Are Arsenal building a top class squad to be Champions League contenders next season?

Arsenal have improved under Mikel Arteta. Since taking over in December of 2019, the Spaniard has attempted to shape Arsenal into an ideal squad that he believes will dominate not only the Premier League but also Europe.

This season, Arsenal has been strong, defeating nearly all of its Premier League opponents. They have a good shot of winning the Premier League. If they do, it could be the start of a new chapter in Arteta’s endeavour, sustaining their league dominance and re-establishing themselves as a European powerhouse.

To achieve his goals, Arteta will need to add excellent players to his squad. However, some Arsenal stars will have to make way before he can make these excellent signings. According to the Times, Arsenal stars Kieran Tierney, Granit Xhaka, Emile Smith Rowe, Albert Sambi Lokonga, Folarin Balogun, and Nuno Tavares may be on their way out to make room for fresh blood.

The report is suggesting that Arteta could bring in Declan Rice and Moises Caicedo, who could spark a centre midfield transformation. Aside from the two, an attacker and a left back could be added.

Despite the fact that all of these moves may result in only one alteration to Arsenal’s starting lineup, Arteta may have his best substitute bench ever. It’s difficult to dispute that with Leandro Trossard, Nketiah, Balogun, Jakub Kiwior, Moises Caicedo, and Tomiyasu on the bench, Arteta wouldn’t have unleashed his dream team.

Do you think Arsenal could challenge for the Champions League with a squad like that?

Sam P

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  1. I think if we add a top DM and a decent striker(maybe Flo?) and make sure we have a solid back-up GK we’ll have a very good squad.

    but that all depends on contracts being managed competently.

      1. @Onyango I have no idea to be honest, haven’t seen enough of him personally. That’s why I said just make sure our back up keeper is good enough, if Turner is then great.

    1. PJ-SA, I got back late from the match and read your comment “where are the VAR conspirators now”?
      I can’t understand where you are coming from with this.
      VAR, when used properly, is an aid to the officials… simple as that.
      When not used properly, it’s not VAR, but the officials who are at fault… simple as that.

      We would have seen Brentfords “goal” strike and Martinelli’s goal go the same way – two very simple examples for everyone to think about.
      Plus, those who say VAR takes out the excitement, should have been at The Emirates, waiting for the decision regarding Martinelli’s goal – it was an incredible minute or two and the RIGHT DECISION was made, thanks to VAR… not the on field linesman, who was pathetic all evening.

      Are we going to have the poll on VAR Pat?

      1. YES Pat are we to have that poll or not?
        And if so, when?
        I have long realised that an online poll of JA members will go against my view that is is horrible and should never have come in, UNTIL all decisions could be made instantly by faultless technology and communictaed directly to, and then from, the pitch ref.

        But I still say a poll of those who are regular attendees at ALL clubs matches will be firmly against VAR, as it CURRENTLY operates.

        1. So your against a system that, if used correctly, would have seen Brentford’s equaliser overturned and not been available to ensure Martinelli’s goal was correctly given then Jon?

          1. KEN you are surely NOT asking me, after all I have written and which you have read and replied to, IF I actually believe what I CONSTANTLY STATE ?
            Are you? And if so WHY?

              1. Ken I do not want to belittle your intellect by reminding you ONCE AGAIN, about my well documented objections, all of them, towards VAR in its entirety.

                I would accept it IF, and only IF, it became very speedy, operated without human interaction but by AI(artificial intelligence) tramsmitted directly to and then directly from, the actual match ref to we fans, ie like goalline technology. Other that that, I WILL NEVER AGREE WITH HOW IT OPERATES. I have said this very many times, so I don’t know how you have consistently missed it.

      2. Hi Ken

        What I meant was that there are people that believe someone(whoever this person is) has been whispering into all the VAR refs ears and telling them to screw us specifically to try and hamper us.

        VAR has gotten lot’s wrong and some right calls as well, what I’m yet to be convinced of is that we are some kind of victim of a evil scheme aim at Arsenal only.

        1. Thanks for the clarification.
          VAR cannot possibly be part of an evil scheme of course… it’s up for debate that a “referee” such as Lee Mason might be though!!

