Are Arsenal favourites to beat Man City?

Going into Saturday’s game, will Arsenal’s FA Community Shield victory over Man City put them as favorites? by SE

FA Community Shield
As sporting outfits and sportspersons always look back at the history and head-to-head records – before going into a marquee clash – let us also recollect what happened when Arsenal faced Manchester City in the annual curtain raiser at the Wembley stadium in August. With both teams set to battle it out for the first time in the Premier League season this weekend, will Arsenal’s FA Community Shield victory over the reigning English champions put them as favorites?

Recollecting Arsenal’s 3-0 victory
With both teams coming off from their respective pre-season campaigns, in addition to missing pivotal personnel in each of their starting lineups, it was difficult to anticipate what kind of a game was in store for us. But, given the brand of football, both Man City and Arsenal play week in and week out, I expected it to be a high-tempo affair. Contrastingly, it was all one-way traffic on the evening, with Arsenal pulverizing the Premier League champions by 3-0 and, thereby, taking the early honors between the teams into the brand new season.

Cazorla, Ramsey and Giroud were on the score sheet for Arsenal, who had three of their five new recruits starting for them. Sanchez, Chambers and Debuchy started for the Gunners who setup in a 4-3-3 system, which saw Arteta, Ramsey and Wilshere play as the midfield three. Sanchez, Cazorla and Sanogo played as the three forwards, as the Arsenal machine functioned smoothly over the course of 90 minutes.

Arsenal dominated the midfield, owing to their numerical advantage over Man City’s midfield duo of Toure and Fernando, which was the lynchpin to the game panning out in the manner it did. Manchester City were legged in their passing and, although they created a handful of clear chances, didn’t do enough to gain anything respectable out of the game.

The awe-inspiring moment of the evening came through Giroud; the Frenchman, a second half substitute, hit a 25-yard thunderbolt, which, albeit deflected, bamboozled Caballero and left the Premier League champions high and dry.
Looking ahead to the game on Saturday

Apparently, a lot has happened since that evening in August, with both teams enjoying a mediocre start to their respective campaigns. Arsenal, albeit still undefeated in the Premier League, have looked a shadow of themselves and need to hit their strides sooner rather than later. Man City, on the other hand, after a brilliant first couple of games in their league campaign, suffered an ignominious defeat at home to Stoke City, before the international break.
Man City have plenty of injury concerns going into the game, which, however, could see them play a 5-man midfield and thwart Arsenal from enjoying large spells of possession. The home side, on the other hand, would want to get off to a good start after the international break – with a win over Man City – as the month of September doesn’t get any easier for either of these sides.

Final Thought
The FA Community shield win for Arsenal shouldn’t have much of a bearing, going into the game on Saturday. However, being the home side, Arsenal should harness their home support to win those three crucial points against Man City. It’s definitely not beyond Wenger’s wizards to put it past the reigning English champions for the second time this season, which, so far, hasn’t got going.


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    1. City’s most terrible away record in their whole history from all english teams ,
      is,against the mighty Arsenal…
      im expecting 3 points tomorow lads
      cant wait for the whistle

      1. Should be an interesting game. Still not entirely sure Welbeck will start, might bring him on later to introduce him. Although we do badly need a proper striker up front.

        I can see us winning, it will be tough. Either we play 4-2-3-1, to get the best out of Özil or we try 4-1-4-1, with some intense pressing to flood the midfield, still with Özil in the center of the pitch rather than the wing. Although I think i’m right in saying we defend with 4-1-4-1 anyway… whatever…

        City could even play a midfield of Toure, Fernando AND Fernandinho to thwart our numerical advantage there.

        I just finally want to see that pace!

    2. Favourites or not,We must have to beat Man City.Only a win will do.Remember we are already trailing leaders by 4 points!

    3. I am also wondering from what angle it is we are favourites. Is it mathematically, geographically, chemically, fictionally, religiously, somsitical not to forget KJ-ically??
      From KJ’s angle, we will win 10-0 with Giroud keeping a clean sheet and Sir Chesny scoring a hatrick..(KJs angle never makes sense to me)

  1. Arsenal might have been favorites for a City clash around 5 years back.
    Things have changed now, they have gotten much stronger.

    I would like to reserve my comments for whether we are stronger than we were 5 years back for later, but no, we are definitely not favorites.

    But COYG!

  2. I think it’s about 50/50. City is strong, but we know how tough it is to beat Arsenal at the Emirates. I’d put my money on a draw, and I think I wouldn’t be mad at it on forehand.

    Then again, wouldn’t be mad at a win either.

  3. It’s a definite NO…Not this Arsenal who always falter to deceive under Wenger.Don’t even know which of the Wenger team will turn up on Saturday.Just hope for a positive result moreover,we are the home team. #COYG

  4. Off topic:

    Monreal has to start for me even if Gibbs is fif. Not only is he in good form but I believe he provides us with good balance.

    If you watch debuchy his first instinct is to attack and he looks like he’s a winger at times. But with nacho his first thought is to sit back, keep his shape and positioning and this allows our cbs to shift over to cover for debuchy. So nacho for me we need to be defensive this game too

  5. If arsene. Wenger continues with those his sentimntal tactica selection and set-up; we have the firepower to go head-head with man city’s defence ; mayb our defence might need to b tightened but If we play to our strength and not b shy to defend at the emirates; we ll have a hard fought victory wc we desperately need against the. Fellow BIG teams

  6. The awe-inspiring moment of the evening came through Giroud; the Frenchman, a second half substitute, hit a 25-yard thunderbolt, which, albeit deflected , bamboozled Caballero and left the Premier League champions high and dry.

    I mean the commentator said it deflected, but watching it on replay it didn’t seem so, at least, to me.

    Anyone else think it wasn’t?

