Aouar deal is dead, but Arteta hints that the Partey is not yet over

so, deadline day has finally arrived, but for Arsenal fans it feels like a damp squid after the news that the long-expected arrival of Aouar is now definitely not going to happen. We were still clinging onto a sliver of hope that the rumours were just a smokescreen, but now the Lyon midfielder himself made it quite clear that he is staying in France.

Aouar played and scored for Lyon in the draw with Marseille yesterday, and was quoted by the Express as saying after the game: “I felt that I can still bring something to this team,”

“I wanted to continue the adventure with the club who raised me.

“We must raise our heads because we have to do better.”

The loan deal for Lucas Torreira to Atletico Madrid has now been completed, and according to the Standard, the chances of Thomas Partey coming the other way is still a real possibility. Mikel Arteta did not sound so despondent after Arsenal’s win over Sheffield United and gave us hope that we could still see some action before tonight’s deadline.

The boss revealed on “I am confident that we know exactly what we want to do, that we are all trying our best to finalise the deals that we want – whether it is sending people on loan or bringing someone in.

“We have complete connection and cohesion between myself, Edu, the board and the ownership. Let’s see what happens in the next 36 hours.”

And when asked if we would be getting one player in, he said: “I don’t know. What I can guarantee is that we are doing our maximum for that to happen, whether we are going to achieve it or not, I don’t know.

“I cannot discuss the players that we want but we recognise certain positions that we believe we are short in. First of all in numbers and then adding different qualities to complement each other and this is what we are trying to do.

So, Gooners. Do not give up on Edu and Arteta just yet, we still have 14 hours left in the window….

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  1. I believe we’ll get Partey because
    1. Torreira has gone the other way and he plays in a similar position
    2. We just need to activate the release clause and he is ours
    3. Arteta has been very honest with us so far ( unlike Mr Wenger)
    4. The whole world can see ( except Stan maybe) that our core is weak

    Kammaan 45 million pounds

    1. Arteta has been far from honest
      . Did you forget the Clean slate to everyone lie?.. He is another yes man

      1. Lol..
        You just keep shouting Clean slate and constantly sound like a broken 80’s record..
        What exactly do you think clean slate means?
        Automatic shirt?
        Clean slate implies that both players have been forgiven and have a chance to fight for their place hence, why they are training with the rest of the group unlike when Guendouzi was asked to train alone.
        So why then would you constantly call Arteta a liar?
        Its up to them to rise from the ashes like Maitland niles, Xhaka and Mustafi by putting in the work in training.. Can’t afford to carry passengers no more

        1. Hmmmmm… It’s like some of us has forgotten the quality Guendouzi brings to this arsenal team. I will prefer MA treat the issue of Guendouzi attitude while also appreciating his qualities… All is to improve our team

    2. Drew, I am concerned about his comment that the owner, Board and senior executive are backing him, when (with less than a day to go) he hasn’t got either of his top two midfield targets. This smacks of the corporate line, supporters got from Arsene Wenger.

  2. Feels like Aouar was tapped by one of the big boys while Aulas was creating those fracas.
    Madrid or one of this big teams could’ve told him to stay back and assured him they’d get him next season.

    Man, I woke to Ornstein’s updates. According to him it’s unlikely we’re getting Partey too unless there’s a twist. The only good thing is he added it’s unlikely to get Jorginho too.
    Arsenal let go of the Gunnersuraus.
    My bet is the player we could bring in would be Soumare.
    This is looking bad already, Arsenal had ten weeks.
    Nah, if we don’t sign anyone good, I’ll strike one off for Arteta and Edu. There’s no way I’ll leave Arteta out of my ranting after 11pm. He’s always been part of transfer dealings.

    1. Much blabbering but basically everything you have been saying from your high horse has proven to be totally wrong.. you even wanted to bet with people how right you are 😂 what a humbling.. learn to be less arrogant

      1. Krish, at least Eddie is trying to add value to this site and he was man enough to apologise for getting it wrong.

      2. Krish, My, what a nice person you DON’T seem to be! Well then have a pop at me too, as I actually bet decent money on us getting Aoure, a mistake which I have now put down to experience.