        2. I do totally believe theres an agenda against us and nothing will change my mind PJ SA,thats what i think

  2. Yesterday’s result shows that we have 4 good reasons for not buying an expensive striker/goal scorer. We already have half (slight exaggeration) a team full of them. Boost the midfield and bring back one or two loan players and we can challenge on all fronts.
    After all, it’s what we’ve been promised.

  3. I think this squad is UCL winning squad. We have all the ingredients plus they will have an year more of experience. Important thing is we don’t stand still and keep improving the team. For me DM and striker positions need quality addition to improve us further as a squad.

  4. I look at teams like Real, Juve, Bayern etc, they might not be winning domestically but they know how to win UCL ties. Then you look at a team like PSG and you would expect them to win everything they enter. Experience, composure and understanding is so important in big European ties.

  5. I heard Rice’s father was at the Emirates yesterday, but I believe Arsenal will still rely on Partey, Jorginho and Elneny for the CDM position next season

  6. gotanidea arsenal promised to get rice during the summer window. He’s a major target for arsenal come summer transfer. we have got young and exciting players on loan, we don’t need to spend much. For me we having striking options already, in balogun. We only need rice added to the squad..we’ve got good players on loan in every department

    1. But Arsenal just extended Elneny’s contract and Jorginho seems enough to compete with Partey for the CDM role

      Unless Rice will play in Xhaka’s position. This is unlikely because we’ve got Vieira, Smith-Rowe, Partey and Nelson to compete with Xhaka/ Odegaard

    2. Smalleta, You are mistaken, as Arsenal has promised no such thing. It is widely thought and may well be true -it also may not be true- that Rice wishes to come to us.
      But what will decide matters are two main things. Firstly, do we want him at the fee he willfetch and if so, will we be prepared to pay it.

      That is unknown and so NO promise has ever been made, other than your own private expectations to yourself

  7. Here’s a thought – The Invincibles couldn’t win the CL.
    Would this current squad beat the Invincibles and are they better!
    No they wouldn’t in my opinion and we have to recognise the fact that MA is still building his squad – even to the point where he says his current players are still learning.

    Give him, the owner and the players time and not start talking about what they can achieve, until they have ACTUALLY achieved something themselves (the fa cup win does not count with this current squad of course).

    The futures bright, but let’s keep our feet firmly on the ground!!

    1. Not only a thought KEN, but an extremely wise one made with the benefit of long life experience. Right now this team would not get anywhere near the Invincibles quality. I emphasis RIGHT NOW!

      Patience is not something much liked or even tolerated by many, not all but many, of our younger fans.

      1. I agree Jon, but some of the younger fans might not have seen the Invincibles in the flesh, so to speak and, therefore cannot judge the difference.

        1. There is really little point in trying to compare this team that has yet to win a championship to a team that is legendary.

  8. I like Trossard but he isn’t prime Eden Hazard. Jorginho has been masterful but he was only ever going to be a short-term fix. Ben White has done better than I expected him to but he isn’t a right back. To do as well as we have with the squad currently at Arteta’s disposal is phenomenal but make no mistake, this squad cannot and will not sustain a title challenge next season.

    Personally, I think we should keep Tierney and ESR but if they are to go they need to be replaced with similar or better. We need a better striker than Eddie and I think there are better players with a more proven pedigree than Caicedo. That said I will give my list of suggested signing to improve this current group and hopefully make us a contender for seasons to come.

    Denzel Dumfries
    Sergey Milinkovic-Savic
    Marcus Thurman

    I believe these 3 players are attainable at realistic prices and would elevate our standard to that of our rivals. Obviously Declan Rice would be a great signing but I think you can probably get 2 of the players if not all of them for what it will cost to get him, and he is not that good that that makes sense.

    1. I forgot to mention that I think we should absolutely keep Tomiyasu as he provides good cover at either full back position and in central defence.

  9. Our team is very young, and it should improve alone by the current players developing.
    But with the right additions to grow with them, we should be able to compete for the CL in a year or two.

  10. I see no reason why we can’t dream of a CL title. We’re defensively sound and attacking dangerously when in form

  11. The author of this piece is getting ahead of himself and there is a sense that hubris is creeping into some articles.. This season is not done. We need to see where we are at the end of the season first.
    We have not been in the CL for years, let’s get there first.

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