Anyone want to complain about Wenger’s changes for Saints v Arsenal?

Amazingly Arsene Wenger made TEN changes to the Arsenal side that fought for 98 minutes against Burnley last weekend, but the accusation that Wenger picks schoolboys to play in the Cup competitions has been blown out of the water today. Yes there were 10 changes, but when those 10 include players like Bellerin, Walcott, Welbeck, Perez and Oxlade-Chamberlain, you can hardly say he has put out a “weakened” team.

And so it proved with the returning Walcott and Welbeck scoring 5 goals between them. And Wenger obviously had no problem with gloating over his critics after the game. “We were very dynamic, explosive and overall we had a good consistent performance over 90 minutes and everybody played well.” he said.

“Welbeck has been out for such a long time, I didn’t expect him to score straight away and it shows the desire is there.

“People say I make changes but I bring in Walcott, Welbeck and Perez, all top quality players. After that I try to find the best balance for the team.”

Okay he didn’t mention the Ox, but for me he was probably man of the match! Welbeck was awesome, Walcott was always available. Perez brilliantly set up the first goal but faded out a bit and should have made it 6 before the end. Another one I’d like to give a special mention is Ospina. He didn’t have a lot to do but he always there and ready to make the saves.

Making 10 changes may seem like Arsenal are not taking the Cup seriously. Seriously? I think that today Arsene Definitely Knew Best!

Onwards and Upwards!



  1. Break-on-through says:

    I was gonna wait til tomorrow to bring it up because there’s not much traffic at this hour except maybe a fellow insomniac. I hold my hands up. The moment I seen the team sheet I said oh here we go, three changes at the back, not happy with that, away at Sou. Midfield, I looked at Niles Oxlade and then Adelaide just ahead, said to myself, We’re asking to get bullied, I was the most worried with that one in truth. Then looking at the strikers, I wasn’t as keen as the first few who commented, they said they like it it has pace to burn along goal scorers. I looked at it differently, I said, yeah but who the hell is goona be creating the chances. So I wasn’t happy from front to back, not against every player, but more than half the line-up for sure. So I have to give it to Arsene, the boys were certainly up for it, and I reckon they expected a strong Sou team, so I think they were gonna turn it on either way.

    About the man of the match, the official one. Does the guy who wins the hat-trick ball automatically get man of the match, or can someone tell us who got it if not.

    1. Colin Hall says:

      Hey man, I just want to say it’s big of you to admit that you were wrong on your initial impressions of the team sheet, and that I shared in your misgivings about the roster. I truly was more worried about ASM in the midfield due to his inexperience than anything else especially as to my knowledge he mainly began as a right side wing mid. I am happy to stand with you and say I was wrong! Boy the kid looked great in his playmaker role and was always up for challenges. I hope he continues his development, because a midfield of him and Coq near the end of matches where we are seeing out a lead would be incredible if he performs like this every week.

      PS: thanks admin it’s great to be back commenting and discussing the team I love with fellow fans around the world.


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