Are Arsenal accepting defeat to Man United in Lisandro Martinez chase?

Arsenal are claimed to be intensifying their interest in signing Alex Grimaldo from Benfica this summer, but is that related to our chase of Lisandro Martinez?

Both us and Manchester United are believed to be vying for the signature of the Argentine defender, with him believed to have informed Ajax that he wants to move clubs this summer.

While it remains to be seen whether he has a preference to come to the Emirates or Old Trafford, our pursuit of Grimaldo could well close the door on our efforts to sign him.

Reports in Portugal (via the Express) are claiming that we are intensifying our efforts to sign the Portuguese full-back, with a £5.9 Million bid being readied at present. The report also claims that the deal will likely be accepted by Benfica with just 12 months remaining on his current deal.

If reports prove to be true, it could well spell the end of our pursuit of Martinez, although he could well have been earmarked for a role at centre-back, and we could still be in the hunt for his signature.

It is unclear on the manager’s thinking in regards to Lisandro and what role he would be vying for in our side, but if we are furthering with our interest in Grimaldo it could well be because Lisandro seems to be leaning more towards a reunion with former manager Erik Ten Hag.


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Mikel Arteta gives a short press conference after Arsenal’s comeback win over Nurnberg.

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  1. £5.9 Million would be a steal for an LB like Grimaldo. Martinez would likely prefer to work under his ex-manager and he’ll be too slow to compete with Tierney

    We’d better keep Tavares, because of his attacking abilities. I really liked the way we play with 3-5-2 yesterday and Tavares could be a good LWB in that formation

    For the huge and too much money asked , many of us , myself included , will be somewhat relieved that we seem now to not be wasting money on what would have been, essentially, been only a back up, JACK OF ALL TRADES, DEFENSIVE player. We need specialist cover for both full backs and a top quality central midfield creator.

    MOST OF ALL, we need someone to PROPERLY replace the appalling, immobile, hotheaded and deadslow Xhaka!

    1. Agree fully with you Jon, excellent points and reasoning.
      Martinez would be a backup, almost assuredly. Highly unlikely he plays over White, Gabriel, or even Saliba.

      He lacks pace for LB, and doubtful he unseats Tierney. 40 million is excessive for a defensive player not starting.

      Money is better spent on Grimaldo (low risk with his fee) and leaves money to replace Xhaka.

      IMHO this is the most pressing issue after signing Jesus. Xhaka has had 4 plus years, 3 managers, various partners, formations, and tactics, and still our midfield struggles.

    2. APPALLING, IMMOBILE, HOTHEADED AND DEADSLOW XHAKA – Well done Mikel for giving him the new contract, talking him out of leaving and not listening to “fans” who think they know better than you.

      Also, congratulations for seeing just what Mohamed Elneny is capable of – that stunning goal yesterday was reward for your faith in him and completely justified you awarding him a new contract.

      These two players are now your signings and will play an enormous part in the process we are witnessing.

      Can I also congratulate you for the inclusion of Hector Bellerin yesterday? I really hope you can come to some kind of agreement with him regarding his future (along with AMN of course).

      In summary, ignore the doom and gloom merchants and rely on your own judgement regarding our / your players – the realists amongst us back you up 100%

      1. This post should have been included further down in response to a post by Jon Fox at 9.10 pm.

      2. I am really glad Ken1945 that you have now started to appreciate Mikel Arteta. It takes a gentleman to realise where you are wrong and correct it. We all sometimes make misjudgements but correct our wrong impressions when we realise it.

        1. Thank you David, but I have never come down on one side or the other regarding Mikel.
          In fact, I have praised him and questioned him in equal portions.
          The continual moving of the goalposts to explain some of his results and decisions certainly annoy me, but I try to be as fair as I can in my opinion.

          Perhaps you remember my article regarding our home game with the spuds?
          I compared that performance with the Invincibles – I was equally opiniated with the reverse fixture, where I witnessed complete copulation.

          I still do not know if Mikel can / will take us back to being a top four club and, surely, this coming season must be his final opportunity?

          What I wanted to highlight, was the fact that we are being told time and time again, that if we question anything Mikel does, we are not supporting the club – meanwhile, those same people continue to denigrate players who have the complete backing of Mikel and cannot see what an absurd position they take.

          I am looking forward to seeing what happens this season and will support MA and HIS players, including Xhaka and Elneny.

          Those who profess to support MA, while continuing to denigrate players he has signed are, simply, being two faced…. in my opinion.
          Hope that gives you an insight into my thinking.