    1. After watching multiple replays it was a clean shot…no deflection. If it was a deflection, the ball would have spun a lot faster and the defenders legs would have jolted a bit. Great goal but you don’t see him score many of those.

      1. My thoughts exactly. He doesn’t do it quite often, but that day, you could see the intent to do it in Giroud, like the Everton home game where he spins and hits the bar with the ball from 30 yards out.

        And even i was quite sure there wasn’t a deflection.

  7. I don’t see us as favourites, the Community shield game was against a very different side.
    A win depends on a few things:
    1. Our entire team performing and upping their game, (creativity and work rate).
    2. Per and DM, (likely Arteta/Flamini) playing out of their skin.
    3. Our strikers taking the few chances they will get.
    We need to be very hungry and fight to get anything out of this one!

  8. Absolutley NOT, articles are getting worse.

    City just have to complete a squad,, too big ,too strong,too athletic, To good, im nt going to be biased enough to say ” we’ve got a great chance” im sorry real talk time. At best I think a draw is possible, in all honestly im just hoping we dont get another pasting becuase with the way Wenger might line the team up tmrw I fear a 4,5 drubbing.

    Wengers x11 wil no doubt put ozil out of position to accomadate wilshere etc aaarrghhhhhhhhhhhhh

    You all know deep down were fearing the worst.

  9. Even if we just see some fight and they lose we will accept that, but if its a hammerring with a wimper then pressure on wenger time.

    1. Mr glass is half empty here….imagine if our players had the same mentality as you…we would have been relegated ages ago. Show some belief man, we are stronger than we are last season

  10. They were missing key players in the Charity Shield, including Kompany and Toure – In my opinion two of their best players. But then again so were we. It think we have a fair chance this weekend to be honest. With Welbeck and Sanchez up front, both are extremely hard working, not to mention pacy. I hope we get to see Ox on the left or even Campbell…but Wenger will most likely play Cazorla there. Playing at home will have its advantages…if we win this game, it will send a clear message to everyone that we are title contenders.

    1. Oye,
      Toure Yaya played. 🙂
      They were missing 3-4 first team players,
      Kompany, Augero, Fernandinho(the Brazilian one), Hart(debateable).

      1. They were missing aguero and company because Argentina and belgium went far enough in the world cup for their players to get extended holidays. He chose not to play Hart, and fenlandinho cause he underestimated Arsenal. Most of their first choice players were in the squad,
        Nasri, Dzeko,jovetic, silva, clichy, navas, Yaya, (new signing Fernando whose preferred to Fenlandinho) we were without our German contingent. Man city have no excuse for their defeat. We were the better team on the day. Simple as.

  11. If comparisons between the 2 teams are based on players in each position, then there is no contest as City will walk it. They are that much stronger based on personnel. I think Silva is a better player than Ozil, Toure than Arteta, Aguero than Wellbeck and on and on it goes. This match will be won on desire and tactics as we offset their superiority on the fact that weare playing at home! I will however stick out my neck and go for an Arsenal 3-0 win; a repeat of the Charity Cup score!! COYGs!!!

    1. @Darlingbudsofarse ,
      ..You cannot be good forever and I think Yaya Toure’s legs have started giving off. You should have seen him during world cup and when his national team got hammered by Cameroon earlier this week. Another thing, why compare him against Arteta who plays DM, why not him against say Ramsey?

  12. Off topic – I really enjoyed watching the u21s last night on Sky. Akpom will understandably get the plaudits and Diaby looks close the ready but the guy who really impressed me was Hayden. His positional sense, reading of the game and composure were fantastic. Look forward to seeing what he can do in the cup games.

  13. Like I said previously, if we hold them off for about 30 minutes, we stand a good chance coz we almost always seem to kick the second gear after around 35 minutes either if we are a goal down or we are level.

    . If Wenger insists on 4-1-4-1 , Ozil should sit out of this one and Jack/Ramsey/Cazorla have to turn up big time . Rosicky/Podoski on the left and City will not hit us in our obvious weak point. In absence of Jovetic, Man city will most likely play 4-2-3-1 with Yaya Toure pushed far forward to support Aguero.

    Asking if we are favourites is getting a bit of our selves for sure. Lets close fingers

  14. @trudeau. I couldn’t see Diaby in the team photo on Arsenals website.
    bit strange!?
    Hilarious looking at the 11 photos Sanchez looks very distant, disinterested and away with the fairies 🙂

  15. Sanogo Wellbeck Sanchez
    Podolski Campbell Chamberlain
    give us our fastest and classiest
    strike force for ages.
    Ozil/Cazorla are top class
    and the defense is sound.
    Ramsey (if fit) and Wilshere are in good nick.
    Overall the best Arsenal team in several seasons
    so yes at home Arsenal should win.

  16. i believe arsenal will win…doesnt matter if city’s team look better on paper. We’ve c’n mighty madrid lose to sociedad. Some of you fans i dont know what you are made of but a true fan should show support and belief before and during every and any game. So for me as it stands as arsenal being favorites!!! And quit calling yourselfs asses n idiots. We supposed to be on the same side. COYG

  17. City’s weakness is counterattack that’s where we have to hit them hard, defend well and with pace counterattack, we would need Wellbeck for pace and help out with defending against the likes of Yaya Toure our game plan has to be in the first 80 mnt play for draw then let loose.

  18. No the EPL champs are fav for this game end of. But we the arsenal need to now stand up and say we are the arsenal and we are going to be the new EPL champs in the making

  19. Stop dreaming, Man City is superior to arsenal on all fronts, how do you compare Welbeck to Aguero, Flamini/Arteta to Toure? BUT WE have a chance because football is ROUND!! Let the boys play their game and for us fans, sit back and enjoy the 90 minutes hoping for the best.

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