Are Arsenal a good bet to reach the Champions League next season?

Odds on Arsenal Making the Champions League Next Season

As we head towards the business end of the 2018-19 Premier League Season one of the many big questions on Arsenal fans’ lips is, ‘Will we be playing Champion’s League football next season?’ For a period before Christmas last year it felt like Emery might just lead us back there in his first season – that run of 22 games unbeaten, a glorious home win at Spurs, a hard-fought home draw with Liverpool, and a comfortable cruise through the group stages of the Europa League brought a positivity to the Emirates that was like a new feeling.

But oh, how things have changed! A run of indifferent league form, a home loss to a resurgent United in the FA Cup, an embarrassing defeat to BATE in the first leg of the round of 32 in the Europa League, the Ozil debacle and defensive injuries that have exposed a creaky squad mean things are far from rosy once again.

But it’s not all bad. The other contenders have their problems too – Chelsea are developing a nice habit of going missing in away games, and United’s unbeaten run came to an end as PSG brought them back down to earth with a comfortable 0-2 Champions League win at Old Trafford last week.

And yes, despite the gloom and doom merchants, we are still in the hunt and with just one point and one goal between us and 4th placed United, the race is most definitely on! And to liven things up, here we take a look at the betting options for Arsenal to climb back into the Champions League next season by one of the two available routes. The odds listed here are taken from our favourite online casinos and betting sites and were correct at the time of writing.

Arsenal to Win the Europa League – 7 to 1

Unai Emery’s Europa League credentials have had some of us thinking that Europa League triumph might be the best route back to Europe’s top table. But last Thursday’s early evening showdown with BATE of Belarus felt more like the last away-days of the Wenger era than a stepping stone towards the first trophy of the new reign. Nevertheless, with cool heads, over-turning a 0-1 deficit in the return leg at the Emirates shouldn’t be a problem and the bookies certainly think so. Odds on an Arsenal win this Thursday are 1 to 9 at Paddy Power. If you fancy a punt here, you’re probably better off nailing an exact score. You can get odds of 25 to 1 on Arsenal coming back off the ropes to send the Belarusians packing with a comfortable 5-1 win.

Beyond BATE lies the last 16, quarters, semis and final, and a few teams that we’d want to avoid. Chelsea are favourites at 9/2, with Ancelotti’s impressive Napoli second at 5 to 1, and Inter at 10 to 1. Arsenal are third favourites with best odds of 7 to 1 at Unibet. Will it happen? Emery certainly has the form to take us all the way, and there is little in that draw to be scared of. Starting on Thursday night, if Arsenal can build a head of steam then there is a real chance of making it to the semis and beyond.

Arsenal to finish in the Top 4 – 3 to 1

The race for the Top 4 looks as tight as it’s ever been. United’s run of form since Solskjaer took charge puts them in pole position by just one point right now, with Arsenal 5th and Chelsea 6th following their 6-0 thrashing by City. We still have to face United at the Emirates, as well as deal with an away fixture at Spurs. United’s run in includes home fixtures against Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester City. Chelsea themselves have Spurs at home, Liverpool at Anfield, and that away trip to United to content with.

So, where does that leave us? Just like in a title race, it feels like taking 4th spot this season will be all about hitting form at the right time. That’s why United are favourites at around evens money. For some reason, despite their pathetic recent away form, Chelsea are rated above Arsenal at 5 to 4 to come in the top 4, with our odds at 3 to 1.

It’s arguable that our remaining fixtures give us an edge over our rivals here. I think we have it in the squad to beat United at home, whilst Spurs could be without Kane and Ali when we visit on 2nd March. These games and the rest are winnable, and if Arsenal can find consistency, then top 4 is achievable. But that’s a big if!

Where To Put Your Money

OK, so let’s face it, there’s no easy way back to the top. But for me, it’s the Europa League that represents the best odds here at 7 to 1. Assuming we can get past BATE, then over 2 legs I don’t fear many of those teams left in the competition, and once you’re into the semis, anything can happen! Meanwhile our indifferent league form makes the top 4 seem like a less safe bet.


    1. The team will lose his work rate, but I read Welbeck has returned to training and did some coaching in Dubai

  1. The upcoming three home games are supposed to be easy

    Not worried about Tottenham, but Man United look scary with their tall and quick players

  2. Arsensl struggled against huddersfield and bate, while MU only lost to PSG, which clearly show why they sacked emery, and tottenham also so far find it no problem without kane. Yet, you think it’s easy to beat them? Wake up man. Emery’s already brought 6 new players, and still people keep saying he doesn’t have players suit his tactics. Even many of of arsenal’s 3 points didn’t look convincing.

