Are Arsenal fans now convinced that Arteta is the right man for the job?

It was quite obvious in Arsene Wenger’s last season that a large percentage of the Arsenal home fans had decided that Le Prof had outstayed his welcome and there were many empty seats as the season wore on.

And it didn’t take too long for the empty seats to reappear this season as Unai Emery failed to persuade them that he had any idea how to get the players to understand his confusing instructions.

But now Arteta is in charge, it looks like the fans are back on board, and to be fair since that crazy defeat to Chelsea in the last 10 minutes, we have had 2 wins and a draw at the Emirates. Arteta certainly believes that the fans were right behind the team in yesterday’s draw against Sheffield United, so much so, he thanked them after the game.

The Boss told “The fans were terrific, they were right behind the team and they appreciated every action as we were pushing them,”

“I’m so thankful to them because compared to how it was a month ago, I think it’s completely different.

“We have to keep trying to convincing them and encouraging them to keep doing it, and hopefully they can deserve and enjoy more good results.”

We are going into a run of three away games in a row, and I can’t imagine any of them are going to be easy for us, but for the home fans, our next five are Newcastle, Everton, Olympiakos, West Ham and Norwich, all of which should be winnable in my eyes.

Hopefully we can get our confidence back at home and then start trying to do the same thing away from home.

Having the twelfth man on board in the home games makes a massive difference to the atmosphere and is a great help to the players.

Long may it continue!


  1. No. Not yet for me.
    I’m Satisfied with his performance so far but will wait till the end of the season.
    I want to see a bit more improvement

    1. Still early days, small sample of 4 Premier league games
      He must instill discipline especially with the defenders. What is the purpose and job of a Defender? I cannot understand why a Defender turns away from a shit coming in, AMN caused the equaliser

  2. Yes he’s improved an average team

    Shocking post Pat seems like you just trying to rub
    People up
    To make them

  3. MA hadnt convinced me yet…not by far with his team selections and tactics. Like in the Sheff game, back to the old wenger days of making a substitution for the sake of making one and he puts on Nketiah?…the selfish player who even Leeds would not use?
    He needed a midfield change but didn’t make one.
    So far apart from the MU game where MU lost the game not that we won it, his tactics and selection have been seemed like the worse of both Wenger and Emery combined….below average favourites being regularly selected, Nelson Niles, Xhaka. Going ahead then going back to the old wenger days of trying to hold out with a 1 nil lead.Unable to change tactics during the game to counter the other teams….Chelsea game?
    Ah well….I have never not expected to win against newly promoted teams. Emery has f….the club bad and atm looks like MA is continuing down that path.
    Draws are no better than a loss against “smaller” clubs

    1. You my friend are far away from reality. I can understand some of the rant about substitution n team selection but saying we did not win against Man U they lost the game to us is delusional. We outplayed them that’s a fact. Our broken defence has improved a lot under MA taking into account we are massively short at the back at the moment with no regular LB and RB. Coming back to subs, a manager can o my use the subs he has got available. Weak and inexperienced bench is not his fault, he has to make do with he has. Our over all play, organisation, tactics, strategies, thinking, effort every thing has improved some a little n some a lot. I believe when he has the players he wants n with time n support MA will be a success story.

    2. You didn’t see the game. Which player available at bench. Only inexperience kid. In fact MA su laca since already ineffective. Then before sheff score guendouzi already stanby to raeplace ozil but suddenly sheef score. So we still need ozil creativity to get another goal.

  4. I am convinced he is what we needed now instead of Unai or it wouldve got a hell of alot worse under his leadership. Mikel knows the club and has learnt under 2 of the best minds in football, one as a no2 coach and another as playing captain.

    He may not be the answer but has steadied the ship which we needed. Now if we had won yesterday, same at Palace and didnt throw away that lead in 10mins to chelsea we would be all on cloud 9 with the improvements he has made. Small margins has cost him and the team so let’s just get behind them.

    Did any of you hear Anfield today… now that’s a 12th man! We have abit to go but back on the right tracks is what was needed 1st, then with abit of investment and moving players out he can have a proper go in the summer with pre season and ready for the new season. Saliba will be here also then.

