Another thing forcing Arsenal to spend BIG in January transfer window?

Ask the average Arsenal fan, even before we lost three more of the first team player to injury at the weekend, and they will tell you that Arsene Wenger is still being a bit of a lightweight when it comes to the transfer market. But as the injury list grows it is expected that the prof could well put that right when the winter window opens next month.

Now the Frenchman has an extra reason to make signings and if the Metro report about us facing a possible transfer ban along the same lines as the Spanish La Liga champions are currently under is correct, then the Arsenal boss may be forced into spending most if not all of the huge cash reserves the club has been sitting on.

The report claims that Arsenal and Chelsea, along with other clubs around Europe including Real Madrid, could be set for the same sanctions that Barcelona were hit with and for the same reason, the way that signing young players has been done in breach of FIFA rules.

If there really is a chance of this happening then surely Wenger and Arsenal must act quickly and make enough transfers to keep the squad going for the next year or two. Is this the reason why Wenger has been saving the club’s money?

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  1. we are the only team in the EPL who requires Force to spend……….we don’t spend cuz we see it deem fit to do so to compete at the level….we only spend when we are short on stock and injuries have ravaged us to pieces….. We only spend when all hope seems lost and we are Top of the injury League……

    Then again i hate to think that manu of our squad spaces are being eaten up by ceramics , oldies, rhinos and Lamposts

  2. My only question is, When is Walcott coming back? This weekend against Sunderland or against Olympiachios……. Because I can’t stand Giroud anymore.

        1. Yes he is, he can play on the left, right AND centre, and most importantly he turns up against the big teams

    1. yea can’t wait for walcott’s return…… Giroud’s back to his art of Tongue display and shambles

  3. a ban for arsenal in transfer? Wenger will be the happiest person ever! man he hates transfers and he will have a big reason. Am sure he is praying right now arsenal is banned starting this january transfer window.

      1. and don’t forget if there is a ban then no new manger will come until the end of the ban so it will remain same players and same management, only change will be our bank account going ski high, SHLING…

    1. Wenger is said to be so happy and excited about the looming transfer ban, that his doctor has cancelled his prescription of viagra.

      Wenger his the new lamp post.

  4. @SoOpa, it concerns me when I remember that with what arteta and Flamini alone are collecting, arsenal can be able to pay a new world class player (WORLD CLASS) his wages. Something like £160k per week. Sometime they just don’t want do the right thing, and even his price can be or almost covered by his Jersey sale alone. Then where is the problem? Its very discouraging atimes. Fans are not asking for 5-10 new signings but just 2-3.

    1. exactly……… The likes of flame, mert , arteta and rosicky should be released from this team….and they are all past their prime without reseanable resale rate…..what’s even their major roles?

  5. I have said since I started commenting on here…….beside alexis, walcot is our most lethal player…..

    Yes he does not skill, dribble past players…..but I’m damn more confident when his on the pitch…I bet ozil be missing walcot, cause I’m pretty sure ozil would a have about 15+ assists by now…

    we grabbed 2 points out of a possible 9, I’m that confident, we would a at least pick up 7points if walcot was in..

    Im not licking walcot’s a**s but he is that important, as he is a very good finisher.

    imagine a frontline of alexis,walcot,welbeck/ox/Campbell…..pretty decent….

    I think arse needs to jungle his team abit……play Campbell and ox on the wings… santi….add ramsey and flame in the middle….and start bring Jeff into the fray as well…

    I will remain optimistic…its tight at the top….come through December with maximum points, with wilsh,welbs,walcot,alexis,coq,rosisky, returning then we can finish the season strongly


  6. Lamppost for a reason. You can’t really on heading to succeed as a striker. This FOOTball and NOT HEADball. #GirOUT

  7. In the face of parking the bus and counter attack the Gunners and took a point or 3 by 3 opponent teams in recent Arsenal’s 3 BPL games, the Boss have to arrest this ugly downwards trend. And the Sunderland game is a good oppotunity for the Boss & the Gunners to do that. Transfers can’t take place at Arsenal until January. So, we’ve be patient and wait to see if it’ll happen. What should happen now is for the Boss to re-shape and re-order his 1st team starters that have become short of key Gunners. And beat Sunderland to all the 3 points at the Emirates Stadium on Saturday to get Arsenal back to the winning track to halt dropping points they ought to have collected. Arsenal have to be collecting the points in all competions from now to the end of December to keep their titles charge very much alive first before possibly reinforce their squad in Jan window. To win all d next 6 games AFC will play before the turn of d year are very essential to d Gunners titles charge. What use is d transfer if d charge is lost

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