Are Arsenal fans being hypocritical over Ozil’s contract?

Are We Being Hypocritical? by Dan Smith

Our tour of America starts in a week and as things stands there will be players on the plane that many gooners would rather were not.

The likes of Fabregas, Nasri and Van Persie are verbally abused when returning to the Emirates because they dared turn down contract offers. To many fans, this proved they were disloyal and only motivated by money. Yet when the likes of Xakha, Mustafi, Elneny, Jenkinson, etc, say they are content to stay in North London we question why they can’t take a pay cut!

So, in other words we are only loyal supporters depending on how good you are? If you are good, we then expect you to be loyal to us? Is that not hypocritical? We don’t like Sanchez anymore because he wasn’t interested in staying. Yet when Ozil commits his future to us, we resent him for it?

It’s not the German’s fault he was given the wages he was, but because some think we can do better can he ignore that he’s happy in London, his family are settled, etc just because we don’t rate him? Yet if Auba said he’s moving to Barcelona for personal reasons we would be offended because he’s good at his job?

Koscielny pointed out in the last campaign to get to a Europa League final and challenge for the top 4 your defence must have done okay at some point. While we need better to challenge for titles, they are not dummies like some people are making out. Yet some are being patronized and belittled on social media.

I fear crowds are going to become toxic to individuals which is not the fanbase we should stand for. If someone is not good enough, as long as they are trying 100 percent, do they not deserve respect? It’s not their fault better talent hasn’t been signed.

Blame others for paying over the odds.

Dan Smith


  1. It’s because Ozil gets 350k per week but plays football like he plays for my local team in South Africa here.

    1. Yes, we don’t like players that are not willing to take high risks in the field

      Better get young wingers that do not hesitate to risk their legs against the opposition’s bullies

      1. we just want him to play with passion, not jog around and throw tantrums. We just want consistent performance like the Agueros, Hazards, Firminos, Salas. No one is bothered about his salary, if he gives his best. Winning or losing is secondary,it is a team sport, but purposely under-performing is not acceptable, and so the salary is being questioned. For all his supporters, I wish him well and do not call him names like how it is being done to a certain player who is being constantly singled out when the other 7-8 outfield players are poor too.

    2. Yesterday article stated that a Turkish club is ready to pay 8m of his annual wages and Arsenal pay him the remaining 5.5m. Putting that together and divide the sum by number of weeks in a year he is on 259, 615. How is that 350. Do you missed the article or you are not just bother to check the fact. There so much lies on the internet about him and other players of ours. That is why I never use what our players earn in discussing them as such info is private.

  2. Yes we can blame Wenger for bringing in Mustafi and paying well over the odds. We can also blame Wenger for caving in to Ozil’s demand for a pay rise, now it seems we’re stuck with him because I can’t see a PL club willing to pay £350k per week for a lazy player.

    1. Gulf football clubs should be able to pay Ozil’s wage demand

      He would also be treated like a king in Abu Dhabi or Doha

      1. In the past Ozil rejected 1m per week offer from China. In fact it took him less than 60 seconds to make that decision. Only top clubs/top leagues are able to pry him away.

    2. at least get your facts right… It was Gazidis who bought Mustafi, most people are clueless to what actually happens at the club and think they have all the facts. It is better to have a headless chicken with no quality, when that happens people will complain we have no quality…

      1. Wenger approves every transfer that comes in. He has flat out said this to the cameras. Mustafi did not come in without Wenger saying he would like him.

  3. It is because Arsenal should’ve only offered him 220, because no one was after Ozil at that particular time. Arsenal should’ve said take it or leave it.

  4. The thing is ozil never really gives 100% so no wonder fan will be hard on him. Worse the special passing and vision that made him popular and worthwhile is gone. Without his unique qualities he is an average player with poor workrate and weak mentally.

    Plus he pushed for the huge contract by blackmailing the club when we couldn’t afford to lose 2 stars for free. It wasn’t given freely.

  5. If Ozil was aloud to run his contract down like Ramsey we would not have heard the end of it .but because he signed and had a bad season fans jump on the bandwagon.
    Same fans want us to act like a big club but cry like little bitches when we do ,you can’t have it both ways .
    Top clubs pay top wages if you want to win stuff.
    Ozil did t have the best season but let’s be honest only 2-3 players did .

