Are Arsenal fans happy to sell Maitland-Niles for 30m?

30 Million for Maitland-Niles Would Be Great Business by Dan Smith

If you ever wondered why our marketing team use as many British players as possible to advertise merchandise or dominate Arsenal’s in-house YouTube channel, take a look at the reaction to the news that we are willing to sell Maitland-Niles for 30 million.

Being young and British is the only reason why I can see some would regret selling the 22-year-old. Fans love ‘one of their own’ graduating from the academy, it’s the closest a supporter can get to relating to a player, someone who might generally love the badge and more likely to stay long term than a random signing.

Ainsley has literally grown up with us, as part of our youth set up from the age of 6. Yet how long was Arsene Wenger accused of giving too many chances to his squad, to the point they took advantage and became too comfortable?

This would be a ruthless decision by those above Areta (who’s believed to have been overruled) and for me, we need to be more cold in our dealings. Sentiment is not a reason to turn down 30 million. Gooners liking seeing British kids play is not a reason to either.

As a business, you take the emotion out of it and consider the offer for your asset. When you need to raise funds to improve other areas, 30 million for a player mostly on our bench makes sense.

If you are asking players to take payment reduction then you have to consider such a sum for a talent who under three coaches, has not been trusted to play in his favoured position.

Morally how can you sack 55 staff to cover 2 million a year then not accept 30 million on a man who a couple of months ago was making it clear his preference was to leave if first team football isn’t guaranteed?

With it not guaranteed when or how much matchday revenue you will get, 30 million becomes a lot of money.
30 million would cover a Coutinho loan, take us 15 million away from Partey’s release cause, will make up Auba’s new contract, heck some are saying Palace would now take 30 million for Zaha.

Some gooners were shocked to hear the news we would be putting one of our British core on the transfer list, but my surprise is we think we can get such a sum for a makeshift full back?

He will want to join a team where he’s trusted to play in midfield, and if my team were forking out 30 million on a midfielder, I wouldn’t want it to be on someone you don’t know is any good in the role.

Say what you want about Arsene Wenger and Unai Emery, they worked with enough players to recognise talent. Even our current manager, while possibly having been won over in the last few weeks, has clearly shared the same assessment as his predecessors.

That’s 3 managers who only saw Maitland-Niles good enough to fill in at left or right back. It’s not like any are shy in giving youth a chance either. Saka has played in attacking roles, so has Smith Rowe and Reiss Nelson, Willock has played where Niles wants to play, Eddie’s had minutes up front. It can’t be a coincidence that after 3 years and 3 managers, Niles is the only one out of that group who hasn’t been trusted to have a run in the team in his favoured role.

When you say it like that, 30 million would be as big a bargain as when we got 38 million for Iwobi. I know in the FA Cup Semi Final and Final, he showed he can tactically do a job and follow a game plan. Yet I promised myself I wouldn’t allow the joy of Wembley make me forget how poor this season was. We finished 8th, our worst position in 25 years.

To be a big club, we should think like a big club. We shouldn’t be wanting to keep a player because we are happy that he happened to have a couple of good games. That’s his job.

Based from August 19 to August 20, only a couple of individuals could complain if they were now replaced. You represented one of the worse Gunners teams in my lifetime, so damn straight your place at our club should be under threat.

Just think about that. Instead of being embarrassed by our performances he was complaining he might want to leave. Is Maitland-Niles a player you can trust to rescue us in our hour of need? Would him staying or be the difference between top 4 or 8th? He will be 23 later this month, is he truly a hot prospect like others?

He can be a good player for a mid-table team, but at Arsenal will only be on the fringe and 30 million for fringe is worth considering. He’s played 100 times for us so it’s not like he hasn’t had the opportunities. He might yet stay but only because I can’t see why anyone would pay 30 million for him.

Should we be happy to let him go at that price?

Dan Smith


  1. Stupid to sell for 30million! He is young, bags of potential and very experienced for his age, versatile(can play well in many postitions) look at the Ox we sold him for £35 to Liverpool and at the time everyone was like wow great business but i guarentee if Loverpool sold him they would get 60-65 mill for him. Ainsley is also a homegrown player which alone makes him very valuable

    1. Fo Sulli thatyou think anyone will buy Chamberlain for 40million is joke, we did a great business with Chamberlain, an average player who is always getting injured and also have one year left on his contract, maybe you forgot, we sold him for more than 30million and that in my opinion was good business.

      1. If a decision has been made to sell AMN then I would suggest we consider a straight swap with Brighton for Ben White who was a stand out for Leeds last season.He is the best young CB I saw last season and is attracting interest from Liverpool and Chelsea.Along with Sa!iba, he could form a formidable CB partnerships for years to come.

        1. Grandad I also watched some of his matches last season, but it’s like Brighton do not want to sell him, Leeds have made 2 good bids for him but it was rejected.

          1. Ben White is a good prospect, but Arsenal has to move on a number of CB’s to make squad room. Gabriel from Lille looks like coming in to join Saliba and Mari (when he returns from injury). Holding is likely to go on loan or be sold, with Leeds United showing interest. Mavropanos is on loan at Stuttgart and hopefully Socrates can be sold.

    2. A fringe player for Liverpool. Who will buy him for 50mill and he has continued his injury problem there again.

        1. 39 million is good business…This guy has been average at best for the entire season…and really cost us crucial points towards the end of 2018/2019 season…he has just had 2 or 3 solid performances in his entire arsenal career…if we are selling him to strengthen, then I think 30 million is good business..

          1. My view is different from yours. This guy is better than Bellerin, Mattheo and even Willock. He has not been given enough opportunities save to come in at right back or left back to cover injured defenders where he has played even better than those he replaced

    3. Fo Sulli It is those upstairs we need him they keep wanting to buy Brazilian, Colombian, Argentinean players they are obsessed Willian 32 and we are selling are young players something doe’s not add up here

      1. Very true. Is this article writer not the same person who keeps defending Ozil time and again? Well, here we have a homegrown lad, passionate to play (hence he wants to leave for game time only, with no other reasons mooted), played to the highest level when called upon despite of playing in positions he is not trained for. He may have had some average games, but which player delivers 100% each match for Arsenal? He keeps moving the ball forward and has pace, unlike others with the so called “sure passes” (back/forth) leading to dispossession and goals/errors leading to goals. I smell something here, the writer is trying to push for the ouster of hardworking lad with his reasoning, so that the jersey merchant can live comfortably in London on the astronomical wages from our club in these hard times without a pay cut nor on the pitch performances, or else, how can you justify paying 18 million in wages to a fringe (not even reserves) player while reasoning the sale for a young performing player whom the coach wants to keep?
        If the decision is against the coach’s wishes then we have trouble as the coach has to deliver results, not the board. Get rid of Socrates, Mustafi, Kolasinac, Guendozi, Torrera, Elneny, Mkhitaryan, Xhaka and Ozil. Let the board show off their ability here rather than pushing for the ouster of AMN. Also scout for good talent rather than pushing for expensive flops like Coutinho.

