Are Arsenal fans happy with Calum Chambers season so far?

Calum Chambers arrived at Arsenal from Southampton this summer and was immediately thrown in at the deep end due to our massive list of defensive injuries. Most fans were very happy with his early performances, but lately he has come in for a bit of stick from JustArsenal readers.

I think the problem is that fans have forgotten exactly how young and inexperienced he really is, and in fact he has just reached his 20th birthday. Chambers himself thinks he has definitely improved since his arrival at the Emirates.

“I think I’ve matured a lot,” he said on the official Arsenal website. “I’ve worked on my game, I’ve watched a lot of my performances back and I’ve gained a lot of experience both in playing in the Premier League and in Europe.

“I think I’ve added a lot to my game, which is good. I just want to keep working hard and keep learning from each match I play.

“I’ve played a lot and I’ve been happy with the first half of the season. I’m confident in my own ability and I hope the coaches and the fans are happy with my performances.

“Now I have to keep that going in the second half of the season – carry on enjoying my football and building on what I’ve done in my first six months here.”

So he has asked the question, so let’s discuss. Considering his age, do you think his first season at Arsenal has been a happy one so far?

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  1. yeah hes doing ok -hes young, he wasnt cheap but will come good.
    le coq an bellerin are the real possible success stories this season.
    bradford score 4 at stamford bridge- an im definitely not high- im certain this time

    1. Ahahahaha! Ahahahaha! Ahahahah!

      Please laugh with me, I’d tell u why after…

      Ahahahahaha!!! Ahahahahah!

      Maureen!!! Maureen!!! Ahahahaha!!!

    2. Just wanna say where all the Wenger haters now does or squad look that bad now we dont have as many injuries more positive comments on here would be better than all the negativity bring on paulista and bielek looks promising rosicky back playing cazorla and Sanchez on fire Theo and özil and Ramsey almost back cmon the arsenal and defending like a team coquelin deserves to play dm for the rest of the season

      1. We are 5th bro, we are not challenging for the title, we have considered more goals than all the clubs above us. We could not win against the weakest Man Utd team, we dropped points at Swansea, Stoke. As far as I am concerned, Arsenal is not having a good season. This is no time to be praising Wenger.

      2. WTF???
        One good game against a top team in 5 yrs and you expect everyone to forget the bizarre way Wenger has been running the club?

        Not a chance, he left us light at the back, hasn’t bought a WC striker since RVP left and we are the 5th richest club in the world!

        Playing Arteta as DM when he is completely unsuited to the position.
        He only played Coquelin because there was no one left, if Arteta hadn’t been injured we wouldn’t have seen Coquelin and we wouldn’t have beaten City because Coquelin made that possible!

        If Wenger is such a great manager how did he not see how good Coquelin was on the training pitch?
        Sanchez’s determination helped lift the team but Coquelin playing a position in a way we hadn’t seen since the days of Viera and Gilberto is what has made the difference to this team.
        That is a change that every person on this forum and beyond knew needed to happen!

        Lets be clear, people who voice concern aren’t Wenger haters, we love our club, Arsenal FC more than any manager.

        1. I watched the game vs Real Madrid last year; he marked Cristiano and Bale out the game.

          Angel no, we don’t want angels, we need some nasty back there.

    3. Calum will be just fine for us. He was one of our best players for 8-10 matches at the beginning of the season. It is very unusual for a 19 year to assume so much responsibility so soon at a big club and it just caught up with him.

  2. He must work so he can replace Merti one day. The thing about defenders is, that they do become good the more they age. Future CB. RB is all about Hector.

  3. Chambers is an unknown quantity.
    He is young and surprisingly tough.
    But can he lock down a starting position
    or is his versatility his strength?
    He is a good future ivestment but to be
    frank the 16 mill should have been spent on
    a CB like Paulista to give us a better chance of winning the Premiership.
    But are we seriously trying to win the Premiership?

  4. As for me, am okay with him so far. He has played majorly in two positions, playing once in a third position(against his old club). He should be perfectly groomed for one position.

    1. BTW, Chelshit, Man $hitty, Spuds and Soton all lose to inferior teams in one day, amazing! Manure should have just lost and give us a better shot at the FA CUP for a second year in a row.

      1. UNBELIEVABLE what just happened today. 4 top teams out. Manure looked shit against Cambridge united with a top squad. I feel our time is coming. Lets not underestimate Brighton tomorrow.

    2. Agree. Wenger said he thinks he is a CDM in the future… hope he gives up on that. I think we saw enough in that Soton game where he was absolutely horrible in midfield. CB is clearly is best position.

  5. Wow! What a wonderful day its turning out to be! Chelsea= out man city =out southampton =out and to top off the icing spurs =out! I just love the romance of the fa cup! In the words of ice cube “today was a good day”! Coyg!

    1. brighton team have seen arsenal fans online – saying they will win fa cup now.
      they are fired up- tomorrow will not be easy

      1. Yep, we have to watch our asses. I am sure Wenger is gong to give the the blow dry treatment before the game. That is why I love the EPL.
        That is why the FA Cup is the best competition in Europe. Surprises never stop.
        A couple of years I saw the equivalent in France where a team of part time players held PSG till the 88th minute. Oh that was beautiful.

        Nice to see Jose crying.
        Man City had to go to the Mid East to earn the $20 million fee to show up on their books for the FFP. The trip cost them the FA Cup.

  6. Yes, I am happy with him. I believe his best position is CB.

    However, I am more happy now that both of the plastic clubs, City and Chelshitem are out! As well are Saints and Tiny Tots! Liverpool are drawing at home currently against Bolton.

    Now come on Arsenal! We must line up a capable starting 11 tomorrow.

