Are Arsenal fans worried about two red cards since Arteta took control?

Six games, two red cards; my fears. by Lagos Gooner

Okay guys, the game against Chelsea has been played and drawn. We went into the game with the belief of getting something out of the game and we did get a fair result; a draw against Chelsea with a man down was a very fair result if we are to be truthful to ourselves. However, in this article, I will like to talk about our disciplinary records, since Arteta took over.

We have played six games under Arteta and during that period, we have seen two red cards issued to two of our first team players; Aubameyang and David Luiz. These red cards were issued two games apart. I am not so comfortable with the two red cards, and that is why I am crying out.

In our past five games, I have noticed how our players mark their opponents; the close marking and reducing the space for the opposing player to do something tangible with the ball has helped the team in conceding less goals and lesser shots on target. The zeal and passion found in our players, especially when they fight to win the ball back, is quite commendable. The question however is; will the passion to win the ball at all cost not cost us more red cards in future games? Won’t it cost us losing more players in games where we may wish to finish the game with eleven players on the field of play? I feel that Arteta needs to work on that.

In the game against Palace, in as much I would give Auba a pat on the back for moving to win back the ball and avoiding a counter, I would also love to tell him that if he had failed in winning the ball back it won’t have been the end of the game. Palace probably may not have scored with that counter attacking move, and we would have still had a complete set of eleven players on the field for us. With eleven players we may well have won that game. Stepping on a player’s ankle and almost destroying his ankle is not such a good thing to do. Thanks for the show of passion Auba, but the show of passion cost us a man.

Against Chelsea, I don’t know if it was extreme passion or lack of passion that made Luiz challenge Tammy the way he did. I know Luiz is prone to making silly mistakes at times but making a silly mistake like that inside our penalty box was heartbreaking. From the way Luiz started the game against Chelsea, I was scared of him being sent off. Luiz needs to learn to be calm, cool and calculated in his defensive duties henceforth.

Mikel Arteta should please think of teaching our players how to mark or tackle a player without costing the team a red card. We need dedicated and passionate players on the field, not in the dressing room. We are Arsenal and we are proud.

Sylvester Kwentua


  1. Its is a good start for a team that is criticized for lack of force and lack of physicality…

    Soon they will blend, but remember we all didn’t like a lazy attitude… So it’s fine for me..

    Time will tell if it will work for our good…

    Hands still crossed…
    Thank you Arteta (MA)

  2. Teaching the Gunners how to tackle better is the job of the defending coach

    Arteta just needs to make sure all Gunners are willing to battle the opponents like Aubameyang and Luiz

  3. Not a problem, Abu’s wasn’t a red just a miss timed tackle and VAR gave after seeing opponent’s ankle buckle but NO INTENSION. DL is just DL. Do not stop the passion and desire. NO MORE NEGATIVITY PLEASE.

  4. What a poor and negative way to think…. Let the team continue its growth this way please and stop with the conspiracy theories….

  5. The red card to Auba was justified but completely out of character for a striker who rarely makes rash challenges.As for Luis and the likes of Mustafi and Socratis they are always going to be a big risk as they need to resort to foul play because they lack real pace and quality.I don’t see red cards becoming a regular feature of the Arteta era.

  6. DC United ‘hold fresh Ozil talks’ (Mirror). Do we talk about it or what?
    I hope it is true. That would be great news.

  7. people can never be satisfied always one complain or the other ###campaign for Leno…the most underrated gk in England

  8. I like the way our players are playing under Arteta.The close marking is good for the team. New passion on and off the ball. With this new found passion, our opponents will soon start fearing us and the winnings would start coming.So, no shaking.

  9. It is a fact based on the latest figures that only the totts get booked Forcless fouls conceded than Arsenal. An Arsenal player is booked with an average of 4.4 fouls.

    Leicester have the best record for only getting a player booked after an average of ten fouls committed, and Liverpool next best off.

    Luis should not have suffered double jeapardy as Mudtsfi was there to stop any goalbound shot, though if Luis was aware of this he should have just stood his ground. I have also seen same challenges as Aubermeyang made without even receiving a yellow.

  10. You are entitled to your opinion. However, this is not a cause for alarm because the lads are just getting use to the system. We need to be more positive as fans. No more toxicity.

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