    Patience is what is needed here and shrewd transfers in the likes of Xhaka being replaced and sold, same with Papa and Cabellos when he goes back to Madrid because Ozil isnt the same but are stuck with him and creating opportunities as we struggle at times.

    Papa, Xhaka, Elneny, Miki and if needs be Laca is he doesnt step up as we cant afford any more passengers or afford to. Going to be a long process but never know Dagote might buy us next year and we start fifa buying!!

    1. He is the right man for the job I feel for him for what he has inherited. I am sure he would get rid of most of the team and bring he’s
      own players in if he had he’s own way. Stop having a pop at him and get behind him. Wish him all the luck

      1. So would have Emery if given the chance, but the Owners and Board expect Arteta, like Emery, to coach the players they scout and contract to “success”. Who knows what constitutes “success” to absentee owner Kroenke and the football clueless Board? Kroenke has already stated ig doesn’t involve wining trophies.
        Arteta must be supported in the transfer market to buy the players to support the style and system he wants Arsenal to play to win.

    2. I agree with you

      We were in free fall under Emery similar to Bournemouth now and relegation was a fear of mine. Managerial changes at Watford and Everton and a revitalised Southampton made Arsenal extremely vulnerable.

      With an uninspiring squad anyway as well as a long injury list it would be pretty difficult for Arteta to have done more than he has already. Many have mentioned tightening up the defence which is an improvement but it is very difficult to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. He is trying to improve stamina which wasn’t a feature before and I do believe he is on the right track

  5. Can’t believe the negativity from the first replies.MA has firstly helped the defenders to DEFEND better than they ever did under Emery.Thus in in spite of having to continually change CB’s due to injuries and having no first choice full backs available in Bellerin and Tierney.Add the long term loss of both Holding and now Chambers and to me at least we seem to have developed a system that is consistent, in spite of having an 18 year old LW playing LB.Its not perfect but a huge improvement.
    In midfield he has at least identified how he wants Xhaka and Torriera to play, and they now provide cover at the back we never had under Emery.( Watford Away with 32 YES THIRTY TWO ATTEMPTS ON GOAL).
    He is consistent with Pepe Ozil and Auba begins Lacazette up front.The transition is not there but the signs are better.We will improve as the season goes on and get better results I’m sure.
    Stevie Wonder could see the improvement-it is beyond belief some on this site fail to recognise it

    1. We dont seemed to have had a new manager syndrome boost, not a problem really i suppose. But results are not there, im not keen on his reliance on certain older players who i believe are not performing. His tactical substitutions so far have not been effective or tactical. He doesn’t seem to have a plan b, he is giving everyone a new slate but i haven’t seen that yet. I’m not sure about all this captain malarkey either, mainly being handed around the strikers, we need a captain and one leader. So its a wait and see for me, im not a for but im not an against either, i just need a lot more convincing. I still think this squad should be doing better than we are and until i see a more consistent winning team, i am not happy. He is a rookie at the job and he is looking that way at the moment, these draws could and should have been wins, the turning point will be when the draws become wins or losses. On the fence stil.

    2. Couldn’t agree more.
      The Palace and Sheffield equalisers were a little lucky, but for some quicker closing down, may not have conceded at all.
      We have gone from an absoulutly shambolic defence, using our first choice defenders (they may not be worldies), to using a make shift left and right back with mix and match central defence and we are definitely more stable.
      Torreira is being played in his accustomed role and Xhaka has clearly been given instructions to sit a bit deeper, and cover left back as required.
      With Laca’s terrible form, we would always struggle for a goal, it still seems to me that we are lacking incisiveness in the final third, we score twice in either of the games I mentioned, we win.

      1. Frank, as you said both equilizers were lucky as both were deflected n completely took Leno out of the picture…what can MA do about that, point to note is in crystal palace game we lost torreria n then they equalised, in Sheffield one Saka made mistake in coming inside n leaving player outside alone with room to cross…that’s his inexperience which players learn with age. What can MA do in both situations? If we can’t convert clear chances then it’s the player fault not MA, I read some where a while ago that pep tells his forward line that bring the ball to final third is his responsibility as a manager but what they do with then from there on is players responsibility.