    1. Hello Dan this is not just only about last season, He has been shity for the past 3 seasons how did you miss that?

      For a talisman, we want a player that can influence games, Ozil clearly doesn’t.

      1. Thank you TH14! People act like Ozil’s poor performances are recent. He had a good first season, and a good half-season. That’s all he’s done. Everything other period he’s been wildly inconsistent and only turned up once every 5-6 games. Now it’s once every half season is all.

    2. The problem with issues like these at Arsenal was the lack of TRANSPARENCY. If the club had offered him 200k and he said he wants around 350k, why not let the fans know? One of the strategies i admire in Bayern Munich(a club we aspired to be like) is that they communicate with their fans, they explain their plans to them. An example is the Sane deal they are trying to make happen. They’ve explained to their fans the nature of the deal and the terms at which they can sign him so as not to leave them disappointed. The club has recently improved in communication but we need more details from them regarding deals, we don’t need all the specifics but just carry the fans along so they can understand the situation.

      1. Yes Bayern are really something. I heard they apologized and refunded the fans after a bad performance.

    3. That’s Hindsight for you.

      At the time Selling sanchez to city for 60m would have made us a selling club again. letting him go for free would have been a mistake, same for ozil. Giving that much money to ozil can be criticised but not renewing his contract would have infuriated the fanbase. none of decisions above was wrong when they were taken.

      Ramsey decision was taken before emery really took charge which is why he was on the bench for the 1st half of the season. Now we see that ramsey was a perfect player for emery style of play but its too late.

      1. Yes, on Sanchez they were betting big at that time. If only that decision gave us a Top 4 position. I guess we are really bad at gambling, considering we bet everything in the EL final and lost.

    4. Ah but don’t you see Dan-it’s far too logical to think like this.Its far too easy to dump all the blame on Ozil.He would be the first to admit he had a very poor and inconsistent season and professional pride alone would have hurt him.But it was Emery that had him out the team in the early half of the season when Ozil was clearly fit and able to play.The Same Emery who benched Ramsey at the same time then realised we were a lesser side without him.
      Our tactics were wrong.Our line-ups were baffling at times.And we had a defence that couldn’t defend.So the whole team were at times struggling and yer too many are only too blinkered to blame Ozil for everything.
      I had this “discussion” with someone the other day about Ozil and he slaughtered his performance in Baku.Was Ozil really any worst than Aubamayang and Lacazette?Yet nobody mentions their displays during that game.
      Ozil will be here next season.I hope he is fit.I hope he is determined to prove the doubters wrong.I hope we get to see the player enjoy his game and start to influence games as he surely could.But let’s remember it needs 10 other players and a Manager with a game plan to make this happen.

      1. Ozil does not deserve another chance.We ar making the same mistake with Giroud who I have slaughtered from his debut to his last day here.Ozil doesnt deserve another chance.He must not be here next season along with Mkhitaryan.Apart from staying in Arsenal for too long this is one of Wenger’s biggest mistakes as an Arsenal coach.He’s been nothing but average and the non bias ones won’t say different.He’s failed as a player and I agree the manager used some systems which didn’t suit him.But all in all he’s been average.We are one of the club’s that keep on rewarding mediocrity so I won’t be shocked if he and the lies of Mkhi and Mustafi are here

        I have slaughtered the performances of our two strikers on countless occasions and I believe if Arsenal want to compete on all fronts we need two quaity wingers.

      2. “Professional pride and Ozil” in the same sentence? You are having a laugh Phil! You still think it is anybody elses fault but his that he is a lazy, shirking, couldn’t care less for the shirt or us fans fraud, stealing his grotesquely stupidly awarded but deeply unearned wage from us all who love AFC! Get real for goodness sake and see what is in front of your nose, as it is in front of ALL our noses.

        1. Jon-Ozil has Cazorla and TR7 with him when he first came to the club.He had a youthful and (at times fit Ramsey) enjoying his best times.The team were open and attack minded.We played as good football as most will agree,and that’s without a proper CF in Giroud and a very hot and miss player in Walcott.
          Now who do we have in midfield?Xhaka-slow and mistake ridden.Guendouzi-the nearest thing to a headless chicken.Torrirea-hardly a creative force,Wingbacks?Please do me a favour.So if this Manager is hell bent on preventing Ozil from being an influence on the team then just let him carry on.He will be gone before Ozil I can assure you.
          And I would suggest I know every bit as much about Arsenal and Football in general as you do.I just see things differently.So perhaps you ought to look in front of your own know to realise what an almighty F**K UP Emery made of things last season when it was easier to finish THIRD than FIFTH.If you were too blind to see this and too obsessed with your own thoughts to realise this then its you who really needs to get a perspective.
          You are suggesting Arsenal are rewarding failure and mediocrity in Ozil.Then what about Emery?A total capitulation at the business end of the season that was solely down to him.His team line-ups.His tactics (sic).And yet you are too self obsessed with calling out Ozil as a workshy lazy footballer.Yet Emery continued to select him.Funny that don’t you think?

