Are Arsenal doing the USA tour for the fans or for the money?

How Much Will Arsenal Make From Our Tour? By Dan Smith

Many Arsenal Fans have said they would only start to worry if there were no new faces by the time we flew out for our tour of the US, well we fly out tomorrow….

It doesn’t matter when the move for Saliba is confirmed because that doesn’t help us in the present. In fact, the two signings made this summer have been very much with the future in mind.

Meanwhile the only player sold has been Ospina, meaning, throwing in those who were allowed to run down their contracts, this is a weaker squad boarding the flight then the one we last saw in Baku.

It seems the Zaha saga has worked as a smoke screen, gooners buying new shirts because we are showing ambition? Conveniently for the gunners our Number 1 target is away at Cup of Nations (apparently the recruitment team can’t fly out to Africa).

In the comments I have read that it’s obvious our budget is bigger than 45 million when you add up total of bids made. Yet let me put it the other way. If deep down we are willing to get the Zaha deal done, why offer half of his valuation? Why are we buying a defender based on our transfer kitty in 12 months’ time? And my favourite. If the true figure is 70-100m to spend, why for a month now have we been haggling over every last pound for Tierney, when Celtic have asked for a reasonable price?

Of course, there is a difference between being skint and just choosing to keep the cash in the bank. Trust me if our owner wanted to, he could easily find extra funds. Yet the American isn’t bothered about his name being chanted at Boreham Wood, he’s excited about his English ‘franchise’ visiting his country.

You see, a quick study of the International Cup makes it clear that the idea we are financially hard up is wrong. Depending where the continent you are based in for the next 2 weeks, appearance money is 15-20 million, just for showing up (remember that when managers moan about players being overplayed). That increases based on match day revenue (flights and accommodation are paid for as well) Not to mention the thousands of shirts they will sell at each game….

Via Arsenal.Com, this is how much tickets cost …
Colorado Rapids – 49 – 167 dollars (Remember the Rapids are also owned by Kroenke)
Bayern Munich – 49 – 800 dollars
Fiorentina 35- 375 dollars
Real Madrid 60 – 366 dollars

This doesn’t include tickets being resold on the site as well as VIP /hospitality packages heading into the thousands. Now let’s remember this is meant to be pre-season friendlies yet we are charging the same as a Premiership Category A game at Emirates.

Now consider….
The Dicks Sporting Good Park holds just over 18,000.
Dignity Health Sports Park just over 27,000.
Bank Of America Stadium just over 75,000.
FedEx Field just over 82,000.

Now add that 12 of the biggest teams are playing in the US, Asia, Australia and Europe with all 18 games televised, everyone is making a massive payday.

This is a week after the launch of a sponsorship deal which will make 60 million every year for the next 5, bettered only by Man United and Barcelona. But we have only 45 to spend?

So, when our PR machine hype this is good for our global Gooners, it’s false. We are simply a brand. That’s why it doesn’t matter if we are in Europa League or our League position, we are a brand which makes Kroenke money regardless…

Dan Smith


  1. This transfer window has been underwhelming so far

    Because the underperformers and the old players stay, whereas the high profile targets are out of reach

    Hopefully the tour profit would be spent on the new players, not for enhancing Kroenke’s ranch in the US

  2. Kronke knows fans in England tired of his crap, so he’s capitalizing on a new market in USA. He’ll pockets tens of millions for the tour, replenish his coffers, and continue to cry “self-sustaining” without using the newly earned funds.

    He runs this game with all his clubs. Remember Rams going to London while they were still stinking up the stadium in St Louis? Fans in St Louis refused to pay for garbage team, so he went to new market in London to peddle his rubbish.

    Kronke is a financial leech 1st class, a parasite sucking a club dry. He’s desperate to expand global brand.

    A snake oil salesman who is willing to lie, flatter, and deceive for cash. Think I’m wrong? Ask St Louis, read the news about him being sued and why.

    1. Funnily enough, I hear Kronke has got a new 152″ OLED ordered for his new ranch bedroom. The problem is, hes got to move his Stetson and cowboy boot walk-in-wardrobe to another location so he can get it on one wall!

      All tickets sold will solve the funds he needs though. With a little spare for burgers and hot dogs! 🙂

      1. And one thing is for sure, the 152″ OLED won’t be tuned in to the EPL to watch the Arsenal.

  3. The same as any other club on preseason tours, it’s about making money and new fans around the world. I don’t see anything wrong in that and hardly think that we set the ticket prices, they are set by the home club.
    Oh and by the way, the team flew out earlier today, not tomorrow.

      1. Sorry Dan my comment came out less than ‘nice’ from me and no offence intended but I still don’t believe the £45 million figure and also not sure the club have confirmed that amount but I’m happy to be corrected.