        And experience, my young friend, has taught me that ALL humans make mistakes but only the spiteful ones gloat over mistakes that their fellow fans make. Food for thought I sincerely hope!

        As for “arrogance” that is the pot calling the kettle black if ever I heard it. Eddie is a fine , passionate and like us all a fallible person but THAT is no reason to enjoy his mere misjudgement , That is, unless YOU can truly say, hand on heart that YOU have never made a misjudgement of your own. Even in that fantasy situation it would STILL NOT BE A REASON TO GLOAT!

  3. Where is Eddie? Talking arrogantly much bullshit for weeks, and behaving like a prophet on here, that aouar & partey would join surely blabla and that medicals were planned last week

      1. the problem is not the info he gave but the manners how he berated everyone, every time somebody had different opinions he would come on his high horse and act like he is an executive of arsenal

    1. Are you done mate?
      I said the things i said and I already owned up to them.
      You can keep whining about that, you’re the least of my problems right now

    2. Krish, I’m sure Eddie is fully away of his errors but at the end of the day you can only go on what you are hearing. Get off his back about it. As a lesson to us all I guess. Arsenal are a club you should never put faith in as far as transfer rumours go. That is the lesson we have all learned over the years. You’tr likely to the complete opposite. For now Gooners, let us sit in meditation or prayer, as we enter the final hours of high blood pressure and extreme anxiety. Arsenal style! 🤣🤣🤣

      1. GunneRay, I’m like you, my blood pressure is up from the stress of being an Arsenal supporter during this transfer market.

      2. Maybe we should just tune into deadline day at 10.30 tonight!! I’m pretty sure that’ll be when our deal (s) will be done!!

        1. Not a bad idea Sue. But we all know it’s never going to happen. Unless you post your phone special class to Hong Kong. And drive to the countryside for the day! 🤣🤣🤬

  4. Now that Arsenal are the bookies favourite to win the title how will the team handle the weight of expectations the next seven months?

  5. As good as Partey is at what he does, where will our creativity come from, who will be providing the defence splitting passes, who will be driving forward in midfield with speed and urgency? I doubt the addition of one player will transform us that much.

    1. Gunnerblog made an article on Arteta working with Saka and Pepe to be the source of our creativity this season. Don’t know how true it is though. Will it solve the creativity issues? Can he pull it?😥

    2. I doubt we will get Partey now
      If we did get him it would allow either DC or Willian to play the 10 role if we went back to the 4-3-3.
      That would also allow Pepe and Saka to play more on the wings and start more games.
      I’m not the manager but that is how i see it.

      It could also ( highly doubtful though ) see Ozil play some games this season

  6. Gross incompetence if we do not get midfield reinforcements today .
    Going to save my rant till tomorrow morning if our squad stays the same .

      1. Me too, Sue! 👍

        You’re not alone though, Dan. If our game against Sheffield Utd wasn’t enough of a wake up call to reinforce the need for a more creative, inventive and attacking midfield; then I guess we just have to accept that this club have not an ounce of ambition to challenge!?

        ..and Auba will put in for a transfer in January!

        1. Why have we left it so late?? Liverpool, Leeds, Everton have all shown how quick and easy it is to buy players!! And now with MG and LT moving on, we still haven’t addressed our midfield issues!! Argh!!!

          1. Sue, you know this is how the Arsenal works on transfers since David Dein left! Leave everything to the last minute and fight over scraps. The problem is there were some good valued players in the market this year
            Arsenal got one in Gabriel, but missed out in midfield with players like Doucoure a steal. 🙁😒

            1. Well, I stupidly thought things might be different this time, Ozzie 🤦‍♀️
              ‘Were’ being the operative word!!
              We can only watch and weep the players we’ve missed out on!!

  7. It’s been a difficult window. Less than £30m raised in transfer fees with the club finding it very difficult to find buyers for players surplus to requirement. It’s hard to see us spending any more than £20m but I’d rather see no more incomings than some desperate last-minute activity.

    Next summer, with Özil, Musti and a few others out of contract and with fans back in stadiums generating revenue, we should have more to play with.

    I’m behind Arteta 100%.

    1. Fans don’t want to wait till next season though mate ,we have waited long enough ,we could really push up the league now with a couple of quality players ,but once agin it looks like we will be short of what we need .