          1. To Phil: if Ozil was playing half of what you trying to insinuate or maybe. If he would try like you are trying to defend him perhaps CL clubs would have bought him bu now. Don’t call everyone mediocre just to defend a player that clearly doesn’t want to play anymore. And if Emery played him it was only to find a buyer this transfer window!

          2. the same usual “everybody around Ozil is the problem” debate. If he can only play well when he’s around other world class players he’s not world class. How do you have Auba and Lacazette to play with in front of you and still have your worst season as a CAM? Oh, that is Xhaka’s fault. Right.

          3. He’s been mediocre and who’s saying Emery hasn’t been mediocre.Ive criticized his formation and lineup time and time again.Ozil has had only one really great seaso(15/16) and hasn’t really impressed in the others.He must leave our club and same with Mkhitaryan.Iys annoying how people refuse to call a spade a spade.We have got to be one if the most unluckiest clubs ever

          4. PHIL, simple question mate, i am really curious to know how would you rate ozils seasons thus far with the you think he is the best number 10 in the world. just being curious here, thanks .

      3. Guy dont just compare Ozil with Auba and Lacca. Ozil plays poorly just like £20,000 earner player

      4. Phil, it takes a very logical conversation to get me to speak nowadays. But I felt you just spoke the whole truth, logical, educative, considerate, knowledgeable. It is an 11 men team with the coach doing a grate job of merging the talents and their differences together to form a team that can at least perform. We were more miserable without Ozil, and so I don’t know how the whole blame should go to him, one man out of 11 men. His wages is never my problem because I feel the people who gave him the contract feel he is deserving of it. They had the option of not giving him the amount of money he demanded for. I have said this knowing that I will say the same thing if our woeful performances is blamed on one member of the team. So invariably what am saying is that it is totally unfair to put our woefulness on one single player when we should have 11 men performing excellently in their appointed department. The coach should take the lion share of the blame.

          1. Hi baby Sue. Am still very sore. I come to see what is going on but I really don’t feel like saying anything. Thanks baby am very grateful p. Loves

    5. You’re so wrong.I appreciate Wenger a lot and all he did for us but he was really terrible when it came to contracts along with Gazidis.Wenger wanted to keep Sanchez and Ozil but Sanchez declined the offer while Ozil wanted to stay.We all knew deep down that Ozil was never worth £350,000 a week and also looking back on his past seasons for Arsenal prior to that 17/18 season he wasn’t worth the gamble.It was always Sanchez who was worth the gamble because he was mostly good throughout his Arsenal career.
      Wenger and co made their bed but they didn’t want to lie in it.They made their bed by allowing Ozil to run down his contract to a point where we either signed him up or lost him for free.
      He should have been allowed to leave even to Utd because he was never worth the gamble whereas Sanchez was.He was no Van Persie.

    6. I was always in favor of letting Ozil go and said it was a mistake the moment he signed. He was ALWAYS a fraud. Let’s hope he’s out this summer.

  6. Ozil is not worth the money he earns..
    Time and time again he failed in the big games (and more and more against lesser teams) to show up.

    He doesn’t have the ability to impact or control a game and his work rate and attitude is poor.

    No, I don’t blame him for trying to get the best deal he can. I would play for arsenal and pick up his wage if I could but I dare say fans might have something to say about that to (although I’d have more heart and pride to wear the shirt).

    Overinflated price for a player who is on the way out. Hopefully soon!