    1. Having said that, I think our club is in rather a mess at present. Half a dozen players we are trying to sell and no one wants them, rumours of unrest at training, Kos basically on strike and now a totally classless statement from the club. Not quite the club I’ve loved and supported for over 60 years!

      1. Like hundreds of thousands of others who have lived into their eighties I have relied a lot on the love of sport to drag me through the bad times. As a boy just after the war I fell in love with the red and white of Arsenal, it was far more than a football club to me it was a deep down warm feeling of pride coupled with security that helped me when I was a kid. I still need that feeling but,it`s no longer available thanks to the greed of souless men.

  4. Exactly 1 year today (July 11th 2018) we signed Torreira and Guendouzi on the same day.

    We signed Sokratis on July 2nd 2018. He’s 31 now btw. He’s better at 31 then Mustafi is at 27

    So far this year just Gabriel Martinelli

    The fact that we have started our transfer business slower than last year worries me. It gives credence to the idea that we have a very low transfer budget. Maybe we are really searching hard for cheap alternatives. I hope I’m wrong!

    1. But aren’t we usually slow in our transfer business??
      Today’s news about Kos has left me very sad not only because he is our best CB but it also means Mustafi is probably staying

      1. The big question is “why did Sven Mislantat leave?”
        Voted with his feet and can we expect Unai Emery to do the same?

  5. We NEED more money so I support this.

    Question is will Kroenke allow the money made to be used on transfers or just kept in the bank?

  6. That’s a stupid question since both are related first everything gets paid,we get a fee to appear and play,also fans will want their jerseys, merchandises signed off by players except Kolscieny who refused to travel with the team!s good question would have been is the US tour was a good idea and my response is yes, more money, playing some good teams, really improve our fitness and integring the young players to gain some experience, negatives points Kolscieny our captain not traveling and no new signings!!

  7. Seeing as we’re skint I bloody hope so.

    Cash cow argument has only a tiny bit of weight given that the board’s take-home is published. Kroenke’s salary is 3rd highest in the prem but dwarfed by the Glazers who don’t seem to have issues with transfer budget. Player recruitment has to improve as does, yes, income from international markets.

    The tour should be somewhat of a windfall (although unlikely to affect this year’s budget).

        1. KEV, that is the most honest and meaningful comment that you have ever had on here, well done. i am certain a lot of us will follow your sound advice.

  8. It’s safe to say that we should forget signing anyone.
    We will have a mediocre season as usual

  9. A mediocre season as usual Brainbox?

    What exactly do you want from the club? UE took our team to a european cup final and, until the last six games of the season, we were in third position with an “easy run in”.

    If you would only be realistic about things, you would understand that we cannot (at the moment anyway) compete with arab and russian money, a club with another american owner who is investing in the club and noisy neighbours who, after sixty plus years, are competing with us (only 1 point difference remember) due to CL qualification three years in a row.

    The owner of our club AND the board are treating the supporters with contempt by letting the rumour of a small transfer kitty and the idea of a self sufficient football club, be put out as facts.
    We have no access to the financial side of the club anymore, so therein lies the dilemma…support the name or turn your back on the owner, it’s everyone’s choice as an individual.

    The problem is, kronkie can do whatever he wants with the club known as The Arsenal, as he owns it lock, stock and barrel.
    With a reported waiting list for season tickets between 40,000 and 100,000, they have no reason to worry have they?

    1. Ken, my friend I agree with everything with everything you say above.
      I also wish to respond to your displeasure with me on the “Koscielny post”, because there was no reply button on the post.
      During my years on this forum I have praised Arsene Wenger on many occasions for his great achievements as manager of Arsenal. However I have considered and stated that Arsene Wenger inherited a very good, well balanced and improving squad from Bruce Rioch. It was unfortunate that he did not do the same thing for his successor.
      My main criticism of Arsene Wenger has been that given the situation with the owner and the Board and the lack of investment, he didn’t use the considerable personal capital he had with the Club and fan base to speak out on the constraints he was under and get support or walk. For whatever reason – being a good corporate man, being on a great salary, some may argue love of the Club and he had nothing else in his life etc he stayed and was an apologist for what was happening.
      People criticise Robin Van Persie because he left Arsenal after trying to get the Club to show ambition and buy the players it needed to compete. He was rebuffed and went to Manchester United to win the championship.
      I wish Arsene Wenger had done the same, while Arsenal still had Champions League.

  10. I’m happy koz took a strike option.
    If arsenal want to be stupid not to buy a CB, that’s their problem.
    Imagine having beleik, yet they are wasting money for someone not playing till next season.
    Good koz.

  11. Of course we are a brand. The problem is that the core focus of our owner. There is nothing inherently wrong with going abroad for pre-season tho.