        1. Phil, I support the head coach and Arteta needs to be supported by the owner and Board to address the obvious deficiencies in squad player quality and depth. Unfortunately Phil, you did not cut Emery the same slack when he lost players to injury, particularly thelong term ones to defenders.

          1. Hi Ozzie gunner
            At the moment Arteta has the support of most of us and it is still early days and you are so right about the board the board needing to support him

            Emery lost the plot after some months as results in 2019 showed with the season ending on a poor run and without a trophy either. My non Arsenal supporting husband said he couldn’t understand how we managed to wing it as our play was awful and Emery looked like a rabbit staring into headlights most of the time. I don’t know what Phil has previously posted about Emery but he did have 18 months at the helm which should have showed improvement but instead we went into free fall by the autumn.

            I hope we as supporters do give Arteta time

          2. OG- your correct. I so wanted Wenger gone and at the time believed Emery would prove a good choice.The mess Wenger left us with was not something most fans can remember the Club ever being in before. But how long did it take for the vast majority of the fanbase to realise that Emery was not the man to lead the Club forward.Forget the 22 game unbeaten run.Most of those results were luck.We had no direction.No tactics.Players being played out of position.Iwobi starting most games.Things were going backwards far too quickly and the board were negligent in not acting at the end of last season. This year was even worst and we are paying for it now.
            However, in Arteta I feel we have a Manager who not only understands the Club but recognises the values.He is also far more in tune with the EPL than Emery ever was.Performances are what I’m looking for and with consistency I’m sure the confidence and results will come. We are improving under MA.We were not under Emery.

  6. Small steps and all that, been very impressed with what he’s achieved. Can’t wait to see which players he’ll bring in in the summer!
    The future’s bright!

  7. It started very well, power of empty seats, over Kroenke of course. He sees those signs “Out” and uses banner to sack Manager, not until empty seats or he must pay to sack!

    Does it when he is obliged to; get our asses back up there and all believing! But we forget that Wenger had Suarez and Kante back to back in his whishlist both agreeing to terms but Kroenke ruined it, 5M short each time, making us s joke mocked with bunch of kids on pitch for decade! We would be champion til this day!

    What about Emery? First season fighting without top additions, doing Wenger, his best with team he has, going for that top4 miracle! Does best he could, very close but injuries will make it short as certain positions.

    He asked Maguire, Partey, LB in Tierny. And of course Zaha! He knew what needed to be able compete, the addition team needed to do so!

    He got crap and lost his only two option we need at both flanks in back today, gets Luiz for Maguire & Kos! Ceballos for Partey, Pepe payment plan for Zaha cash upfront.

    But we all know of this would have been right additions! But when it all goes wrong, we forgot it with Pepe flash, all running at stadium excited! Minute we lose and underperform, with no defense at all, no Partey as DM, we end up taking it on Emery as done on Wenger for 2 yearz! But once empty seats, we are utilsed to fire him. Kroenke doesn’t care for football period!

  8. Anyhow, think yo got it, we must support Arteta because he has real potential and does bring something positive to players and fans, that is why he is perfect. Hope he figures that 4-1 with Luiz sitting infront of CBs, allows midfields to play forward and keep team high on pitch as Luiz does very well. That would be helpful to play our football! Two DM doesn’t allow that nor solve CD area!

  9. Kroenke and son only talks about Arsenal in cocktail parties, drunken up, laughing at English people all in stadium for Christmas! US is another culture completely! These dudes are country people, baseball and beers!

    When they see empty seats, they like, F’in British fs, let’s fire that dude whatever his name is, that Spanish dude they want out! Ask board to look for someone they’d like, cheapest sucker we can fill up stadium with these crazy englush people!

    That’s seems too much but trust me, that’s nothing, they have Arteta under pressure, he wanted Koulibaly as priority, we went to German 15M,, back to upemfaco asking for a loan and buy afterwards as his price drops almost to half!

    They need to sell him by summer or free in 2021, they playing around all this but liepsig plays title and next champions league stage! They won’t let him go, then we will just get an average one? Why for , we have plenty. Yep,trickeries! Arteta is on his own and on his way out, fired as soon empty stadium, no “Arteta out” needed then!