        1. So keep him because of Ozil?
          If he so great why can’t he get in our least creative midfield in years but Wilock can ?
          And are you saying if you had a choice you pick him over Coutinhio

          1. If AMN was not so great why would Arteta want to keep him? Is Ozil as flexible in positions as AMN? If Ozil is so great then why is he not on the bench and Smith takes his place?If Ozil is so great then why 1 goal and 2 assists this season or 184 games and 54 assists in an AFC jersey? I would pick Coutino over Ozil any day, even a one legged hopping Coutino is better than Ozil, but I just do not wish to have Coutinho is because of his fee and wages. Coutinho is best as a CAM, AMN is best at MF.
            Sir, what will be the next excuse for Ozil? Mikel did not invite him for barbecue?

          2. If he’s so good why he’s not playing midfield?
            Why he not first choice full back
            He is on the bench ?
            It’s not an opinion , it’s a fact , he’s not in first team when everyone is fit
            And let’s get this right I think if we were selling a player who was that great , Arteta would speak up ?
            Again don’t get what ozil has to do with this ?

    4. Seriously, I don’t care who we sell right now as I just got a massive tip from a fellow gunner who happens to be an executive assistant to the Nigerian billionaire. They are launching project 3bnas soon. Just so you know. Project 3bnas means three billion pounds for arsenal. The dangote group of company team dedicated to acquiring arsenal FC believe 2 billion pounds bid is irresistible to the recently cash strapped kroenke group and a further one billion pound group investment is the more than enough to make arsenal a global force without any ffp consequences due to arsenal’s good economic position.according to my source, a bid is coming in with 6 to 12 months now..
      So in my opinion good day ahead

      Disclaimer :before you criticize me I want you all to know, I am not Kev or one of the other guys who claim to have an inside track to arsenal dealings, I just happen to be a British Nigerian gunner whose Nigerian cousin work with dangote group of company who has a direct link to dangote’s inner sanctum .

        1. Mayor Andrews, there will be millions of Gooners worldwide who fervently hope your info comes true.

          Despite some rather silly comments, below, from someone who thinks Kroenke has somehow managed – in the middle of this worldwide pandemic, to increase his profits by over 300million dollars, which we can discount as obvious nonsense – ahard p[ressed Kroenke will certinly be looking for a way out of his financial troubles quite soon. When you PROPERLY consider how much of his wealth is tied up in sports enterprises all of which badly need spectattors and all, bar us, in USA, where thepandemic is out of control and that country is run by an arrogant lying twerp.
          Kroenkes business will be fast haemorrhaging cash and asset value. Your prediction makes perfect sense therefore. Dangote has long been well known as a true Gooner and him buyingout Kroenke is surely our best hope for a quick change in fortune.
          I write as a huge MA fan but also as a realist who knows that real MONEY, lots of it, will be vital in order to catch up ground lost under Kroenkes ownership. Bring it on!

          PS. please not to worry about mere typos. Some of the worlds best intellects are given to those with less nimble typing fingers.

      1. Cash strapped Kroenke group. Kroenke would have to be the only american billionear to make a loss during the pandemic . and just to clear that our , he actually made an over 300 million dollar profit

        1. 1st quarter of the year stans welth grow 400mill dollars …325 mill pounds
          Bloomberg and forbs announce .
          Same reports have said his wife also made 125 mill in the same quarter .
          Maybe the financial moguls above have better information or maybe they should actually bid some research before engaging the fingers on their iPhones .
          Anyone you follows their club should have known this as it’s been common knowledge since march

      2. I have read for years Dangote is going to buy Arsenal, I always look out for articles relating to the Dangote quotes on buying the club once his projects were wrapped up in 2021…

        If only it would happen now as we need Kronke Out of our club and an actually a man who cares for the club. He may not know how to run a club, either does Stan by the looks of it but can make the club a real force once again with investment and wants what’s vest for Arsenal.

        Usmanov wanted to do the same but nope we sold out to the yank with the plan for everyone on the board to profit but the club itself.

        Fans have already since the restart flew a banner for Stan out Back Arteta, so he knows he has to back the man finincially or backlash will come from the fans… Hopefully!

        Think we all want an owner like this who can at least show the passion the fans do for the club instead of just an investment. That’s what’s wrong with Arsenal, it became purely business when me moved to the Emirates.

  2. I love all our players Maitland Niles been one of my favorite, but with 30m during this important window of ours, I’ll take it and wish him d best

  3. To me, it’s purely about how good he is, not his nationality, although it is always nice to see someone come through the youth system. Only saka and martinelli have had more of an impact this season from the younger players, and AMN has been one of our most impressive players in several of the big games, starting with the win over Utd from a RB position. He’s looked absolutely dominant at times and able to keep top players pretty quiet.
    I don’t believe the talk of him wanting to play CM at all costs – I think he just wants to play and I think he would get those changes if he stayed. I really see an Alaba kind of player who can fill in multiple roles to a very high standard (not saying he’s as good as Alaba). Not the sort of player we should be moving on if we can help it.
    Bellerin could command a similar fee and has not been playing fantastically for some time. There’s been rumours of him wanting to move on as well and I think it makes much more sense.

    1. Davi, you have expressed my thoughts exactly. AMN in those 100 games he has played has, in my opinion, rarely played poorly across 4 positions.
      Yes, he has expressed a desire to play more frequently or leave, but Bellerin has also expressed his desire to leave back to Barcelona and is a more one dimensional player. AMN’s versatility has been a blessing for Arsenal, but a curse for him; if he leaves it will be like losing 4 players in one.
      I, too would rather sell Bellerin or any two or three of Arsenal’s surplus players who would total the same value.

      1. Good one Ozzie. When I read the article, I thought bellerin should be the one we’re shipping out, not AMN. Bellerin is average going forward, makes good runs on rare occasions but defensively, he’s very poor, AMN is not just good offensively but also good defensively and a ball carrying player with a few bag of tricks up his sleeves. He’s better than Bellerin IMHO

        1. Good player, solid defensively , blessed with good pace and some tricks too but end products still a bit lacking.imo, I will take him over bellerin anyday

    1. As long as the 30M fee is going towards getting players like Partey, Gabriel…I am all for it,if I remember properly MA had a couples of issues with him, commitment,late for training…Dan makes a good point,a handful of good performances over 3 years is not good enough and more importantly he wants to move so no point in keeping him!

      1. Siamois, as I stated above, I believe Dan has understated AMN’s performances in over 100 games for a now 22 yo.
        The reason AMN is being sold is that Kia Joorabchian isn’t his agent and the fee received from his sale can be spent to line Kia’s pockets.

