Anti-Arsenal media leave Gunners needing result in Belgrade

Oh they do like to get stuck into Arsenal don’t they? Whether it is questioning the effort or heart of the Arsenal players or showing a complete lack of respect top Arsene Wenger, the football media in general and the pundits on TV in particular seem to me to have it in for the Gunners for some reason.

Mesut Ozil has a languid style? Let’s keep calling him lazy despite the stats showing time and a again that he is one of the biggest runners in the team. Do things a bit differently to the likes of Man City and United who have sent the transfer fees spiralling into cloud cuckoo land with their spending and you are out of touch and living in the past.

You might think that, despite no Premier League title for years, Wenger and Arsenal would get some credit for staying in the top four, until missing out by a single point last year, and earning three FA cup trophy wins in four seasons, but apparently not, as a report by The Mirror makes crystal clear.

We are used to hearing a lot of unfair criticism but for Roy Keane to suggest that Arsenal are now one of the worst teams in the Premier League is really taking it up a notch and what makes it worse is that the reports says the former Arsenal defender Lee Dixon nodded his head in agreement.

Keane said, “I think most teams in the Premier League are ahead of Arsenal.”

Maybe we are not as high in the league table as we would like but there are plenty below us. This one comment may be the extreme but it represents what I feel is a serious anti Arsenal media and with Wenger and the players under that sort of pressure I think the lads have to get a result in Belgrade tonight. Lose and I can only imagine what Keane and others will come out with….

Sam P.


  1. So p****d off with all this doom & gloom.. I hope they get a result tonight but then it’ll be “calm down it’s only redstar belgrade”

  2. so many negative comments

    The media certainly loves to take us down and tear us apart

    when we win, the excuses will be it will only be a small team or luck

    when we lose they throw the whole world weight on us

  3. Yes, because running equals putting in an effort.

    I can run for an hour straight in match and yet lack complete conviction, desire or fight.

    That doesn’t make me Arsenal quality.

  4. For me what this means is that several teams that are still below Arsenal in pure footballing terms are actually becoming more progressive clubs. Watford are in that group partly because they have a bright young manager who asseses the opposition properly before a match and who makes tactical adjustments in his preparations accordingly. Can anyone assure me that Arsenal always follow this methodology and thoroughly before every match we play?

  5. i don’t know why a lot of Arsenal fans are moaning about pundits they just tell it as it is YES it hurts but it is what it is we are nothing special anymore and most pundits were players and remember Arsenal being a top club and tough to beat, they cannot believe how far down we have become so much so that many players just don’t want to join Arsenal even for high salaries and we have to expect this is norm these days, we don’t even play good football anymore we are all over the place and we cannot put two or three passes together, the fact that pundits are still mentioning Arsenal good or bad is a result 🙁

    1. If you think that pundits just “tell it the way it is” then you are deluded. There are many out there that have an agenda which is to sow negativity – and it is working.

  6. Even the non Arsenal fans like Keane, Neville and Shearer do not like the way Arsenal milk their fans. The board can be relaxed for now, because they still have the older fans that have been supporting Arsenal for years.

    But Arsenal would not get new fans easily, because of the rotten practice in the club. Arsenal would slowly turn into a mediocre club like Everton, Southampton and Newcastle, if they cannot increase their number of fans.

    I hope Kroenke and Wenger will not leave Arsenal in a bad condition, like when Ferguson left Manchester United. There should be a good foundation for their successors to fix the situation.

  7. None of the criticism is unfair, in fact, there hasn’t been enough criticism of Wenger. What is unfair, is the way Arsenal fans get treated (although some Arsenal fans on here seem to get off on that).

    Please stop bringing up these stupid stats of Ozil running, because they’re about as pointless as the possession stat. Just because you run a lot, does not mean you’re a good player, or that you’re contributing anything positive to a team performance. Micah Richards was one the strongest players around, did that make him a top player? Arteta’s hair was perfect for every fixture, and during a game, was he giving quality performances because of his amazing hair?!!!

  8. What did keane say that was so incorrect.

    the club is a shambles we have been sinking for a number of years and its getting worse

    just look at the problems we have at centre back
    we have 3 senior 1 with a dodgy ankle 1 whoose legs are going and 1 that is injured
    add monreal.. a lb and holding and Chambers…. any of those combinations will not mount a decent premier league challenge

    xHAKA .. no guts no legs and not very goo
    El Neny.. This guy is a very very poor mans coquelin
    Coquelin not good enough
    Ramsey.. best position behind cf never gets the chance
    Ozil. great player surrounded by shit
    wilshire . lets hope he can play 30 games , but will Wenger pick him over his new favourites
    Walcot Welbeck one works hard one does not , one can finish sometimes one cannot both made of glass
    Iwobi.. better central but we already have too many there
    Sanchez .. will be gone
    Lacazette must be regretting the move already he never gets a pass and gets taken off for Giraud..We are no better than the Terry Neil era but at least we had Brady Stapleton and Oleary

  9. It has always been like this with the media. Some of the recent criticism has been justified but there has never been a level playing field when we are judged by the media. For instance how often do Spurs and Liverpool get stick for not wiining the league for 56 and 27 years respectively? We get hammered for not winning it for 13 years!

    Roy Keane is not a critic he is just bitter and actually hates Arsenal. I ignore him, good footballer but crap manager. Lee Dixon should know better to agree with Keane. As for Troy Deaney he should not demean his fellow professionals, typical ‘after the event’ outburst from a below average player. Mertesacker has over 100 international caps and he lacks ‘cojones’? Please, get real Troy and concentrate on your own game instead of playing to the media.

  10. Great article. It makes the obvious point that there are those out there that are out to do us harm by destabilising Arsenal and they revel in our tribulations.

    The worrying thing is the drip drip effect is working. We have many Arsenal fans believing the hype about how terrible we are. They spit their dummies out for the slightest reason and accuse each other of all sorts. There have been fights in the stands and banners raised aloft demanding for change. These so called fans castigate our players to the point of abuse and then they expect them to play without showing the ill effect of such abuse. Don’t get me wrong, I think that it is definitely time for change at Arsenal and I am concerned about our current form but I am not going to listen to Roy Keane or Adrian Durham for advice about my beloved Arsenal.

  11. Instead of worrying about what others say just look in the mirror and see if we have progressed as a club. Our quality of football has gone down. It is not free flowing like it used to be and our premier league performance has deteriorated. I am not saying hate wenger or love wenger. Just look at hard facts and think whether they are satisfactory for a big club with the most expensive tickets and among the highest paid managers and board. If we continue to play like this the God help us.

  12. Stupid headline and article SAM.
    Keane has an agenda and does anyone take him seriously?
    He is a pundit for a reason, because he was a total failure as a manager!

  13. We are not good enough so the pundits are paid to say what’s wrong, that’s their job not an agenda!! and alot of them have said what we all know to be true, the manager is past it, the board isnt going for titles but for profit instead, the players lack fighting spirit all that is true, is it not? we watch them week in week out dont tell me you don’t see that??? so why do you get so upset and try to find justifications by blaming someone else when we all know of our own shortcomings!

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