  12. People amazes me this we have know for years
    Arsenal so much lack ambition that im beginning
    To slowly loss interest from the activities of
    Of the club bidding for Zaha the same day they
    Are launching new kit am no fool not to see what
    IS happening……in two seasons how many away
    Win did we see in the league yet it doesn’t bother
    The club why do u think big clubs keep changing
    Managers every now and then yet are successful
    It means good players wins you matches..caoches
    Takes care of tactical side of the game…..give
    Emery good team he win win something with them
    Regardless of what u think about him…

    Ambition comes from the top…
    When we show a top 8 ambition
    The fans will expect a title
    If u like say lay the blame
    Where ever u like….our
    Position last season is where
    We deserved to be anything above
    It would have been over achievement
    From what we are doing so far I can
    As well say the same this coming season..

    We have been settling for top 4 for so long
    While others keeps making extra effort to
    Win the league that we are beginning to loss
    Our identity and forgot how big a club is that
    We are now acting as poor as Everton of old

  13. Absolutely shocking behaviour from Koscielny! A total lack of professionalism.. I was his biggest fan but not anymore.. it should be a privilege playing for Arsenal! Time he was moved on.

      1. Haha I seen it Sue ? he’s a disgrace I want him gone I hope he never plays another game for us ?

        1. I reckon you’ll have your wish! I don’t know the ins & outs, though I read earlier – probably BS – about he’d agreed a new deal, but would have a pay cut, plus because of his injuries, he’d be on performance related pay based on appearances… Bordeaux have offered him a 3 year deal… shame it’s ended this way..

          1. A fella you were commenting with said he’s 37 lol he’s 33 ? he obviously doesn’t care about the club so I’d let him rot in the reserves until his contract is up as we won’t get much for him anyway! Time for the club to be ruthless ?

          2. Haha, I didn’t think he was your age ?
            I doubt he’ll be with us for much longer, so get what we can for him.. every little helps ? I am a little shocked by it.. but then nothing should surprise us anymore!!
            So we’ll be CB shopping then…??

          3. So ivory coast are out Zaha can return home now ? God, if he was my age he could go for free ? turning down Los Angeles I’d be first on the plane ? it looks that way Sue I’d be surprised if we weren’t after one even if this incident didn’t happen ?

          4. I watched that game earlier.. Wilf was bloody subbed in extra time.. so was the goal scorer Kodjia, Bony came on & had his penalty saved! Idiot!
            Well at least we can get the ball rolling – come on Wilf, come to the Emirates ?
            Another season of Shkodran ???

          5. As much as I want Mustafi gone, at least he’s loyal unlike Koscielny ? that Saliba fella looks brilliant wish we were getting him now ? haha your doing the griezmann dance if we sign him Sue ? if Egypt weren’t knocked out there would have been 3 north African teams in the semi Algeria and Tunisia are already there I fancy Algeria to win it ?

          6. Surely they’ll beat Nigeria.. they looked pretty good earlier!
            We may get some money if Bennacer is sold then (enough for Wilf!!) ?

          7. The Nigerian Messi will have something to say about that ? why don’t we sell chambers and bring in bennacer ? give palace Mkh, elneny and Jenkinson and throw in Koscielny ???

      1. Haha impossible ? so the rapids on Monday night Sue ? I’m guessing you won’t be watching it ?

          1. I’ll just tell you about it Sue ? let’s hope Kroenke doesn’t move Arsenal to America or you’ll never see them again ?

  14. KEV, i apologise for shocking you, sure that was not my intention at all old chap.if you are shocked that somebody does not believe your badly made up fantasies then i suggest you get used to getting shocked between now and end of transfer window !.any more funny stories while i have you ???>

      1. KEV 82, sorry mate, i am not talking to you about transfers. i am talking to the god known as KEV. apologies for any misunderstanding.