        1. Kia is Partye’s agent? Kia is Gabriel’s agent ? I genuinely don’t know. I’m asking for an answer.

          1. Gabriel is represented by Fernando Garcia & Partey is represented by JJ Sports management SL (based in Sweden) so neither is from agent Kia

          2. Kia, is agent for Luis, Willan and Coutinho at least. Two are at Arsenal and he is pushing hard to sell Coutinho to Arsenal.

  4. Why sell this guy, he has shown that he has the propensity to do better. My advice would be to try and keep him as he’s shown how versatile he can be. He can play left and right back , plus he can even get into inverted positions to support the middle of the pitch. We don’t have a player as versatile as him in our team so I say we keep him plus he’s still very young and still has a lot to learn. gradually, he’ll get better

    1. I like him everytime I see him at left back…..even as far back as AW time. Defensively there, IMO, he is already at top player level. He got great pace and that I noticed helps in terms of bringing the ball out of the back in transition. What he needs to improve when playing on the left is the offensive aspects of his game, ie..linking up..crossing..shooting..etc etc..etc.. Time will tell whether he can do that, but ideally for now I rather we keep him at the club.

      1. He has a very poor left foot, hence his lack of link up plays and killer passes from the left wing. He should be used more on the right.

  5. My heart breaks. I could understand the want to play first team football in his main position but reality is he adds more value to the team as a sort of James Milner,throw him anywhere and he does a job(doesn’t work in our cursed RCM though). I’m bias and I’ll pray no one reaches our evaluation. The Army cannot afford to lose its members

  6. I would keep AMN over Bellerin any day.As for your comments Jim, given the number of Clubs who will be interested in AMN , you will be made to look foolish.Perhaps you ought to think before you participate.

    1. So agree with this. I have said this numerous times that AMN is better than Bellerin despite being a “makeshift fullback”. He had never truly accepted the position which held him back, but he now appears to have realised his mistake and instead seems to be willing to put his all in the position. I think he will be a revelation if he stays, and if he goes we will regret it.

    2. Spot on Grandad. How people who claim to be football fans don’t know this beats me honestly. How can you rate a bellerin over AMN. Are you blind? Don’t you watch games? Or is it because bellerin made the senior team before him? Fans are effing unbelievable and that Dan Smith would say he has not impressed in over 100 games is the saddest thing I would see a supposed Arsenal or football fan say ever.

      1. Not sure I said he’s never impressed
        I’m saying 100 games is enough to decide if he’s going to be a first choice midfielder for Arsenal
        Ideally love him to stay
        But in a week where 55 staff have been sacked I understand why you consider 30 million for a makeshift full back
        Ideally to raise funds you want to sell talent while not harming the first team
        He would come into that category

        1. Quick question. Where the 100 games as regular as bellerin got? And secondly how many times has he played in his right position in those 100 times

  7. Players we should sell to raise money for new signings: Kolasinac, Mustafi, Ozil, Lacazettte (promote Balgone)

    1. Fo, I think you mean “Balogun” to come on the bench, remembering Arsenal has Gabriel Martinelli as well.

  8. “It can’t be a coincidence that after 3 years and 3 managers, Niles is the only one out of that group who hasn’t been trusted to have a run in the team in his favoured role.”
    Wasn’t Ashley Cole a winger or striker? Freddie Ljungberg’s favoured position was CM. Lauren was a midfielder who was asked to play fullback. Sol Campbell started as a striker. Tonnes of players don’t end up in the position they necessarily wanted – sometimes you have to adapt to have a successful career. If AMN only wants to play CM, he might not end up maximising his potential – that would be his risk to take, but he has stated clearly that he’s willing to play wherever he’s asked to. The fact that he’s excelled in different positions (more so than willock, nketiah and Nelson – who have all been good, don’t get me wrong) should be seen as a positive in my view.

    1. You must be really young. Cole was never a winger, Ljumberg was actually a center forward and never played a game at CM all his life, Lauren was a midfielder, you are right, I don’t know about Sol Campbell being a striker, we signed him as a Center back from spurs.
      But to offset your point, when Giovanni van Bronckhost got injured, Cole took the position and never gave it up. Bronckhost even had to leave. Similar to how Bellerin took over after Debuchy and has never given the position back. Cole was injured before the 2006 UCL final . He came right back in when he was fit. Can you see AMN ursuping any particular player? Has he not had the opportunity to make left or right back his? Remember, both Wenger and Emery played him at left back. The fact that we went and signed Tierney means he failed to own it. He was played on the right, but we signed Cedric indicating the coach didn’t trust him enough to be a deputy. In the middle, let’s face it, he’s probably the second best dribbler in there, but where does he rank when it comes to passing, positioning? Awareness? Concentration? Whom would you drop to give him a realistic chance in the middle? In today’s market, he’s just about okay for 30m . If we can keep him, I’d like to see him around. However, we need to make some money. We’re going after Gabriel, Partey and probably Coutinho, so if Niles sale helps fix those deals in any way, then it should be done. I don’t get when one is willing to let a player like Laca go, but cling onto AMN.

      1. Ashley Cole was a winger & a CF in his early career, so how young are you, I’ve even seen him on Sky talk about it, they converted him to LB as he was considered too small up front & not good enough on the wing

        1. By early in his career you mean when? Most leftbacks do occasionally play auxiliary left wing. But if by early in his career you mean academy days, then it clearly defeats the point that Niles needs time. Sczezny says he used to be a striker, Alessandro Del Piero was apparently a goal keeper, but we never saw him play there. Lauren Meyer was a defensive midfielder earlier in his pro career, evidenced by the fact that his national team never followed Arsenal with the switch to right back.

      2. And Sylvinho was our LB who got injured when AC made his debut in 1999 NOT Giovanni VB, yes I agree he was played in different positions as a youth, his whole pro career was at LB but he wouldn’t have made it as a pro at left wing or striker, an admission he made himself,I get your point about AMN, however you were wrong when you stated “Cole was never a winger” because he was at some point in his life

      3. Ljungberg was a CM before he signed for arsenal. He never played there really for us.
        Funny you mention van bronkhorst – did you know he converted from CM?

        1. Ljumberg played CM for what club ? for what team ? Ljumberg was a center forward . Never in his career did he play at CM. He was actually signed after wenger watched him play CF for sweden. He was the first player wenger ever signed without watching him physically. I have no idea where you saw him play as a CM

      4. Van bronkhorst was largely a CM – as far as I know he started playing LB at arsenal because he couldn’t break into the midfield (not sure if he played there much before). In any case he was a midfielder who only really became successful when he moved to LB.
        Petit is the opposite – started as a LB, I believe, but became successful as a CM.

