Are Arsenal doing the right thing with Wilshere loan?

Arsenal loaning Wilshere seems all so wrong!

As you may be aware, news broke last night that Arsenal’s Jack Wilshere has reportedly been made available for loan by Arsene Wenger, after it was understood he may not get as many games as he’d like at Arsenal this season. But sending Wilshere out on loan seems all so wrong in my eyes, as I just cannot imagine the passionate Gunner in any other shirt.

Wilshere of course spent time away from the club previously when he signed on loan for Bolton as a youngster. Six years on from that loan spell and Wilshere has only made 80 Premier League starts for Arsenal and so with the addition of Xhaka as well as competition for places in midfield, it seems that Wenger feels it is best he gets first team football elsewhere. I know that he spent a lot of those six seasons injured, missing almost two whole campaigns as well as many months of most others. However Wilshere is also not a first team favourite at Arsenal, despite his previous promising envisions as a youngster, largely due to the high amount of competition in midfield.

Arsenal currently have Xhaka, Cazorla, Ramsey, Wilshere, Coquelin and Elneny as regular first team central midfielders, meaning that’s six players competing for just two positions on the pitch. So far he has made two substitute appearances for the Gunners this season, however a lack of action has seen him omitted from the England national team’s latest squad and so in a bid to prove his fitness and quality to both club and country, Wilshere may deem a loan necessary for his career.

Wilshere’s injures have hampered his career and so perhaps Arsenal wouldn’t miss sending him out on loan too much, given that it would just be like he was unavailable through injury. However there’s no guarantees of course that he’d be able to stay fit and so perhaps Wilshere would be returning to Arsenal sooner than you think.

The Englishman has less than 48 hours to find a move, but according to the media he has plenty of suitors lining up for his signature. Personally if he is to move away on loan, I think it should be a six month deal, with the option of a January extension, or at least Arsenal can put a return clause in the loan contract, should the Gunners be short of options in midfield.



  1. If you ask me its a good thing. Our competition is much better than him in all aspects presumably discipline. If you notice very well, Wenger has lost faith in his usual arsenal core and is rebuilding it bit by bit to avoid breaking too many hearts at once. He’s wise and he’s kept the most promising (so far Walcott, Ramsey & Ox) of the British core we have to continue playing but they may all shift to bit part roles sooner or later and with great English prospects growing in our ranks like holding I see many of the underperformers being found out sooner rather than later. Personally I think our acquisition of Leicesters scout has helped us a whole lot!

    Also off topic. Don’t you feel just a like button is better than a thumbs down button aswell? That way if they don’t like the comment they can just ignore it? Just a thought tho

    Feels good to be back. I might right another article soon aswell.


    1. Let be honest to ourselves, Jack lost it a long time ago but Wenger was patient ,all the controversy around him was to much to handle, is wake up call for Jack ,just hope he realise nothing is granted in red shirt you must fight for it, when I look all the academy prospect like Jack, Frimpong,czesny,lord Bentner all of them have the same problem they were overhyped and they believe on it and they’re were the’re.Obviously Jack is the most talented of all,Wenger just lost faith on him, Good luck Jack just be Hamble were you go and fight the way we know you can fight deserve your place and if you come back you come back with vengeance to deserve the number 10.Good luck..

    2. No, it’s good to have a thumbs down button because it reflects on which opinion is popular among the fan base and which one isn’t.

  2. IMO, wilshire currently sits behind xhaka, cazorla, ozil, coquelin and ramsey. He is probably on a par with elneny for a place in the midfield and zelalem is also not too far behind, Adelaide too.

    For a place on the wing he is obviously behind alexis and if perez doesn’t play through the middle then I would say he is behind him too. Similarly to gnabry, wenger seems to prefer Welbeck, walcott,chamberlain and even iwobi.out wide. We have willock also coming through

    The thing is the likes elneny, iwobi, Adelaide, zelalem akpom and willock are likely to make up the bulk of the team for the EFL cup. The likes of gnabry and wilshire will most likely be better served on loan until January at least.

