Are Arsenal fans a little jealous that Tottenham signed Conte?

One thing Spurs beats Arsenal on – recruitment! by Shenel

 After news broke last night it now appears to be confirmed that Tottenham have a new manager.

 They have recruited ex Chelsea manager Antonio Conte as their new coach, after sacking Nuno Espirito Santo after a less than acceptable run of form for the club!

Now I don’t know how to feel with that but I can’t help but feel a little frustrated…

 Although it is nice to see that so far Arsenal seem to be going in some sort of the right direction although I would be interested to see how we go against the likes of Manchester City, Liverpool and Chelsea when we play them, after seemingly coming out of the rut we were in, especially after losing badly to City and Chelsea the first time around.

But I also can’t help but feel that in the long term I do not think Arteta would be the guy to give us years of success like Arsene Wenger did. Now if he does stay that long and goes on to prove me wrong, then I will of course hold my hands up.

 I am one of those fans that would have liked to see the likes of Conte at the club though.

Our appointment process clearly shows that the owners do not look very high in who they get, and this is in no way a disrespect towards Arteta at all because he must have some qualities otherwise he wouldn’t be doing what he is, right?

 Although I am hoping Conte’s appointment won’t do much to turn Spurs around, I do feel disappointed and a little bit deflated.

 All I can say for us is we can only work with what we have got, so as hard as it is, let’s not focus on who is managing the other clubs, and more on what is going on at our club and get behind the team as much as we can!

 Because at the end of the day, let’s not forget when Arsene Wenger first came eyebrows were raised as he was unknown and look at the legacy he created at the club!

Onwards and upwards hey Gooners?

 Shenel Osman


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  1. Jesus Christ, give it a break with the Conte shît already.
    Nobody gives a damn about Spurs at the moment, stop bringing it up and stop trying to force some perception that’s not there.
    Dan did his earlier on today, and you’re coming up with this.
    Conte joined Spurs and not United.
    Just give it a break please and you guys should stop trying to create this lame buzz about his move

    1. Exactly Eddie, why are articles about spurs appearing on the JUST Arsenal site? And as for the opening line of the article, “One thing spurs beat Arsenal on – recruitment”, every manager there in the last 20 years has been a disaster, bad recruitment, apart from Poch who they fired , big mistake. We had articles like this when they signed Mourinho and look how that turned out.

  2. Glad so few Arsenal fans I speak to think this way. Conte is another Mourinho. Don’t want him anywhere near the club

      1. He has just lowered his status by joining Spurs, they are going nowhere, so who cares? Man U & Arsenal are still big names just like AC Milan/Inter Milan. Barca are in trouble right now, that does not lower their cult status.Every body is happy with Mikel’s impact and it will make us contenders if we get a clinical striker and an elite DM.

  3. Same here……we have to take care of our own house in our own way. We can’t worry about Spurs signing Conte. Conte is still gonna have the same Spurs personnel Kane, Song Moura etc. They’re not going become especially dangerous under him. They’re gonna do what they’ve always done….just under his direction. And what they do is of little importance to us especially when we know on our good day, we can deal with them as a threat. Okay, even if he starts to spalsh the cash (which Levy doesn’t want to do), Conte might revamp Spurs and with it will come yet another playing style that’s all! A playing style we’ll have to adapt to, not fret about.

    It’s the same with the Newcastle takeover. Okay, they’ve got a few Bob now. They might buy Mbappe, Messi, Harland and a while host of famous names. Why should we worry about Newcastle. They’ll do their thing and we’ll do ours. If continue to be in awe or envy when another club threaten to progress then we might as well call it a day!

  4. I wanted him or Ten Hag after Wenger, and even after Emery too. But I think Arteta is making good progress, and hopefully he’ll be able to put together a strong winning side for years to come…. we’ll still support the team regardless of whom the manager is….. COYG!

  5. I agree Conte don’t forget was sacked by Chelski after doing well in his first season. Spent shit loads then did shit all with it. Sacked by Inter after signing alot of players. There is too much competition for big spending on stars and would the Spuds attract them. Also Conte is a no nonsense, its my way or no way attitude might not wash with alot of seemingly over sensitive player’s.