    2. Wow wow wow
      After 100 games it was obvious Cole was a World class left back and Lauren a World class right back
      To make a comparison with AMN is an insult to two.legends

      1. They weren’t legends at 22 – AMN isn’t a legend but he’s already been a standout in several big games so given time, who knows. One player who won’t be a legend is Bellerin, that much is clear so why we’d hold onto him rather than AMN is beyond me.

        1. I don’t know how people who watch Bellerin play believe we have a better fullback than him. To be honest , he’s the most comfortable defender we have on the ball. Take an example of that run against Chealsea. People will act as though it’s an irregular occurrence, but I can point to multiple other occasions in which he did it. Twice against spurs , with Auba fluffing his lines on both occasions , against man city for Auba’s first goal, Against Leicester for Laca’s missed header , And many numerous times. He gives Pepe a lot of support in attacking positions while creating an attacking threat on his own. Not only can he cross, which is pretty much the only thing our other fullbacks can offer, he can play a through ball, dribble his way into a scoring postion. I don’t know how anyone could say he’s not the best we have.

          1. I don’t think he’s the worst, but I don’t see it the same as you. The main thing I see him offering is a consistent outlet. His use of the ball is really not the best though. He crossing is awful and his ball retention is pretty average. He also gets pushed around physically quite a bit and I don’t remember him shutting out too many decent wingers.
            I don’t think AMN is a particularly good crosser either but in most other aspects he’s either no worse or clearly better. He has physically dominated his area of the pitch and kept top class wingers quiet. I know he’s not perfect, but he’s overtaken Bellerin. At least that’s how it looks to me.
            On top of that, we could surely get at least as much money for Bellerin and he’s surely going to be on higher wages – it’s just a no brainer to move him out and keep AMN in my opinion.

          2. Joe you’ve just described a wing back not a full back. As Bellerin can’t tackle to save his life he cannot be classed as a full back.

          3. Joe you are so unbelievable with your comments. I think you must have watched Arsenal games with your TV upside down. Bellerin better than AMN? . Not by a long shot pal. You need to go watch our games again. And get a football analyst to help you out if you don’t understand how the football game is played. Because for you to say bellerin is better than AMN shows you have no clue how football is played. Probably even became a football or arsenal fan because your dad or brother was one and you had no choice eh?

          1. The thing about this which you seem unable to grasp can be easily answered by the question:

            Out of AMN’s 100 or so games how many were in his favoured midfield position?

            Maybe 5? The best one being when he was up against Pogba.

            So now the question becomes: How is AMN able to establish himself as a central midfielder when he doesn’t freakin’ play there!!!???

            I say, isn’t Auba a terrible right back? And as for Emi Martinez on the left wing – useless! Almost as bad as ESR at centre back! And don’t get me started on how bad Bernd Leno has been as a striker! Absolutely shocking!

          2. You answered your own question
            Managers see him in training and 3 managers hadn’t viewed him good enough to play in his favoured position

          3. 3 managers have realised how good AMN is and play him where they need him as he is very versatile. This has not helped Niles personally of course but has very much helped the team.
            They cannot do this with the inferior one-trick pony players. For instance, if we reversed things and played Willock at left back or right back while Niles plays at centre mid what sort of disaster would that be?
            So the superior player is sacrificed for the sake of the team – which is perfectly fine of course but leaves some people totally unable to see how good AMN could be if played in his favoured position.
            Is the light beginning to dawn?

          4. So to.clarify they realised he was so good they went let’s not play you in midfield let’s have you as our back up full back ?
            Not first choice
            No so good let’s have you start the season behind chambers at right back
            Then let’s bring in Cedric ?

          5. As I’ve said many times it’s only recently that Arteta has realised AMN’s worth. Like you, he’s a bit slow to catch on. After all, he still believes Xhaka is a good player.
            Now he’s realised (not before time) how good AMN is, he’s a starter – and he doesn’t want him to go. Sadly we may still lose him.
            Sanllehi on the phone to one of his agent guides and mentors: “Hey, who’s this Ainsley Maitland Niles character?”
            Agent: “He’s one of your players. He didn’t play much earlier as your manager argued with him and didn’t think he was much good. Now he’s realised his mistake and played him in the cup run. He did well so you might make a few quid if you want to sell him to raise funds. You can always say he hasn’t been a first team regular if anyone questions you about it.”
            Salllehi: “Oh, he’s one of our players is he? Thanks for the info. Good idea about selling him! I’ll have him up for sale in the morning.”

          6. Lots of excuses your making
            3 managers all ‘ slow ‘ or could it be he’s not good enough
            And where is he going to go do you reckon ?
            This midfielder, so good he sits on our bench as a makeshift full back
            Real Madrid? Juventus ?.Bayern or Brighton ?

          7. “This midfielder, so good he sits on our bench as a makeshift full back.”
            You must have missed our latest matches including the cup run where he was one of our star men. Getting a bit desperate now are we? No proper statements, just the childish drivel above.
            “Lots of excuses I’m making?” No, genuine well thought out answers which you are unable to cope with – so out comes your drivel.
            If he goes it will probably be to a very good club. I hear several have put out feelers, including the Spuds. As I’ve said before, he will improve any team, including the 5 just above us.

          8. Most of the season he hasnt been first team
            in three years he’s been our makeshift full back , not first choice ? Those are facts not drivel mate
            Sorry which 5 above us ?
            And are you now talking as a full back or the midfield position he hasn’t been good enough to play for us ?

          9. “Most of the season he hasnt been first team”
            Good grief, how many times have I said that Arteta didn’t realise his value until recently? Couple that with the arguments he had with Arteta and it’s no wonder he didn’t play ‘most of the season’. Are you unable to comprehend this? Then again better for you to ignore the obvious isn’t it, especially as it doesn’t fit in with your pathetic argument?

            “Sorry which 5 above us ?” That would be the 5 teams that finished immediately above us. Thought even you would have been able to work that out! You are having trouble grasping the obvious just lately aren’t you?

            “And are you now talking as a full back or the midfield position he hasn’t been good enough to play for us ?”
            As I’ve explained to you before, the one-trick ponies like Willock can only play in a set position. As I said then, reverse it and play Willock as a full back and AMN in midfield – Willock will be hopeless and AMN would shine. But it wouldn’t be good for the team. Don’t you remember me telling you this? It was only a few days ago.

            To answer the last part I would much prefer him to play midfield for us. My dream midfield three would be Ceballos and AMN just in front of Partey (hopefully), with Xhaka nowhere to be seen.
            I would also be happy to see AMN play wing back for us of course.
            Full back would be my third choice but I’d rather he played there than in midfield for someone else, especially Mourinho’s mob. That would be very bad.
            Hope that’s answered your questions. Or rather, hope I’ve yet again answered these latest regurgitations of your previous questions.

