Are Arsenal being arrogant or naive over Zaha bids?

Arrogant Or Naive? By Dan Smith

Arsenal are either being arrogant or naive if they think they are even close to getting Zaha and I include some of our fans in that statement. The consensus seems to be his brother has said it’s his dream to move to the Emirates so that cancels out interest from other clubs. Maybe that’s a factor if you’re going head to head with Everton but Bayern Munich?

We have to understand that just because the player is a lifelong gooner is not Crystal Palace’s problem. They’re not going to turn their backs on 20-30 million just so a popular employee realises his dream. You think that’s how Steve Parish got rich?

Because of TV money, the smaller Premiership sides are no longer forced to lose their stars. They can put a price on their asset and if someone doesn’t agree with that figure that’s not their problem. Again, we seem to be acting like it’s their issue to sort out.

Whether you believe it’s down to a budget or simply more ambition if Bayern won’t be put off paying 80 million, while we offered half. If the German ‘s interest is real we will regret yet again not being more decisive, improving our bid to 65 instead of just dawdling. Something tells me our transfer strategy doesn’t include a bidding war.

Yet some think Zaha will say no to winning titles, doubling his wages and being in the Champions League because he loves the Gunners? Grow up… We might be his first choice but once his agent makes it clear we are not interested, I’m sure the Champions of Germany can offer prospects where he won’t let it stop his career.

And let’s face it, offering half of what the Eagles want isn’t really interested, it’s trying to be cheeky and get something for nothing. Every time we table an offer that is laughed out of Selhurst Park we risk the player doubting just how seriously we rate him. Apparently, we view his worth as 55 million, 10 million add ons plus Reiss Nelson on loan. Yes, Nelson is highly rated, but we have to sacrifice something here.

We can’t expect in 2019 to get a club’s best player while saving cash, while keeping our best young talent.

If we think that, we are either arrogant or naive.

Dan Smith


  1. Tell it Josh and Stan.
    Oh hold up! Josh said Stan has never put any restrictions in Arsenal’s spending..

    It must be that everyone else at the club is so conscientious about spending too much of his money!

    1. ArseOverTit, spot on regarding these two leeches, that’s been the case ever since we lost our CL final and it’s now really coming to light just what they are doing to the club.

      As for Zaha, we are being arrogant, nieve, disrespectfull and clownish in our transfer dealings…see above for confirmation:

      However, other clubs are doing the same thing manure saying £80,000,000 not enough for Lukaka and then bidding £62,000,000 for our golden boot winner.

      I tend to agree with the average valuation of £55,000,000 for the player, but we should be looking to buy defenders who can play for us immediately.
      Tierney should already have been signed and Saliba told you come immediately and pay a little more to his club….this is The Arsenal we are talking about…oh yeah I forgot!!!!

  2. I wouldn’t spend $60m on Zaha.

    If we get:
    – Salilba
    – Tierney
    – Cellabos
    – Everton
    – Another CB

    I would be so so happy

    1. if we want to compete against top clubs in Europe then we have to have the likes of Zaha EPL hardened and proven player

  3. I think you hit the nail on the head Dan, although not in the main point of the article. Arsenal just doesn’t consider Zaha worth £80 million. The £40 mill was probably a starting bid and the problem was a dialogue was opened a figure was mentioned and Arsenal have taken a long time to reply. I’m just reading between the lines and putting in place normal business practice. The difference is every stage of the process is broadcast which does make it seem ridiculous.

    In my opinion I don’t think he is even worth 60 and we shouldn’t buy him if our transfer budget is to be believed. The money can be spent much more efficiently.

    1. Exactly try telling bayern to pay 80m for an overrated player, see how they tell palace to f off. Top top players are worth 80m and zaha as good as he is not. Zaha isn’t worth more than max limit 60m

      1. Lukaka 65-80 mil
        Untried Rodri 62 mil
        Players are worth whatever the buying club wants to pay .
        If Arsenal won’t pay what CP they should fcking move on and stop wasting everyone’s time .

  4. If zaha was 21-22 then I would understand the high price since potential is big money but he’s 27 this year.

  5. Nabil Fekir moved to Betis for measle £18m !

    Can someone tell me how the hell this happened?

    People say he’s injury prone, but that’s wrong. He had a very serious injury 3 seasons ago but he’s not injury prone like Carroll or Wilshere. In fact, after his injury he’s played 3 seasons:
    16-17: 49 apps, 14 goals
    17-18: 39 apps, 23 goals
    18-19: 39 apps, 12 goals

    Don’t you think he was worth a shot with that kind of transfer fee?