  3. We win one and then get carried away, meaning that we don’t win the next few. The others find something that works and stick with it, allowing them to rack up wins and see one loss as a minor setback.
    People are utterly deluded if they think we’re getting anything from Spurs away (a fixture not won since Poch was appointed) or Man U (who knocked us out of the cup and are still unbeaten domestically under Ole).
    And even if we do beat the Belarusian tractor drivers, together draws await. They will have watched us in Belarus knowing how crap we were, and see us as pushovers.

  4. NO!
    It’s not impossible but unlikely

    In Europa my money would be on Chelsea, Sevilla, Milan

    In Premier League my money would be on Liverpool, City, Chelsea, Spurs. United is more likely to get 5th over us.

    We just simply don’t have the quality to sustain us over the long haul and our poor defence Will be the key difference

  5. I will be surprised if we made the CL / TOP 4 with this current squad. They are weak, fragile, poor loser mentality etc.
    Chelsea seem to be tripping themselves over but can’t see us taking the opportunity.

    I just think most of the current players that have been here for 5 or more seasons jave peaked. This is their level, no amount of motivation will change them as they ate stale overpaid and over pampered primadonnas.

    I will wait for next season and see if Emery gets some serious backing from The Silent Moustache wearing Stan. But if he does not then I expect the same old rubbish we have had.

  6. It’s going to be tough… as we always make it hard for ourselves!
    I cannot believe we’re talking about turning over a 1-0 deficit against Bate Borisov!!! Omg!!! If we manage that (notice I said if not when!) no doubt we’ll get a harder tie in the next round & go out!!
    The PL is even harder… I thought once Kane & Alli got injured we’d close the gap! But they’ve carried on winning, we won’t catch them now, even if we do beat them at Wembley (which I’m not going to get on!!)
    United don’t look like losing either, each week they seem to get better.. I can’t believe we were about 9 points ahead of them & now we’re a point behind!!
    Chelsea are awful right now, enough said.
    So unless Spuds or United capitulate, then I can’t see us making the top 4 (& that really pains me saying that ?)

  7. And why are we deluding ourselves about getting back the Top 4 / CL? Like it will all of a sudden make our board start spending seriously. We were in the TOP 4 / CL in the last 10 orso seasons but that did not stop us from dropping to 5th and 6th where we still are to today. Top 4 became a trophy to wenger and the board but that did not change our situation in the transfer market.

    So all of a sudden The Special Silent One will start puttinf serious money where his mouth is once we get back into the Top 4?

  8. OT: Wenger just postulated what could be the reason behind the drop in form of Ozil. He said his contract might have dragged him to a comfort zone hence his lack of will power to up his effort and fight more for the badge.
    How do you get him running now? Is Emery taking the right approach with him? Are the players around him helping?
    Ozil is an identity, we cant afford to have him benched.

  9. If you’re a betting man I’d say your money is safer if you bet we won’t get into the CL. The odds won’t be as good but there’s a reason for that…..

  10. How is the team, with our squad, going to get into the Champions League? Half the players are not good enough. Xhaka, Mustafi, Elneny, Iwobi, AMN, Lichsteiner, Jenkinson, Mkhitaryan, are in fact not good enough even for a mid table side. The worst group for years. Satan Kroenke is not going to invest, he has no personal commitment such as Abramovich did. The board might as well not exist now that Satan Kroenke has FULL control. Added to that Sanhelli doesn’t say a dickie bird, what confidence does that give. All I know is that he looks like a short little fat man who utters not a word. Now that Emery has decided to take all creativity away from the team by binning Ozil and Ramsey we have become dull and boring as well. To top it all we lost our talent spotter Sven Mislintat who ran away from the ****. What chance do we have? No Chance!
    We need a relentless campaign to get STAN KROENKE out. Will the PITA Midkemma stay out of this.

  11. Sean our chances of getting the message across to Kroenke is as remote as our chances of making the top four.Sorry to be so pessimistic but I am only being realistic.With regard to the sub standard players you mention I think you are being harsh on AMN and Iwobi.

    1. Sorry Grandad, I often agree with you excellent posts but I must say on this occasion I agree with everything Sean said. He names all the suspect players, AMN is not progressing as much as everybody thought he would, although being played out of position is certainly not helping his cause, and as for Iwobi, well enough said. Kroenke’s a disaster for our club, he has zero interest in football as a sport and is only in it for publicity and profit.

  12. We are currently simply not good enough to either finish top 4 or win the EL. And refusing to play two of our better players makes it even more difficult.

  13. No chance, Sky Sports are putting all the bias power firmly behind Manchester United for that 4th place. I’m sure everyone can see that Chelsea are getting a lot of negative publicity all of a sudden and as far as we’re concerned, we’re no where near good enough.

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