Are Arsenal fans wrong to be angry with Alexis to Man United?

Some Arsenal fans have been fuming at the protracted move of Alexis Sanchez to Manchester United, but I for one am taking the positives.

Arsene Wenger this week insisted that the sale of Robin Van Persie to Old Trafford of six seasons ago was worse than the current transfer, and you have to agree in all honesty.

The Dutchman forced his way out of the club having grown frustrated with a lack of silverware, and most likely an issue with the club’s transfer policy which had been strained whilst the new stadium was being paid off, and left our club for a lowly £24 Million fee to join the Red Devils.

Our manager insisted that he would no longer allow his players to be sold to United, but we are all aware that it is only a matter of time before they are to announce the arrival of current star Alexis Sanchez, but the deal is not one-way.

Henrikh Mkhitaryan is firmly expected to be announced as moving in the opposite direction as part of the deal, and he would be a huge signing for us, and with us also linked with current Borussia Dortmund striker Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang could mean we are signing two top players who already have a vast understanding between them.

Alexis had to leave the club, with his attitude becoming highly disruptive in the dressing room, and we all know fully well that he was going to leave for free this summer regardless, and the prospect of landing a top player in the process is a blessing. We also know that we haven’t been getting the best out of our want-away forward, and his exit could well end any distractions within the club.

Should we be happy about the Mkhitaryan-Alexis swap deal? Could we even be getting the better deal? Is Wenger right to insist that the Van Persie sale was worse than any impending Alexis move?

Pat J


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  1. Coldzero says:

    I don’t mind where he goes, I wish him well BUT I do want him out of the club now! He shouldn’t be training with the first team and should play no part in tomorrow’s or any other game for Arsenal.

    Just go Alexi…for heavens sake go!!!

  2. Phil says:

    Good article with plenty of variations each way.To my mind AFC as a club should have been tying Sánchez down 2 years ago,and Ozil should have been included at the same time.We could see how good they were and that clubs with more ambition and forward thinking than us (NOTE-Wenger and the Board you f***ing TWATS)would gladly offer them better terms financially.These 2 are as good as we could possibly have and we have allowed this situation to happen.Sure Sanchez has gone for the wages but can you blame him?If he was tied down on a contract like he should have been then it would be us calling the shots and not Sánchez and his agent.So the answer is NO I’m more angry with the Board and Management than the player who will soon be playing under the most hated manager of all time.They deserve each other.

  3. nosa says:

    greatest deal of d century, 35m + miky for a player who turns 30 few months from now and barely 4 months from now could leave for free,I love this, then 20m for walcot, arsenal u guys are wise kudos to d board ,I luv asenal

    1. Phil says:

      I doubt very much it is £35m PLUS MIKKI.More like £30m INCLUDING the player who will likely be valued around £20m.Still MIKKI + £10m now is far better than ZERO at the end of the seaso;.

    2. bran911 says:

      Wait till you hear no Milky on the deal, only cash, then no one is bought.. in short the board you just praised gets the money and give some to Wenger in his new improved contract and the rest disappears like every other money obtained from selling players

  4. Alf says:

    I do not know anyone who is angry with Sanchez and I for one certainly am not. Firstly, I keep hearing about lose him for nothing in the summer etc. But he had a contract that he has honoured, no one loses out when the contract has been fulfilled in full. If anything Arsenal have profited big time out of Alexis.

    Secondly, he has been fantastic for us, quite literally one of our all time greats. I support that claim by saying, although he didn’t have the longevity of certain legends he came in at a time when the club was so apathetic, players seemed rejected and despite winning the FA cup there was not a lot of optimism. Sanchez cane in and changed the mindset of players, improved us and have the fans hope.

    All in all, I wish him al the best, it’s kust a shame the club couldn’t match his ambition and deliver more.

    Also… the swap deal with ManU is in no way like for like! The prems best player and one of Arsenal’s top scorers for a bench warmer who doesn’t score and as been very poor in England.

    1. Coldzero says:

      Sorry he has not been an all time great…..he is a good player in an average team- he is not amongst one of the all time greats though – for starters some of his passes are very wayward and has a tendency to run into blind alleys.

  5. John Rambo says:

    I thought 24 mil for 30yr old rvp soon out of contract albeit still firing on all cylinders was a very shrewd deal considering the rapid drop in resale value after he left. You can get him now for 5p. Same goes for the ox and now alexis.

  6. pires says:

    Sanchez is going for money,Man U the last few years are not,anymore, a better club than arsenal.

  7. arie82 says:

    He was world class player season before, a player who city will pay 60 million.
    6 month later, his performance is massivly drop, sulking attitude, that even citeh doesnt want buy him anymore (specialy since he ask 350.000 per week)
    Trade with miki is very good, since we dont know, will wenger buy new player from sanchez money sale.

  8. Sue says:

    I’m gutted he’s going to United of all places… I cannot stand them! I know I’ll end up disliking him like I did RVP ?

  9. Break-on-through says:

    Admin – If you don’t or aren’t really bothered by it, could/would you mind re-introducing the thumbs please. No-one is replying, I tried replying more/many yesterday but it seemed I was the only one inclined to try it. It’s all good and well for the people who write articles, because they’ll get to see an entire thread talking about what they’ve said in their article. But for us who don’t or can’t write articles, it feels like we are talking to ourselves, or the wall, we get no closure, and when it’s supporting Arsenal ..that can be a bad feeling.