  7. Arsene Wenger’s public justification was that if they sold Ozil for say 40 mill
    they would need to pay 80 mill for a replacement of his quality and pay similar wages.
    To be fair the transfer business is a very expensive gamble.
    Is Lacazette worth 50 mill? Auba 60 m? Xhaka 30m? Mustafi 30m? Papa 25m Leno 20m
    May be? May be not? Depends what your business model is.
    Selling Walcott for 30m Giroud for 30m and Ox for 40m was good business
    but what aboutlosing Ramsey and Sanchez for free?
    Our best buys were relatively cheap.
    Koscielny Giroud Monreal Mertz all 10m each.
    Cech Coquelin Bellerin Niles free.
    Guendouzie 3m Martinelli 5m. Bielik 2m. Nwakelli 3m.
    On that basis I’d say two 20 m players, two 3m youngsters = 46m
    and promote two academy players would be a decent model for Arsenal.

  8. Dan’s article makes the false comparison between Sanchez and Ozil At the risk of stating the blooming obvious, surely the vast difference in Sanchez, up till his last knockings in our shirt( mostly born out of frustration that no one else worked as hard as he and was so keen to win every game) and Ozil, is that Sanchez was rightly called Durucell as he had endless energy and Ozil has no energy or guts at all. In other words one worked hard and the other is a serial shirker. FANS LOVE A TRIER AND RIGHTLY SO,AND APART FROM THE HEAD IN THE SANDS AND FAST DWINDLING OZIL FAN CLUB ON HERE, LOATHE COASTERS AND SHIRKERS. OZIL SHOULD BE BETTER COMPARED, AT LEAST IN BONE IDLENESS, TO WALCOTT AND MKHI. I FOR ONE WILL NEVER DENY THE PLAIN TRUTH AND MAKE EXCUSES TO DILUTE IT. Pity that some few truth deniers even now still choose to deny the truth!

    1. Really? You prefer the drama queen Sanchez over Ozil? Last time I remember he was laughing on the bench, ignoring instructions (briefly benched as a result), and being a toxic presence in overall. I respect Ozil because at the time he didn’t make a fuss about the situation and remained quiet. Real classy.

      PS if you love a trier, you must really love Jenkinson

    2. As per Dick Law Sanchez had agreed a renewal deal with us but jumped ship when a bigger offer came from MU. We did not have any choice in Jan but let him go – at least we got Mhiki- in July we would have got no one. So basically we were tying both of them to the club but Sanchez turned out to be a greedy bast’rd.

  9. I don’t blame Ozil one bit for his new contract. If I were performing badly at work, having no interest in what I was doing, or any drive or ambition to improve, and my boss offered to more than double my pay, and keep me on board for another 3 years, I would have snapped his hand off, and so would anyone else. Blame the two main people who are responsible, Wenger and Gazidis.

    1. ThirdManJW, “AND SO WOULD ANYONE ELSE” mistakenly assumes that ALL are as unprincipled as you have just admitted to being and as OZIL IS TOO. PERSONALLY, I WOULD NEVER SHIRK WHEN GROSSLY OVERPAID BY ANY EMPLOYER AND I KNOW MANY MILLIONS WOULD ALSO DO THE SAME AS ME. Before you insult the masses again, please realise you do NOT speak for all Gooners. To your correct list of culprits you should have added the name of Ozil himself! The difference between your life standard and mine is that I believe that the individual concerned should take the prime responsibility for his/ her actions,or lack of them,in Ozil’s case!

      1. So basically Jon what you are saying is that Ozil should have refused to sign the contract.Is that correct? Arsenal Football Club offered the player a (reported) £350k a week deal and the player should have said “ I am lazy workshy and not a team player at all. It would be wrong of me to sign and take all of this money you are offering.Arsenal Football Club say I’m worth paying this money to but you are wrong”.
        For someone who continually flouts their intelligence and intellectual mind at anyone who cares to listen ( or not as in most cases ) you have made yourself look very foolish with what you have just written.
        So your boss offers to TRIPLE your wages and guarantees this to you for THREE YEARS.And you would refuse this?Yeah right.

        1. I agree with you as I dont see ehy he should decline such an offer.However, he must leave because he isn’t living up to expectations and doesn’t deserve another chance.I just hope we get a player who benches because he doesn’t deserve to be here.Same with Xhaka,Mustafi and Mkhitaryan.I’d be happy if we sold all and we didn’t even sign anyone


        3. Phil, What I am saying and which you choose never to understand is that like the overwhelming majority of Gooners I now want bone idle fraud Ozil to leave us ASAP. Previously , I just wanted him to start working and earn his salary. But it has been plain for some years now that he has an antipathy to working for his living and will not do so, no matter how much some such as you , make constant excuses for him. He is a cheat therefore and should go. I trust that is now clear, even to you!