      1. Dan
        I know how you feel but Liverpool waited 30 years. We all know the financial score at Arsenal and as those with more business nouse than me have pointed out, our executive level has cocked up big time with diabolical transfer fees and wages which has done enormous damage to our transactions now.

        1. 👍 Spot on SueP. I will certainly “be very excited” as Josh Kroenke promised, if at the end of the window Arsenal have Thomas Partey, given we have loaned them Torreira and the arrangements are simple to complete. Thomas Partey wants to come to the Club, personal terms aren’t a problem and all Arsenal has to do is meet the buyout of €50 million.
          As for Soumare, a specialist DM, he did not play for Lille this weekend. Lille want £43 million, which is £2 million less than Partey, which appears a large over valuation of him. I would be happy to get him, provided Lille drop their price. He is worth half a Partey, ie food only BYO!

    2. Chelsea got players, no problem. They identified early and worked early!

      The players were there (for those who pulled the finger out)..

    3. I’m on the same views..! If ATM play hard ball on Thomas, let’s not buy anyone else. Wait for January and c if they are ready to lose him for free next summer…! By January we will be still with in top four touching distance..! Arteta is an employee of Arsenal fc. Not fiance manager or boss…! He will no get everything hi wishes to…! If there is one person to have a rants at is the owner. Not once he has publicly given the club and its fans., assurance that he will be giving the club but must importantly the manager. That he will give them something to work with financially…! Bt everyone is gunning for artete…! Is he supposed to pocket himself to buy players..? Or should be coming out and voice his dis-fasfaction..? If any of you where happier at work place you wouldn’t be filling at hard to work.

  8. Thomas maybe have been convined to stay because champions league but who knows Arsenal may activate the RC and give him a lucurrative deal.

  9. I was unaware that Guendouzi was off to Hertha yesterday- I certainly didn’t see anything prior to that to suggest a move

    My point is that largely Arsenal have kept very quiet on their dealings so pretty much everything has been good old guesswork.

    I’m still none the wiser. OL could change their minds, more could players leave on loan or be sold, and Partey could arrive at the Emirates at the 11th hour and sign.

    It’s definitely disappointing that the main thrust of business is at the last minute, but work is and has been going on behind the scenes.

    So many hysterical posts over the last few days virtually accusing Arteta of being in the company pocket or Edu only lining up his Brazilian brethren.

    I could be completely wrong but Arsenal are at least heading in the right direction IMO with what we have available financially.

    All of us knew that when Arteta took over there was no quick fix. The club can’t magic away those who won’t move on or are surplus and not wanted elsewhere. Just because Arteta has stopped the rot, it doesn’t mean that on the back of winning the FA cup and getting a Europa league place that all in the garden is rosy and we are title contenders

    The score lines and unpredictability of the results has definitely surprised me (my efforts this week have been an abject failure) and for the moment the league looks wide open for a change. Still a long way to go

    1. Is that true about Guendouzi, SueP?

      So we have moved out two midfield options and brought none in?

  10. OT, Guendouzi undergoes medicals as terms agreed and Gunnersauras have been laid off so sas for him

  11. i am very optimistic Arsenal will sign midfielder{s} before today because we cant go into full season with just Ceballos, Elneny and Xhaka. now that we have sold or loan two midfielders Toriera and Guendouzi. it might not be Aouar or Parte

  12. I far from believe thet we know what we are doing. We may grab a player but I have no confidence they will be who we want or even need. Maybe Lemar on loan. Arteta is a great motivator, but he says he is happy with his squad……alarm bells, no supporters are happy with the squad, and all ex-Arsenal players have made it clear what we need. I fear ‘fake news’, it’s normal practice now to tell ‘porky pies’. Our window has been shite except for Gabriel. We look disjointed and uncreative. There is a lot to do in one day and it won’t get done. They will spout on about how good it’s been and how good the squad is and how happy Arteta is with squad. Bullshite. We need TOP players.

    1. Sean, maybe when people see the lack of support Mikel Arteta is receiving, similar to Unai Emery, but compounded by injuries to key defenders, they will be more understanding of the difficulties Emery faced.

