Are Arsenal fans worried about Alexis Sanchez?

Ex Arsenal star worried about Alexis!

The Alexis Sanchez saga is a growing concern which could end up being a big issue if it turns out to be true.

Alexis was rumoured to be unhappy at the club at the end of the season, disappointed that the Gunners were unable to challenge for the Premier League yet again. He was therefore supposedly considering his future at Arsenal and although he has shown some form of commitment to the club by becoming Arsenal’s number seven, it is still nothing substantial.

Arsenal fans need to be assured that there is nothing to worry about regarding Alexis Sanchez and although there doesn’t seem to be any signs of the Chile international actually leaving the club any time soon, a lack of a rumoured contract extension does concern some.

Some famous names have got involved in speaking about the situation and former Gunner, Ray Parlour, has had his say to TalkSport. Parlour said: ‘I was a little bit worried about him come the end of the season.

“Will he want to move on and go somewhere different? He’s top quality and you want to keep those sort of players if you’re going to be looking at the title next season.’

What Parlour says is completely correct in terms of his importance to the club. Losing Sanchez would take us a step back in thinking that we could once again become a club that lacks ambition and is willing to sell it’s biggest names.

That period was supposed to be over and although recent years have been promising for Arsenal in terms of incomers, fans need to remain assured that we won’t be losing any of our biggest players this summer, especially if we are thinking of being ambitious next season!

Are we worried?


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  1. Personally, am not worried a bit!
    Sanchez loves Arsenal and London..all he just wants to see is Wenger and Arsenal’s ambition,him and Ozil are representing we fans that want change really well….

    If we show ambition,he will surely stay and if we don’t,he is off! I won’t blame him if he leaves…..

  2. Sanchez is a fighter and wants to win things, you cant blame a man for that.

    Could he have done a little better the season that just ended, I definitely think so! Let’s be honest they were some games especially after returning from his injury he really looked average (failing to control the ball, losing the ball, and misplacing passes) those are not things you just pick up because of injury, could they have been other elements behind the scene?

    I believe he still has room to improve what better club to be at, I pray the Sanchez of his 1st season comes back all guns blazing, kicking arse and not taking names.

  3. This again? We have no reason to be worried. Yeah so what if he was disappointed when being taking off early, I’m sure every player would be, doesn’t mean they’re going to leave. As I’ve said before, Alexis loves Arsenal and we love him, he’s not going to leave anytime soon.

  4. if we only make purchase 1 (of Granite Xhaka) at end of windows, then we worry to SANCHEZ!!!

  5. I can’t help thinking that alexis could do a great job as our main striker if given plenty of opportunity. I mean surely he could be as good as Jamie vardy? I know that would mean we need to replace him, but it would also solve the mahrez or mkhitaran dilemma.

    1. You mean get both right? Sanchez, Mkhtariyan, Mahrez, Welbeck, Giroud and Joel.
      Oflload Walcott and Ox.

      That’s what should happen if we can’t get a good striker.
      Then Get CB and also Rodriguez if one of the full backs leave.
      That would complete the window for me.

    2. @Atid, I said that 3 days ago, happy now that someone share my exact taught.


      Miki__Mesut_____Mahrez (3 full M)

      _______Xhaka____Santi/Le coq (defending on the opposition)


  6. If Mr. Arsene can’t get a striker then he should convert Alexis to attack and buy a goal scoring winger.

  7. Just when you thought things were going to be busy on the transfer front it goes quiet again. Like last season one early signing and then rumours.

  8. No, not worried, he’s a gooner and will be when season kicks off!
    Peace and love, Bolly,
    still in Ibiza

  9. It’s not just Sanchez, we should be worring about!
    We could also lose, Ozil and Bellerin.
    The next two months will be critical and it all depends on Wenger’s activity and resilience, during this transfer window.

  10. I’m not worried since copa america ends very early(end of june)…and on him playing as a striker.., god no!!!…he played there against crystal palace, Everton 2 season ago and it was a disaster…our build up is majorly done closer to d centre circle than d oppositions box… that’s y girouds hold up play is vital…either we go with dat path or we look for a striker who is lightning quick(so when we make d final pass, it doesn’t get wasted), uses both legs to shoot on sight, with good accuracy…playing Sanchez, who is not very good with his back to goal as a 9 is useless and though fast, holds on to d ball a lot tryn to get d best angle to shoot…we need a striker who is very intelligent with d timing of his runs…too bad Walcott is as intelligent as a sheep, cld have been d perfect cf…

  11. Fatboy….

    Ozil is the least player in Arsenal I will worry about…
    Dude is a good player but I don’t like his style,I always feel he should do a little bit more…

    Like create fear in defences,shoot like other no.10s..ala Coutinho,Payet,Cazorla of course…

    If is Ozil is leaving, no probs for me…

  12. There is no point in worrying about something that hasn’t happened
    All our usual starters Alexis, Ozil, Bellerin, Monreal, Cech, Koscielny, Coquelin, Cazorla will all stay

    Actually I am more worried that Flamini, Debuchy and Theo will NOT leave LOL

    Seriously fellow Gooners, we are not in a financial position when we lost RVP, Nasri, Toure, Clichy. Think about it. If we can afford to pay Theo £140,000 per week to Theo, we can surely pay Alexis and Ozil over £200,00 if necessary and Alexis/Ozil are NOT like Cashley Cole or Nasty Nasri lol

    Cheer up. We got Xhaka. Lets hope we get more ASAP 🙂

    1. I think Flamini’s contract is up so he’s a guarentee. Debuchy will be hard to get rid of, probably will have to loan out again. And Theo staying is our fault since we gave him such high wages for no good reason. Agree, not worried about losing players at all this summer. Bellerin has already committed, and Sanchez has said nothing negative. But let’s keep Sanchez, Ozil happy and get them a top striker to play alongside XD

  13. If we don’t sign a top striker this year and fail once again in the Premier League and Champions League both Ozil and Sanchez will be off the following season.

    I can’t see either of them signing extensions to their contracts this year unless we get the afore mentioned top striker, so we will start the 2017-18 season without them.

    At the end of the day, they’re both world class players who want to win the biggest trophies, and who can blame them. All the bullpoo about loving London and Arsenal maybe true to a small degree, but winning trophies is what it’s all about for players of their calibre, whether that’s in London, Manchester, Milan, Barcelona, Madrid etc, and they’ll go to wherever they feel the clubs have the same ambition as they do.

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