          1. So in reality the Manager really ought to be sacked.What on earth is he doing picking a Bone Idle Player every game?It stands to reason that Emery picking such a liability is completely responsible.And therefore by your own reasoning he should be dismissed immediately.
            And in regards the shirt sales that you seem very quick to dismiss I can only suggest that far more fans were buying the new kit that day than appear on this site.Just as far more fans attend games home and away every week than appear on this site.
            So once again your views are only backed up by a very small minority you seem to quote when in reality you are far too off the mark.
            As I said-very poor reasoning from yourself and very poor judgement on your part having to resort to totally irrelevant statistics,especially as you so often advise anyone who bothers to listen to you that quite simply YOU DONT DO STATISTICS

          2. Here comes Jon’s phantom “overwhelming majority” yet again to back up his views and I trust that is clear to all the millions of fans around the world that this is a scientific fact, based on. …well Jon’s views of course!!!

            I must also say that it wouldn’t only be the those on low incomes who would accept such a deal, just ask the bankers, the financial advisors, the politicians, any sportsperson or even kronkie himself.

        4. so PHIL, i am still waiting on the question i asked you regarding ozil. perhaps you did not see it ?. or have you decided that my question is way too straight forward to reply to . strangely, i was not expecting a reply, but i will continue in hope.

          1. Gerry-Apologies got not replying sooner but you should know I’m never one to duck out of relying to a question put to me unlike some on this site.
            So you asked how I felt about MO10’s performances last season.Frustrated is possibly the correct word to use.He did not perform full stop.I refuse to make excuses for the player as it would be pointless.He was in and out of the side during the first half of the season and it was obvious to all that Emery just did not fancy him.BUT.There is always a BUT (or two).I seriously question the manager as to WHY he failed as a “COACH” to get the players performances more consistent.I believe the Wing-Back system does both the player and Arsenal no favours as it takes out the midfield link that is the conduit between attack and defence.That link was Ramsey,another player Emery decided he didn’t fancy and is now about to play for arguably the best side in Europe.
            Meditation Ozil is the most naturally talented footballer at Arsenal.Of that there is no doubt.But the player at times seemed to play with little confidence in the system and his actual role.This is ridiculous bearing in mind we are talking about a Workd Cup winner who had consistently been the Germans player of the season.
            After the fallout from the players World Cup in 2018 where he was wrongly blamed as being responsible for Germany’s pitiful displays I would have thought that alone would have been the motivation Emery needed to get the player in tune with his ideas.But if anything the whole situation went from bad to worse week after week until Emery dropped him completely.To me the Manager was as much to blame for the players form as the player himself.
            But whatever spin I might seem to be attempting to put on the situation I cannot accept the performances from the player we’re simply not good enough for a player with his ability.However that will not stop me from clearly saying Ozil is simply too talented to be cast aside when our club is desperate for his abilities.
            And as for his so called “Care Not Attitude”,I simply do not accept this.It has been proven his work rate is never as bad as is continually made out to be.And if it was why did Emery continue to pick him every game in the second half of the season.
            I believe that having your best players on the pitch at the same time gives you a greater chance of winning matches.The fact that when Ozil Ramsey Aubamayang And Lacazette played together they won 5 games out of 5. So while I accept the player left himself open to being criticised for inconsistent and below par performances the Manager himself needs to be held accountable as to why he failed to recognise the nucleus of a winning team was there for all to see.Emery failed to act on this and is therefore a huge train why he failed to get the best from the player himself

      2. You’ve made a critical error in your interpretation. I was giving a hypothetical example of myself or anyone else in the same situation that had given up on their job, but was happy to stay on for the money. So a set of principles doesn’t come into it, as if they were involved, then I/everyone else would have left the job or look to improve myself.

        1. That was for Jon not Phil, and yeah I agree with Phil. Would be very surprising for anyone to refuse such a deal, especially those on low incomes.

      3. What masses? I bet people who refused 350k per week for a right cause such as football are not many.
        Jon, you’re just jealous of Ozil’s wage.

        1. 350 oz, You don’t know me, yet you presume to tell me what I WILL DO IN THAT HYPOTHETICAL SITUATION. WHAT ARROGANCE YOU SHOW! I will never be jealous of shirkers and am pleased that I have never been one and never will be, unlike lazy, conning Ozil. You seem never to have met a principled person. Well, you have met one in me. Sorry to disappoint you in not being a cheat, as Ozil is.