    Szczesny, Bellerin, Chambers, Koscielny, Gibbs, Flamini, Ramsey, Walcott, Özil, Campbell, Akpom.

  7. Calum chambers is still young at his trade, lets give him some time to improve on his game, esspecially on timing his tackles properly! Coyg!

  8. Calum has been good and has several years to improve. He is still very young.

    However, he hasn’t justified his price “Yet” of £16 million. But hopefully next year or soon after.

    He has played CB, RB and I think DM once for us so he is very versatile. He has been extremely important because of Debuchy’s injuries and other defenders’ injuries this season

    1. no u wont, u will swear, come on here an curse wenger.
      then make some soup an play world of warcraft

  9. I’ve been really impressed with Chambers at CB, and although he’s been poor at RB, the criticism he has received when playing at RB has been unjust because he’s not a RB. Chambers is definitely not as versatile as people thought. Just one look at his physic, speed, acceleration, and height, show you that he should never have been put at RB, especially when Bellerin (a RB) was available for selection. But I think he’ll be a great CB for us for years to come.

  10. I’m satisfied with Chambers so far. He’s 19 and I think it was unfair to make him play essentially every match up until January. He has a ton of years ahead of him, so he’ll come good.

  11. Fairy tale wins for lower ranked teams
    in todays FA cup. However I doubt City or
    Chelsea care. Jose spoke in riddles all week
    about the “value” of this game.
    Resting 9 players probably gives it away.
    I reckon he’d be disappointed City lost.
    Chelsea have a massive week with a possible Premiership
    decider on Saturday after the Liverpool Tuesday tie.
    Southampton like Spurs want a top 4 spot more than
    the FA cup but would have liked a run as insurance.
    This also leaves other non title contenders like Westham
    Arsenal Liverpool and United playing for FA cup consolation.

    1. FA Cup consolation? You must be on mushrooms. I have watched the FA Cup since 1970.
      It has the been the biggest best most attended competition in England.

      Nothing has generated more excitement than the FA Cup.

      Funny how Arsenal fans will say Fergie won # titles and include the FA Cup wins, but discount the Cup when talking about Arsenal.

      tangitangi !

    1. @john0711
      Did you see the price tag PSG stuck to Marquinhos??? I don’t think MU are gonna be getting him anytime soon…

      1. Hope not NY gunner he looks quality
        I’m happy with GP and if wenger signs anothe quality player I’m jumping for joy

  12. Liverpool going to Bolton for Replay. Not a bad thing. Bolton have a real chance. I expect United to beat Cambridge though at Old Trafford

    Congrats to Sanogo and Chamakh btw

    1. @fred cowardly
      If Cambridge play like they did yesterday, they still have a good chance of taking home a scalp…

    1. In fairness they have a home tie against Cambridge to progress to the 5th round and we have an away tie to Brighton to do the same. Harder task and whether we like it or not they are above us in the league. Win well tomorrow and we will be re-installed as favourites – although not sure how much we should covert such a burden!

  13. OT:are we going to add an attacker?i mean we have let podolski,sanogo and campbell too is going,there must be something wenger is up to or does he trust akpom?

    1. Gnabry replaces Podolski, Akpom>Sanogo, Campbell never got games either way and doesnt need replacing. Maybe we buy an attacker in the summer, usually we do.

  14. £11.2m and 700k for the campbell deal, good business hope it works out for Joel and that we get a contract extension in place for him beforehe goes. Got to be tough he’s forever on loan.

  15. Paulista and Bielek in. Sanogo and Campbell out on loan. I really like what Wenger is doing this window.

  16. Gabriel confirmed, Campbell loaned out. Sounds like the right descision. I hated watching Campbell rot on the bench. Welcome to the club Gabriel 🙂

  17. Paulista is a stylish player going
    forward. Don’t know about his defence.
    77 mill net spent in this season so far.
    Still need another CB in the summer window.
    Koz’s Archilles, Snailesacker while Chambers and
    Hayden are unproven as CB’s in the EPL.

    1. At the beginning of next year, I’d expect Koscielny and Paulista to be starting with Mertesacker, Chambers and Hayden behind them. Given that both Monreal and Debuchy have shown they can step into CB if needed, I think we’re good and would focus on a DM (unless the rumours of a Schneiderlin precontract are true.

  18. Paulista looks the business villareal had a mean defence and he was at the heart of it lets hope he makes his debut the same time as i make my first visit to the emirates against villa next week live in ireland so hopeing for a good exciting game with an arsenal win

      1. I suspect Mertesacker will stay first choice for this season. There aren’t many defenders that walk into the Premier League and star right away. Even Koscielny took six or so months to settle in.

        1. I think Paulista will be first choice but Mertesaker can also play some games since
          we are still in EPL, UCL and FA CUP. An injury could also happen to anyone.

      2. You’re gonna be disappointed mate. Paulista is so obviously going to be our CB back-up at least until the end of the season. 24 years old straight out of La Liga in to the winter PL is a tall order for anyone. And you will see a PM/GP partnership before a GP/LK – chance of PM being out injured 10%, chances of Kos out injured with his dodgy achilles 50%.

  19. Fantastic we have paulista..
    Let’s hope he’s as good as the pundits say..
    Him and kos can be an important part in our push for top 3/4 and if Arsene is feeling really ambitious- lets go for sissoko – or someone along the lines..
    Coq is doing an amazing job so we do need someone else if he loses his consistency..
    Well done Arsene.. Can’t help feel a bit miffed we didn’t get anyone in the summer but hey ho ..

    1. Guillem Balague just likened him to Vermaelen – not sure whether to be happy or not! If he means the 2009-2010 TV5 then all is good with me.

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