    1. For comparison, Mesut Özil’s apperances for the past 3 seasons for us:

      16-17: 44
      17-18: 35
      18-19: 35

    2. Idk
      France league is different to premier league, premier more physical than france.
      M city mendy is close example,
      The failed medical with liverpool before is heavily ruined his reputations

      1. Wow. French ligue not physical?? Are you kidding?

        More than half of defensive players are powerful and very fast Africans. French ligue is more physical than La Liga, Bundesliga, or Serie A.

        Should have gone for Fekir, really.

        On topic: Zaha had made the whole thing difficult by extending his contract all the way until 2023. If he isn’t stupid, he must have known it would inflate his price until at least 2021, but as a typical footballer he was greedy. His mistake. If he had only extended until 2021, his price now would be 50 – 60 mill. which we would have ultimately paid (and if not us, then some other big club).

  6. I predict Arsenal would keep hyping the Zaha bid until the transfer window shuts down, just to keep their fans interested

    They launched half-assed bids on Luis Suarez and Thomas Lemar, hence I wouldn’t be surprised if the Zaha bid ends up in similar fashion

    Had they really had 60 M to spend on one player, they would have gone for a younger winger. Zaha is a safer bet because he has a vast EPL experience, but there are others with bigger re-sale potentials

    1. LOL Luis Suarez (£1) ! 🙂

      Totally agree gotanidea. It’s obviously a smokescreen. It’s the way Arsenal operate today and for the past decade!

      Of course, most Arsenal fans still want to believe and, equally, that’s what Arsenal Football Club want!!!

    2. The bid on Lemar was not half-assed at all if you remember what happened.

      The bid for Sanchez by City came on the last day (confirmed fact). Immediately Arsenal offered a huge amount for Lemar (92 mill.), but it couldn’t be completed in time, so we kept Sanchez for a few more months.

      And AGAIN, as you post so much ignorant rubbish:

      Arsenal paid Suarez’s release clause. They were not informed that it was not a real release clause… How TF do you not know these things when it was confirmed everywhere – even by Liverpool???

    3. So a bid of $40,000,000 was half assed?
      What are you on about now?
      That was the quoted buy out clause, that pool admitted later they lied about when saying it wasn’t.

      How on earth can that be half assed?

      What’s half assed is putting in a clause about paying £7,000,000 when we next qualify for the CL…actually thats’s a FULL ASSED disgraceful bid.

      Times have changed? For the worst it seems!!

  7. I would love Tierney at Arsenal, he is quick can attack as well as defend, but I can see Celtics point if the rumour is true 18m up front and 7m the next time we qualify for the CL is a strange offer and outsides Celtics control, could understand 18m up front and 7m after he plays 40 games.

    1. They should find a compromise: say 21 or 22 upfront, and 3 or 4 mill. when we qualify for the CL.

      1. Or, if we really want Tierney just pay the 25 mill upfront and get on with it. This Tierney saga even outlasts the Higuain and Lemar saga….

  8. Brilliant quantic, Zaha for 80 million what a joke, Arsenal is doing the right thing by getting into the players head and Zaha then put in transfer request then we go in with 60 million that should do it

  9. I believe that Arsenal have created the Zaha story as a smokescreen for their actual deals. I remember Raul Sanllehi and Vinai Venkatesham saying how a player in his last two years of his contract will be sold if not extending. There’s no news about Auba extending or getting shipped and that worries me. Another worrying thing is that there’s no real competition for injury-prone Bellerin and that we’re seemingly going to risk it all on having Sokratis, Monreal, Holding, and Mavropanos as the reliable CBs at the club for the rest of the season. It’s a disaster in the making.

  10. Money grows on trees ?
    Spoilt brat ?
    We have spent 6 million so far this window
    3 million we got back from Ospina
    Yeah we ask way too much?

    1. Well said Dan ??annoying that fans want us to be competitive but moan when we spend money like it’s their own cash .

  11. Stuff Zaha…. I think our second bid was more than fair… 55m,10m in add ons and Nelson on loan

    Rather see us buy Soares for less (25m and 12m add ons?) and use the rest of the money on KT and a CB …… Martinelli,Ceballos,KT,Soares and a CB would be very good business for our transfer window and address just about all our weak points imo

    1. Second bid hasnt even gone in yet .
      Don’t believe everything you read in the daily mail mate

      1. True I may be getting ahead of myself but my sentiments remain…. I would love Zaha to join us, even though he is the more expensive option, as he is EPL proven and can make an immediate impact but not if it means paying over the odds.

        The reported second bid is fair if you ask me so if its not accepted then move on…. Soares may not be proven but has talent and if he does take to the EPL he will surpass Zaha so the risk is worth taking imo

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