Another top target turns down Arsenal move

TRANSFER CANCELLED! Bad news for Arsenal fans! by AH

After a terrible start to the season yesterday in what ended as a 4-3 loss for the Gunners against Liverpool, Arsenal fans will today sink even deeper down in the dumps, with the news that an inbound player has rejected the opportunity to play for Arsenal.

Finding a reliable source in the media nowadays is hard to come by and although the usual Sky Sports and BBC reporters remain fairly reliable with Arsenal transfer news, they often don’t break the news until a deal is done. One of the few reliable ‘insiders’ is believed to be popular tweeter The Arsenal Horse, who delivers fans with very minimal descriptive updates, but with reliable results nevertheless. The ‘Horse’ as the account is known, has quite a reputation for being aware of transfer ongoings at the club, but is keen to remain relatively quiet on giving too much away, in fear of jeopardising a deal.

With this in mind, their latest update on a potential new face around the Emirates will not be met with joy, with the latest developments suggesting that Arsenal have missed out on yet another transfer target. After an incoming player’s medical was delayed until the start of this week, rather than the previously arranged date last week, the player has now cancelled the move altogether by pulling out of the deal. All other formalities were expected to have been completed between the two clubs.

It remains unknown who the player is, however given the slow pace that the supposed Mustafi to Arsenal deal is going, some suggestions believe the German international could be the player in question. Arsenal have also been linked with the likes of Riyad Mahrez and Alexandre Lacazette a lot in recent weeks and so it could possibly have been either of these players as well, although both featured and scored for their respective clubs this weekend, so a impending transfer is less likely. Those at The Arsenal Horse do not believe it was the club’s fault, but rather the personal choice of the player, with everything else said to be ‘agreed in principle’.

Who could the mystery man have been? What path should Arsenal take next in their attempts to strengthen the team? To view the whole thread of Tweets, head over to @AFCArsenalHorse.



    1. To be fair Admin the site header
      featuring Bergkamp 10
      is surely living in the past.
      Why not have our present number 10
      lying on the medical table in a smoke filled room
      with bags of money with 94k p/w written on them.
      Surely a systems update is long over due 🙂

    2. No invisible players if you used logic. Barca want a top CB to replace Vermalean, Wenger has no ambition and wants a cheap defender. Mustafi deal was supposed to be done by today but it isn’t.

      Conclusion : Mustafi rejected us for Barca (because their ambition is more appealing) and we’ll get an overaged defender because our manager doesn’t want quality leaders on the pitch

        1. WHo are you? Are you Wenger? If you are 12 Mays have already passed. You have been judged as impotent. Next.

          If you are just an AKB – then just stfu and go support Brexit or Trump or something.

          1. How did Brexit and/or Trump come into this conversation…are you equating an AKB with a Trump supporter? I’d love to hear this argument…don’t worry, I’ll wait.

    1. And he has turned Arsenal into a joke. Even Vardy turned us down. Which world class player would want to join us and for what reason?? To fight for top 4 and qualify for last 16 of UCL?

  1. Wenger is really trying the patience of all the fans. He is now quibbling over 50p for Mustafi … the man is on a different planet. Given the windfall coming into the club from the EPL, merchandising, television rights, sponsorship, exorbitant season ticket costs for the calamitous shambles that we all paid so much to see, when we could see more sense watching the Keystone Cops. It is entirely the board and Wenger’s fault, NOT the players. Even if the board are providing him with the money, if he can’t spend it, GET SOMEONE IN WHO CAN, I’m sure there will be no shortage of offers.

    My patience is at breaking point, am seriously considering if to renew next year.

    1. I just cannot understand the thought process, if any, that was gone through on Sunday, only someone with suicidal tendencies possibly could. To subject the fans to that embarrassment, after we have paid over a good proportion of our income to support our club, and then to start quibbling over a small amount for the part solution, which in all honesty should’ve been done two months ago… the same penny pinching that was key to the catastrophic shambles on Sunday… unbelievable is an extreme understatement.

      1. I seriously feel sorry for guys like you who have put in so much time and money into the club. The kind of money Arsenal is charging we should be getting to see the likes of Lewa,Messi,Ronaldo,Auba. Instead we have to settle for Giroud because there are no top-top -top quality players available.
        Like Henry said we cannot attract world class talent anymore. And this is all down to Wenger. His stinginess and indecisiveness made us miss out on Gigi Buffon,Kompany,Ronaldo,Alonso,Mata,Hazard,Drogba..the list goes on and on..

        1. Wenger should be so grateful to the Ox, and the fact he scored so quickly after the 4th Liverpool goal. The mood was turning very ugly, with a large proportion of the crowd chanting ‘Spend some ****** money!” and the Ox stemmed the tide. Not too sure if the Ox has done the club any favours though, although Wenger never seems much moved by crowd discontent.

  2. What bothers me is that Wenger has no tactical awareness and always gets his team selection wrong.

    Firstly Xhaka,Cazorla,Chamberlain should have all started.If they were fit enough to be on the bench sure they could have started the game and played for an hour-70 mins.

    Secondly,even with the lineup we put out,players were played in the wrong positions.
    Wenger himself suggested that Walcott does not have the defensive work rate to play on the wings,and what does he do on matchday, puts Walcott on the wings.
    Selects Sanchez as lone striker upfront even when he knows Sanchez cannot operate alone. If you want to use Sanchez as striker he should be playing supporting striker in a 4-4-2 like with De Natale at Udinese.
    Puts a 19 yr old Iwobi against Mane on the wings. Really Wenger ??
    If he wanted to select the team he did yesterday this is how we should have lined up
    Bell Chambers Holding Monreal
    Elneny Coquelin
    Ramsey Iwobi Alexis

    Alexis and Ramsey would have given us more protection on the wings against Mane and Coutinho respectively. Iwobi should have been given a free role to make runs behind the Liverpool defence and link up with Walcott.

    Even without another striker or CB coming in ,I think we can still win the league if we bring in a manager who knows what he is doing and who can prepare his team. Heck, you give the same team to anyone like Pep,Klopp,Conte,Mou and I think they will run away with the league title, but with Wenger I have no hope.

    Even if Wenger brings in a world class striker and CB,we will still fall short because of his poor tactics and poor team selection.

  3. With more money coming onto the game, Arsenal head the opposite way and become more Stingy. Even Palace, West Ham, Everton are overpaying for players.

  4. Guys go to pundit and read van persie statement from 2012 regarding his departure. It’s clear and obvious that both Wenger and gazidis holding the club back. He didn’t want to leave but they weren’t ambitious to fight for trophies

  5. Funny what a real Striker can do for you in a match #Winninggoal when all hope seems fading #Costa #Che vs whu

  6. Wenger said he would only spend money on quality, while he doesn’t care that we, the fans, end up spending our money watching absolute *&@!

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