    1. gotanidea says:

      It’s OK brother, it is better if there are more people leaving this site and Arsenal. Arsenal must get whacked hard by losing more and more money from their fans each day, if they keep ignoring the fans’ voices.

    2. Admin says:

      Has no one seen an up and down arrow beside everyones name?

  10. gotanidea says:

    The fans should be happy if Arsenal get the money from Manchester United. Sanchez is very suitable for Guardiola’s tiki-taka, because he can produce more touches on the ball consistently, therefore Arsenal cannot let Sanchez develops his play with Guardiola’s Manchester City.

    Mourinho’s Manchester United play more physically and I believe Sanchez would struggle there, like when he struggled with Wenger’s system. A struggling Sanchez can still produce 7 league goals in 19 Premier League appearances, 18 through balls, more key passes and chances than Martial plus Rashford combined.

    What I don’t like is the inclusion of Mkhitaryan in this deal, a player that cannot start consistently in Manchester United. Unless he is planned to replace Ozil, Arsenal should have focused on more physically imposing attackers like Aubameyang and Draxler, because Lacazette is struggling with Wenger’s system.

    1. bran911 says:

      So Mou is buying a player who he thinks won’t do well in their system? And also pay him very huge salary? That’s ridiculous, Sánchez will make them more threatening and as always, he’s gonna haunt us for as long as he’s there. Van P history repeating itself with a more versatile and hungrier South American. This movie won’t end well

  11. Roy says:

    Why are Arsenal f***ing useless in sealing transfers? It seems Spurs have moved ahead in getting Malcolm.Everything seems hard work.

    1. Ray says:

      Maybe we just have to accept that Arsenal simply are not in “The Big League” any more?

      We are not one of the biggest clubs in the world (in terms of spending power) and are no longer able to compete with top 5 or 6 teams?

      Or, the money really is there but the “penny-pinching” really has got a whole lot worse in the last 2 or 3 years.

      One thing is for sure, Arsenal are getting left behind an I wouldn’t be surprised if Arsenal start February with a smaller team and no major signings!

  12. Coldzero says:

    Daily mail reporting there has been a tearful farewell between MKH and his teammates after training at Carrngton today – make of that what you will.

    Tears that he is leaving? Tears of joy that he isn’t? Someone just told him he has to go to Arsenal and AW has applied to be boss for another 5 years? ??

    All will be revealed….or not!

  13. gmv8 says:

    Everyone is blaming AS, but it’s all down to Wenger and his penny pinching dithering recruitment tactics, which have ultimately cost us more, both monetarily and in mental stress as fans, than if he’d got on and purchased decent DM’s (Kante), and reinforced the defence. He knew Kos had a permanent injury, and Per was on his last legs, but he replaces them with inexperienced youth team members, who’s confidence has now been destroyed. If AS had seen we were progressing on those fronts, we wouldn’t have shipped all the easy goals we have been doing for the past couple of years, and he would’ve stayed. Hate him going to Manure, but won’t forget him at that Stoke game, where they were scything him down, yet he sunk them with that great goal, injury and all. Even when Wenger knew he would be going, he could’ve sold him abroad for a decent exchange and money, then we wouldn’t have to watch him like an ex flirting with enemy under our noses … AGAIN!!!!!!

  14. Dami says:

    Alexis as done his best 4 arsenal. he is getin old for our new tactics and nids man utd money 4 a gud summer (missing world cup) Have a gud time in Man U alexis.

  15. Ray says:

    Why the hell do all our players leave for Manchester ffs?

    Arsenal have no values and let the Mancs s**t on us every time!

    I would say no every time but then, when you let contract get so low, you leave yourself with your pants down..

  16. Viera Lyn says:

    stop buying into the rhetoric coming from the Arsenal PR team, according to Coq there wasn’t any locker room issues with Sanchez, beyond the issues created by the uncertainty surrounding his possible transfer, which was caused by the club…like I said many times before Wenger and his propaganda machine created those stories to justify Sanchez’s inevitable exit, much like they did many times before…I can only hope that the fans at the Emirates don’t give Wenger a moments peace at tomorrow’s game…stop being pawns and voice your opinions loud and clear

  17. Sal says:

    this transfer has dragged on for way to long city united don’t care he’s not an arsenal player anymore. just not happy with the way we got miki it feels forced on us similar to the welbeck loan deal, would rather us pay abit more and get martial or even rashford. but to get a player unhappy demanding high wages and playing time i would rather leave him at united to create disharmony than waste a slot on the bench and three years of salary cause when he joins he won’t be offloaded this is his final paycheck!! and where better to kick it and collect wages untill you retire than arsenal. also his agent is a p r i c k.

  18. jon fox says:

    Personally, I see no point in irrelevant discussions about which sale to United was worse. RVP is now ancient history – at least to us who prefer living in the present and looking forward to the future, RATHER than dwelling on the past. IMO Sanchez will damage team spirit wherever he goes, now that he is clearly revealed to be an obscene mercenary, who despite his huge wealth and protestations of wanting trophies, has sold his soul to the devil for yet more wonga, if he goes to MOANINHO. He risks ending up as a leper throughout football fans everywhere. Am I bovvered!

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