          10. So just to clarify lol
            A player not good enough in 3 years to get into our first team who has just taken part in our worst finish in 25 years
            could now make Chelsea and Man United’s midfield better?
            Who’s he replacing ?
            See if you can answer a question with any facts ?

          11. So just to clarify lol
            “A player not good enough in 3 years to get into our first team”
            I thought you yourself said he’d played over 100 games for us – in the first team. Forgotten that already have we? You contradict yourself.

            “… who has just taken part in our worst finish in 25 years …”
            The complete freakin’ team have just taken part in our worst finish in 25 years! But let’s single out AMN for all our failings shall we? That seems fair doesn’t it? Well, to an extremely biased (unbalanced?) mind like yours maybe.
            To people with normal minds your comment is at best ridiculous and at worst rivals the comments of kids in school playgrounds.
            And just think, if he’d played in midfield on a regular basis during that time who knows how well we would have done. For instance, just replacing Xhaka would have been a massive boost to the team.

            “. . . could now make Chelsea and Man United’s midfield better? Who’s he replacing ?”
            Man Utd – I’d replace Matic or Fred. I don’t think Mata is still considered there.
            Chelsea – I’d replace any of Kante, Kovacic, Barkley. And remember, he kept Pulisic quiet in the final.

            “See if you can answer a question with any facts ?”
            I think we both know it’s you who is scrambling for some pertinent facts when you brought “the worst finish for 25 years” into it – and then tried to insinuate it was AMN’s fault!!??

          12. No mate
            Our midfield is crap and he can’t get into it
            100 games is enough chances and in my opinion he hasn’t been good enough
            Not picking on him but he’s the one who’s being sold
            I struggle how to see if he can’t get in our midfield ( or in our team as a first team player consistently) how he would get ahead of Kante
            Just a blanket statement mate
            What have u seen from him this season to make you think he’s better than or could be better then Kante out of interest

          13. “Our midfield is crap and he can’t get into it”
            I’ve tired of explaining this to you Dan. But here goes one last time. After this, any more repeated questions from you will just be met with ‘see previous’.
            1) Willock can’t play full back so he’s put into midfield, at the expense of AMN who is better but who can play anywhere.
            2) He should have replaced Xhaka long ago – then our midfield would not have been crap.

            “100 games is enough chances and in my opinion he hasn’t been good enough”
            That’s actually fair comment as you are entitled to your opinion. So we can just agree to disagree on that one.

            “Not picking on him but he’s the one who’s being sold”
            Not sure what you are trying to prove here. Arsenal know that AMN is good and they hope to get a decent fee for him. Not so with the others in midfield. No manager in his right mind would put in an offer for Xhaka or Willock.

            “I struggle how to see if he can’t get in our midfield ( or in our team as a first team player consistently) how he would get ahead of Kante”
            I have to reply to this yet again? It’s because it’s taken almost the whole season for Arteta to realise how good AMN is. Once realisation had dawned AMN was right in there.

            “Just a blanket statement mate What have u seen from him this season to make you think he’s better than or could be better then Kante out of interest”
            Even Chelsea know that Kante is in a bit of a decline at the moment. Maybe he’ll come back but at the moment AMN’s sheer speed would get him into positions to tackle opponents, as opposed to Kante’s relative slowness. He isn’t an automatic choice for Chelsea these days and at one time they were even considering selling him, just like AMN, to get money to buy someone. He’s had injury problems and I feel a bit sorry for him. Happily he was not blamed for the Bayern result. I think AMN’s younger legs give him the edge over Kante.
            Must say though, I would have preferred us to buy him rather than Xhaka at the time!

          14. your making no sense im afraid
            what about when Bellerain is right back and he chooses Wilcok and leaves AMN on the bench ?
            If he was a good midfielder 3 managers by now would have played him there
            Your entitled to your opinion but he’s no where near Kante’s level
            But I guess will see mate if he reaches that level
            good debate though

          15. “your making no sense im afraid
            what about when Bellerain is right back and he chooses Wilcok and leaves AMN on the bench ?”
            This was in the days when either he hadn’t yet realised AMNs worth or had an argument with him so wouldn’t play him.

            “If he was a good midfielder 3 managers by now would have played him there”
            He was too useful in other positions. They had no one else who could step up to the mark. So he suffered for the team.

            “Your entitled to your opinion but he’s no where near Kante’s level But I guess will see mate if he reaches that level good debate though”
            Yes, my opinion is that he’s now better than Kante. Now we wait to see how the cards play out.

          16. too useful in other positions
            Your making zero sense
            for 3 years he;s been mostly our second choice full back so there was zero reason he couldn’t play in midfield
            Saying oh managers didnt rate him is not a reason , they didnt rate him because hes not good enough
            If someone is playing both full backs why would he not be allowed to play in midfield
            But yes mate we will see if he does better then Kante lol
            Can;t get ahead of Xakha , not our fist choice right back /left back or midfielder but hes now better then a World Cup Wineer and 2 time Prem winner based on ??
            but your ammusing me so lets carry on , who do you think will sign the next Kante , sorry better then Kante
            Real Madrid ? Barca ? Man City

          17. “too useful in other positions Your making zero sense
            for 3 years he;s been mostly our second choice full back so there was zero reason he couldn’t play in midfield
            Saying oh managers didnt rate him is not a reason , they didnt rate him because hes not good enough
            If someone is playing both full backs why would he not be allowed to play in midfield”
            He was not asked to play in midfield for the reasons I’ve told you several times. You must know them full well by now but choose to ignore them. Can’t be bothered to explain it to you yet again – you simply can’t handle it.

            “But yes mate we will see if he does better then Kante lol
            Can;t get ahead of Xakha , not our fist choice right back /left back or midfielder but hes now better then a World Cup Wineer and 2 time Prem winner based on ??”
            Based on the fact that now Arteta has realised his worth – and he’s already said he wants to keep him at Arsenal. Then the proof will come.

            “who do you think will sign the next Kante , sorry better then Kante”
            No idea but as I’ve said before I hope it’s not Mourinho. Hope he stays, even if played as a full back.
            Maybe Arteta will tell our shambles of a board that they’re making a big mistake. Then perhaps their decision will be reversed. That would really sicken you off wouldn’t it? Arsenal keeping a player who is inferior in your eyes. But not in the eyes of people who can read football as you can see from all the more sensible comments on this thread.

            “but your ammusing me so lets carry on”
            Sure I’ll keep the argument going – I look forward to it. I’m (semi) retired now so it gives me something to do when I take a coffee break. It adds a bit of spice to my day dealing with someone I believe is a narcissist.
            Such people ALWAYS think they’re right even when things are carefully explained to them so it should be fun seeing what spurious comments you’ll come up with next. Then again, you’ll have to go some to beat your “last 25 years etc” comment. That was hilarious.
            The other thing narcs are desperate for is to have the last word – even when, or especially when, they’re wrong. So obviously I’ll keep plugging away with pertinent comments as it will greatly annoy you and cause more of your nonsensical drivel to appear – to my great amusement.

