Are Arsenal fans happy with new contracts but no signings?

The news of two new deals for Arsenal must have been received with mixed enthusiasm by the supporters; a mix of good and bad. Good, because, these deals are for those two players who are linked with interest from other clubs. But, there is nothing more to be happy about because we are not talking about any new incomings. The deals are to the unsettled pair of Santi Cazorla and Theo Walcott.

Arsene Wenger was all gushing about the new contracts to the two players, who he believes to be central to his plans. “Both are top-quality players who are hugely important and influential to our squad,” said Wenger.

It would be a little misleading to say Cazorla was unsettled at the club. The 30-year-old Spaniard was one of the best players last season. Once he was moved into the central role, he showed glimpses of his silky play. To be frank to his exploits last season, Wenger is convinced that Cazorla solved the problem of his central midfield role for the new season.

However, his performance on the pitch didn’t go unnoticed. La Liga team Atletico Madrid was interested in getting him back to Spain. So, when the news that the new deal is yet to be offered to the maestro is out, there were slight concerns that he could be part of a bid. All those can now be put to rest.

Walcott’s condition is a little closer to being ‘unsettled’. The England international missed most part of the last year due to injury. That didn’t stop clubs prying over the fact that he could be moving into the final year of his deal.

At the beginning of the transfer window, there were rumours that Liverpool would be interested in a swap deal involving Walcott and Raheem Sterling. But, that was when Wenger was interested in the MerseySide winger. Being as prudent as he ever was, Wenger decided to distance himself from the inflated price of Sterling.

The 26-year-old Walcott was snatched by Wenger – snatched because there were many interested parties – from Southampton in 2006 at a price of around £12.5 million. He has scored 50 league goals in 208 appearances for the Gunners and is expected to be an important player this season. It will be surprising to know that Walcott is Arsenal’s longest-serving active player. And there is no doubt that he got a handsome package to extend his contract.

Supporters can now only hope that Walcott can remain injury-free and show that he can move to the next level with his performances. With Cazorla, that is never a problem.


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  1. k-ool says:

    YES and NO.

    1. Champagne Charlie says:

      Indeed. Good to keep your squad together, but if you don’t take measures to improve it then what’s the point?

      1. Big Lebowski says:

        Cech did not improve the Goal keeping spot then? according to you he was a waste of money

        1. Champagne Charlie says:

          Reading’s not your strong suit I take it? Where did I say Cech was a waste of money?

          We finished 12 points back last term, Cech isn’t improvement enough.

    2. Honest Opinion says:


  2. Shah of Arsenal says:

    I think we have an extremely strong team already, but considering we’re keeping both arteta and flamini (for now) I highly doubt we’ll get a DM.

    I want a striker but at the same time I want walcott to get his shot at striker so idk. Giroud is still absolutely essential and necessary for our offense as well. But I wouldn’t be complaining if we got a striker, just dunno whose left besides Benzema

  3. funkyrith says:

    First of all, how highly I rate Theo, I do not think he earned 140k a week contract. He is British, so makes sense to keep him. Else Raheem will not be 49m or Stones will not be 30m. I will not be happy till we buy a good,established CDM.

  4. CarlosSilva says:

    I’m happy enough with Arteta, Flamini backup for Coq seeing as Jack and Ramsey can also play there against the weaker teams.. My real concern is up front, for the wide positions and cf we have a total of 5 first team players, Welbeck, Giroud, Walcott, Ox and Sanchez also Cazorla Ramsey and Ozil will play a game or 2 out wide but I really think we need either a winger or a striker, they don’t even need to be out of this world someone like Mertens, Callejon, Pedro, Immobile, Llorente, Austin, Pelle would do. Obviously Lewa Draxler Reus and players of that caalibre would be amazing but the other guys would be awesome but if we cant afford them we don’t need them. I’m happy with Alexis Theo and Ox up front but we know tthe English boy especially Theo are prone to injury so we need someone else.. I think Wenger will sign somebody too.

    1. Shah of Arsenal says:

      Don’t think Immobile or llorente would do us any good, but I see your point

  5. Andrew U says:

    Did Arsenal win the title last year? Will Cech get Arsenal another 13 points?

    If you answered, “No” to these questions, then Wenger must strengthen the squad!!!

  6. rpk says:

    Yes ofcourse keeping our star players is as important as singing players.

  7. TheRealGunnerSA says:

    I’m happy with the contract but I’m worried that with Walcott signing a new contract we might not sing a new striker anymore.

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