Are Arsenal fans happy that Elneny chose to stay?

Mohamed Elneny has never really become a regular in Arsenal’s first team since moving to the Emirates from Basel over two years ago, and in fact has only 34 League starts since that time, but he is still determined to fight for a place in the starting XI.

The Egyptian international admitted that he could have easily been sold or sent out on loan during the summer transfer window but he made it clear that he had no interest in leaving the Gunners. “There were some clubs interested in me because I was not playing enough games and maybe they thought they could sign me or even have me on loan,” Elneny said on

“I heard about this in the news just like everyone else and I was not interested at all. I spoke with the people here at the club and I told them, ‘I don’t want to leave. I want to fight for my position.’

“I trust myself, I have a dream to pursue and I am not going to give up on it. I dream big and this is one of the biggest clubs in the world and I want to stay.

“The club welcomed my decision to stay and that was the end of it. People were saying, ‘You aren’t playing enough games, maybe you should leave or go on loan somewhere’ but I wanted to prove myself.

“I played the first game of the season in the Community Shield and I proved I can play for Arsenal and will continue to fight for my position.”

And so he has! Since the summer he has been ever present in our Europa League and Cup games and has started 10 League games, at times showing extremely good form. He was even given a new contract by Wenger, and considering he is still only 25 perhaps he could improve even more and become a first team regular in the future.

So are we glad he chose to stay despite not getting first team football every week?



  1. He has improved drastically, but there’s still room for more improvement. 25?? wow! I saw him as 28-29.
    He just needs to keep up this form. Good luck Neny

    1. Desrves to stay the team, and he is improving hugely as we watched in the CS second leg. Defending, attacking and creating assists together is the ability Elneny only.

    1. According to fans of… Almost all players ain’t Arsenal type. El Neny has improved a lot, drop the hate and say the truth.
      He’s a squad player and lately he’s shown he could be called upon from the bench. The way dome of you guys think baffles me. You think a team will have 22 World Class players? 15 World Class players? you’re a genius and should think it’s possible we have Kante as our Dm and have Casemiro as our backup innit?? What we need is a starter DM, El Neny is just a good squad player so as the genius that you are Get Us 22 World class players, Start 11 and bench 11 since we don’t have Arsenal type of players

      1. Not improved. He is scared of taking any kinds of risk. Always safety first, either pass sideways or pass at the back. Not a good header of the ball. Not a good shooter, shots at goal always flying high no accuracy at all. Not a good dribbler – hardly goes past any defenders on one on one. Physique is weak although stamina is good. You can always know where his next pass will be going. No surprises. Here I say it again: Not Arsenal Material !!

        1. Sorry Pubgooner, you obviously haven’t watched him play, for example against CSKA Moscow Elneny had 2 assists (one two with Welbeck and through ball to put Ramsay through on goal).
          As stated by Eddie Hoyte, Elneny is the type of solid team player and club man Arsenal needs in the squad.
          It wil be interesting to watch his continued development under a new manager.

          1. Sorry, but one game does not mean he suddenly become good. He is okay as squad player and have good personality. However i do not see him improving that much. If he had talent to becaome in 1st player he would be already showing that. He did not except for hard working engine, but can not play two game as most our players.

        2. Players that pass sideways or back do so because going forward was surely meant losing the possession, and losing possession was clear to result in conceding a goal.
          If you had taken a look at such instance, the upfront had been congested and no space to put a pass. You cannot see a player back-pass when there is space to attack.

    1. 2 critical assists versus CSKA Moscow to help Arsenal through to the semi finals of the Europa League don’t count?

  2. Good squad player and no more.Very effective v CSKA last week but how many games has he really made an impact in?Also what is he?Hes certainly not a CDM or Box to Box midfielder.Hes just an average player who is able to make up the numbers when called upon.Nothing more.

    1. exactly. Welbeck is the same, will do good once in a while, but is nothing special. Wouldnt make any other top team, so why at Arsenal do they start? Fine for squad player, nothing more if Arsenal want to compete.

        1. When He was going to Chelsea you never protested, though for about 5 years you watched him.
          No one took a placard to the em in protest.

  3. Very slow player and lack creativity the best he can do is passing backwards and sidelines to be honest not arsenal material at any stages even in his best . He is just try to impress because he has seen his country man Salah is shining with Liverpool that’s all .
    Big Clubs in Europe have the likes of Vidal , Casemiro, Verratti , matuidi etc ….. while we have Alneny lol
    Thank you Wenger .

    1. Agreed. Also limited in his long range passing. Always always short simple passes. So easy to predict his next pass…

        1. Ramsey Wilshere Xhaka Cazorla if fit are all ahead of Elneny. Vidal is first on team sheet, so tell us who Bayern’s fifth player is ..he’s so good that none of us even heard of him.

  4. So much better than Wilshere has been, more attacking output, defensive ability, mobility and effort. Good squad player, adequate if we are happy at 6/7th in Premier League, playing in the Europa League, but not if our goals are higher. Would say the same about Welbeck, Mustafi, Xhaka, Coquelin, Walcott, Ospina, Cech, Gabriel, Iwobi and Kolasinic. Chambers, Holding and perhaps Iwobi have time to develop, but what an indictment on our squad!!!

  5. Elneny is currently doing a good job. Our defence is not frequently exposed with him in the pitch these days. I believe he will continue improving given more playing time then demand for an exit to some clubs. Players of his type always using Arsenal as training ground

  6. Every time he does a pointless sideways pass tumbleweed goes by

  7. Do you know what I thought was odd. He spoke after signing it and said that other clubs were interested in him, but then he said he was aware of it the same way as everyone else, through the media. Surely if clubs were interested his agent would have spoke to him about it, people must have approached Elneny without asking our permission and he didn’t want to drop them in it. Either that or else no-one made a move for him and he’s just going by the rumour mill. Wenger would have told him too if clubs asked about his availability.

    I’m not bothered one way or the other with Elneny, we need squad players and he’s competent enough for a squad player. I’ve certainly seen worse over the years. It’s Cazorla Wilshere positions am concerned about, they are a certain type and it’s a type that all good passing teams need. Whoever comes in doesn’t have to be exactly like for like but they need to add to our possession and fluidity, also they need to able to set a tempo. Whether or not we get a DM would be my other worry, Rabiot/Jorginho or someone like that are what Xhaka was supposed to be for us.

  8. He is a very good asset to the first team squad.If Arsenal were to let him go there would be a host of teams after him which would not be the case with Mustafi and Xhaka.

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