    3. Agree with you on this Jon. I think we are saving a lot of money. People on here have been speaking as if he can play LB/CB/DM all at a high quality. Can anyone name one player that is good at three very different positions like this? Even Zinchenko is really only good at 2 of his utility positions. An EPL untested, short, player who played EVERY game at LCB last season is what ppl want us to overspend on? The signing makes way more sense for United. They need a LCB as a starter and he knows the manager and played that position all season. They aren’t thinking about throwing him in midfield because that’s insane. So glad we are moving on from him.

  3. Grimaldo would be a very good buy at the price quoted and we should forget about Martinez and for that matter, Raphina..A powerful midfielder with pace and energy is a priority as far as I am concerned.

    1. Well said Grandad,

      Fofana and Onana would immediately
      transform Arsenals midfield room, both
      exuding the power and athleticism that
      has been sorely missing @ the Emirates for
      FAR to long.

      1. Wow.
        Onana still a little raw but very strong in tackle.

        Those two certainly add athleticism and power
        They are reasonable price too

  4. Yep he’s good. But I would take Zinchenko any day over him. Or Paqueta, or Savic. We also have Torreira back into the mix, and I always loved his tenacity and grit. If only half of our squad had that grit as Torreira. I wish Arteta keeps Torreira. Martinez is a good buy but not for that price. Well he might turn out to be a great buy for that price in the future but Arsenal are not in a state to gamble with only one signing that has a proven records. We need Tielemans. Or someone like like Savic, or Paqueta. Players with tons of experience in the midfield.

  5. I don’t believe we have “given up” on Martinez – could it be that Mikel has reached the limit of what he believes the player is worth?

    Having shown his faith in Zhaka, by giving him a new contract and with the stunning form Elneny is showing, Mikel can certainly play the waiting game… especially as we have no idea how the Partey situation will unfold.

    Tielliman is still being mooted, as is Savic and Paqueta, so I’m guessing that Mikel and Edu will be playing their cards close to their chests.
    If manure want to pay over the odds, there are plenty more fish in the sea – trust the process!!!

  6. I have been told Grimaldo, is our 5th choice for that position. We are now struggling to get our targets.

  7. Of all the players mooted Savic is the one that’s stand out which will elevate our team immediately in a significant way.

    Onana is the best among the rest but he still has some way to go as he’s not the finish article just yet.

    Arsenal should close eyes tight and purchase Savic for a million and one reason

    1. We’ve had one bid turned down it seems, but I’m sure we’ll be back, along with a firm bid for Tielliman.

      1. There are massive reasons as to why successive managers all retain Xhaka, he has is use.

        1) He is the player we love to hate.
        2) He is rarely injured so he’s always available
        to take the blame.
        3) Passionate and aggressive he don’t hold
        4)He is the first to get a yellow card even at
        times totally unnecessary
        5) He is never far from a red card.
        6) Very immobile with a good left foot.
        7) Every once in a while he comes up with
        26yds screamer
        8) A complete team player every time
        9) A leader on the pitch even when he’s not up
        to it, it just comes naturally
        10) He is a leader off the pitch.
        11)He controls the dressing room for years.
        12) When he is not playing you can feel his
        absence as far as Brooklyn, New York.

        Xhaka is not my favorite player, but some people are born leaders, he is the glue to Arsenal team, until we have a massive upgrade he has to start once fit

        1. Yes, we all saw the best of him at Newcastle, didn’t we? Especially loved the way he inspired the younger players to grab defeat out of the jaws if defeat and then had a go at them post match

  8. Never fancied this one. He, apparently is a centre back who can play in other positions. He is 5ft 9″ ffs. With all respect. I’m 5ft 10 and I’m the shortest oe in the pub.

  9. Wow, the king’s of practice football, Xhaka and Elneny. Didn’t watch the genius performances but am certain these two will disappoint again and again when it comes to the real business.

    1. Spot on .. the Panglossian take on a pre-season friendly against the German equivalent of Ipswich town beggars belief … yes we still have plenty of time but so far the signings give no sense that we are putting together a first 11 that can keep us in 5th spot let alone move in to top 4 … a squad to compete on cup fronts is important but league should be the priority .. attacking options and midfield do not meet that ostensible ambition

  10. Priced out of that market now, best to leave MU to stew in £43m price tag.

    It was never clear to me what role he’d be playing tbh, or if the reported Arsenal interest was all that genuine. It only made sense at £43m if the team will play different formations next season compared to last season, at least some of the time.

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