Are Arsenal eyeing Chelsea target to replace Alexis Sanchez?

Arsenal are claimed to be eyeing a deal to sign Yannick Carrasco from Atletico Madrid this summer.

The Gunners currently have a dark cloud hovering over the futures of Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez, with the pair out of contract in 2018, and no signs of a deal being agreed any time soon.

The German has insisted that he is happy at the club and is eager to stay, while Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has claimed that the Chilean’s intentions are motivated by money, and this could prove a stumbling block as our club aims to keep within it’s wage structure.

Alexis has taken a step up this season, raising his level amidst changing positions, and currently sits one goal of the Premier League goalscoring charts, and I’m sure there is no Arsenal fan out there who wouldn’t advise the club to #PayDaTing (as Twitter followers would tag).

Our club is now said to be eyeing a deal to bring Yannick Carrasco to the Emirates Stadium, with the forward also of interest to Bayern Munich, Paris Saint-Germain and Chelsea supposedly. His current side Atletico are said to be unwilling to do business for less than £40 Million, but he is said to have fallen out with current boss Diego Simeone, which may help push through a deal.

The Blues may prove to be our biggest rivals in the hunt for his signature, having a good working relationship with the Spanish club thanks to previous deals including Filipe Luis, Diego Costa and Thibaut Courtois, while Bayern already have Douglas Costa amazing in his favoured position, and Paris Saint-Germain having Angel Di Maria.

Saying that, Eden Hazard will not be giving up his role in the Blues side either, and we may well prove his best option to continue his career.

Would Carrasco’s signing make up for the departure of Alexis? Could a deal for him persuade the key duo to sign extensions?

Pat J

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  1. Why isnt Gazidis saying anything about the contract situations? Didn’t he say we can now afford Rooney wages with the financial position we are in? So is it that we can but won’t pay or what is the problem?

    1. Tas says:

      Can someone tell me what does Gazidis do at our club anyway?

      I supose his another YES man for Kroenke there seames to be loads of them around

      1. Tas says:

        We too have an American president at Arsenal why don’t we get the Mexicans to pay for our players and build a wall so they cannot leave,

        NO Stan around our players not around our money

        ( no disrespect meant to any presidents while making this comment )

        Cough cough you never know when you might need a visa

        1. Break-on-through says:

          Get the Chinese, they are still king, so long as there are no Mongolians around.

  2. bran99 says:

    I don’t rate the Carrasco guy that much, there’s a better player (Griezmann) in that team and he could replace Alexis, why not go for him? replacing the best we have with an average one won’t solve our problems

    1. Break-on-through says:

      I don’t know enough about him, I know he has ten goals and some assists. If he’s a work horse that can also dribble, cross and score goals well then I say we need him. But I hear he fell out with Simeone, not that that would be hard, but I hear it’s because of Simeone demanding him to keep up his efforts in defensive work for some reason. I don’t know if it’s true, but him wanting to leave certainly has a ring of truth, but this could be Simeone payback for wanting to leave in first place, after getting his chance under him. Sounds like something that that manager might do.

  3. Break-on-through says:

    We should have got in at least one big winger, one that doesn’t need to be told to put work into it. Walcott, yes he’s back among the goals this season, and in the beginning looked like he was gonna try allot harder with the other stuff. Are we surprised that he wasn’t strong enough nor clever nor disciplined enough, he just hasn’t got it upstairs. Perez, people might point to him. He really hasn’t had enough of a chance but I honestly don’t see him as the step up that we need. Don’t get me wrong, he looks useful so far, in his short time, but I haven’t seen the all round game that forward players within top clubs need to have. Are we surprised that wingplay is lacking the right quality, esp now that Alexis is suited and needed elsewhere, no we’re not. We called for one of them at-least to be made pay for the constant making of same mistakes, Walcott was ripe for the slaughter. I’m not putting it all on Walcott, it is a combination of the few with his type of lack of understanding/passion/care. It’s almost like Wenger wants to go down with his ship. He needed to stop taking so much pride in developing players careers and them having him to thank for it. He takes too much pride from that part of the game. Rarely do I hear an ex AFC player speak badly about the man, even when they’re paid millions to be critical, and have ammunition to burn, they will tip toe around it making sure to say how much good he does at the same time. I think Henry, esp Keown, would tear him a new one, if they were of another club.

  4. Sam, need a striker says:

    Since we are talking about Atletico Madrid, it would be a better deal to get Simeone to replace Wenger and let him determine who to bring …

  5. stubill says:

    We need to get someone to replace Sanchez, as far as I’m concerned he’s gone at the end of the season. It appears that an impasse has been met, with neither party willing to yield. If you add Sanchezs’ terrible body language it only means one thing.

    Contract negotiations at Arsenal are a joke, I don’t know of any other club who piddle about like we do, players and agents know their worth, so if one club doesn’t pay it, there is always another who will. Just look at Tottenham, Ali, Kane Dier etc, all signed new contracts recently, each of them could have gone elsewhere but signed their contract, even if they want to leave in 18 months, it means Tottenham can maximise their income from any sale.

    Ozil and Sanchez negotiations have been dragging on for months and months, and from our history in these matters it only means one thing, they’re gone.

    If you heard what Wenger said about Wilshere, it doesn’t sound like he has a future at the Emirates either, when asked about his future he said “Bournemouth have not come in with an offer for him”, which indicates that he is looking to off load him.

    It doesn’t look very good for us at the moment, so hang on, it could be a rough ride.

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