  3. I think its gud for him it serves as a wakeup call. All the hype that got to himis now flashed i expect him to work hard and proove himself so its a gud move.

  4. With xhaka,elneny,le coq,ramsey and carzola,jack is far from regular start at arsenal. the loan move is better for both wilshere,Arsenal and our young gunner jeff who is a talented and a very versatile player,wilshere need to build his fitness and confidence again

  5. Bookies are making Crystal Palace favourites to loan Jack and I read that Arsenal are about to sell Gnabry for as little as £8 millon ? … That is shocking.

  6. Chambers officially joins Middlesborough on loaan. I must say this move is good for his development. Let’s hope he sees a lot of game time over there and develops rapidly

  7. Good on Wilshire if it is true that he asked for a loan. Would of been easy to sit on the bench and count his money but clearly the fire still burns. The rumors of teams wanting an option to buy worry me but wish him nothing but the best. It’s not his fault his ankles are made out of glass

    1. Given some of the returns to the PL from other European leagues (Pogba, Mustafi etc) I don’t think some continental experience will hurt his chances

  8. With Jack gone or almost gone is the death of British Core, none of the famous 6 is guarantee starter, Gibs waste of space, Walcott waste of words, Ox championship material, Jenckison average, Ramsey good for Wales, Wiltshire overhyped and all of them together is almost £500.000 a week of wages for nothing and the famous 600 employees get less than all 6 playerso.

  9. I must humbly admit that Arsenal have had a very impressive transfer window thus far, Wenger and company have addressed a few glaring defensive needs and attempted to provide competition to OG with the Perez signing.

    Honestly Arsenal, sans the Griezman speculation were never going to spend north of $40M for Lacazette, Lukaku, Higuain, etc. A bargain such as Perez, although presumably 5th choice was always the most likely and I personally am satisfied with his recruitment. I see a little Sanchez and D. Villa in his game, a relentless workhorse who enjoys taking on players and running behind defenses. Can’t wait to see if him and Ozzy can link up, mouthwatering stuff.

    Xhaka and Mustafi, regardless of money spent are young, proven internationals that Arsenal have desperately needed for years. Xhaka in particular will be a captain and Emirates favorite for years.

    And Young Holding might be the next John Stones or Terry. Absolutely thrilled with his performance thus far, has not put a foot wrong while paired with Boss on the back line.

    Both Jack and Chambers need to play and Serge G although an incredible talent needs to start a new chapter in his home country. Great young talent who is sadly buried behind Theo, Ox and Iwobi. Hopefully he won’t be the next Paul Pogba.

    We very well may still finish out of the top four and would of preferred these deals done prior to the season, but definitely a good month to be a Gunner!!

  10. It is a good thing…he needs to play and regardless of what happens while on loan Arsenal will know where they stand with him.
    If he has a bad loan spell either due to another injury hit year or simply not good enough to make the grade as a 1st team player than I believe we won’t see him in an Arsenal shirt. Sellling him would be the best option as some teams will likely do a high reward investment and bet on him.
    If he has a good season which means:
    -Staying healthy (playing min 80% of the game the team he goes to is schedule to play)
    -Recovering his fitness (match fit, game speed reflexes…)
    -Sharpening skills & getting some goals & assists
    -Trusting the body
    From there he might get England call ups & of course have a chance in the 1st team again not only as a sub. Also when you’ve been at the same club, same manager, same fans, same environment for so long, with so much pressure to turn a corner and finally deliver a change of scenery might be best.
    By the way Roma seems a good choice with Miralem Pjanic gone he can play in the hole as a #10 or as a deeplying playmaker.

  11. I know this is gonna happen!!! Wilshere wont be the same as he was at 20yr old!!
    Best option: sell him for good value
    Buy Will Hughes !!! work done

  12. Can’t imagine him in any other shirt? What you mean like Boltons when he on loan last many years ago? If nothing else it will allow us to see if his injury curse is related in any way to our training setup/methods and not just down to previous injuries. A flexible loan is win win for us. Must admit though at times he does create something majestic not not often enough.

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