  13. This is arsenal we all known for years nothing new yes we will win some games but we will never be a serious contender.facts

  14. How I wish this transfer window can close, so sick of these rumours. I like how Arteta has done his talk on the field by quietly collecting points while all the attention is taken away the transfer talk.

  15. Can we all agree that none of us would be purprised to wake up tomorrow morning with the same squad we had yesterday?! 🤨

  16. No news yet, not looking good. At this point I will take any strong midfielder that can win balls and lunch attack.

    But I am not expecting anyone so I do not get too disappointed

  17. There are two ways to be fooled one is to believe what isn’t true that this arsenal midfield can win us Epl,the other is to refuse to believe what is true that this midfield can win us epl

  18. Interesting to learn of the prospects of converting Saka and Pepe into creative attacking midfield roles.This would involve minor adjustments for Saka, but major ones for Pepe.Apart from the need for energy and stamina an AM needs to be able to hold the ball in tight situations and keep possession until support arrives.From what I have seen neither player is adept in this area and apart from not having a great “first touch” they tend to go for the difficult pass when it may not be on.Saka to me is the more likely to make it as an AM whereas Pepe strikes me as a potential centre forward .I may be completely wrong but it will be interesting to see how their roles in the team evolve.Any constructive thoughts on this subject ?

    1. Maybe that is why MA brought in Willian, Grandad? To put Pepe behind him in a midfield role? Pepe does track back well ti defend also.

    2. Not a bad shout Grandad, Saka AM and Pepé CF.
      Willian on the right and Aubamayang on the left could work.

    3. I broadly agree with you Grandad. To my mind though, Pepe has not shown enough detrmination and physicality to truly succeed anywhere in our tough Prem and I have serious doubts that he ever will succeed. At least not at the level we paid for and all hoped for.

      His inate talent is not in doubt but as Ozil has shown more than any other player perhaps in Arsenal recent history, without fight, guts and a willingness to work hard and do so regularly, NO player, however talented, will amount to much use in OUR PREM. I say OUR PREM , as distinct from less physical leagues abroad.

      On SAKA he has a great attitude both on and off the field, it seems to me and is still developing. I see real hopes of him being able, in time, and willing too (which is of vital import!) to play wherever the team most needs him.

      These two lads are very different, though IMO as people mainly, since BOTH are talented, but only one has sufficient determination. NB: I have not totally given up on PEPE ; I merely hold serious DOUBTS, but they MAY and hopefully will, be proven wrong!

  19. If MA is releasing MG and LT without getting midfield reinforcements Arsenal have really lost all logic. Effectively losing more resources in the area you lack quality and options already is idiotic. The defence is loaded ,attack has variety but midfield is really still the worst and weakest resourced part of the squad.

  20. Another clear indication that the club is still run by clowns/ bunch of amateurs. Unlike us, these clowns knew the club was broke but still spent loads of cash on non-essential contracts (soares, mari, willian)? TBH these are the sort of deals that only happen when youre 100% sure your gonna secure your top targets no matter what. What we spent on these deals wouldve made a biiiig difference in the market rn. These clowns knew the club’s broke but still went on to do these deals first like a team with 200mil lying in the bank! A smart club wouldve landed one of their top targets by now, considering price, the bid and the funds wasted on three luxury deals. Edu and co have to take full responsibility. The Lyon deal has NOTHING to do with finances, just poor planning.

  21. I have to say Declan, I have not been impressed with Willian thus far, but it’s early days and hopefully he will come good.As far as the AM position is concerned, Ceballos should be played in that role without delay.Apart from pace he has all the skills required of a number 10 in my view and to the best of my knowledge this is where he featured for the Spanish under 21 side.This would leave Elneny,Xhaka,AMN and Willock to contest the midfield huh with young ESR and perhaps Saka to provide cover for Ceballos.

  22. Aulas and Atleti want 45 mil, we offered OL 35 mil, thats 10 mil short for either target, the same amount we dished out to Mari, soares and Willian when we’ve got reasonable cover for these positions. I’m not against these deals, it’s just that these clowns lack vision! these deals shouldve waited ’cause every single coin counts at the club we’re no city, PSg or Real madrid.

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