    We will see but I don’t think it’s a good move by spurs. Ten Haag would have been a better move for them but thank god he didn’t go there and gives us a back up plan

    1. Left inter by mutual Consent not sacked after winning Seria A which had been won by Juve the 9 previous seasons with a net spend of 111 million .
      At Chelsea he had a net spend of 137 million also winning the title .
      Arteta as a net spend of 212 million over the same Periods ,so should we expect a title aswell
      Difference is conte is a proven winner and wants the best players as all the top managers do ,unfortunately the Arsenal board went for the process excuse and that’s why we find ourselves arguing over our poor excuse of a manager .
      Remember we are in this progressive state because we regressed with the same manager in charge .

      1. I forgot Dan your a massive Conte fan and want him as our manager. No doubt he’s great at winning the farmers league in Italy fella and last year in a season where Juve were awful too. Being released by “mutual consent” was Inter saying thanks for the title you won us, but your pissing alot of people off, leave or well have to sack you mate and its on your CV again.

        I have alot of respect for Conte for his achievements in Serie A and adding the prem title and Fa Cup after addding 137m of players to a already very good squad at Chelsea.

        But you can’t deny the following season Chelsea were shit finishing 5th under him, with a superb 750m+ Chelsea squad. His tactics got found out just like Maurinhos have and he’s become a bit of a dinosaur.

        Arteta will be judged on this season as he has his squad now. Also on how we’re managed during AFCON too. But so what we have spend 200m+ under Arteta. It will probable take another 200m+ to compete with Man City, Chelsea and the like who have spent over a billion to be where they are today.

        It your opinion on Conte he may well turn their fortunes around this season. But how long will it last before A. the players become pissed off with him B. The spurs board become pissed off with him moaning at them all the time. We all know what happened when Poch was whining about the amount of money was spent and they type of players Levy was signing

      2. Oh, CFC had good players, they got the better ones Kante & Alonso, the rest Conte signings were average at best. Mikel spent 212 grand that is because of the dross Wenger accumulated and refused to refresh and upgrade the squad time and again.
        Your last sentence is true, we should have fired Wenger in 1999-2000 – after 5 years of failing to reclaim the EPL title

          1. Apologies, apologies Admin Pat, I meant 2009/10 season. Thanks for the correction,age is catching up!

  6. We are miles Behind spurs in so many aspects. Conte is the level they’re at. We are on some sort of cheap project that’s just an excuse to fleece us fans. Sick of it!

    1. Shut up. When Spurs get Nuno, that is the level of Spurs. While we are steadying the ship with Arteta. If you really rate Spurs highly, go support them. Conte is elite, but guess what? Not anymore

      1. Agreed Odie vonte is no doubt a manager who ruffles the feathers and gets a response for a while. But after that he struggles and gets on alot of people’s nerves within a club. He is officially the new Mourinho

  7. What did Arsenal expect of Arteta in Dec 2019?
    What do Spurs expect of Conte Nov 2021?
    Arteta started in December 2020 and I believe the expectation was 4th place minimum.
    So Arteta fell short but the FA Cup win papered over the league failure.
    Season two we expected a big improvement but it never came. Incredibly the board gave Arteta a thired year.
    Again top 6 is the minimum expectation. After a horror star we are up to 5th and now top 4 is the expectation Will Arteta meet that new fan expectation by May? Who knows?
    So what of Conte today?
    Apparently he is only going to receive an initial 18month contract… to save on parachute payments one assumes. Will two 8th place finishes like Arteta suffice? Probably not.
    Is Conte going to be given 4 seasons like Arteta to get top 4? Probably not.
    So it’s all down to club expectations.
    Are Arsenal or Spurs likely to win the league any time soon? Probably not.
    Why not settle for one manager, one group of players a top 6 finish and a cup run. Save a lot of hassle and money. But the fans will moan

    1. I would consider this as Arteta’s real first season. Wenger failed, Emery failed and Lumberg failed with the set of players – Ospina/Leno, Bellerin, Mustafi, Holding, Kolasinac, Xhaka, Elneny, Ozil, Willock, Eddie, Laca. While Mikel could train Xhaka, the rest were/are poor or below average, so refreshing the squad is justified.
      One clue – the team that started the first match got us rock bottom, Mikel[s team has taekn us to the fringes of top 6. if we persisted without Mikel’s players, we would have been competeing with Norwhich for the 20th spot. Every penny Mikel invested is justified and will bring huge return on investment. Trust Mikel, not me.

