Are Arsenal and former star set to save each other?

Arsenal have so far failed to sign a top striker to their ranks this summer, despite working hard in that area, and could now turn to a former star to set things right.

Robin Van Persie is up for sale by Turkish Super Lig side Fenerbahce, and we are supposedly eyeing a possible bargain deal for his return.

The Dutchman scored 16 goals in his 31 league outings last season, and when realising he only featured in less than 1850 match minutes, that return is more than just respectable.

His current club president is willing to sell however, with the pair not having enjoyed the best relationship since the striker joined the club.

Earlier this week, Fenerbahce president Azil Yildirim said: “Van Persie? We’re waiting for buyers, if he wants to be sold.”

RVP left the Emirates Stadium in order to join Manchester United, which will not have pleases Gunners fans, and it is not known how welcomed he would be back in North-London.

I personally do not know how I will feel seeing him join, but believe I would be able to give him a chance to prove his worth to the side, mainly due to our strong need for a goalscorer to help take the reliance off of Olivier Giroud.

The Frenchman has always shown his best form when he has competition for his role, and Van Persie’s reputation could keep Olivier on his toes.

A number of other strike-targets look less and less likely to be sporting our famous red shirt this term, with Lacazette the latest name to have his sale ruled out, while Morata and Vardy have also had their supposed moves fizzle out.

Would you welcome RVP back? Was his exit too disrespectful to forgive?

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  1. ArsenalDave says:

    Pah! settling for a RVP emergency 1 year deal is pathetic. Our club is disapearing over the horizon with a wagon trail full of money y’all. Yee haw

  2. davidnz says:

    Finally the super turbo charged
    goal machine Arsenal fans have
    been waiting for has arrived.
    Giroud RVP Asano Wellbeck Sanogo.
    GRAWS. Terrifying the EPL from August 14.
    Coming to a ground near you soon 🙂

  3. Jokema says:

    He might even introduce negative energy and be disruptive to our dressing room

  4. muda says:

    Robin she said NO,
    Robin we said NO,
    No matter how desperate we are, we shouldn’t take that son of B**** back.

  5. ras911 says:

    No thank you! I understand why he left but i’ll never forgive him for how and where he went. He abandoned us at his prime so let him go cry to daddy Ferguson.

  6. JustJoy says:

    My total full support to The Unknown Japanese and Nigerian.. If this joke is real. This must be the dark days of Arsenal..

  7. Aussie Jack says:

    If the small response so far is anything to go by RVP has burned his bridges, which is a shame as he was very much Arsenal to me. It really is a matter of trust, can we trust him to give his all?
    Then there`s his salary. He would probably be looking at 130K pw minimum and I think that would upset some folk. Should we take him back, and would he be accepted by players and fans alike? I think not.

  8. Ozzy AFC says:

    Always with the cheap and not so cheerful option it would be an absolute insult to bring back Van Pursestrings back to the club he four years down the line and theeres a reason why he’s being let go
    Ill give you a clue its NOT cos he’s a prolific goalscorerer any more .

  9. jonm says:

    His goal scoring rate at fenhercache was very good , something like 135 minutes per non penalty gosl. That is aguerro standard and a lot better than vardy, kane and giroud. Ok it is in a lower standard league so not comparable but does indicate he still has an eye for goal.

    He is 32 years old but manu have just signed a 34 year old ibrahimovich and many on here wanted him for arsenal.

    He is used to the PL and Arsenal playing style.

    If he is fit and still has an eye for goal then he could do a very good job for us. Transfer fee to fenerbache was under 4 million pounds so he should be cheap. Wages I am not sure about but he is desperate to get away from fenerbache.

    He left because fabregas and nasri were sold and not replaced. He sought reassurance about arsenals ambitions and was not reassured. In other words he left because arsenal did not show ambition, precisely the complaint us fans have. Remember conceeding two early goals to tottenham at the emirates, then van persie got the whole team firing and we won 5-2. Hat trick away to chelsea. He certainly was a fabulous player and a winner, that is why he left, as he said at manu he was surrounded by winners.

    Personally I have reservations about his fitness/injuries. We are not going to get a lewandowski standard of player, at best it will be a welbeck replacement. If RVP can do a job for us then I think we should take him back. What is more important, stubborn pride or getting another good striker.

    1. Ozzi says:

      Hey guys I’m new here & so glad to be here. This is wenger we are talking about. I won’t be surprised at all. After all he brought back Flamini. Gooner 4 life!

      1. jonm says:

        At the time flamini came back, wenger said that he took a lot of convincing, his attitude fundamentally is that if you leave you leave for good. Having said that, if RVP is fit and can still score goals then we will regret not taking him back if he plays for say west ham and is firing the goals in.

        In 2011/12 season we started off by selling fabregas and nasri in the summer 2011 transfer window and not replacing them. RVP then scored 30 goals in the PL alone, golden boot and player of the season and still we did not win the PL. RVP then sought assurances that the team would be strengthened and was not reassured. No wonder he left. The following season 2012/13 was good for him and he fired manu to the title. The silver lining for us was that fergie retired. Since then it has been three unhappy seasons for RVP.

        If he is fit and still able to score goals then I think he would do well ar Arsenal. There is the question though, why did he go to fenerbahce and not another PL team, is he past it? If not I say go for it and let bygones be bygones.

  10. arsenalkid1970 says:

    Rvp is still better then what we have end of OG is crap scores 5 then can’t score for 5 months

  11. Countbalogs says:

    Let’s just look to bring back Hleb,Cesc ,Song and Van Persie.with Ozil ,Xhaka and Sanchez to compliment them,we’d be totally unbeatable.

  12. Trevor says:

    Id take him back, but not as first or second striker. He would be a good third option, Id prefer Janssen to come in along with a number one striker, but realise that RVP would be allot easier and cheaper to get done. So yeah, bring in two strikers, and Id be ok with RVP being one of them.

  13. jt says:

    Of course, I don’t care that he left for man u, yes it hurt, yes he could have left for juventus and we could have got more money. But I don’t begrudge a man who scored pretty much 30 goals for two seasons the opportunity to go and work with Alex Ferguson, a serial winner

    after having seen fabregas and nasri sold in one transfer window, and then after forming a great understanding with song he’s also sold. He asked for assurances of world class reinforcement but we were still shopping in the bargain bin

    not to mention the season before we had to ship in five players on deadline day due to the mailing from man u, just epitomised our transfer strategy, which is still abysmal

    If we look at it objectively, he’s still a good player that would add a lot to our team, ive forgiven him and would love to see him tutor a player like janssen who is incredibly reminiscent of a young rvp, albeit less skillful.

  14. ruelando says:

    RVP back at arsenal would not be a problem, he as not had any major injuries over the past years, still manage to find the net on regular occasions, still have a passion for the game, experience in the league, knows arsenal style of play, has more pace than giroud and is more an arsenal man than any player we have there at arsenal at present.

    Ok lets look at the pride thing, he left us and won something that he felt was missing from his life and he must be congratulated for that, what were the options made available to him before he left a depleted arsenal team, none, he left for a team that showed greater ambition. yes he left for a Manu, but what of it, many here would have taken Fab from Chelsea if he was free, we have taken Flamini and Would have accepted a Vardy. All not the same cases but contain aspects of the RVP case.

    I would not even dwell on age, because we can even look at a recent case, a certain Zlatan which many wanted here, we should not have nothing against a RVP return, because that would just be plain stupid

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