            So yes, I’ll be keeping this argument going on here until one of the following happens:
            So far as I’m concerned I win this argument if either 1) AMN stays or 2) is sold to a GOOD club – maybe even abroad as it seems there is now German interest.
            You win the argument if he’s sold to a lesser team i.e. one below Arsenal’s standards – as you mentioned in one of your earlier half-truth statements.

            Midnight here where I live so I’ll be going to bed now and looking forward to seeing your next feeble attempts at reasonable, constructive arguments when I have my morning coffee in about 7 hours. Your childish ramblings are always good for a laugh so don’t let me down! They set me up for the whole day! Thanks.

  9. Also, while arsene was good at recognising talent, don’t forget Gnabry didn’t get a proper chance at arsenal. Sometimes even the best get it wrong and even then, for all we know AMN would be a nailed on first team player if Wenger was still in charge, given he was still young at the time.

  10. Sell Mustafi and Kolasonic instead.
    There was no need to buy Cedric Soares
    Soares is no better than AMN
    Raul and Edu sitting on Arteta will only destroy the club eventually

  11. Brilliant article Dan, I also wonder how three experienced coach keep playing him at Rb but yet some fans who doesn’t even know the basic thing about football keep saying he’s best position is in the middle. If any club is willing to pay 30million for him, we should take it. He’s nothing more than a squad player.

    1. Yes but he frequently plays better than our starting RB when he’s asked to do the job… He’s had a couple of hiccups, but I’d start him over bellerin in any game

        1. Yeah I was a bit over the top there. I guess I mean he has had some outstanding performances and I don’t remember too many from Bellerin. I think HB has a fair few bad games and doesn’t get called for it much. He’s basically just a fixture in the team because there’s usually been someone worse to take the flack

  12. Ainsley is quite far down the line from the players we should sell to raise the funds for the Summer’s key transfers!

    He’s an Arsenal boy through and through, with us since he’s a kid!
    Aren’t we obligated to keep home grown players anyway?

    We could get more for him next Summer when deals don’t have an average minus 30% lower value. Give him one last season to prove himself!

    Before selling Ainsley, sell Kolasinac, Mustafi, Sokratis, Torreira & Guendouzi ! That’s plenty of money there already!!
    (Özil will run his contract down for sure, unfortunately)

    1. One again It isnt a question of what
      players AFC SHOULD sell this window
      but which of the names youve
      listed above will have serious
      suitors if they are put on the
      chopping block.

      Mustafi—£90K ( and injured atm)

      No EPL or European club will match
      these ridiculous wages.

      Although young and talented
      Guendouzi isn’t going to fetch close
      to £40M in this Cvid impacted
      window. The Frenchmen will only
      leave IMHO if hes involved in a
      player for player + cash deal.

      Torreria is the only name youve
      mentioned that is attracting interest
      from a few Siera A teams and might
      result in a transfer fee. WTS it wont
      be more than what AFC paid 2
      summers ago.

      1. I’m not saying we’d make a mint on Sokratis/Mustafi, of course, but by lowering their fees you can compensate in the buyers’ budgets to take into account their wages.
        For them, it’s about freeing wages budgets for us, less getting any significant transfer money.
        Monaco was asking about Mustafi last year for example but the asking price was too high (and they have no issue paying players that level of wages). This can change this time around.
        We’d already get at least 70m for Guendouzi and Torreira, I’m arguing that we don’t need to sell AMN as well once all others departing players are taken into account.
        Ainsley will be worth more next Summer too. Give him the coming season to prove himself more under Arteta THEN sell him for more if his progress isn’t deemed good enough.

  13. When I saw AMN play for the winning England U20’S in 2017, I think it was the semi-final he got a start in mid field, I was so impressed and thought here’s the next Paul Scholes, who could also tackle! He was always close to the action receiving tip the ball in close situations, but playing the simple ball to players in space; when AMN got the ball in space then he was playing good passes to the forwards.
    Also keen on watching him since then, and he did the job for Arsene, but under Emery he was clearly not happy with the playing style. (No one was, they were all hiding behind the opposition because they didn’t want to be passed the ball).
    I really think AMN should be the understudy to Zhaka, and press for that position. Would love to see him play there in the Community Shield.
    If we do sell him (hopefully to a lesser club eg BHA) then we should ensure we have a buy back clause included, or alternatively good add ons if he’s on sold at a profit.

  14. Pls let’s cash out on him, we really need the money and is going to be a good business for us.

  15. Dan, what I always admire about you personally is that you make a full and well detailed case for your positions, whatever they are. I do not always agree, as you will be well aware from my sometimes acid comments to you. Equally, you will be aware that I regard you as by far the most intellectually sound and considered of ALL the regular JA article writers.
    I DO agree with the thrust of your opinion on AMN’ s worth to Arsenal , bearing in mind the financial pressure under this pandemic. And wiser fans WILL please bear this in mind.

    I definitely feel that AMN WILL leave and though that saddens me in some respects, I think that it is showing a welcome and long overdue(by at least a decade or more!!!) RUTHLESNESS in team planning that gladdens my heart.

    1. I agree Jon
      I feel that in the same week your sacking 55 staff you can’t then be putting your nose up at 30 million for a player best might occasionally fill in at full back

      1. We’d probably get the more realistic figure of nearer 20M not the overblown 30M you relentlessly quoted if he was sold.
        And that would be a terrible waste of talent.
        The board can ask what they like but their grip on reality looks shaky to me.
        In fact I very much doubt if Sanllehi could even name our first team squad without picking up his phone and calling his agent pals. Perhaps not even half our squad! Or a quarter!

  16. No, I would have sold him before Arteta finally have managed to get the best out of him in the end of the season.
    He is young, English, verstaile, Speedy (inly Arsenal player in fastest list of PL) and provides some fight and steel in midfield.

    I do not see why we want to sell, unless we know a direct alternative who would be a guraneteed upgrade and we cannot sell anyone else.

  17. I don’t want to see him sold, but for his sake I can’t see any option because the managers just won’t play him in the right position. Twice at Wembley he’s shown his capability, and the niggling inability to make a great final pass is something which should be improved by regular games. I really haven’t understood how Willock has been given opportunities but not AMN who I think is currently stronger, more athletic, and a better tackler. Sadly I fear the writing is on the wall and I wish him well for his future.

    1. Gworm I said almost your exact words quite some time ago. AMN must be sick to death of inferior players getting their wish to play where they want.
      I remember him saying that’s all he wanted – the same chance as the others were getting.
      Arteta FINALLY came round to realising AMN’s worth very recently.
      Maybe he was miffed that AMN had said earlier that he wanted to play in the middle and Arteta wanted to ‘prove a point’ i.e. “You’ll play where I tell you!”
      Pathetic if so. The team comes first, not the manager’s ruffled feathers.
      And I thought Arteta was supposed to be good at man-management!?