      1. Wenger and Emery never finished 8th (2 years in a row might I add )
        They might both have failed regarding league position but one thing is a fact is that they never had 8th place on their Arsenal CVs

        1. It used to be a two horse race, then 4 teams, then 6, now we have 10 teams fighting for 6 spots.Next season we might add the Toons to the list. With lazy uninterested donnas we became 8th. During Wenger/Emery era LC, WHU, Everton were below us with the players they had then.
          Check the difference in points between 4th to 10th spot to understand how competetive our league is now vs then.
          2021/22 – 6 points as on date
          2020/21 – 8 points
          2019/20 – 12 points
          2018/19 -19 points
          2017/18 – 31 points
          2016/17 – 31 points
          For Wenger a top 6 was a walk in park, Mikel has to sweat it out. Hope this ends the accolades “Wenger never finished below 6th” because it was so easy then, to stay in top 6. Not anymore.At least have some respect and give Mikel his due credit, mate.

        2. Emery had us in 8th when he was sacked after Arteta took over from him have the 6th best form in the league behind West ham on gd and 1 point off Chelsea in 4th but we still finished 8th because of how few points Emery picked up prior to that. This is one of the many deliberate misrepresentations of Artetas time designed to make it seem worse than it was was. Nobody remotely sane can argue that 1st 8th wasn’t solely down Emery.

  8. I envy spurs. No messing about. Arteta would have been shown the door by any serious club. The last few results have been better but still too early to say if arteta is the right bloke.

  9. Remember that Conte will always ask for new “big names”!

    I’m not “so” happy with MA as a coach but in the last few games, he has been doing well so we should give him some credit. Yet, we will wait till the end of this season to see if there is a “process” then we can decide if he should stay or leave.

  10. If you think Arteta wouldn’t give us success long term, why then do you think Conte can do a Wenger? Can he stay more than 2yrs is England? I seriously doubt it

  11. No interest in spurs. Ive been to the last few games and there’s a real connection now between the players and the fans again. Arteta is our manager until he isn’t . Will always support our own. This isn’t a computer game.

  12. It’s one thing to declare that you care not one iota about our North London rivals, it’s even somewhat reasonable to accept that some might not appreciate Conte’s 3-back tactical approach and/or his propensity to not stay in one place for too long, but to have the audacity to suggest that it’s actually nonsensical and/or treasonous for any fan of our club to feel even the least bit jealous about the Spurs hiring one of the footballing world’s best managers is not only laughable but downright delusional

    1. Didn’t Everton hire Ancelotti ! I can assure you if a big club comes for conte he won’t think twice on quitting spuds

  13. Conte at the Spuds makes no difference at all to Arsenal. They can hire whoever they want, buy whichever players they want, if Arsenal continue to play the way we are recently playing we need fear nobody. We have to play our game and not bother about who is signing whom.

  14. I believe we can make top four if we can manage to be in the position in the next 9 matches.secomd round can only get better

  15. No doubt some fans will be. However, at this point there is no real need for this. Arsenal have a good manager in post.
    We can’t worry about Spurs until we play them again.
    We have a game coming up against Watford. Arsenal need to focus on beating them.
    Also, remember Spurs haven’t actually won anything yet.

    1. David
      Say that last bit again and again
      Spuds haven’t won anything
      Spuds haven’t won any thing for heck of a long time
      Spuds have had countless managers and haven’t won anything
      Great managers need great support
      The fans are fickle
      The chairman is so fickle and seems to be losing his touch in transfer negotiations
      They crave silverware but can’t even buy it in
      Conte is a good manager but out of our league- we could never afford him
      The grass isn’t always greener on the other side which Mr DK thinks it is
      Onwards and upwards

  16. Am I jealous of spurs appointing conte? NO, why should I be! What makes you people think he will succeed at spuds? He hasn’t even got a single win yet! Plus he is not known for staying too long .

  17. I feel that Conte and other celebrity managers like Mourinho are short-term fixes and leave a club in desperation and in need of spending more finances to continue with newfound short success. I do not think Conte will last beyond the contract he signed at Tottenham and will prefer going to another club and lay out his demands. Clubs like Arsenal and Barcelona rather prefer building a squad that will dominate for a while and are known to give their project time to build itself. Celebrity managers cannot survive in such clubs.

