Apart from Liverpool have Arsenal just been unlucky away?

It does not take a genius to see that Arsenal have had big problems away from home so far this season, in the Premier League at least. In the Europa League the Gunners have managed to win both away games against BATE Borisov and Red Star Belgrade, but apart from the win at Everton and the point at Chelsea Arsenal have done nothing but lose away from home in the Premier League.

If it was not for the five wins out of five at the Emirates that awful away record would have completely ruined the season already but we are just about keeping in touch with the top four despite the away day blues, but obviously Arsene Wenger and the players need to start picking up more points on the road.

The question is, can they turn this form around? And I would say that we can, as long as our luck improves, because I think it has been bad luck rather than poor performances that has been hurting us away from home. In fact apart from the Liverpool match at Anfield, Arsenal could argue that we deserved more from every EPL away game this season.

We were denied a clear penalty at Stoke, we had dodgy and game changing spot kicks awarded against us at Watford and Man City and had good chances to take all three points at Chelsea, so have we just been unlucky on our travels so far?



  1. Ray says:

    Ahhh, what? What has luck got to do with it?

    1.) We’re a tactical nightmare!
    2.) Some of the squad are not good enough to wear the shirt
    3.) The club have had the wrong attitude for too long (4th is okay attitude)

    No, sorry. Luck has nothing to do with it! We just have to face the facts. Arsenal FC are not the big club they used to be. Liverpool were massive once as were Leeds and Newcastle (No disrespect intended). The club are on a different scale and platform now only, the fans can’t get their head around it. Me included. It’s only sank in (personally) to my head the last two years how Arsenal have now settled as a club who will fight for whatever is left, after the “Top dogs” of the pack have taken the best to offer. Arsenal are just lower down the pecking order now.

    We need luck all right. But even a miracle won’t turn this club around any time soon!

    There is no chance we will finish in the top 4 and maybe not even in Europe at all next year?

    1. Sue says:

      You’re right! I don’t think any team are worried about playing us whether it be at home or away. Some teams probably wonder how many goals they’ll beat us by! It sucks

  2. jon fox says:

    Depends what you mean by unlucky! You could argue we are unlucky that Kroenke first appeared for our old directors to betray our club to by selling him their controlling shares. You could argue we are unlucky to have a board that has not the common sense or ambition to have sacked Wenger years ago, as they ought. You could argue we are unlucky to have the oldest, both in age and ideas of all Prem managers and that he is the most selfish and least fan interested manager in football. Yes, you could argue all of these. And I WOULD! But far more than this , I would and DO argue we – or at least ALL those who make decisions – are deeply immoral.

  3. AndersS says:

    Yes, we are really unlucky. Apparently all tactics and formation are based on random decisions, and so far we haven’t had the luck to somehow get it right. But maybe it will happen sometime, so lets all be really optimistic.

  4. Arsenal 007 says:

    LUCK doesn’t fall from the sky. I don’t believe in luck. But If I must, then Luck is when PREPARATION meets OPPORTUNITY.
    Our failure did not start on Sunday when we were beat by Man City.
    Remember during the invincible season, where teams expected to get beat when they faced us, and where excited if it was a draw? Was it luck or being unlucky that caused our success? Ifit was luck…then I’ll say we PREPARED, and took all our OPPORTUNITIES.

    1. Ozziegunner@Newcastle upon Hunter says:

      Well said; good teams make their own luck! As my dear late father, who experienced a lot in his 93 plus years, said “the better I prepared and the harder I worked, the luckier I got.”

  5. wjc says:

    The problem with Wenger is he is not ruthless enough , Sanchez and Ozil won`t sign new contracts so they do not to be at Arsenal so sell them instead of hanging on , he gives some players too many chances and these 2 are stopping others that want to be there a spot , we have a good team with many good players that want to play for the club . Also in cup competitions play to win , yes give the young players a chance but 2 or 3 not what he is doing , Play hard to win every game no matter what it is . But the biggest problem is Slient Stan , he allows what is going on at the club to just go on as he is quids in , If he tells Wenger or the players , look you better shape up or I will move you on and does it things would be better . Till he changes it be same old same old , Sorry but that is how I see it

  6. Ray says:

    By the way, I can’t wait to see who Wenger blames if we lose against the Spuds!?

    In all probability we will lose at home to them. But, if I hear some one tell me we had no luck, I swear to god!

    1. jon fox says:

      Spot on and I think we should rename Arsene Wenger . How about Excuses Wenger!

      1. Sue says:

        Arsene Whinger!

        1. Simon Says says:

          I just refer to him as ‘Wenger Out’ now

  7. AndersS says:

    By the way, we had the luck to face Man City just after they had a tough Champions League game away to Napoli. Wonder what the result had been, if they had been rested like our players?

  8. ThirdManJW says:

    Luck goes both ways. The officials didn’t do us any favours against City, but then again we were very lucky not to concede at least 6/7 goals because City messed up so many easy chances. We definitely would have lost the game with, or without the officials, and I feel very lucky we only conceded 3!

  9. ramterta says:

    We would be a better team now with arteta.
    I remember 2013/2014 was our best season in the last 8 years per kos Ramsey were brilliant.
    Though we lost heavily against the top 4 teams we had 79 points which has been our best tally in that time

    1. Sue says:

      Oh just for a change we lost heavily against the top teams

  10. Simon Says says:

    An old saying but I feel very apt at this point…. You make your own luck.
    We have no divine right to win any game nor win the league, but with dodgy team selections, tactics which consist of ‘just do whatever you want lads’ and a few players that let’s face it aren’t good enough don’t exactly help to win a game away in the premier league especially against a team who are well set up and know what to do against us.

  11. Nothing changed says:

    I agree that we played as good as could be expected given the players Wenger put together.
    I do not blame the players. Not Laca’s fault he is on the bench and not Sanchez’s fault this was essentially his first start this season in the center rather than on the left wing, neither was it this midfield fault it was the first time they played together in this configuration (Coq-Xhaka-Ramsey).

    Having said that, it is one thing to recognize we played well, it is another thing altogether to claim we should have gotten more from this game.

    City simply were deserved winners IMO and in fact on another day they might have scored 5 or 6 instead of only 3.

    It is time to recognize that there are teams in the PL against whom a good game by Wenger’s starting 11 might not be enough to win. In the past we could lose when we had a bad game now our good games are not always good enough, we need to play great when we want to win and we need to get the team selection right and that with Wenger in charge is rare, in fact, we are lucky if Wenger decides to play his best and most expensive striker in the big games because it is not automatic. We are lucky if he doesn’t try a new midfield for the first time in a big game or play a player or two out of position.

    Lucky would be if Wenger had an opbjective view of his own abilities at this age and if he had pride, because if those two attributes were in place he would resign.

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