Another top striker hails Arsenal star as best in England

Arsenal somehow managed to take all three points in the big Premier League game against Leicester City on Sunday despite Arsene Wenger having to cope without the two centre backs that he wanted to start against the Foxes. We still do not know the extent of the injury picked up by Gabriel in training but hopefully it will not prove serious.

We do at least know the reason why Laurent Koscielny was forced off at haltime of the win over Leicester and thankfully it was only a dead leg. That should mean that the French international is available again for the FA cup at the weekend.

Just as well for Arsenal really, because we also have massive games against Barcelona and Man United coming up and we certainly do not want to go into them without our best defender. And as well as being the best defender in the Arsenal squad, Koscielny is now being regularly talked about as the best in the country.

Before our last game it was the Leicester star striker Jamie Vardy that said our centre back was the toughest player he has faced, and now it is another of the division’s top marksmen, Odion Ighalo of Watford, who has been fulsome in his praise of Kos the boss, according to an Evening Standard report.

He said, “I think I’ve faced a lot of tough defenders this season.

“But I would say that against Arsenal Koscielny didn’t give me enough space to do what I want to do and that game was really difficult.”

Some of Koscielny’s stats are not so good, though, like the number of tackles he has made being only the 141st best in the EPL table. However, his all round game is right up there as you can see from a stats comparison between him and three best defenders from the other clubs in the top four.

Because the Man City captain Kompany has only played 10 games I adjusted the stats to show the figures per 90 minutes and as well as easily beating Kompany, Wes Morgan and Alderweireld with his defensive score, Koscielny’s total score of 38.44 is way better than the 29.77, 29.44 and 16.79 of the other three.

So have Arsenal got the best defender in the country?

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  1. OT
    Danny Mills has stated Pires brought diving into English. football.
    Well him and Leeds utd certainly never bought football into English football but they did bring in thuggery. Would the football world rather watch Pires play or Danny Mills?No contest.

  2. ?Yep! .. You can bet your bottom dollar that this ? is true!

    According to the Daily Mirror, Arsene Wenger is now planning on talks with Michael Carrick who is set to be released by Manchester United at the end of this season.

    The 34-year-old, now a veteran approaching the end of his career, is likely to be offered a one-year deal to move to the Emirates stadium.

    More bad news:
    Gabriel is in Brazil, having treatment done from one of his old clubs… How bizarre is that? ?

    According to the physio room:
    Koscielny has a hip/thigh injury – no return date! ?
    Gabriel has a hamstring injury- no return date! ?
    Gibbs has a ankle/foot injury- no return date! ?

    And now for the latest Weather forecast:
    Cyclone Barcelona is picking up strength, as it slowly heads towards the Emirates ? Expert’s suggest that strong winds of up to ‘MNS’ miles per hour, will cause havoc to the Arsenal’s -non-existent- defence ? ??
    Tearing everything in sight…. So keep your family and pets indoors! ? ? ?

    1. If he goes for Carrick he has truly lost his marbles, we need YOUNG blood ! NOT outdated players that wouldn’t even make Tottenham’s first team !

    2. Jeez Fatboy, You are going to be soooooo sick when Arsenal get a result against Barcelona, but I have a feeling it won’t stop you maoning.

      As for Carrick. Do you really believe cr%p like that. I thought you had a bit of sense in there somewhere.

      And moaning about injuries? We also have injuries and right now we have much many less than we usually have. Are you going to blame Wenger for that as well?

      1. Hahaha
        And why would I be sick if we beat Barcelona ? ?

        Talking of sick, I haven’t seen your dribble on here for a while ? I hope that you are feeling better now that we have won our last two games? ??

        As for Carrick, Wenger rates him and as much as I don’t want the fossil at the club, I’m sure that wenger will persuade him to come to Arsenal, especially when he will be available for Freeeeeeeeee!!

        Wenger is always moaning about something, but it seems that my moaning bothers you more? ??
        You obviously can’t tell the difference between someone stating facts / sharing news and Moaning!!

        I don’t know why I waste my time explaining myself to a Lemming, when a Gold fish has a higher brain compacity of 1 second.

  3. If this Carrick report is true, what is the matter with Wenger? It was Silvestre, then Kim Kalstrom, then Flamini and now it is Carrick. Would be another ManU reject. Why is wenger so allergic to getting Arsenal to operating at the top? Wenger, beware of anything that is free, there is always a trap somewhere.

  4. The reason why Kos tackling stats is way down there might have something to do with us being way up there. Some teams have a heavy load when it comes to defending because they cannot keep the ball and force the play in the way that we can. They have much more defending to do so I think it’s fair to say that they will attempt a much larger percentage of tackles than ourselves.

  5. Kosh the Boss – that says it all he is not an easy man to get past and will be in your face all day everyday if he needs to.

    Weird that Gabriel is at his old club receiving treatment but either way I want him back for Baraca

    Against Hull I wouldn’t mind the pairing of Chambers and Per- Chambers has not been doing to bad lately hopefully it continues and he can play more.

    and in terms of Carrick- NO!!!!!!..


  6. I still believe tho that we need a new CB (someone young)…Chambers has been doing decent lately and I hope his continues and gets better..

    With all due respect BFG is getting slower and I think he should be looking to hang up the boots soon (I do think tho he would make a decent coach)..The prem pass would be to much for him…I would want us to bread in a new CB..there are option out there (Süle and Riedewald come to mid)

    We cant let gaps appear in our team and start getting the next generation ready to take the mantel.

  7. I never heard the term “dead leg” before. As in onlly a dead leg. Any thing with dead in it doesnt sound promising. Anyone care to explain?

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