league.

Mikel Arteta’s men have had an impressive season and they will certainly finish inside the top four if their form does not drop significantly.

It has been a season of their lives for most young Gooners and some will admit they now think about a surprising title win.

Mikel Arteta’s men have everything it needs to continue winning matches, which is one of the surest ways to eventually win a league title.

Supercomputers constantly predict the final league standings and one has updated its prediction after Manchester City lost to Liverpool at the weekend.

OLGB’s supercomputer’s latest prediction via The Sun sees Arsenal finish second on the league table, but it believes Manchester City will return to win the title.

Just Arsenal Opinion

We didn’t start this season hoping to win the league title, so it will not be a disappointment if we don’t.

Finishing second on the league table shows we have made significant progress and the players will rightly get praised for their performance in the campaign. 

But we just need to focus on winning one game at a time and you never know what that will bring you at the end of the term.

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      1. True gunners only know what Arsenal can do , Simply we are back and winning the title for us is not surprise

      1. NY – well I’M sitting on the balcony, chugging San Miguel beer and Spanish wine and my computer STILL says we will finish in top spot – I can see it in at least twuce through my double vision and alcoholic haze 😂😂

        1. Twuce Ken? Interesting one!

          I have just had a nice day on the spanish coast after picking the Mrs up from Alicante. You certainly picked the right time for the weather..

      2. Am sure if we continue winning all the weak teams, it’s enough to win that EPL title this season. In Sha Allah

  1. Super Computer is as reliable as VAR. In other words, “Bloody Hopeless “. Does it predict as to how far Arsenal advance in other competitions such as Europa League, League Cup, and FA Cup,,, and possible injuries they may sustain? If I’m that desperate to find out how Arsenal end their season, I’ll most probably pay a visit to my clairvoyant. She might be more reliable. Alot also depends on what Arsenal do in the January transfer market. And we do need Elneny and Smith-Rowe back fit. Getting those two back fully fit would almost be equivalent to half a signing

  2. Hell no the top four can easily be predicted by any dullard talk less a supercomputer. When Arsenal wins the league let someone just claim the computer malfunctioned

  3. Gooners you are on the right track. Keep it up. You make us feel proud to be an Arsenal fan.

  4. I disagree here ‘just Arsenal’. Yes we didn’t start the season hoping we’ll win the title but that doesn’t have anything to do with disappointment. We all Arsenal fans got disappointed when we lost the 4th spot last season to our fiercest rivals but we were bottom of the table 3 matches in to the season.

    So, the point is whenever city go above us wheather on the last match or before the WC we’ll get disapointed because we are 4 points clear.

    Our squad is thin. By meaning thin I mean it by rotation. You can see the difference between Thomas Partey and Sambi but you can’t when it comes to Rodri and Gundogan.
    You can see the man u game against city and our game against them for example. That city side without rodri comfortably scored 6 past the united’s sheet but we struggled against them without partey.

    I hope we can give them a push at the end of this season but unfortunately it’s impossible with this squad.

    1. It’s never impossible…maybe unrealistic but not impossible…

      Who believed Leicester would win the league that season, they took it one game at a time.. before others could realise what was happening the league was gone ….

      So let’s take it one game at a time, we never know what the future holds…

      I personally feel that if we could defeat all the teams outside top six, and get Max points against rivals at home….we d b champions in May……fingers crossed

    1. I agree with Mr Peter, and I suggest Lamella of Valensia to serious, excellent of great traits that can benift. Please Do Boss.

  5. It preticted how we will miss at top 4 before we start the season.If Arsenal continue winning each game as it is till then nothing else than won it.we need two quality players ,A winger who can operate left and right,And a diffensive midfielder who can play the two Partey and Xako.This will be Game over and here we won the league.

  6. Ladies and gentlemen…My fellow Gooners… What we have achieved so far is excellent but I’m afraid we will be exposed very soon. You can clearly see Jesus is not playing no. 9. This is because he knows his strengths. He is lethal from deep and on wings.This is why he runs all over coming from deep. So far this has worked as it takes our opponent defenders off other attackers from our side, leading to crucial goals. I’m just afraid it might not work for too long. We must get a big no. 9 in January and let Jesus continue playing his tricks everywhere else. That way we will get even more goals to kill even the so-called “Top Six” and win this league.

  7. The same super computer predicted Liverpool win against Arsenal but failed. To hell with any super computer! Let’s just do it game by game and see where we are in the end. In fact, no one felt we would be where we are at present, it shows what investment and hard work can bring. Kudos to our lads who are more hungrier than ever. Initially, top four was our primary target and if we eventually win the league, it would be an added advantage. Go Gunners Go!

  8. Hmmmmm I’m overly optimistic we could make it. Nothing is impossible. We just have to find a good replacement for Thomas Party should he be injured. Ramsdake should pardon us with how he leaves the goalpost and comes forward a lot to save us in keeping cleansheets. Gabriel Malgaheas should be very careful of the little mistakes he commit, we need Smith Rowe back, Odegaard must up his game, Arteta must be apt on when to substitute and perfect substitutes, Xhaka should play as started devoid of emotions causing red card. Saka should be more impressive, Martinelli, too good and must maintain same at least.

  9. Lol, first of all, this is being reported from the sun?

    Secondly, is this supercomputer being programmed by Gary Neville?

  10. Hi ! ‘Gunners’ and d folks, why everybody focus on us, d only thing noe ‘s they should leave those guys alone, to let them focus on their jobs, my tips for ‘Arteta and his guys’ is they should not be ‘Distracted’ by peoples’ words, they should continue doing what they is good u know time ‘ll tell, is like movie, before our ‘Distractors’ know it ‘s already ended

  11. I just hope we maintain this form till probably January, I believe we can do it this year, I mean we can win the league.. all we need is just 3 signing, a defending midfielder like, Incase partey goes on injury and also a perfect winger as a replacement for Saka and martinelli.. then we are good to go.. Jesus is ok at 9

  12. October 19, 2022 at 8:12 am
    I just hope we maintain this form till probably January, I believe we can do it this year, I mean we can win the league.. all we need is just 3 signing, a defending midfielder like, Incase partey goes on injury and also a perfect winger as a replacement for Saka and martinelli.. then we are good to go.. Jesus is ok at 9

  13. When Leicester won the league, in some games unlikely sources like Morgan and Huth came up with the winning goals. In the end those proved priceless.

  14. Forever Arsenal, we are so happy for the hard work that you are doing and we believe that if you continue with that spirit then you can actually achieve the Gold.what My advise if you can strengthen the defense line and add some energy in the midfield then you are good to go.thanks.

  15. We need more depth in our squad to cover up in case of injuries that can be really unpredictable and unbound by time. Our forwards are currently doing well and we have a couple of good replacements available as well on the bench every game. I would like to see a quality holding mid-fielder or a center-back that has leadership qualities and commands from the back with very little margin of error in his game. Apart from this, I think we are ready to give a fight to the reigning champions if they want to retain their title.

  16. It wouldn’t be easy for arsenal but still who created the so called super computer i think humans did it and arsenal also have got humans if anything can go wrong then your super computer will face it, booom

  17. Super computer or not,we are top and can remain there if we continue to improve.We did not play very well vs Leeds but the result was good enough to bag three points.

    This is a good sign,on a bad day , results must come our way.

    Nothing is impossible.We are winning it.

  18. Is your supercomputer considering Injuries or new signings in Jan Transfer window? I guess not. Second place wouldn’t be a bad position but facts might be 99% but our 1% is full of faith and hope,so it runs deeper than you think…

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