Apart from Aubameyang, who else should Arsenal hang on to at all cost?

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is not the only Arsenal player that the club needs to keep a hold of.

Arsenal is keen to keep hold of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang as the club’s captain enters the final year of his current deal with them.

He hasn’t committed to signing a new deal but the club has made it a priority to keep hold of him, he isn’t the only person the club should be trying to keep, in my opinion. Here are some other players I believe that they have to keep.

Bukayo Saka
Saka is currently negotiating a new deal with the Gunners and the youngster is expected to remain at the club.

However, Liverpool and Manchester United are reportedly keen to sign him, if he gets a better offer from another side, I want Arsenal to match that and keep him on at all cost.

Granit Xhaka
Granit Xhaka has been one of Arsenal’s most improved players under Mikel Arteta and I think that the Swiss Midfielder has to be kept.

Xhaka has turned the corner and I believe that Arteta can trust him to help build his new team next season.

Kieran Tierney
Tierney has struggled with injuries since he joined in the summer, but the Scotsman remains one of the most talented members of our team and he showed that in his few performances, I think Tierney will turn out to be a great buy in the next few years.

Gabriel Martinelli
Martinelli has been one of the breakout stars of our season and I believe that it is only reasonable for the club to keep hold of him.

Many teams would want to get the forward if given the chance to and I believe that we have to do all we can to keep him.

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  1. 1 & 2. Martinelli & Saka
    3. Auba
    4. Salilba
    5. Tierney
    6. ESR
    7. Nketiah
    8. Guendozi

    Those are the main ones, everyone else is expendable

  2. A message just through on my phone that Arteta has tested positive for Coronavirus
    That’s that then
    Poor him and all others infected and affected ☹️

    1. Yeah, terrible. Our game is about to get cancelled. League will soon follow after this weekend most likely. This is becoming a mess.

      1. RSH
        There will be others by tomorrow with the virus I’m guessing. As you say, only a matter of time before the season is over

        1. FA is dragging their feet with this and can’t wait for the government to make a decision for them. It’s clearly not safe for fans to go to the stadiums as things are. Now a lot of our staff and players have to quarantine. And it’s only going to get worse. FA needs to do the right thing.

      2. the league will not be cancelled till liverfool play enough games to havw enough points to be guranteed champ

        1. I see the arrogance, the so called “l-fool” have won the UCL, world club cup and almost the EPL, that is three big trophies. While Arsenal “smart” supporters keep worshiping one goal a season wonder on 350K/week. A club that has no guts to bench spineless players. Acquiring useless players at a cost, releasing them cheap/free, paying enormous wages,playing young players out of position/benching them, persisting with useless players match after match, expecting to win, dumped out of the ECL,and so on.
          We need a coach to build a team of Leno, New LB, new CB, Salliba, Tierney, new DM, new CAM, Saka/Gabriel, Auba/Nelson, Pepe
          In short; new LB, CB, CDM, CAM, right winger.Fantasy dreaming, not going to happen anytime soon. And a big no to Soares, Marri, Cabellos, not Arsenal standards

    2. Absolutely gobsmacked Mikel arteta has contracted covid-19. Today marked the 14th day after contact with Marinakis and he tests positive ☹️ wishing him a speedy recovery but begs the question how the hell was wolves game able to go ahead?? And why is this government more concerned with safeguarding the economy than its citizens??? Games and all mass gatherings should have been stopped..

    3. The game against Brighton is cancelled, Hudson from Chelsea too,3 players from Leicester , Mendy from City in isolation one of his family member has contracted it.. this has gone too far,there are things more important than football many not the FA who are not insured for global epidemics/pandemics, they could lose billions,the British government response to coronnavirus is a just,they are 2 weeks behind Italy concerning actions, European countries are playing sports behind close doors,minding/forbidding mass rassemblements,some workers working at home in England the minister of health has caught the virus,was in the parliament,the Buffoon is still shaking, financially motivated Cheltenham’s has been allowed to take place having installed Hand sanitizers dispensers and few more portaloos,complete joke and your PM message this morning to the nation(…. expect more families to lose loved ones) while he goes around shaking hands!

        1. Australia vs New Zealand day/night 50over game currently being played behind closed doors at the SCG; Australian F1 Grand Prix cancelled in Melbourne, team members tested positive.

  3. Complete nonsense about Xhaka being a key player to keep. Several sub par players areplaying better than under Emery , but that is because of having a proper coach who does not confuse players, who gives them clear direction andwho can motivate. But only a total fool thinks sub par players like Xhaka are now good enough to keep. I’d sell HIM the first moment I was able.

  4. I would keep anyone that MA deems to be part of his vision for the future – come next season, we’ll find out and let’s hope we will all support him.

  5. The from the pit of hell spider web Covid-19 has caught Mikel Arteta the Gunners head coach. Which has led to the entire first team squad of Arsenal quarantine and 4 Arsenal games in all domestic competitions have all been postponed as a result of this plague that has ravaged Mikel Arteta. But how on earth did he contact the ravageging plague? Who knows, it could be from outside the Arsenal FC facilities that he contacted it. Hmmm. Well, I hope the disappointments of the 4 postponed games the club are forced to go through will latter turnout to become 4 game wins appointment for us when the games are played.

    1. If you have been following the news, you’d know that it was from the Olympiakos Owner Marinakis after the EL game 14days ago.
      Also its Contracted, not Contacted.

  6. Xhaka an improved player? I dont think that you watching the same games that everyone is watching. On the contrary, Xhaka should be the first one to leave Emirates stadium

  7. I will keep any play the coach deems good enough and sell any player who doesn’t extend his contract and doesn’t want to be here.

  8. We definitely need to hang Lacazette as well as Auba, also we need need to keep Bukayo Saka & Gabrielle Martinelle as far as Xhaka goes he may have improved a lot under Mikel but we ought to get rid of him and use the money to bring Upamecano to the Arsenal in the summer or some other top defender.

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