          1. Jon, have you ever met Ozil?
            Isn’t it your arrogance that you accuse him of being a cheat?
            Not only that, but also lazy and conning.

            I have met many principled people during my life and not one of them presumed to know the DNA of someone just because they didn’t like their attitude etc.

            Once again, you bring up the overwhelming majority of gooners that you, personally, know…that means nothing to anyone…just ask the thousands of people who sing out his song during matches.

            Get it into your head Jon, that your views are not the views of the educated and gifted chosen ones, but just one man’s viewpoint, even if those that disagree with you are viewed with contempt.

            It always puzzles me why you feel the need to enlist this army of unknown fellow conspirators to back up your views.

            Perhaps you could ask UE why he continued to play him, this lazy, cheating, conniving player?
            You know, the UE who, so you say, is the best thing since sliced bread?
            Is UE conning and cheating the fan base and being lazy by selecting him, or is he just like me, in that he sees past personal abuse and selects players for their abilities?

    2. Ozil is not responsible for the contract offer, but he is responsible for his poor performances on the pitch. And that is what is unacceptable. And that is why his earnings are brought up so often.

    3. I dont blame Wenger and gazidis for ozil contract, I blame ozil for not performing, letting Ozil leave the same period Sanchez left will be calamity for the club, the contract was necessary unfortunately ozil flops

  10. OT,I realise but the forum, which is a good idea, is hardly used ,. I have posted several times on it but the response is so poor in volume that it is dying. I assume you will be well aware Admin Martin. Any ideas on how to get more Gooners using it, as it is slowly dying, which is a shame? It could well be argued that this main site is already a forum and I WOULD NOT DISSENT FROM THAT ARGUMENT. As in all things,peoples usage will finally decide which it is to be.

  11. Why is Arsenal giving a young new 18 yr old signing a 5 yrs contract and loaning him back for one yr out of the 5 yrs.not logic at all

    1. Everyone has their opinion of Ozil which I respect and I have mine. I don’t want to go to what Ozil is and what he is not. However, my issue is what he said he is earning. I’m always of the view that we are not rich enough to almost triple his wages, doubling it is what I think it was because we were damn too slack to let his contract got the last months before we got him renewed it. If Ozil was on 130k doubling that will be 260k which the admin pointed in yesterday’s article quoting the mirror. The sum of what us and Fenebache or Gala want to pay is 13.5m in wages annually. If we look at weekly, it is 260k I don’t know if it in € or £. What does he REALLY earns. The player has got so much stick for earning 350k that a tabloid just discredited.

      1. Mobella, you won’t get an answer to this simple but highly relevant post, because it doesn’t fit the scenario of blame against one man.

        I have repeatedly said that only four people know what his contract is, the man himself, the club, his agent and the taxman, but people on here know better of course.

  12. commintment to the club is work hard and play your best for the club. Not sign a lucrative contract juste to take a walk and partying in london

  13. Most of us see the lack of effort he puts in. It doesn’t take a genius to see Ozil is just here for a paycheck. His lack of commitment is why he is not liked, and even more jeered than Mustafi, who least tries but simply stinks.

      1. Maybe I was using the wrong word, but was talking about criticism in general. Funny how you address that part of my comment and not the obvious lack of commitment part.

        1. It’s. Because your like a broken record RHS.
          You talk like your talking for millions of fans but you really are not .just because there’s a few on here that don’t rate him that does not correspond to the real word

          1. PHIL, thank you kindly for the answer regarding ozil, fair play to you.i guess we can only agree to disagree at this point on mesut.but, once we can have healthy debate about him, and anything arsenal related, then i am all for that , thanks again.

  14. There are many types of footballers – the physically athletic but lacks composure, speed demons but lack football brain, nippy dribbler but lacks the height, playmaker but lacks the physical attribute etc… Ozil falls in the last one, a mastermind playmaker but lacks the physical aspect of robust English PL..
    Yes, he should have tried harder but don’t expect him to be a beast of a player, running around chasing every ball.. He’s not meant for that.
    Rather than paying millions for him to play for other team, give him a chance.. Germany made him the scape goat for their failure in the world cup.. we are much better, we are Arsenal.

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