April Fools Arsenal round-up – sunroof, Mike Dean and amplified chanting

April Fools Day has become a huge tradition within the football news sources, and today was no different, with a host of comical stories coming out the woodwork.

Arsenal’s official website released a story claiming that they had teamed up with Citroen to create a red retractable sunroof, which could ‘likely to save between four and six goals a season, while climate control will help improve player stamina’.

The Arseblog went one step better with their creative prank, by claiming that the club had already installed a sound system which has been recording our singing and chanting at the Emirates Stadium, which will then be used to boost the atmosphere at home games, following an increased lack of backing of our players from the sidelines.

The Arsenalblogger went with the less creative idea of claiming that Zlatan Ibrahimovic had decided to make the switch to our club, whilst adding some made-up Zlatan quotes using his well-known third-person references about himself.

Bergkampesque also went with one of the less imaginative ideas by claiming that Arsene Wenger would guarantee three points against Watford this weekend, and would step-down from his role if he didn’t deliver. As much as a number of you wish this was true, you would have to be silly to believe such a story…

The best of the bunch was obviously our very own innovative idea, which (fake) revealed Mike Dean as the new official match-day referee for our remaining league fixtures this term. Our writer has clearly forgiven him for his display between us and Chelsea earlier and the year, as is evident within the story…

Do we agree that our story was the most creative of the bloggers? Do you enjoy the spoofing day as much as we do?

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