      1. But that’s just it-Most don’t follow you to find out what’s going on in the transfer market.You might think they do but they don’t.Most read your comments for a laugh.You seem to feel you are the self-appointed guru of the transfer window.Have you actually read our posts?They are embarrassing.Its no wonder you are ridiculed by so many.Your comments on Tierney have seen you embarrass your self to the point where I honestly feel you are delusional.You day your sources are real but they are not.They prove not to be every transfer window.If you cared to admit it you will recognise where you fails so pathetically to convince anyone of what you put out there.
        I know an ex-player who is still recognised as a proper Arsenal player from the late 1970-80’s.He regularly visits the Emirates on match day and meets up with all ex players.He alwayscsaid that the players were the last to know when a deal was being done.They might hear a few rumours but Arsenal never broadcast anything.Why would things be any different now?A team packed with International Footballers know nothing.But YOU KNOW EVERYTHING.You are an embarrassment PAL.Even trying to justify yourself to AdMart (that sounds like a Mrs Kronke shop in the States) was wrong of you but you couldn’t help yourself could you?If you actually bothered reading what he was saying you would not of embarrassed again.Admart has come across as quite tough but fair.He also is trying to administer a site that prevents antagonistic comments and replies.Butvyou couldn’t help arguing with him could you? Even though he along with everyone were just open-mouthed in astonishment at the comment you made re Celtic keeping the Tierney deal quiet so as not to upset their supporters.You surpassed yourself with that one PAL.Of all the mindless crap you have spouted on this site down the 21/2 years I’ve been on here THAT was the one that finished you to be honest.I used to find most things you wrote amusing but now you just take yourself too seriously.Sonichu last season was an embarrassment.Lemar the season before just as bad.And let’s face it they are just two in the long line of embarrassing posts you have written.But now to seriously believe your own mindless comments like you do makes you a laughing stock.You are very quick to go on the offensive when you are called out ( which is becoming more and more regular) but you never ever give a reasonable answer or apology when requested.
        Honestly PAL-you come across like a five year old.Nobody with any sense takes anything you say seriously.

        1. You are like a parrot.You just make noise thinking there’s sense in that.I didn’t have to read all your comments because it’s the usual crap.The fact that you had the time to type all this deal shows that you have a problem mentally and socially and that’s funny because people here accuse me of the sane without even knowing me.Everything you’re saying here exposes you as the kind of person you are.You may claim to be wise even though not explicitly and smarter than me but if anything you have proven to be equally delusional and an ignorant person.
          You must be living in another planet if you think the only people who know about transfers are players.I can’t explain myself to you because you are a waste of my time and have already made up your mind.You think you can give but I can give more than this.When you posted this reply I wasn’t awake but I had to come back because I hate the deal you keep spouting.You act as if this site is for you and you have sense but your comments shows you have a problem.Im only 23years old but you have reduced your level to mine which exposes you for the person you are .You can believe media for all I care and please don’t waste your time on me.You are one annoying person.If I typed what I wanted to type admin would’ve removed my comments and probably my account.What nonsense!

        2. PHIL, i second all in your comment to this fool of a child. the time has now come for us to totally ignore him. his credibility has totally evaporated with the tierney saga, nobody, but , nobody, can ever believe another word that KEV writes on here.he was funny for a time, even entertaining, but , now, we have found him out,to coventry with hi i say, lol.

          1. He is a little child isn’t he-but the problem I have with him is he never gives you an answer to a straight question.He makes it up in his childish little mind and is stupid enough to believe that anyone takes him seriously
            So the Club has targets to pursue-of that there is no doubt.Are we hampered by the budget? Of course we are.But nobody outside of a very select few know what that budget is or who we will eventually sign.
            And certainly not some childish 23 year old who needs to stop fiddling with things at night-it gets messy in more ways than one.

  15. Spot on Dan! Stan cares for moneyball and sound investments so winning as he stated himself isn’t what he is in it for!

    Making money is the name of the game at AFC, not football and challenging for the biggest honours like we were made to believe (a.k.a sold a dream ).

  16. Let Kochielny leave
    For nothing he has
    Been loyal all years
    His been here I don’t
    Like it but damn it
    Am tired of making
    Money for this club
    That is never reinvented
    Anytime we make a big
    Signing it’s always to
    Avoid fans fury.. rather
    Than to achieve some
    How the mighty have fallen
    Let kochielny be the man
    Has done nothing he has
    Been here for years and
    We have seen nothing over
    Those years that sujests
    His not a complete gentleman
    What is bad in him refusing
    To make money for the club
    It’s not like it’s reinvented
    In the team….let him be

    1. Nonny, so the clauses in the contract only apply when they are in the player’s interest?

      1. Spot on Nonny-for a player that played less than half the games last season I don’t remember him threatening to go on strike if the Club revised to take half his wages back do you?
        I’m disappointed in Kos.He never once came across as likely to behave in this manner.But the Club have to act correctly on this.
        He must be sold.Snd to the Club that offers the highest money not the Club the player wants to join.If for example Lyon bid £5m and Bordeaux bid £3m and thdvplayer prefers Bordeaux then he doesn’t go there if the offer is not matched.
        What I would like to see the Club do now is get Beilik back as soon as he is ready and get him playing in thesecfrreinflies.There’s now an opening.I would keep Sokritis Mustafi Holfing Chambers and Mavo.Spend the funds we have at LB and CAM and Winger.Get is back to a BACK FOUR and get this defence COACHED.Bellerin will be back in Oct/Nov and Tietney will improve us immediately.Just coach the defence and midfield and get this working immediately.If we could get Mustafi out and a better quality CB in then I’m alk for this.If not just get on with what we have.There are good players there.But it doesn’t just happen

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