Another ‘Wenger wonderkid’ bites the dust

It’s been six years since Arsenal signed the next upcoming Brazilian ‘wonder kid’ that was Wellington Silva, but today we wave goodbye to the winger after six years and zero appearances for Arsenal.

Arsenal signed Wellington Silva back in 2010 and Arsene Wenger was keen to get started on developing the player into one of the best wingers around. Silva signed as a 16-year-old in a £3.5 million move and bearing in mind that the Gunners fought off competition from Chelsea, Manchester United and Real Madrid for his signature, the interest surrounding our newly signed prospect was high. According to Le Prof at the time, Silva had the talent and ability to become a top class player and he was one of the highest rated youngsters of his generation. However six year down the line and we can safely say things didn’t exactly turn out like they were supposed to.

Silva was originally supposed to be granted a ‘special talent work permit’ by the FA so that the Brazilian could play in England straight away. The FA however backtracked on their initial intentions and we can now see that they were certainly right to make such a decision. Silva thus spent time out on loan in Spain until 2014, when he was granted a Spanish passport, thus granting access to play in England as a European citizen. Silva’s only competitive action in England didn’t come with Arsenal however, with the 23 year old once again going out on loan. In the 2015-16 season Silva managed to appear 22 times with Bolton scoring two goals, but quite simply he has never shown the potential that was expected of him.

Now Wellington Silva has confirmed he is on his way back to the club that he left six years ago for Arsenal, with Brazilian side Fluminense obtaining the winger’s signature. On his move home Silva stated: ‘I am very happy. I want to thank Fluminense for this opportunity after so long to go back, I’m eager to start. I am very anxious, really it is like the first time. My desire to return has always existed. When I learned that it was possible I was nervous for 10 days. I am very happy and I have no words to thank. Now I have to train and get on to the field as quickly as possible.’

All I can say quite frankly is good luck to Wellington Silva for the rest of his career and that its a shame that he never really lived up to his potential. Normally it would be right to think that we hope he won’t come back to bite us in the future, but given his little success in Europe, I doubt that we will hear about him any time soon.



  1. He will probably start showing his potential now and up playing for one of our rivals in two years time.???

      1. Hahaha ? Yes, I remember him saying that too lol ?
        Which probably explains why he doesn’t comment as much as before, on here! ?

        I guess that I will get a ‘CTFU!’ from him soon! ?
        I suppose it’s better than a “We got this” ? ?

        1. @FbG
          You’ll only get the “realness” from me Fatboy. I don’t comment much because, as opposed to some here I’m livin real life.
          As for Wellington. Dude was out in the wilderness for 5 of his 6 years with us. Though he might have bag loads of talent, he never got the chance to show it.
          I find it odd that AFC are the only EPL team that runs into problems when trying to obtain work permits for our non-EU players…

  2. Unfortunately for Arsenal, I would say for first time in a long while, it our starting x1 that is likely to let us down this season. Usually you would say hold on minute it’s the strength in depth)back up players that would let us down. But for me one or two positions aside, i think there’s little to choose between these two x1s.

    Bellerin Mertesacker koscielny Monreal

    Debuchy chambers Gabriel Gibbs

    Add to that current 22 the long term injured jenkinson and Welbeck, along with the likes of iwobi, akpom, martinez you can see that the squad is so close to being very good.

    The squad currently sits at 26, 15 non-homegrown players of which I expect one more departure Sanogo. It also still includes 11 homegrown of which I only expect 2 departures most likely 2 of the 5 goalkeepers szczesney and Macey.

    That would leave us room for the world class cf we all crave and a top class CB. Though I am getting the feeling that wenger will not sign another centre back instead going for 2 more attackers, unless more of the players I have mentioned depart.

    1. Very depressing looking at either of those teams. Groundhog season number 12, or is it 13. Mertesacker captain and leader..Ugh!

  3. Guess who’s in Town?

    Wanda_Icardi @wandaicardi
    Feliz día a mis Amigos 
    London, England, United Kingdom.
    1:29 PM – 20 Jul 2016 

    1. wanda how rubbish an agent are you if the best way u can goad inter to up his contract is by outting out on social media ur in london all the while fuelling these arsenal rumours

      i liked u better when u were with maxi lopez an didnt open ur mouth.

    2. @fatboy……….Hahaha……… I know of a famous route into england…….. Heathrow airport, London

      and don’t for once think Arsenal is the only London club in existence and is a few drive from manchester as well

      u just Love keeping ur fingers crossed…..dontcha?

      1. To be honest mate, I don’t even rate this player and I’m not at all excited, about this news.

        I just like sharing the latest news with my fellow Gooner’s,
        As I know that most of them are lazy ####s ??

        1. I’m in the same boat as you. I think Icardi is a good striker, but can’t see him winning us the title. And if he’s 40mill, why not just buy Lacazette instead. Actually, why not just pay 20mill more and get Aubameyang, an actual top class striker who will without a doubt get us 20+ goals next season alone.

          1. Inter milans new cash rich chinese owners sell their leading goalscorer. Somehow does not ring true.

            Why are we still talking about icardi?

  4. The Arsenal 2011/2012 Academy.
    Wonder kids all.
    Ten are now established members
    of the Arsenal senior squad.
    I am sure you remember them all.
    Rhys Murphy Ignasi Miquel Jernade Meade Sean Mcdermott
    Gavin Hoyte Conor Henderson Sead Hajrovic
    Craig Eastmond George Brislen -Hall Daniel Boateng
    Zac Ansah Chuks Aneke James Shea Josh Rees
    Elton Monteiro Damien Martinez Kyle Ebecilio
    Martin Angha Nico Yennaris Sanchez Watt
    Oguzhan Ozyakup Nigel Neita.


    One of the most pointless wenger signings …zero start for Arsenal in 6yrs

    The Arsenal superstar that never was…..

    One for the Future indeed!

  6. anyone knows about this pablo guy… apparently he is an arsenal insider and provided the earliest updates on vardy bid and rob holding signing… now he is saying wenger is going to pull off a ‘mad deal’ for a striker.. for me a mad deal would be either lewa or suarez 😛

  7. I do think the visa issue to get him over here hurt his development and was a major factor in him not developing as we had hoped.

    Loans are good for experience but not great for training the Arsenal way as he wasn’t with us to train.

    People moan about the time duration he was with us, like a parrot when BBC news is on! How many of those years was he playing in Spain waiting to come to us?

    I wish the guy well, he is young enough to bounce back from this time in his life and I hope he does. I wonder if we put a buy back option in it… We should do that with all promising talent that don’t quite make it, imagine if we had done that with Afobe?

  8. Unfortunate for him he spent most of his time away from arsenal in the hope he would get a permit, he is at an age where he needs constant football to further his development. Looking at the squad it would be difficult seeing him even getting a seat on the bench.

    I wish him all the best and hope he reach his true potential soon.

    I hear people commented on the him not playing for the senior team, but when your are a junior player and want to get in the senior team, you need three things

    1. Talent which make you different from others
    2. A coach who has faith in you
    3. The most important of all LUCK

    Its really going to be heart breaking for some of these players and fans, the young players themselves will have to move else where to chase their dreams.

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