    1. Agree mogunna, but what I don’t understand is as businessmen why don’t they go with a more cheaper solution which is actually better for Arsenal as football club as well. Build a strong Acdamey, hire the right ppl. Least they can do is try to copy the blueprint of successful academies around world like Ajiax n Barcelona. Then they won’t have to even spend 10 million on old n over the hill players or bang avg ones. Strong Academy will produce good crop of players so our club success can built in that. Fans will be happy to see us winning again n they can feel more connected to Acdamey players ….and owners will be happy buny as well because they won’t have to shell out money in transfer windows.

  10. I am very much convinced with him.
    He has improved the teams performance in every way and has strengthen the core to fight with passion.
    He didnt get the results because of very very disappointing refereeing but i think he is on the road to become a world class manager.

    He will need money to build his own team but look how good he has made the team that he inherited.

    There are many positives to make me feel convinced.Could any other manager done better?Who knows but MA is doing very well enough.

    The results will come
    Keep on backing him,dont turn your back on him.

    1. As far as I am concerned the team remains the same, with the result so far we are still in the same struggling position. Although our defence may look improved on paper yet we conceded late two goals against Chelsea, a goal each against crystal palace and shelfied that cost us points, our attack is getting poorer, I dont really know why, I also notice we are getting more injury under MA. the only positive I see is the love and passion towards the new coach, players and fans love him including me. I like his attitude. I really want him to succeed but shouldn’t let our likeness towards arteta covers our mouth from saying the truth

      1. Ade.
        I don’t understand what you mean by our injuries increased under MA, is he the one getting them injured? MA inherited the worse team in EPL, he is doing everything to salvage this team but it’s not an easy job. He needs time and players.

  11. Arteta is the right coach for Arsenal……he has stopped the bleeding…..he needs our support for the team to start climbing up the table…..we will defeat Manure….my prediction is lacca will score…..

      1. @phil Arteta has done a good job so far and Iwobi will walk into the first eleven of this team. If we are being honest and fair ozil should be on the bench but since nobody has the skill set to play as a creative player, he will do for now. I believe you were one of the people who said nelson was a better player than iwobi. Lol

        1. @gizzle-I stand by what I say that Nelson is a better player than Iwobi. Nelson has time on his side. Iwobi is bombing up at Everton, which is no surprise to anyone if we are being honest.
          Nelson will get his chances again. He should be allowed time to develop but at the moment he is a squad player at best.Which is exactly where Iwobi was andstill is ata lesser and smaller Club.

  12. Well not sure about arteta..
    Pluss side…
    1..better defending
    2..Luiz has improved
    3..peppe has improved
    4..players seem happier..
    Negative side..
    1..not playing much better..
    2..out of his 5 Premier league games, we have picked up 6 points out of a possible 15 not great.. first choice was wolves manager..

    But anyway really hope with his own players brought in he will get us back where we belong, he will be a great manager hope he gets time…

  13. The thing that Arteta hasn’t had yet which all managers need is luck, last 2 drawn games both deflections, without that bad luck we would be 4 points better off and people would be happy. Also, injuries, to lose 1st choice fullbacks and Chambers at the same time is bad luck. With the players available I’m happy with Arteta so far.

  14. I believe in Arteta and I’ve been impressed with the improvements he’s already managed to implement concerning our shape and making our defense harder to breach. I love hearing the media talk about Arsenal having the youngest manager, I love seeing all those young kids take responsibility and outshine the older players, it makes me excited for the future and genuinely feel like we’re building something special. I haven’t been too harsh on Arteta as I know this is his first managerial job and no matter how smart he may sound or be, he’s actually learning on the job as well. I can forgive his mistakes as long as he learns from them and improves going forward, especially his in game management and subs. The board will have to back him and buy him players that fit the profile of the new arsenal (which is young, cheap, full of potential that Arteta can develop). I get concerned when we’re linked with 32yr old past it defenders as it starts feeling like we’re panicking again and reverting back to type. We are behind Arteta, we are willing to be patient and build from the ground up but be consistent with your decisions and planning and support Arteta not just financially but back him also when the time comes ( and it will come) when the likes of xhaka and Ozil become liabilities again and he decides to ax them

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