  18. There are other players I would show the door to before Selling AMN.

    Lacazette .. Nketiah Martinelli waiting.
    Ozil .. No one will match his wages so he will wait out the season. Hopefully a loan deal to reduce his wages or a US team comes in for him.
    Mkhitaryan .. Still on books !?
    Torreira .. Wants to return to Italy.
    Guendouzi .. Great potential, hopefully pull of a “Xhaka” and can pull Arteta/board round.
    Elneny .. Time to sell.
    Sokratis .. Surplus with 8cbs on books, contract runs out end of season.
    Mustafi .. Improved post lockdown but a liability. Once fit sell/contract runs out end of season.
    Mavropanos .. another loan but time to sell.

    I would rather sell Willock then AMN

  19. Ok, heres my little bit on this subjuct.
    AMN is a good player, i like his versatility, athleticism and how he can adjust to jobs MA has given him, it proves he is tactically aware of what he needs to do, which was showcased against, City and Chelsea.
    Under any normal circumstances, i wouldnt sell him.
    But we’re not in normal circumstances right now and the truth of the matter is ( due to past poor recruitment and poor form this season ) we just dont have many players that have good sale value.
    People on this post say sell this player and that player but who the hell is going to buy them for the money we value them at?
    Kola, Mustafi, Ozil wont command a fee worth noting, Ozil can’t even be given away it seems and Mustafi is Mustafi right so how do we get the money to buy who we need?
    We have to make a sacrifice somewhere and unfortunately AMN will be the one who makes way.
    Plus, from what I’m aware of is that he wants to play first team football week in week out in his favored CM role.
    IF we were to get Partey in or someone of similar ilk, will he get a look in or will he again be tasked with playing at fullback to cover injuries etc?
    For a squad player, getting 30m for him is a no brainer if you take sentiment out of the equation.

    1. VAL, OH HOW I LOVE FELLOW REALSTS! Unlike you and I, so many on here refuse to live in the world as it IS and consistently ignore the sometimes brutal reality of modern Prem life!

        1. Val and jon, the important thing is not how much players such as Kolasinac, Mustafi and Ozil will bring, but to sell them to get their wages off the books. After all to break even with Kolasinac all Arsenal has to get back his sign on fee, as he was a free transfer.

      1. If AMN was actually better than Bellerin , hasn’t he had enough of an opportunity to usurp him as the starting right back? Why would you reward a player who can’t really nail down a position by selling one who is performing?

        1. I think bellerin has stagnated at arsenal. He said he needs a new challenge, I believe, which wouldn’t surprise me. He really doesn’t offer much beyond a decent fullback with pace to make up for some mistakes. I always thought he would at some point show something special, but it’s never happened.
          AMN has shown he can hang in big games and physically dominate at times. He’s not perfect but I can really see him being a top player for us. Why hasn’t he nailed down a position? Well he was a bit young under Wenger, I don’t really think Emery made the best decisions at arsenal at times and he’s not had long with Arteta, but he seems to have had a telling off and then regained the manager’s trust – enough to start in the FA cup final. I dunno, just think he could have a bright future at arsenal, but Bellerin is a bit stuck in his comfort zone and needs a move.

          1. Spot on DAVI, even though HB
            has been hampered by injuries
            over his AFC career the
            Spaniard’s best days IMHO are
            well behind him. If he’s serious
            about seeking a new challenge
            then AFC should immediately
            put out some serious feelers
            throughput Europe. Anything
            above £25M should be accepted.

            AMN IMO has the potential and
            skill set to be a Top Class RB @
            Arsenal for the next decade. If
            playing midfield for Brighton or
            West Ham is his career preference
            than sadly he has played his last
            game in NL.

  20. If we sell Auba to Barcelona we will survive we did when Henry went we need to keep the good young players AMN should stay get shot of the deadwood if anybody will take them

    1. there is a big big difference between selling Auba now to when we sole the great Henry.
      We were still a force in the league, we were still competing and we still had a the draw of UCL football.
      Right now we need goals, our Mf doesnt score any and Laca can’t be counted on to take Auba’s goal scoring form.
      So we sell Auba, how much then will it cost to replace 22+ ( 29 in all comps ) goals for? 80? 90? 100m+
      So even if we sell him for 50m, we still need another 30-50 to replace him and what happens then to the areas we need to fix like CDM and CB?
      How successful do you think we will be with this line up

      AMN Saliba Luiz KT
      Xaka LT
      Pepe ESR Saka

      think smart that will another mid table finish or are you lot happy to be competing with the likes of Palace , Sheffield UTD, newcastle and co.
      If we put that much faith in that much youth that has no real winners and leaders in, MA wouldnt last long before he wopuld get snapped up by another team that is playing in better competitions

      1. I personally think MA’s
        managerial ambitions will
        preclude him from playing
        the wait and see game with
        Arsenals board. The Spaniard
        seems to have presented his
        transfer hit list to the Arsenal
        brass now its up to them to
        deliver the goods. A lack of
        backing or backpedaling on
        there behalf will see MA move
        on to greener futboling pastures.

        1. Also ACE, we should read between the lines a little bit with what Arteta has said about certain player.
          He was asked direct questions live on stream about X,Y and Z players.
          What is he going to say? is he going to openly pull a Mancini and degrade the value of these players and drop their morale or is he going to ‘big’ them up so he can get the most out of them so we can salvage something from the season( which we did) ?

  21. I have my doubts about the guys that run our club. So if there is any chance they indeed sell AMN against Arteta’s wishes that raises concerns to me. Arteta has clearly managed to improve a number of our players and if he sees a role for AMN in his plan for his team to fulfill his vision of the future to make us competitive again, then I would go with Arteta’s view before I would follow the other clowns upstairs.

    1. TAOT, you only have “doubts”? Any doubts about the Board and senior executive should have been confirmed years ago, as Arsenal bought high, paid high wages and sold low, including its best Academy players for a song with no buy back or sell on provisions, selected a good head coach, who unfortunately had poor English communication skills, the list goes on.
      Please remind me again why Arsenal left Highbury and spent a fortune on the Emirates to compete with the best clubs in the EPL and Europe – Burnley, Wolves, Sheffield United, Leicester, Everton and Olympiakos.

      1. Ozziegunner Maybe saying I have my doubts was too polite indeed but my main concern is with Sanllehi. I fear he might be a bit of a pretender. And if Arteta is overruled on wanting to keep AMN it has to involve Sanllehi.