  18. People messing their pants because in Levy’s total desperation for spurs (small s), to win something, anything, he’s gone back to a manager, yes a good manager, who turned them down in the summer and is on record as calling them “second rate”. In Conte’s announcement yesterday he praised the stadium and the training facilities but no mention of any of the players or the team in general. He’s a one trick pony who has been found out in nearly every club he’s been at. He’s Mourinho mark 2. He was told by Man U they didn’t want him, no other club was in for him, doesn’t that tell you something. He may well win something in his 18 month tenure but will undoubtedly leave the club in a bigger mess than it is now. At least we have a plan. We are The Arsenal.

    1. “one trick pony”? you clearly know absolutely nothing about the tactical history of this particular individual…classic apologist nonsense with no basis in truth…how ironic considering the glaring lack of tactical flexibility shown by our current manager…no wonder you usually keep your responses very brief

  19. The important difference between Arteta and Conte is undoubtedly the fact that our man has real hair!

    1. Yes Grandad, I forgot about Conte’s fabulous syrup, which for our younger and non ‘cockney rhyming slang’ fans is slang for wig.

  20. What has Spurs success got to do with our success
    Already we have our own problems in badges why include other clubs problems to our list..

    Maybe Conte would have improved Arsenal, maybe not u never can tell.. I admire the Italians or anyone coming from Italy, they seem to have a no nonsense approach to football and can actually coach complacency away from the players…

    But if our current Manager is currently doing that then fine by me.. I am an Arteta critics but that’s all iam “Critics” I have no personal grudges on the Man all I want is my team doing well and getting close to were we deserve to be as a top team..

    The likes of Tottenham, Everton, Leicester, Brighton, and now Westham have either taken our positions or miles ahead of us.. this teams are now direct rival with the Arsenal.. How on Earth did we even allow it get to this? It hurts so much that so many teams that were below us are either catching up or usurping us under our very eyes it’s not as if we were relegated and just got promoted but no we are still in the league…

    Lately they have been alot of aggression from fellow gooners attacking the other.. Calling names like NEGATIVE PESSIMIST etc
    we all wanted Emery gone which he did, recently he just won the Europa league and currently in the champions league. Because of his recent success can we all call ourselves “negative” for wanting him to be replaced? I bet No..

    Criticism is part of this sport until the supporters see an acknowledge that the better.. I can’t even comment on the site again cos the atmosphere between our fellow gooners is so toxic.. Again I ask how did we get so divided? We look like bunch of rivals from other clubs.. It’s so alarming

    1. Mizta Arsenal

      I’m waiting until the end of the season to see if Spurs, Brighton and Everton are in contention to have taken our place. West Ham have really done well but Leicester have been mixed so far.

      Certainly get your point about toxicity

    2. Mizta Arsenal, when I last looked, only one of the 5 teams you mention (West Ham) is above us in the league. spurs, Everton, Leicester and Brighton are all currently below us.

  21. Yes and no. Conte has achieved what Arteta can only dream of including managing his national team but so far he has demonstrated only a short ye commitment to any given project. The Spuds will need at least three years to win a title so I wonder if Conte can stay for the long haul. At the same time I am jealous they are serious while we are making excuses and talking about lame duck five year plans etc.

  22. I find it incredible that we should give air time to the appointment of a new Manager at another Club.Enough said.

    1. The problem so many fans have Grandad – not only ours either- is that they wish to spend more time “hating” their rivals than caring about their own team.

      I have seen Gooners, and quite a number of them over the years, who would rather Spurs lose every game, EVEN WHEN them winning aids our team, rather than be pragmatic and hope Spurs win IF, and only if, it aids us ,as at times it does.

      I have never understood that mentality and never will, as it shows stupidity IMO!

      That sort, while only a minority, are not as rare as you would hope and perhaps expect, sadly

  23. Conte?, never in anyway jealous of him, he won the league for Chelsea because he introduced an unknown 343 formation and the following season when everyone got the tactics, he was beaten hands down by clubs and he left the club. In inter, he won the league with the same formation but that can not happen again in premier league because a lot of club have mustered and adapted to the formation ( such as Chelsea, wolves, Leicester, manutd, Brighton aston villa and even sometimes arsenal and city) so he can’t do anything again in the league…..
    Even, Arteta has gotten formation (442) to counter the 343 formation by beating Aston villa and Leicester.
    Although, I am Arteta critics in which I believe he is still making some errors in his substitution but I am giving the man my support now with the new formation he just brought to play both Auba and laca and sideline pepe and ode … Thanks Arteta for the new progress long may it continue…… COYG….

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