  22. AMN no doubt has got potentials but we got to understand there’s got to be someone to be sacrificed at all times and unfortunately he ticks the boxes and that’s football. His only advantages is that he’s home grown, young and has got d AFC DNA but considering the options we’ve got in the middle, he’s still miles down the order and no doubt he’s got the potentials to improve just like every other young lad but I don’t see him displacing anyone right now but if he can wait for his time to come, then certainly he will become a legend. But if he’s in a hurry, 30buks isn’t a bad business at all plus with 5-7buks we can get a raw talent from lower leagues.
    Let’s look at the business point of it.

  23. You make some good points Dan, but I agree with Grandad and would prefer to keep AMN and sell Bellerin who had early promise (not unlike Jack Wilshere) but has underachieved. AMN has all the attributes to be a top player including pace and stature but probably lacks a bit of confidence but a good coach should relish the opportunity develop this player. Over to you Mikel!!!

    We aren’t thinking like a big club anymore and haven’t been for a while. Big clubs usually loan OUT players, not IN. The Catch 22 situation is if we don’t buy big we might lose our biggest player, Auba, who at his age, probably won’t be tempted by money alone in order to sign a new contract. Can anyone really see this situation change under Kroenke any time soon? Mind you if he sees his asset’s value dwindle, as it surely will, he will have to make a choice, keep things ticking over and wait out the pandemic, invest heavily or sell. I would prefer the last option but I fear he will go for the first one.

  24. What i like about AMN is his pace and versatality
    What i dont like about him is his decision making which i think he has never really improved and tge only readon he rarely gets chances in midfield….😔

    He has potential and i wish him all the best wherever he goes( if he really is to be sold)

  25. AMN is my guy!

    Did anyone watch the games against $h*tTy and chavs?

    He shut down some of the best players in the world.

    He is better than Bel, Kola, Soares, at the back and there is a mid in him somewhere.

    EPL has minimum requirements for homegrowns and he is at the top top top.
    See Gary’s post for who should go.
    This is a no brainer.

  26. What is certain is that without an upgrade in midfield we are not getting back in to top 4 and would struggle with top 6 I would personally keep amn over xhaka any day though it’s not a high bar he is a more all round player but arteta has fallen for this footballing fraud so we need to pay to play .. None of youngsters are going to make it imo so Willock gundhouzhi and AMN can go for the right price … For AMN anything around 20m is worthwile

  27. If we remove central midfielders that either are not trusted or wants to move (Ozil, Torreira & Guendouzi) we have a current midfield of Xhaka, Willock and AMN.

    This alone makes it sound unlikely we will sell AMN. Besides, Torreira and Guendouzi should bring in more money than AMN. If AMN wants to leave himself he could be sold though.

  28. Crazy to sell AMN…
    1. Arteta wants/wanted to keep him. So some spanner in Finance (josh?) says no.
    2. Huge talent just coming good. Will hit the ground running nxt season. To replace him will cost more for a lesser player I bet, and one that takes longer to bed in.
    3. I forgot what 3 was going to be, oh yes, he loves arsenal and will give his all… plus i like him, he adds spirit, speed, energy and versatility. Has the Arsenal philosophy. And he’s better than Cedric FCS.

    We should respect Arteta wishes and keep him

    1. agreed Arteta should have final say or veto as long as he understands the consequences on the rest of the summer’s plans.

  29. We need to keep him he is a versatile player which Arsenal need, they sold good player before who went onto be very good players

  30. Hmmm. The concern at the Gunners’ team Right Back position that I’ve noticed and Arteta might have noticed too, is Bellerin hasn’t prove he has totally recovered from the ACL injury which he has had that’ll give confidence he’ll be a regular starter for Arsenal next season that went back to last season. But which he hasn’t shown after he has returned from his ACL injury sideline. And as a result of the uncertainty sounding him to regularly be playing as the club’s RB1st team choice even after he has return, Arteta went to sign Cedric Soares as the no2 backup RB with Niles being the no1 backup to Bellerin I would like to think. But Cedric is currently injured and probably won’t be back for Arsenal before Sep 17 when next season’s campaign in the PL has commenced. If this my takes are true, then, why should Arsenal contemplate selling AMN this summer? After knowing fully well that the short of cover in the RB personnel to start/play in matches for Arsenal is still prevalent. But yet the club looked to have mooted a plan to sell AMN this summer baffle me despite the obvious facts on ground that shows the club have to sell to raise funds to undertake some incoming top quality signings this summer. Nevertheless, I think the Arsenal hierarchy bosses should rescind their decision in opposing Arteta who reportedly wants Niles to stay at AFC this summer. But they should however try as much as they can to raise funds through other means to still bring in Willian, Cortinoh, Magalhaes and possibly Partey too all four linked with Arsenal in the media to come to the club this summer. But not resort to selling AMN as the sacrificial lamb sacrificed in the wilderness of thinking and thought to help bring in the reported 4 top quality new players this summer. But AMN is by Arsenal public opinions of the Gooners who is the Arsenal constituency do not want to see AFC sell him this summer but keep him . The Gooners opinions that is not based on sentiments but on his improving performance quality for Arsenal and his developing promising potential that could soon burst to fullness in maturity making him attained his full potential to become first class versatile(utility player) for Arsenal which is an ingredient in the team that the Gunners team SHOULD possesse. But what is the problem with the Arsenal bosses, don’t they want an utility player at he club this summer?

  31. I say keep him, these young players like him and Guendozi are talented as well as pretty young. I think he is ahead of others in his age group. Apart from talent and versatility he also counts as home grown player so gives us more flexibility in signing more forgiven player. We need to develop n keep giving playing time to our young players in club because we are not purchasing high world class players as we are cash strapped. So the other way around the problem is to invest time and effort in talented youngsters like AMN. I prefer to watch our youngsters play then either old retirement age players we seem to buy now a days or give playing time to loan players (develop them and then send them back to parent club).

  32. Personally, I prefer to keep him because of many reasons. Most importantly, he can play in multiple positions all over and we need someone with these qualities.

    30 million is fair enough if only he prefers to leave to play continuously.

  33. Who is this willing to pay 30 sweet millions for Maitland-Niles? 🧐😂 They need to have their heads examined. I would not pay more than £5M for him. He is just about El Neny/Guendouzi level.

  34. Personally I do not think its good business for arsenal to sell Niles, considering that he is young and very versatile. The guy plays very well in middle field position. He was certainly going to be one of the greatest assets arsenal would ever have built. So I wish the board could change their minds and consider selling somebody else.

  35. Selling him will be the worst mistake he 1 of our best players in 1 VS 1 situations and great peace to recover also get to the by line. I feel loosing him will be massive even arteta agree. He played riyaad marez so well VS man city and is really not true about the 1 to 3 day success on the field player. Only problem I always had with him was he’s crossing which he have also worked on.


  37. We are led by a manager who lacks experience and vision. He’s busy buying 32yr old and selling 22yr old

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